No charges of treason for MCP gurus, says Malawi Police IG Kachama

Inspector General of Malawi Police Service, Lexten Kachama has told a news conference that  there is no evidence to press treason charges against three Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials, contradicting police spokesman Nicholas Gondwa.

Police IG Kachama addressing reporters

Police IG Kachama addressing reporters

Police arrested MCP executive member Ulemu Msungama on Sunday, publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila on Monday and party legal director Peter Chakhwantha on Tuesday over a WhatsApp chat that purportedly talks about how President Peter Mutharika could be toppled.

Gondwa said the three were given sedition as “holding charges” and then pressed with treason after recording their statements as formal charges.

He said sedition and treason charges are “ interrelated.”

However, addressing a news conference in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Police IG said the cops  have not formally charged the three because there is no evidence for treason and that they were only taken “caution statements”.

Kachama,  however, said  the Police received a tip from well meaning citizen that a group of people were discussing and planning to over throw the government of  Mutharika.

“The Police then started investigating the matter, in the process of which an opinion was formed that the evidence pointed to an offence of treason and warrants of arrests of the suspects were obtained from the court,” said Kachama.

He stressed that  the police are still investigating to establish if the suspects have a case to answer.

The Police boss said the three MCP members were on picked for questioning about their involvement in the coup threat, not charged and released on bail.

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77 thoughts on “No charges of treason for MCP gurus, says Malawi Police IG Kachama”

  1. GVH Khombe says:

    Hidden pin code from IG. I don’t believe on what he said to journalists.

  2. Zikavuta umathangila China chilichose chooneka ngati chingathandize,but at the end you make things worse

  3. spoken Word says:

    ine kudabwatu. Aaaaah WhatsApp yomweyi? Koma I think the evidence qas on more than this! Or should we say DPP ili ndi mantha eti?

  4. Nabanda says:

    Ulemu Msungama, Jessie Kabwila and Peter Chakwantha this is your pay day. God Almighty has seen you though. Claim your billions now, God wants you to help the needy. As soooon as you are compaseted help the people who are dying with hunger in all the regions of this country… Ulemu Msungama is supposed to be in Parliament as member of parliament koma boma kumubela ma vote mpaka kulolera kuotcha MEC office kufuna kubisa chilungamo aaaaaaaaa Shame!!!

  5. Dazi La Ntaba Latsoka says:

    Galu wako yemwe akamakutembenukira kukukanira kuthamangitsa manyama, udziwe kuti uzimba wakanika. Sizinachitikepo mmbiri yadziko la Malawi kuti apolisi abweze wanthu nkunena kuti anthuwo sanalakwe. Mulandu wakenso ukhala owukira boma.

    Apa nchachidziwikire kuti a DPP mavuto wanu waja ozisiyira panjira afikanso. Kaya mufune olo musafune, a Ntaba, mpando wononawo muusiyiranso panjira monga zinaliri padzana paja.

    After all they say kuti it happens in threes. For Mr Ntaba this will be third time unlucky: first with Dr Banda loosing elections and dying, then with Bingu’s sudden death and finally with Bwampini resigning next weekend!

  6. nyaude says:

    Good job bwana I.G. You deserve the respect for that.That is how democracy should be. I like it.

  7. wa noma says:

    mmmm its not own for questioning up to the extend of spending nights in cell? mmmm smelling rotten rats

  8. mwachaje says:

    Naive and lacking critical thinking as is usual with us so called social media Malawians. Did Kachama tell you that the police have withdrawn the investigation? Did he tell you that the DPP(Kachale)has advised the police that there is no case. Think Think Think!

  9. chemataka akwelume says:

    hahaha. bola apa zoona tayamba kuzidzwa. kut mantha awavuta abwana. dziko sigalimoto ayi koma anthu. ngat walephera kuwasamalira anthu pa ndondomeko yoyenera sangakukonde. zakuwawa. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. vin mongu says:

    Kachama this is good thinking but you are coming to the scene very late where were you when they were being arrested! However, this is good show and it is what we want you to be doing. So get this gondwa thing out of position because it is him who has been a source of confusion in the whole debacle. Kodi manjolo munamuchotsa to get this foolishness. Law enforcers are supposed to know the law they are trying to enforce. In modern countries head for IG, Spokesperson and Police Director of Prosecutions would roll!!

  11. Vyantonda says:

    two police IGs in Malawi the real and the shadow one hohohohoho! country of idiots

  12. His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery ArchMissile Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Thars being a man.

  13. Rift Valley says:

    At least there is some sanity remaining in Police. Thanks IG. I know this is embarassing but it takes a Man to own a problem and come clean. No doubt you will follow up the issue and deal with whoever is respnsible. Come to think of it, it could well be that some heavy weight in Government is behind all this. We will know in 2019, if not sooner.

