No charges of treason for MCP gurus, says Malawi Police IG Kachama

Inspector General of Malawi Police Service, Lexten Kachama has told a news conference that  there is no evidence to press treason charges against three Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials, contradicting police spokesman Nicholas Gondwa.

Police IG Kachama addressing reporters

Police IG Kachama addressing reporters

Police arrested MCP executive member Ulemu Msungama on Sunday, publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila on Monday and party legal director Peter Chakhwantha on Tuesday over a WhatsApp chat that purportedly talks about how President Peter Mutharika could be toppled.

Gondwa said the three were given sedition as “holding charges” and then pressed with treason after recording their statements as formal charges.

He said sedition and treason charges are “ interrelated.”

However, addressing a news conference in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Police IG said the cops  have not formally charged the three because there is no evidence for treason and that they were only taken “caution statements”.

Kachama,  however, said  the Police received a tip from well meaning citizen that a group of people were discussing and planning to over throw the government of  Mutharika.

“The Police then started investigating the matter, in the process of which an opinion was formed that the evidence pointed to an offence of treason and warrants of arrests of the suspects were obtained from the court,” said Kachama.

He stressed that  the police are still investigating to establish if the suspects have a case to answer.

The Police boss said the three MCP members were on picked for questioning about their involvement in the coup threat, not charged and released on bail.

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GVH Khombe

Hidden pin code from IG. I don’t believe on what he said to journalists.

medson manyamula

Zikavuta umathangila China chilichose chooneka ngati chingathandize,but at the end you make things worse

spoken Word

ine kudabwatu. Aaaaah WhatsApp yomweyi? Koma I think the evidence qas on more than this! Or should we say DPP ili ndi mantha eti?


Ulemu Msungama, Jessie Kabwila and Peter Chakwantha this is your pay day. God Almighty has seen you though. Claim your billions now, God wants you to help the needy. As soooon as you are compaseted help the people who are dying with hunger in all the regions of this country… Ulemu Msungama is supposed to be in Parliament as member of parliament koma boma kumubela ma vote mpaka kulolera kuotcha MEC office kufuna kubisa chilungamo aaaaaaaaa Shame!!!

Dazi La Ntaba Latsoka
Dazi La Ntaba Latsoka

Galu wako yemwe akamakutembenukira kukukanira kuthamangitsa manyama, udziwe kuti uzimba wakanika. Sizinachitikepo mmbiri yadziko la Malawi kuti apolisi abweze wanthu nkunena kuti anthuwo sanalakwe. Mulandu wakenso ukhala owukira boma.

Apa nchachidziwikire kuti a DPP mavuto wanu waja ozisiyira panjira afikanso. Kaya mufune olo musafune, a Ntaba, mpando wononawo muusiyiranso panjira monga zinaliri padzana paja.

After all they say kuti it happens in threes. For Mr Ntaba this will be third time unlucky: first with Dr Banda loosing elections and dying, then with Bingu’s sudden death and finally with Bwampini resigning next weekend!


Good job bwana I.G. You deserve the respect for that.That is how democracy should be. I like it.

wa noma

mmmm its not own for questioning up to the extend of spending nights in cell? mmmm smelling rotten rats


Naive and lacking critical thinking as is usual with us so called social media Malawians. Did Kachama tell you that the police have withdrawn the investigation? Did he tell you that the DPP(Kachale)has advised the police that there is no case. Think Think Think!

chemataka akwelume

hahaha. bola apa zoona tayamba kuzidzwa. kut mantha awavuta abwana. dziko sigalimoto ayi koma anthu. ngat walephera kuwasamalira anthu pa ndondomeko yoyenera sangakukonde. zakuwawa. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

vin mongu

Kachama this is good thinking but you are coming to the scene very late where were you when they were being arrested! However, this is good show and it is what we want you to be doing. So get this gondwa thing out of position because it is him who has been a source of confusion in the whole debacle. Kodi manjolo munamuchotsa to get this foolishness. Law enforcers are supposed to know the law they are trying to enforce. In modern countries head for IG, Spokesperson and Police Director of Prosecutions would roll!!

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