Nigerian caught trying to obtain Malawi passport, another with body parts

Nigerians are making headlines in Malawi for bad reasons. One  has been arrested  for infringements committed with regard to the Immigration Laws and another is waiting prosecution for being caught with human body parts.pass

Department of Immigration has confirmed the arrest of 30-year-old Nigerian, Sunny Agab who attempted to obtain Malawi passport.

He was arrested with a Malawian accomplice Hudson Nkhunga, a former worker of civil aviation department.

The Nigerian who is a student of Roses College in South Africa used the name Samuel Khunga in the application for a Malawian passport. The forms were dully endorsed by Lilongwe District Commission’s office.

Passport fraud in the country is on the rise, as foreigners such as Nigerians, Burundians and Zimbabweans come to get a Malawian passport because nationals are free to travel to many European countries without a visa.

They also want to get Malawi passports so that they should not pay visa fees when entering the country for business.

People are also prepared to enter into bogus marriages  to ensure they get Malawian immigrations papers.

Private parts

A Nigerian businessman Ike Duru aged 55 from Imo State Nigeria  faces prosecution after he was arrested when he was implicated as a buyer of private body parts from 32 year old Phulamazira Kang’ombe.

Lilongwe Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) Sub Inspector Kingsley Dandaula said the Nigerian was arrested came after Police arrested Kan’gombe aged 32 from Chikalamu village, Traditional Authority (TA) Njewa in Lilongwe for allegedly beating and cutting off Chimwemwe Chizere Madeya’s private parts.

Kang’ombe is on record to have told the police that he was going to sell the private parts to the Nigerian suspect who would make concoctions to sell in South Africa.

Dandaula said the police found him with the private parts in a plastic bag.

Duru, who runs a shop in Devil Street in Lilongwe but based in Biwi, is still being investigated on his dealings.

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33 thoughts on “Nigerian caught trying to obtain Malawi passport, another with body parts”

  1. Natianal Ids says:

    As long as we do not have our National Identity Cards, this will continue. Why not in Zambia or Zimbabwe. They fail because these countries have IDS. Sleeping Malawians! Corrupt immigration, corrupt judicial system, corrupt DCS! You are busy stamping applications without investigations. What a shame!

  2. lute says:

    Sleepy Malawians, other countries dont allow this type of bullshit. Get rid of these Nigeria shit. Nobody likes them.

  3. mtima wa nyani says:

    malamulo a malawi amapangidwa ndi ma politishani okomera iwo okha. ife ma citizens sitoneka ngati tingaikepo mau pa malamulo sitingatsutse ati aticotsa ncito.. tilibe pakamwa . koma ciambile cija pa may mpaka lelo ku paliament tikadakamba za salale ya apm etc

  4. Masoambeta says:

    zomvetsa chisoni anthu andale kukhalila kuba kuiwala dziko likuberedwa.

  5. Kandakhute chinyetenyete. says:

    Chipani chokupha ndi chipani chochotsa ziwalo za anthu mwaberelanso mmboma.Koma ndiye tifadi komanso kuchosedwa ziwalo.

  6. Galu wapananji says:

    Devil on duty!

  7. Blessing says:

    I blame Joice Banda , she is the one who strengthened the diplomatic relationship with Nigerian government a country that we benefit nothing economically . You can hardly find any malawians in Nigeria . Nigerians are the most unwanted people anywhere in the world because of their 419 . This is just the beginning

  8. Hoitty says:

    a Dausi ku NIB muzionanso zimenezi osati kupempha ndalama ku NAC kapena kulimbana ndi a police.

  9. Ow lord what z happening in this world

  10. No Fear Kelvin mahata says:

    Malawian Laws too shallow,komanxo satsatiridwa.

  11. chefourpence says:

    Nigerians! Am told you have large penise and vulvas. Osadula zanuzo ndikumakagulitsa bwanji?

  12. Ambassadors says:

    Foreign investors at Devil street selling some cheap perfumes and calling these investors.Kick them out before they ruin our country with their crookedness.These people will do anything for survival.Kodi amalawi anzanga tulo timeneti tizatithela liti?

  13. Ibuabro says:

    So inhumane. how can someone cut his fellow man’s private parts. That man must be taken to task for sure

  14. Dusty says:

    Bwerani pa Luwinga kumzuzu muzaone fans ya bokoharam ndi alshabab ingoyenda akuti inagula kale mtendere Ku Malawi police.Timaona ife anthu ena Ali mu uniform akuphulira za mmanja from bokoharam zimene zikuthauza kuti police and immigration are responsible kuti anthu awa Somalis,burundians,rwandis etc azitidyera masuku pa mitu yathu ife tikuona.

  15. *ano mpathu anagona n njala kmanso akhale nawo analanda malo,akt amalawi ndi an2 apheee,ine kukubweraku ndiyambitsa ma own boko halam part 2

  16. Lands department,Immigration,Police,MRA,City Councils stupid and unpatriotic.why all our cities are owned by foreigners? Forinstance,jupiter archade in Limbe coming from the old depot,foolish, refugees from Burundi,Rwanda,Somalia,DRC,Kenya etc.etc.,have paraded their containers as wholesalers to local Malawians.In what capacity are trading in Malawi?Do they have business permits?Are Malawians not capable of running such businesses.