  14. NKHADZE says:

    Uku ndiye kuvungana m’masamba amanena kuja.

  15. Hastings Midian says:

    Last days are here. okhulupilira akaona izi amadziwa zomwe zikuchitika u can fight but u cant change anything the world doesnt giv peace lets seek GOD’s kingdom basi

  16. Nngwenyama says:

    Dr kainja is the only one fit to head the police. Not timadegree ta kachama ta correspondence. Kachama mbatama ingalangizetbwanji president?

    1. spoken Word says:

      a DPP ali ndi mantha awa.

  17. Namulangeni says:

    koma zinandibebera kobasi wachita bwino anagona mu sale jessie anyanya kupanga phokoso lopanda pake!!!!! big up Dpp ndazikonda heavy

  18. NZOZO KUNUNKHA says:

    when men in uniforms loose their dignity?

  19. ojere says:

    Ndiye kukhala kwa a Lomwe kumeneko.You will see this week end atokota potsagulila Chipembele High Way.Wayiwala kale zomwe Manganya ananena komanso zomwe zinamuchitikila mkulu wake. Tilipo tikuona .

  20. The wise from South says:

    Gentlemen, understand what the IG is saying. Malawi Police Service received a tip from a well placed citizen that a certain quarter of society is planning a coup. Then MPS obtained warrants of arrest. Now, who is this well placed citizen? Everybody in Malawi knows.The one who sniffs in peoples privacy. Yes, you guessed right. Munthu ameneyo adzayambisa nkhondo m’Malawi muno!

  21. BOKHO says:

    Pitala, Kachama, Dausi, Kasaila, Mwanamveka Chaponda will be arrested soon or later trust me or not. It is only Mighty MCP to rule this country for the success of its citizens and you can not arrest its officials without reasons. Mukuopa kumangidwa, msiyeni Kabwira wathu she will be Minster of Education in this country.

  22. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Why did they spend nights in custody if they were taken for questioning? I have never heard such a think happening. We all know that the Police were trying to rape the constitution and they have failed. Imagine the whole Spokes person telling the nation that he does not know anything yet zonzezi zimachitikira ku back yard kwawo to the extent to throwing tear gar to MCP supporters. Remember, ukanama sudziwa nyimbo and ukanama sikuchedwa kucha… The truth shall set you free. DZUKA MALAWI DZUKA..


  23. senga says:

    Critical thinking is required before moving on people. I suppose the IG does not have capacity

  24. bobo says:

    you just making the Kabwilas more popular than before…musova 2019..malawians are capable of booting out any government. Check your records DPP before you act.

  25. mwanawamkulu says:

    salute u mr IG thats way to go…investigate though

  26. Malawian in diaspora says:

    Malawi should be the top most country in the world in terms of bending its laws. It is now becoming embarrassing here in diaspora to mention that am a Malawian. Always bad news. Lets love our country and at least for once change.

  27. chakuchanya Mahabuwa says:

    izi zimafuna anthu ophunzira British curriculum like the kainja’s osati munthu ongolonda ma licence pa msewu basi

  28. Kalizaliza says:

    Koma ntchito zinazi, kufuna promotion. Kkkkkkkkkkkk

  29. pharaoh says:

    where are those who supported the arrests of these honourable MPs? Manyazi bwa?

  30. Folena Tambala says:

    Masiku Ano Things Changed Tizilephera Zoona Kukambaka Pa Fone Umo Dziko Likuyendera Aaaaaaaaa Komabe Ife Tili Pambuyo Pa Mcp

  31. Bandawe says:

    Makape okha okha kuyambila Mathanyula

  32. Dalitso says:

    I knew it that right minded police would not arrest people based on some chatty stuff through whatsapp. Come on police you can do better.

  33. waluzamwafulirwa says:

    Ok will wait

  34. ineyo says:

    “From a well meaning citizen?” who is this cutie? What an IG malawi has. so u guys don’t consult Gondwe said these were charged of sedition and treason Kachama comes saying there Ard no evidence. what a shame! why did u then go ahead to arrest these people.

    Now K abwino and company MUST sue this stupid govt for unlawful arrest and get compensated (huge sums of money). Dollis govt full of self centred people.

  35. The Partriot says:

    Basi? Thats all? Bwana IG, mwafotokoza mukatero?
    The police cannot just arrest any Malawian just like that, even more so our honourable MPs!
    lts very shameful and disconcerting to hear that the arrests were done just after hearing rumours from a gossiper! A polisi kungomva miseche, inu speed, ndi unyolo, kukamanga ma MP, while they are in session! Now your honourable IG sir, mukuti simunapange investigations bwinobwino?
    Malawians should be afraid, and be very afraid of Malawi Police!!!! Mukamamanga anthu chifukwa cha miseche ndiye mumanga anthu angati?
    Funso langa ndi ili, simunamvepo miseche ina pa nkhani ya Njauju? All we hear about this case is investigations are on going, bwanji osapanga changu ngati mmene mwa pangila za “whatsapp coup plot????”

