No evidence of corruption in Malawi ex-president Muluzi K1.1bn: ‘Prosecution should not amount to persecution’

Malawi  former president Bakili Muluzi did not obtain money mounting to more than K1.1 billion ($1.5 million) corruptly, former assistant director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Victor Banda, who is the state princial witness, told the High Court in Blantyre.

Muluzi: No evidence of corruption

Muluzi: No evidence of corruption

Muluzi, who governed Malawi from 994 to 2004,  and his former secretary, Lyness Whiskey, are accused of misappropriating money amounting to K1.7 billion ($2.4 million) .

But Banda, who also headed investigations of Muluzi case, testified that he had no credible evidence that Muluzi corruptly obtained during his reign.

Muluzi  deposited into his personal local bank accounts, mainly at National Bank Zomba Branch the money came from companies in Libya, Kingdom of Morocco, Belgium, United States of America (USA), South Africa, Rwanda and Taiwan—principal benefactor with about K689 million.

Malawi government suspected  Muluzi obtained the money corruptly and that he diverted donor funds.

But , the principal State witness also failed to substantiate corruption claims in the dealings of Muluzi’s personal bank accounts, saying the Taiwanese ambassador ruled out corruption on the money that was donated to Muluzi when he was interviewed by ACB.

Muluzi lawyers, Jai Banda and Tamanda Chokhotho,  have since asked Justice Maclean Kamwambe to order the prosecution team to review their charge sheet saying most of the counts against the former president have no evidence.

“The prosecution should  not  to amount persecution,” said Chokhotho.


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9 thoughts on “No evidence of corruption in Malawi ex-president Muluzi K1.1bn: ‘Prosecution should not amount to persecution’”

  1. HOPE says:

    BRAVO WINSTON,YOU ARE A REAL PATRIOT!!!! You have instilled in my brains the history I have been looking for: WHAT PROVOKED THE FAMOUS CABINET CRISIS OF 9TH SEPTEMBER,1964? Indeed,that was a turning point in the history of our country which has been suppressed by the successive libidinous and untutored leadership all these years.92 Percent of MAlawians are in darkness as what happened on that date 2 months after independence in the history of Africa.It disturbs me personally for good reason that overwhelming majorority including our children,their children and the future generations would miss this piece of vivid history through deliberate and jealousy calculations.Candidly,if the first Ministers had lasted a long time in the government,Malawi could have extremely excelled in building strong and viable economies for our country because they were intelligent and patriotic leaders which will take us another 50 years to have such leaders.The leaders we have today,are incompetent,unintelligent,thieves,corrupt,tribalists and unpatriotic.Once again,thank you Winston Msowoya,you are my hero for opening my ears and eyes.We still have brilliant people like you in Malawi,MAY GOD BLESS YOU TRUE SON OF AFRICA!!!

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    52 years ago,on 9th September,1964,2months after independence,the famous Cabinet crisis in the history of our country,broke out.Hastings Banda expelled 7 extremely intelligent Cabinet Ministers: Kanyama Chiume,Masauko Chipembere,Orton Chirwa Yatuta Chisiza,Augustine Bwanausi,Willy Chokani,Rose Chiwambo plus two patriotic MPs Thengo Maloya and George Kanyanya.The crisis plunged our nation into political and economic instability hitherto.Indeed,the crisis shocked not only Malawians but also newly progressive governments in Af rica such as Ghana,Tanzania,Uganda,Zambia to name a few.Internationally,progressive States like Canada,criticized Banda’s unwarranted and destructive decision and in Britain,the news was received with mixed perceptions in that Britain was directly involved because it sided with its puppet regime of Hastings Banda.The revolt against the puppet establishment,was a principled one and not inspired by power grabbing as Banda tried to convince his blindfolded quislings.Banda went on telling his supporters that Tumbukas were planning to kill him and take power.This was a malicious and misguided lie intended to divide and rule,yes it worked for a while.The major issues which precipitated the Cabinet Crisis,were,candidly speaking,1: The Ministers wanted the processes of Africanization of strategic positions be hastened.2: must not impose tiki medical fee to the people of Malawi engulfed in unprecedented poverty.3: The Ministers demanded that Banda halt fraternizing with brutal,oppressive and racist regimes of RHODESIA,SOUTH AFRCA,SOUTH WEST AFRCA(Namibia), ANGOLA and MOZAMBiQUE.4: Banda to stop implementing detention act without trial.5:Ministers wanted African Civil Servants treated equally with their counterparts Whites.For instance,when a White civil servant is transferred to another district or province,is provided with all the necessities of life like housing,transport and travel expenses while Africans were denied these privileges.6:The Ministers demanded Banda respected them as colleagues and not his house boys and to stop calling Malawian his PEOPLE.7: Banda stop arming brutal MYP instead improve the living conditions of our Police Force and Armed Forces and finally,the Ministers demanded Banda to stop dividing the people of Malawi on tribal lines.As we can see these issues,the Ex-Ministers were true and dedicated representatives of the masses of our people unlike Banda and his Tembos,Chakuambas,Muwalos,Chiwambos,Muluzis,Alekes the list is long.For those who did not know why the Ex-Ministers parted with Banda and risked their precious lives,these are part of the whole story that our children must learn and pass over to their children because a nation with fake history,is like someone building his house on sand without concrete foundation.We Malawians in diaspora,urge our brothers and sisters to remember this day (9th SEPTEMBER,1964) as the day of histical significance for us all.If our government can give minority Muslims a holiday,why not the overwhelming majority of our land who are directly affected by this scenario? Remember,you can destroy an effigy,but you can not expunge history.On this day,we Malawians in diaspora come together to share views affecting our homeland and sometime in future,if progressive governments come to effect,we shall celebrate this day and remember our heroes who laid down their dear life for common good.MAY GOD KEEP THEIR SOULS IN ETERNAL LIFE!!!!

  3. Mbava says:

    as long as the son is part of cabinet nothing will come out munthu anaba donor money for this country if this is the trend

  4. Winston Msowoya says:

    I strongly feel that I must lay down some of the causes of the conflicts: Banda had hopelessly turned into an imperialistic agent,despotic tendencies were prevalent,he controlled and shaffled his ministers as if they were his house boys,he introduced hospital fees when the people were engulfed in dire poverty,the Ministers criticized him for appointing a Portuguese by the name of J.jardim as a Malawi Ambassador in Lourenco Marques (Maputo),he refused to support African liberation movements,he was also accused of using South Africa’s intelligence apparatus BOSS,Mozambique’s PIDE and Rhodesia’s notorious intelligence,he introduced the notorious detention without trial act,he gave the barbaric MYP unprecedented powers of arrests and many more injustices.

  5. VYOTO says:


  6. Charombanthu says:

    We saw it coming…. Amounts dropping from K1.7 billion to K1.6 billion, then K1.1 billion and then Atupele on board the DPP cabinet, UDF switching the sitting arrangement in parliament blah, blah, blah. In God we trust. And He delivers justice as always. Ana a Mulungu sangakhale kulira nthawi yonse ya moyo wawo…

  7. john aluma says:

    i salute mr cheya …how i wish che bingu was in court too, to hear it for himself

  8. BlackImage says:

    All these years lero nkutiuza kuti mlandu ulibe umboni? Zikomo kwambiri

  9. Angel of Doom says:

    A corruption case in Malawi is only winnable with a confession.

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