Njauju murder was mistaken identity: ACB gurus ‘living dangerously’

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate affairs Issa Njauju may have been killed in a case of mistaken identity.

Matemba: ACB deputy director

Matemba: ACB deputy director

Njaunju was found dead on July 4 2015 with his body half-buried near Lilongwe River and his Toyota Hilux double-cabin vehicle burnt to ashes behind the presidential villas in Lilongwe.

Sources at the bureau say ACB deputy director general Reyneck Matemba has been receiving anonymous death threats and that the hired assassin may have mistaken. Njauju with Matemba who has a striking resemblance with the murder victim.

ACB is investigating a number of high-profile cases that include Cashgate where billions of kwacha were stolen from government.

Matemba is involved in the prosecution of the cashgate cases which has seen some people implicated in the theft have been convicted while others including prominent people are still answering cases in court.

There are also investigation involving high profile people in the ruling DPP on the missing billions from 2005.

Matemba said Njauju, 49, was in charge of finance, human resource, administration and internal audit, saying he could not be a target for some people that are being investigated as he was not involved in any investigations or prosecution.

He, however, said truth would come out after police complete their investigations.

Sources say Njauju was not the intended target.

His family were “completely devastated”.

Lilongwe Police Station spokesperson Ramsey Mshani said the assassins have not been identified.

Sources indicate one of the assasins is a former Malawi Army soldier and has been working at a farm. Informants also say the Njanju murder was planned in similar way like the killing of university student Robert Chasowa ( more information Nyasa Times has gathered will be shared with local and international bodies.)

ACB investogors were also reported to be ntimidated and threatened by businessperson, Karamat Ullah Chaudhry and Azhar Chaudrey, to drop any other investigations against them related to tax, money laundering and corruption.

Karamat Chaudhry was recently interrogated by Fiscal Police in connection with the K2 million deposited into ACB boss Lucas Kondowe’s bank account at First Merchant Bank (FMB) in Blantyre.

ACB said they have dockets for the entrepreneur in relation to forex externalisation.

The Chaudhry claim to be key fanciers to ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and “well-wishers” of President Peter Mutharika.

Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice (CCJP) has warned that Njauju’s brutual and salvage murder could have negative implications in the fight against graft in the country.

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82 thoughts on “Njauju murder was mistaken identity: ACB gurus ‘living dangerously’”

  1. chimzy freeman phiri says:

    koma kulintchito yopotokolana makosi. Ambuye bwerani muzatiwombole

  2. Wachikond says:

    Bingus first 5yrs ws appreciated, came another term he became a nuisance we complained & God took hm deliberately but we thot a name can rule this nation, we don’t listen to the creator & we r going to perish like ants. They r killing, pple r complaining bt wat they can say is they will b leaders up to 2024, Stop these killings plz.

  3. Wachikond says:

    Bingus first 5yrs was very appreciative then came another term he became a nuisance we complained & God took him deliberately but we a name can rule this country, we don’t listen to the creator & we r going to perish like ants. They r killing, pple r complaining but wat they can say is that they will b leaders up to 2024, Stop killing.

  4. May the ghost of Njauju torture to death anyone who was directly or indirectly involved.

    Presidential villas? surely that place has tight security sooner or later truth will out! Magazi a munthu osalakwa cant just be shed in vain.

  5. Vices Against Nature says:

    What this article leaves out is who was the intended target. What about Kondowe himself? How safe is he?

  6. gacheni mulonyeni. says:

    There are three things that cant be hidden on earth, The Moon, Sun and Truth

  7. Chimani. Game says:

    The issue here is about security.all this happened right in town,where were the police patrol vehicles.all guarding the idiot leaving the 14000000 people at risk.malawi is at its lowest point and don’t believe these lies that it will get better anytime soon

  8. ADE says:



  9. Mukapsya Muwona says:

    Chonena ife tilibe aaae chonena ife tilibe

  10. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Thanks for the information Mr Deputy Director. However, the issue that concerns us here is not the identity of the officer killed, but rather that somebody should die for the simple reason that he is among the people who are trying to make Malawi habitable and hospitable. It appears to me that somebody or some people have decided that we should not have graft busting bodies like the ACB. And I daresay that such people are not ordinary people, they are high ranking fat cats. Ooh wait? You say the deceased’s body was found where? Listen, many people are in prison today because bodies of dead people were found, not in, but near their properties. Indeed , who can have the courage to dump a dead body in that place except those with connections to it? Bwana Kachama, this case has the capacity to make or break you. I suggest that you start you investigation with the top leadership of the Death Propagating Professionals! Secondly, please assure us that employees of our graft busting bodies are safe. Can you do that? Because if these are not safe, then nobody and nothing will safe. We are all in Flames. Malawi indeed!