  36. Bessam Kapuma says:

    Sukulu imangochotsa umbuli koma osati uchitsiru

  37. Mrs Phiri says:

    Kaya zanu izo a DPP. Mukuwayamba dala a MCP. Onani ayamba kutukwana Pitala wanu.Muisova

  38. Ruben Kacheche says:

    Bwana IG your position is good one but politicians make it bad. Joyce Banda tried to mend relationships between Police and public but this APM guy is bringing enmity between your men and public. Muzaikanako zinazi or advise. Worse still you have very useless Minister bola Chibingu ndi Atupele koma osati nganga yanuyi mu kuti Kalilani koma muliladi. Ndakumverni chisoni a Police.
    Be prepared for more nasty things because anthu akwiya. ….awachotsadi a bwana an uko. …… maka mu March muno.

  39. Kanjipiti says:

    Kachama is also a victim – he was ordered to act in haste, fearing that if he did not do so he would be sent to Maputo or wherever as deputy ambassador. The real culprits to whom Malawians should be directing their anger are quietly sipping their Chivas at State House and NIB Hq. But it is a Malawian pastime to always blame the victim, not the perpetrator…

    This inept Government is not only messing with the lives of ordinary Malawians, but it is also carelessly destroying diplomatic relations that have been there since Malawi gained her independence. This carelessness and greed should stop.

    I can understand people like APM, Chaponda, Mukhito, Kasaila and Dausi being reckless. But I would have expected better from people like Mwanavenkha, SKC, Henry Mussa, Bright Msaka, Collins Magalasi, Bamusi, Atupele and others. If this country is to get out of this self inflicted crisis people like this latter group will have to grow some balls and stand up to the first group and tell them in no uncertain terms that their way will only lead to destruction. As they say “bad things happen when good people do nothing”. Surely there must be someone in DPP who is still using his head?

  40. The Partriot says:

    Sure? Basi? Mwafotokoza pamenepa?
    Mr IG , arresting honourabke members of Parliament , even any Malawian for that matter, should not be that easy!
    In other wiords, the IG is saying some gossiper can wake up one day and tell the police that so and so are plotting to shit at Area 30, then pronto the police go and arrest the individual without verifying the facts?
    So, the SOP for Malawi Police is arrest first, investigate later? My oh my, what kind of foolishness is this???????? What a shame!
    Za Njauju mpaka pano , still investigating! Za gossip ya coup plot, changu changu unyolo, no investigations??????
    Mwamuyamba dala Jessie ndithu, wait and see!!!

  41. Patriots says:

    As the dust settles clarity settles in after the police unashamedly used to abuse the law by the current regime. Police is meant to protect its citizens and that’s the essence of service and Selfish politicians feed on greed whilst the poor continues to suffer. The current government majoring in the minors with a lot inconsinstances that will cost them in the end. In developed economies opposition exist to put checks and balances may APM emulate that if he claims to be democratic.

  42. My Goodness says:

    Hahahaha what a daft IG we have in this country and certainly I fear for the future of this country. It clear that the police took orders from some quarters and now the thing has backfired badly. So if you had no evidence why did you go to the extent f violating the constitution by effecting arrests at Parliament? This Government is really on a path of self destruction or else it was a sinister plot to dismiss you Kachama. February is indeed coming to an end so these events are perhaps not surprising!

  43. The analyst says:

    Sukulu guys is very important. Our police officers ayambe night. How can you be used like a condom? Anthu amabanja awo ngati kachama kumalankhula ngati mwana…this is pathetic. We are a disgrace…

  44. Jelbin mk says:

    Musungama, Kabwila and Chankhwantha must sue the state for a wrongful arrest in which government has to pay huge sums of cash to them. If it was here in the South these people could be paid not lesd than R250 000 considering their publicity.

  45. Chatsika says:

    This malawi police officers are a disgrace. You have seen the consequences of allowing politicians to use you like a condom. Baba kachama, don’t fool us. We are not ur kids. You remember that it is the same opposition who made sure that you are on that position after your predecessor paul kanyama started to grow wings as you are doing. What a bunch of merciless men in unifom. Treason? My foot. A person doesn’t even have a panga. To hell with your DPP ok

  46. Cracker says:

    Malawi is a loughing stock. How could you arrest and gave them bail without charge? These politicians are using professions to look like …. Politicians are the ones spoiling Malawi. Cashgate, it was the same politicians conizing with well educated people {civil servants} to steal frm the gvt persue. Now if Police PRO and his boss are are speaking 2 different language, what does that tell?

  47. KAYA THE LATE says:

    Kaninso bomali ndilambuli??