  17. Kaya says:

    Chonde a Malawi anzanga anthu aku Nigeria’s awa ndioipa dzedi .

  18. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Many Malawians do not love their country. They put money first and don’t care the consequences of their actions. I’m told amongst other reasons, Chikangawa plantations have almost finished because unpatriotic Malawians aided Somalians to buy timber in their names. Look at how illegal immigrants enter Malawi, they are aided by Malawians. Malawia is a unique country on earth. Government and those who love this country must take action. I’m sure our secret intelligent services are aware of how some foreigners are destroying Malawi. Our natural resources are dwindling and benefiting foreigners. Hardwood, ivory, minerals are leaving Malawi. There is a barn on export of round hardwood but that is on paper. Every day trucks are carrying it with papers signed by officials. What is this? Malawi is a sorrowful country in many areas. Drugs, fertilizer etc intended for Malawians are sold to other countries. Nobody seems to care. Are we a cursed country?

  19. celina peter says:

    Boma lichiitepo kanthu pamenepa

  20. zopusa zuipa ezi says:

    aaaaMLW osawasekella awune zakuda zopusa amanewa ationgeza

  21. padoko says:

    The immigration and the police are the root cause of all these. Why do we have Nigerians and Burundians plying trade in all our trading centres country-wide? These people always palm oil you and you let them free. However, when they do something that catches the general public’s attention, you make noise as of you are doing your job. 90% of these Nigerians are crooks and evil minded yet they are close friends to most senior police officers. Why should someone from Nigeria cross the whole of Africa to Malawi. And why are Burundians scrambling for business in our rural areas while the war in there country is long forgotten? Who is really gaining from all the miseries these people are bringing us? Malawi may have porous borders but our immigration and police officers are more porous.

  22. Ngwazi says:

    Kodi chifukwaninji boma limawalekerela marefugees kumango yendayenda muno Malawi.A choke mmalokeshoni anthu. Otherwise apitiliza kutiwongera dziko.

  23. maurrice says:

    Our passports………ours d…….cks these guys should be treated as refuges there is war in Nigeria alll Nigerians shoulld be in Dzaleka, what is wrong with us Malawians and ma naiga ndiamene amakhala nacho osagulitsa chakecho bwaaa chili ndi std kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  24. ineyo says:

    Its sad

  25. Mwiakoshi says:


  26. PP Propaganda says:

    Nigerians are sick people. These are joyisi’s investors. Coming all the way from Nigeria to Malawi just to sell lifebuoy soap ku Devil Street? Anatasa kwambiri nthawi ya joisi anthuwa.

  27. wa ku nkhoma says:

    ATATE! MULUNGU wachifundo chonde tichotsereni ma nigerias azipita kwawo asanatimalize

  28. kapambwe says:

    If the victim/owner of the private parts that are now no longer private is still breathing to deter others from trading in the same business must also be given a chance to cut or remove those part of his attackers and traders in public so a message is sent all over MALAWI. This is becoming unbecoming. Assuming a male High Court Judge was treated in such a manner how would he pass a fair judgement or would his colleague act. Already we luck getting married because we are more than the owners of that magic stick. This is wield. Let them go and cut the boko harams magic stick. Tatopa nawo.

  29. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Malawi is a sorry soft state. Foreigners come in as they wish. Most of times assisted by Malawians for money. One wonders as to
    why the those from Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and Lebanon pass all countries near and a far to
    Malawi. It’s because they cannot by their way through corrupting ordinary hosts and authorities in those countries.

    Take a bus from the Malawian borders in the night and see how the foreigners get revealed and buy their way through police road blocks
    from the back of the stopped buses or police road bock shelters. Travel from cities in all directions and see how much land
    and property is owned by foreigners.

    Check how many real Malawians have genuinely applied for plots/pieces of land and have
    never been offered even if they could officially pay the required genuine charges. Count how many non-suspecting
    Malawian girls have had been cheated into bogus marriages by the foreign crooks using money- temporary marriages
    which the so called husbands use for illegal business dealings and get Malawian passports.

    See how the fake foreign investors externise our money through fake importations and businesses. Almost none
    invests in manufacturing and exporting. Almost all, are in importations and selling businesses- even illigal
    practices. Believe me, our nation is being sold for individual temporary benefits.

  30. Kukoma says:

    why arrest him when you dismissed what Lutepo said that he was a conduit.Do we have different laws. at least Lutepo confirmed his allegations by demanding CCTV footage and Call logs which would show his meetings at State House and His frequent calls to a particular number which would also correspond with the days when cheque were cashed.

  31. Bullshit says:

    Which European countries do Malawians go without a visas these days? Kamuzu days are long gone. Wake up Nyasatimes. Since one party government of MCP got ousted,business minded people were ushered into government. They started selling passports to foreigners and these buyers were caught in fraudulent dealings in European countries in the process denting a poor Malawians of thier record.

  32. juman says:

    Why immigration officers at the port of entry they dont ask them questions to know them by accent? I sugest that any immigration officer amene angagwire foreigner with malawian passport should be promoted or given reward … and the who helped the illegals should face justice..this is too much… there many Zimbabweans taking our ziphanso even though many zimbweans are related to malawians this sitingakane….ayenera kulandira punishment basi…the law must be equal to everyone…akutiwonongera mbiri

  33. Hellen Daveson says:

    God have mercy

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