  11. PetuloMathanyula meee! says:

    I don’t see any striking resemblance between late Njaunju and Matemba. Matemba knows better who killed his colleague and its not an issue of mistaken identity, ilo ndi bodza la n’nanu a Matemba. Sooner or later you will spill the beans because papita magazi a munthu sizocheza.

  12. apundi says:

    tidamkana kamuzu tikuliranji tidasankha nkhondo rip

  13. Mzimba Solola says:

    @ 58 God should forgive you. You don’t know what you are talking about. What happened to Mr. Njauju can happen to anyone even yourself. You are talking like that because this has happned to somebody from a different family and not your’s, if you have evidence that it was a planned move like you have said, go to Police and tell them so that they can be assisted by your statement to arrest the culprits so that justice should take its cause. Let us not use this social network as a tool to break other people’s hearts in situations like this. God is the only righteaous judge, you don’t know how hurt it is to lose a parent, brother, husband, father, etc in that manner. Once again MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD FORGIVE YOU IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!

  14. aishoshe says:

    komatu amene mwapha Njauju mukazipeleka nokha ndithu chifukwa msilamu simunthu osewera naye.Atupele atamangidwa Muluzi anati amene wazunza mwana wanga tiona and sipanatenge nthawi nkomwe Bingu anamwalira..nde wina ayankhula pompano kuti anatituma ndi aujeni kuti tikaphe..Ingotini pheee mumva.

  15. Overseer says:

    Judiciary is to blame in this scenario. why are our courts take to long to conclude very serious cases that involve high profile people like politicians. These politicians are aware that they are to spend many years behind bars as such they will do everything to liberate themselves from the incoming danger. all ACB staff who do not sympathise with the notorious cashgaters are in danger. If they attempted to kill their own accompliance (Mphwiyo) then what can stop them from killing those prosecuting them. Judiciary wake up! ee

  16. DPP is killing people

  17. mbani says:

    Mwapha mchawa wa ku mangochi wa UDF, Bata Bullets and Manchester United shaaaaa!dyangalusa

  18. kenkkk says:

    Even if it was a mistaken identity,does it make it make it less of a crime? So it is okay to kill the real intended target they missed?

    Acb, you seem to know alot about this,why? You people are professional fools,if there are similar or identical cars for your officers,surely those evil acb officers colluding with the killers should have given the number plate of the car the intended target drives. Mistaken identity here doesn’t convince us.

    You matemba are now frightened and you come up with the stupid excuse to please the killers. They are coming after you anyway and others in acb until you leave the Asians alone.

  19. ndaona says:

    Kodi HTD akuzitenga kuti mphamvu mdziko laweni?

  20. Concerned Citizen says:

    Sorry, too many killings now: Chasowa, Albinoes, armed thugs, the children for secret parts, pang’ono tikanaluza a Mphywiyo, nanga a Lutepo omwe ali pa wheel chair, etc.
    Shud we think that we’re facing democracy at its best? Koma Kamuzu anatiuza kuti DEMOKALASE ndi nkhondo. Nanga ichi nchiyani?
    Is this terrorism or what ~povertism? for most killings/problems are money related.

  21. makwinjaishmael says:

    This is deep down my hrt, close the cashgate chapter to save other lives. Munachotsa ndalama m’boma pano mukuchotsa myoyo ya anthu.U r not Mosanto seed,tonse ndife manyowa.Ndinu makolo athu sitingamakutukwaneni koma ndikupempha kut sinthani.

  22. MTONGA WA PA KANDE says:

    DPP ndi zintchito zawo. Very sad, manja achinaMutharika ali ndi mwanzi. Sitinayiwale za CHASOWA tu

  23. mona says:

    Dpp doing killing business as usual, amalawi kupusa

  24. munthu wamkulu says:


  25. Che Squareroot says:

    Why washing your hands so quick before the meal gets ready? It seems this version is just a quick gasp by the murderers to clear themselves from the murder of an innocent man. The police must investigate fully. Bwana Kachama you are a professional and please do this to the best of your capacities to arrest the true people behind this. Otherwise your name is losing respect just because of the fools committing crime all over. If it means you losing your job because you acted professionally, then Allah will grant you peace for ever.

  26. Hot Iron says:

    Zophanazo ndiye mulekeletu, otherwise a Malawi si anthu opusa. Tsiku lina imfa izafika ngati cardiac arrest pa moyo wanu. Mwina sikale konse ayi. Mulungu wa chisomo komanso chifundo chochuluka atikhululukire.

