Ngongoliwa ‘fit and well’ after cancer treatment: Swarm of bees distrurb party

King of the Lhomwe People Mwene a Mwene Senior Chief Ngongoliwa has said he is fit and well after his from India where he underwent cancer treatment .

Ngongoliwa walking to the event

Ngongoliwa walking to the dancing arena

Speaking during the welcome party at his headquarters in Thyolo, Ngongoliwa,who was being addressed as ‘Paramount of Lhomwe People’ through out the ceremony , also thanked members of the church for their prayers , saying God has healed him

The Lhomwe King also thanked President Peter Mutharika for sending him to hospital in India.

“ Thank you, God. Thank you, President Professor Mutharika,” he said.

Ngongoliwa also thanked the Lhomwe people “for so much love”.

Coordinator of the Chewa Chiefs in Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique, Senior Chief Lukwa who spoke at the event called for unity amongst chiefs in the country.

Also speaking at the event were ruling DPP Regional Governor  for the  South,Charles Mchacha, District Commissioner of Thyolo Charles Thombozi and other people who similarly spoke commending the government for sending Ngongoliwa to India for medical treatment.

However there was  drama when the unsuspected audience was greeted by the swam of bees.

There were no casualties.

And  Apostle Lumwira prayed that the bees should not harm anybody.

The bees reminded Malawians of a similar incident at Goliati where the same type of swam descended on President Peter Mutharika when he was registering at the polling centre for the 2014 general elections which saw him winning the elections.

Ngongoliwa went to India in April 2016, to receive cancer treatment on one of his legs.

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The Oracle

Chief Nkhumba was a M’mang’anja and it was a mistake throning him Paratrooper for Lhomwes. Traditionally there are no Lhomwe TA chiefs in Malawi

And the elevation of Ngogolowa Village Headman to TA bypassing his Yao TA Chimaliro is a big fraud as the move is destroying the lhomwe history of having M’mang’anja and Yao TAs. Lhomes came to Malawi after the 1929 drought in Mozambique aka portugues east africa. the time of john chilembwe there was no lhomwe in nyasaland


Koma a Lhomwe palibenso! Mwamupanga depose Mkhumba as Paramount Chief??? Eish! Komanso uyu Ngolongoliwa uyu anali Sub Traditonal Authority (STA) 12 months ago; mwamukweza kufika pa mu TA chaka chatha chomwechi; 2016 mwamupatsa uSenior Chief; pano tikumva mukuti Paramount Chief?? Eeee ndale za anzathu odya zicheche si zamasewera!


I for one don’t understand whether certain tribes understand about the notion of chieftainship. In my understanding this is supposed to be based on bloodline and not political line. We used to hear chief mkhumba was the paramount chief from phalombe. he dies another paramount of the same tribe comes from another district with no blood connection to the mkhumbas. Koma do they really know their background or culture?


Don’t froget awa ndi anthu odya zicheche

The Patriot

Welcome Chief Ngongoliwa, we missed you here in Malawi.
Mutipemphere kwa a President kuti other chiefs should also go to India when sick because if its only you going to India mafumu ena sakondwa nazo! Ife tonse a Malawi timapeleka misonkho so we also want the best treatments for our chiefs too. Get well soon chief!!

The ignorant man

Why are people being sent to India and not RSA for cancer treatment?I thought it was cheaper to send patients to South African hospitals because its nearer than India.Can someone enlighten me on this please.


India is cheaper in most treatment cases.


Ngolingoliwa is paramount chief of the Lhomwes?? oK; what happened to Paramount Chief Mkhumba????


political favours matter; Ngolingoliwa did not refute the claim. so is Mkhumba deposed?

Very good and kind for the President of the Republic of Malawi to do so. Life saved and we thank God for that. However, as you continue to thank God for saving your life, will you take a moment to reflect why you were sent to India and not Malawi, Hospitals? Do you know that there are people in Malawi who are languishing with Cancer but because they are poor and not known, they are just waiting to die. Will you be a voice to such people. Every little helps. Someone has done something for you. Please do something in… Read more »

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