  48. Luwazi says:

    I had no idea WhatsApp posts could shake up this administration like that!, Mathanyula and his boys are so paranoid and timid. its their incompetence that will bring them down

  49. Government full of childishness, full of try’n’errors, everything seem to fall apart, muthalika must resign, so is with gondwa and kachama. Because they are all inconsistent in their work. I can see someone sued for breach of privacy, kasambala alelelapo wana pamenepa, wina zimuvuta…..

  50. Nathan says:

    Look before you leap. You can not arrest someone without having evidence. After all Whatsapp is meant for the privacy of an individual. Whether you are the police, you have no right to intercept and read the messages. By doing so, you are violating an individual’s right to privacy, thereby violating Malawi’s constitution which allows the citizens to have the right to privacy. Therefore the Police who arrested those people must be arrested.

  51. Buyelekhaya says:

    This is backtracking. It follows the poor handling of the issue & the ensuing barrage of criticisms.
    If you’re still investigating chances are high that whatever piece of evidence u were to get your hands on will be destroyed.

    A tip from a well-meaning citizen in this political climate? U were naive.

  52. Government full of childishness, full of try’n’errors, everything seem to fall apart, muthalika must resign, so is with gondwa and kachama. Because they are all inconsistent in their work. I can see someone sued for breach of privacy, kasambala alelelapo wana pamenepa, wina zimuvuta…..

  53. Amwali says:

    Za uchitsiru

  54. Mphoriwa says:

    What’s wrong with this Govt and its leadership. The govt is in disarray. Katsaila says one thing, Jappie Mhango says another, Dausi zakenso and now here is the innocent Inspector General being forced to comment on something he seems to have no clue of. Evidence is bear that the arrest was orchstrated by State House security details and you expect the IG to say something. You just want to find fault with him with the aim of getting rid of him and replace him with a Mulakho who will serve your sinister motives.

  55. zowa luhanga says:

    Malawians lets have the politics done in Europe.We always practice tag-of-war politics,what shall poor malawians benefit from this?GOD help.

  56. Nyama Dowa. says:

    My Malawi my nations so you want to expend the tax payers money by splashing the accused ones with huge compensation.

  57. Mlangeni nyoni says:

    Mwaopa achule inu, tinakathana nanu

  58. Mwakipiki says:

    Do you keep someone in custody over night just for questioning Mr. IG? Just accept that you have goofed

  59. chatonda mvula says:

    Silly Police and DPP. wHAT IS THIS NOW/ dOES dpp HAVE ANY LEGAL PERSON IN THEIR TEAM? This is a big shame and MCP arrested members will cash in for the illegal arrests.
    Zzabwera zokha ndalama guys. Sapatsa pamanja.

  60. Mapwala says:

    Mukamamva kutha kwa boma ndiye ndi ukuku. Mkondiwa mbatama, kachama mbatama ndi angathandizi chitsiru pitalayu ndani?

  61. PRAGMATIC says:

    Chamba kachama ndi pitala mtalika. Munya muwona

  62. Mai a Farai says:

    Lawless country run by thugs

  63. Katchende ka kachama says:

    Zitsiru izi. Police idali kale

  64. kaya says:

    which is which?2 stories from one house.R we serious?Do we know wat we are doing?

  65. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    That is Kachama i know. Very coward gentleman. He just want to come out clean. Why then did he order his officers to elect a snap roadblock at Parliament?.

  66. KUNENEKUDE says:

    Mr Inspector General of Police, Can you explain why did the Police granted bail to the suspects just for questioning them? No! No! No! Mr Inspector General, Bail always given to someone after being charged, Just questioning it doesn’t need to be granted a bail, Malawians are not stupid, Malawians are very wise than you are, Be serious on this issue.

  67. PRAGMATIC says:

    THIS IS WHAT WE CALL MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. KANDO says:


  69. Tione says:

    Nanga mwawamangirani? Are we in a democracy where freedom of expression and right to privacy should be observed? God will fight for them and soon the one you are protecting, will not be protected from the wrath of God. Instead of making sure there is food, medicines and other necessities for the citizenry you are busy with trash. Tell Peter to pack up and go asatizunze ife aMalawi chikhalirecho moyo wake wonse wakhala ali ku America. He just came to steal from us. Mathanyula is not a Malawian. The complaints of Malawians will never give him peace. He will soon meet his brother Daniel Phiri. Afa ndi maganizo uyu.

  70. Kachuma says:

    Tsopano mumawamangiranji ngati alibe milandu? Pitala achoka iwenso ntchito yatha

  71. Senior chief lukwa says:

    Kikiki kachama ungopusitsa pitala? Iwe ndi chitsiru cha munthu kwambiri

  72. Chamveka says:

    Koma iwe kachama uli ndi nzeru? Very stupid

  73. S Ligomeka says:

    Izi ndiye zitsiru za police. Kachama ndi mbatama

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