  27. hisbolla says:


  28. A few things here; 1. Is this MCP doing the killing? 2. Has IG Kachama failed his duties? The answer to these 2 questions is NO. Now who is behind this? The answer is DPP and Nicholas Dausi. May God help the family now.

  29. dambudzo mwasanya says:

    Koma ku Malawi do we really have crime solvers?Robert Chasowa died in that way,nobody has been brought to book up to this day.So you mean politicians cannot be prosecuted,in fear that the people involved in those investigation will be meeting their fate that way?This country is bullshit.So we should let people stash stolen billions while Malawians are in dire poverty.We need a revolution in this country to kick out these bastards who thinks that good life in Malawi was only meant for them.

  30. kenkkk says:

    It is all about amwenye,state house and dpp. 92bn is a side issue but it is all about these corrupt Asian thieves. Killing an innocent man just because your Asian friends are being snared by acb and the trail is leading to dpp and state house. Your reaction to kill whoever is following the trail. Real masatana inu.

    The prime minister resigned to allow authorities to investigate the cashgates and dubious wealth accumulation but actually he resigned to concentrate on thwarting acb to the end and protecting asians by whatever means necessary.

    The man was deliberately killed to send intimidation to acb staff to back off. If he was heading administration,then he was also responsible for files and safe keeping of some sensitive files.

    Killed behind presidential villas,who can have the balls to commit such a heinous crime on that location?

    Asians have sacrificed a fellow muslim, an easy target because they could follow him.

    God will soon reveal all.

  31. Dausi says:

    HTD ameneyo!!!! He always threatens to kill He has done it Majidi yo

  32. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    An innocent man has been brutally murdered. Family filled with grief. The reason is TAKING TOO LONG TO DEAL WITH CASHGATE and CORRUPTION. All involved should have been rounded up by now. Too much time …criminals have had time to plan.

  33. Beloved says:

    All those involved in the murder must be convicted accordingly

  34. Halima says:


  35. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I am scared now, if this is really a mistaken identity then the correct identity will be killed anytime from now or another mistaken identity will be killed again.

  36. July 20 deaths and mzimu wa Robert Chasowa says:

    Ngati ili mistaken idwntity osatchula mwini zipolopolo! ! Osamatipusitsa apa mfiti za kuphanu!!

  37. Chisale chindipha makina says:

    Mwayambapo eti malo momapereka malip0 anthu mwayamba kutipha eti!

  38. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Dpp woyeeeee. Mr Speaker, take care

  39. Bright says:

    Comment Loading……

  40. Van de Kaithazi says:

    All we need to know first is who the killers are, not specullations. The issue of mistaken identity should emanate from the assasins.

  41. koma atolankhani akenu tamalembani bwino, grammar ngati wa primary?

  42. Mulohmwe wa kwa Mendulo says:

    DPP at its work of killing innocent pepo!!!! anthu oyipa inu Kupha munthu monga momwe munaphera Chasowa, SHAME on Pitala and his foolish dpp

  43. watch dog. says:

    But why..????? anyway God is watching everything.time will come and those assiliants once caught should be sentenced to death by hang.

  44. nkhoma says:

    May Divine justice ran its full course. May the perpetrators of this despicable act be smitten. May them rot in hell fire !!!!!!!! Rest in Eternal Peace

  45. opportunist says:

    Sad developments.RIP

  46. nganituwe says:

    DPP is answerable basi but knowing Malawi i dont think anything will be done, kwamulungu basi chifukwa kulibe kubisala , basi mwawina a DPP katiphani tilipo ambiri

  47. Mapiri says:

    Is this Pakistan guy a Malawian? We can’t afford to have foreigners who commit crime in Malawi and we just watch them. Police just be tough.

  48. Bornface c Mwale says:

    Rip Njaunju off target

  49. Afumu Phiri says:

    DPP at work

  50. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Avoid transferring your hate speeches to any party other wise you are so cruel to the believed family Let the police do their job .you look like you want to protect the culprit and drive the attention of the investigator to a wrong direction. If no comment be Quiet. Be sorry to the family .they are going through tough time.

    1. Chosamva says:

      If the culprit was connected to either PP or MCP, he would surely be unmasked without delay. The fact that the public broadcaster has been gagged on the issue coupled with the fact that there are no suspects as yet points to DPP involvement. People are not wrong to compare this murder to that of Robert Chasowa. The only difference is that this time around the police are not saying Njauju committed suicide…but there’s still time. We could still have the national police spokesperson talking about “suicide”.

