Njauju assailants have K1.5m bounty placed in their heads by Malawi Police amidst criticism

Malawi Police Service (MPS) has placed K1.5 million ($3 333) reward for information leading to the arrest of the  assailants who brutally murdered Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate services Issa Njauju a week ago.

Dzonzi: Faults police investigations

Dzonzi: Faults police investigations

Under criminal investigations reward fund of Police, the law enforcers announced the reward as a week has gone without any arrests and also received criticism for poor investigative skills

National Police spokesperson Rhoda Manjolo said the ‘reward fund’ was established last year to encourage the public to provide law enforcers with crucial information that would lead to successful arrests and prosecution of criminals.

“We want to motivate the public to provide us with pertinent information that will lead to successful arrest and conviction of perpetrators. These criminals live with us in the communities and, as police, we cannot be everywhere that is why we have these rewards,” she said.

Njauju who was brutally murdered and his body thrown aside presidential villas along presidential drive in the capital city’s Area 44 on July 2 2015.

His body was found with two gunshot wounds according to an autopsy report and his official car a Toyota Hilux D4D double cabin was burnt down to ashes at Mtsiriza near Area 49 in Lilongwe.

However since the murder was discovered police did not cordone the crime scene as it is done in other countries for thorough investigation and to prevent intruders from tampering with the possible available evidence.

Justin Dzonzi who is Executive Director for Justice Link has sisnce faulted the police for failure to show professional handling of the crime scene involving the high profile ACB official.

“When a gun is fired you would find shell casings where the shots were fired and if you assume that the person who shot might have been in the car it is then possible that you can find evidence in the car so on and so forth.

“Now if that car has been disturbed before the investigating team has had time to investigate then they may lose all certain clues that may lead them to certain conclusions’, said Dzonzi.

He explained that If at the investigation level the police have not been able to establish what exactly happened even if some individuals were to be arrested it becomes extremely difficult for prosecutors to prove in court that indeed those individuals are connected to the crime that took place.

Dzonzi said this is because investigators will have failed to gather sufficient evidence with which to convict suspects.

“Remember that in court its evidence that speaks volume, its not just mere allegation so you will need to arm yourself with sufficient factual information that would then show what actually happened.

“So the disturbance of the crime scene would affect both investigations and subsequent prosecution if it were to take place”, said Dozni.

Government through Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu has since said it is considering a comprehensive review of security of ACB officers and public prosecutors.

Some sections of the society are speculating that ACB boss was killed by a “state-sponsored” mafia-style attack.

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Good move MPS


That money being offered by the police atenga ku state house kungofuna kutiphimba mmaso. Ndi angati aphedwa apolisi nkumati apeleka ndalama? Even when their fellow police officers were gunned down, why ddn’t they offer something leading to the capture of perpetrators? Verily verily I say unto you, Njaunju was murdered by government agents!!!


This is crazy, annoying at the same time. Those are just tactics, it’s obvious tht the murders wll just go away with it. F***k the police


lets be serious


Ndauzidwa kuti Njaunju anayitanidwa ku siteti hausi nthawi yowereka ku ntchito. Kumene kuja amamuuza kuti akasowetse ma failo a 92 billion kwacha kashigeti. Ndiyeno Njaunju anawauza kuti iyeyo sizimukhudza chifukwa amapanga za adimisitashoni ndi akautsi. Pachifukwa chimenechi siteti hausi inaganiza kungomusowetsa chifukwa akanakaulura. Ndichifukwa chake thupi lake linapezeka chakomweko. Patseni ndalamayotu ine ndaulura


akakhala pamukhate sapheka. its not that they know nothing but ayamba bwanji but there is no secret under the sun, zizabwera poyera.


Dausi n Mukhito. Asilamu tiyeni tiyambe Suicide Bombing


Za ziii! Patsanani cash yo a police chifukwa mukudziwapo kanthu. Ife umboni tili nawo kuti munapha nokha chifukwa chosateteza umboni pa crime scene.


let the police do their work, since when did dzonzi become a crime scene investigator or detective?


Ithought the police said Ali ndi list ya anthu omwe ati aphedwe that is why they cautioned the lady jounalist. What a joke .

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