  51. Loliwe says:

    Why hasn’t MBC covered the incident? why is it tightlipped? They are behaving in the same way they behaved on Chasowa. God is watching you and at his perfect time he will show up for his son who was killed just as he showed up for Chasowa and his family

  52. ngulenjet says:

    This is DPP (Dictators Progressive party) order of the day killing people to them is just like killing birds. Committing such crime to them is their breakfast. Sitinati uku ndikuyamba chabe kwa mavuto kupusa a Malawife

  53. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    May his soul RIP

  54. Kadakwiza says:

    Its sad that in our multiparty democratic country people still die. Very sad indeed.

  55. So MCP kills? You kill such a high profile person and you remain silent. It’s a shame. The killers have eliminated him but those that will suffer are the family. Some fools even call the death sentence inhumane. Some even question the shoot to kill policy. Thugs have to be wiped out like locusts.

  56. Nazizwa says:

    I don’t completely subscribe to the thinking that he is mistaken identity………….this is trying to divert attention! let the truth be told in it’s entirety.

  57. clement says:

    Following with interest!

  58. kumasekelera muli Njauju my have been killed in a case of mistaken identity? Ndiye kuti mukudziwana eti? Mwaphetsa munthu osalakwa! Iweyo matemba ukudziwapo kanthu.

  59. ujeni says:

    DPP thugs at work

  60. Kachilombo ka ku Dowa says:

    Owooo Tioone

  61. Observer says:

    Oh my God! He was handling all those jobs (Finance, Human Resources, Audit, Administration). Wau! Where is the issue of corporate governance here? Many people are looking for jobs whilst this guy had everything. No wonder! MHSRP.

  62. PRAG says:

    Too bad! What has happened to our security? People are living in fear…… Govt, please do something about it….

  63. ndadabwa says:

    Matemba usaname Mulungu akulanga. Njauju waphedwa ndi boma coz he had information

  64. gloria says:


  65. Wampwesa says:

    May his soul rest in peace. A Malawi mpaka pamenepo. Ambuye atsogolere kuti these culprits should be identified.

  66. PHILIA says:


  67. Akatswiri says:

    That is very true, it was mistaken identity.

  68. nthandalanda says:

    Ife timadziwa kuti ndi agalu omwewa. Nthawi yawo imakhala full of blood bath. So sad to lose this young man of high status. Dziko choncho silingapite patali. We are losing these good intelligent people who could help in developing the country.


    muulurana,chifukwa nde ife a CCJP sitiimva.akanakhala aja onyamula mahule (BOKO HARAM) sitikanachedwapo koma uyuyu avumbulutsa zambiri.mwaonjeza.atsogoleri athu,mumayendetsa dziko ngati muyendetsa chikondi kuchipinda,(kuthanakuthana)

    ndi chifukwa chani DPP ikangolowa m’boma,pamachitika zambiri zosakhala bwino.amwenye anuwa atisamale

  70. kagunde pamwamba says:

    From Panga brandishing to murdering innocent members of our Muslim Community u diesel petrol palibe. What an abomination u have created.
    Hoping the end is fast approaching.

  71. anthu otembeleledwa inu ndiliti mudzaleke kuzunza fuko la malawi?mukupha onse amene akukuzuzulani.koma pazonsezi muziganizila zokayankha pamaso pamulungu wakumwamba ndipo sipazapezekanso dziko la asogoleli oipa ngati malawi

  72. Mtochi says:

    Times have changed. ACB bosses shud be equipped with short guns to protect themselves

  73. zonse ndi nthawi says:

    Tidafuna DPP tisadabwe.

  74. Satana kwake ndi kuba, kupha ndi kuwononga

  75. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Iwe ndiye walakhula not zauchizilu wa che Nankhumwa zo maopseza anthu

  76. wez says:

    Why killing ppl ? Why we arrow this hapopening in our boloved country ? Its ashame to see this happening here, are we going to back days where by ppl were geting killed for no proper reason ? This guy he done nothing wrong and u put his children in the cold bad goverment indeed.

  77. Mbewa ndi nchira says:

    ACB staff will be hunted like wild animals until DPP is out of government.

  78. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Exaclty bale wanthu Chasowa no different and no tangible will come out

  79. zizwa says:

    Mikubisa chani tangonenani kuti wamupha ndi Peter, mesa ndiyemwe munamvotera

  80. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:


  81. ndaona says:

    Bwanji angolithetsa bungweli ngati anthu akuwopsyezedwa agwira bwanji ntchito? Mukufuna kunena kuti tidziphedwa when doing our job?

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