‘No ifs, no buts’ MCP to bail out Malawi from economic woes

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has assured Malawians that the party through its president Lazarous Chakwera will bail out Malawians from the increasing poverty and widening gap between the super rich and the poor.

Chilonda: MCP will defeat rigging tactics

Chilonda: MCP will defeat rigging tactics

Chikago speaking at the MCP rally

Chikago speaking at the MCP rally

Mbumba za Chakwera at the rally

Mbumba za Chakwera at the rally

MCP Regional Chairman for the Centre, Patrick Chilondola speaking in Ntcheu when he addressed  a political rally in the area of traditional authority Ganya, said MCP would use democratic means to push ruling DPP out of power in 2019, urging Malawians not to lose hope and declaring that free and fair elections would one day have to happen.

Chilondola said MCP is concerned that poverty is worsening in Malawi and that citizens are currently going through difficult times following the devaluation of Malawi Kwacha and economic woes.

“MCP will not leave you alone, MCP remains the only beacon of hope for Malawians,” said Chilondola.

“MCP under the leadership of Chakwera will have a rescue plan for this country,” he added.

He said the DPP government, which came to power through controversial circumstances, have failed to “rig the economy.”

“Come 2019, MCP will form the next government and will bail out Malawians from the current hardships. Mo its and no buts,” Chilondola said.

MCP regional Secretary for the centre Dyson Kamphambe Nkhoma said MCP is the only party which has never involved itself in cashgate corruption scandal, saying DPP were the chief archictect of looting from the public purse and they are shielding thieves in government .

“You are aware that United Democratic Front(UDF) thieved K1.2 billion, and DPP cashgated K577Billion while People’s Party(PP) cashgated K24 billion. You can see here that its only MCP which has clean bill of record,” Said Nkhoma.

Nkhoma said “Malawians are suffering under this [Mutharika] leadership.”

Taking his turn MCP regional campaign director, Richard Chimwendo, also spoke at length on various topical issues.

Chilondola was accompanied by seven members of Parliament and senior party members including former diplomat Dr John Chikago.

Meanwhile, MCP district chairpersons from the Northern Region have backed Chakwera in the rift which some quarters in the party believe is being fuelled by party second deputy director (strategic planning) Felix Jumbe.

Jumbe has been implicated in the rift having described as illegal his demotion from campaign director to deputise Moses Khombe in strategic planning, but he denies spearheading it.

“We vehemently refute the blatant lie that was put on radio that we, district leaders in the Northern Region, do not want Chakwera as MCP president. We want to assure you that we are solidly behind the current party president. We want to assure you that our presidential candidates for 2019 are Dr Lazarus Chakwera and his vice-president Richard Msowoya,” said Nkhata Bay chairperson Manase Chiumia.

“Chakwera has taken out the party from doldrums and it is now picking up. Last year, the party produced two MPs in the North, a thing that was almost impossible previously. In last month’s Local Government by-elections, our councillor scooped Chibanja Ward in Mzuzu,” Chiumia said.

He urged Malawians, particularly the young generation, to muster patience and stamina for the long walk or even the long jog or the long trot to freedom in 2019, saying MCP will remove the rotten system.

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77 thoughts on “‘No ifs, no buts’ MCP to bail out Malawi from economic woes”

  1. burning says:

    Kkkkkk,waste of time ,lazalo in 2019 you wil go back to work for the good lord.you will be a good Prophet, heal people, forget about state house

  2. George Kamanga says:

    How many people have died under DPP leadership? In hospitals because there are no drugs it worrisome young and old have died before there time. You killed innocent souls on 20 July 2011 and later you declared that you butchered innocent souls. Bakili Muluzi sent innocent souls during his rule. If to compare during UDF & DPP rule more young & old have died because of your evil ways.

  3. mtonga says:

    ndi mcp yonkha imene ingadzalamulile bwino zinazi ndi mbava

  4. YAKI says:


  5. mtumbuka says:

    Iwe mcp zoti uzawine 2019 uyiwale lazaro Lazarus kuti kkkkk

  6. George Kamanga says:

    Eat and drink with dirty money which you steal but it is temporary. As long as God is on the Throne of Mercy you will see your disastrous end. Around the corner destruction is waiting you with evil cash.

  7. Okay? says:

    There were some ideots, like many here, who thought MCP could take over in 2014. I for one, vehemently schooled them that such thoughts were misplaced but they did’t listen. What was the outcome? Do not underrate DPP. Or do so on your own disgrace. None of us , DPP, will tell you where our secret lies. It’s not rigging but once again I won’t tell you. In 2019, the opposition, mainly MCP, will be heavily bruised and will cry out louder. If MCP had more of the Felix Jumbes, may be!

  8. Happy Eduardo says:

    MCP yokhayo nde ayi musandikumbutse ineee. Timkabwezedwa osalowa mumsika wa Limbe chifukwa cha khadi. Eeeeeh chipani chankhaza zedi.

  9. Okay says:

    I can agree with MCP sentiments if it is led by the likes of the Jumbes not awa abusawa. Ntchito zawo tidadzidziwa pa pulpit.

  10. Maggie Lucius says:

    Can MCP shut up for once and wait for 2019 to gauge themselves. Let’s see then if Malawians will want to be ruled by you otherwise we are tired of your stories.

  11. Telling the Truth says:

    Every Malawian, except DPP supporters, is seeing and knowing that under Peter Mutharika the economy is sinking. The Kwacha is now at K600 to 1 US Dollar from K400 in May 2014. Peter Mutharika is raising fees and charges without any consideration for poor Malawians and cost of living has dramatically gone up. He said he has solutions to the problems caused by cashgate-where are the solutions? We are now being subjected to the worst electricity blackouts since 1964.

  12. mulibwanji? says:

    Zivute zitani MCP will NEVER rule Malawi again. Chipani chokupha. Magazi ali mmanja tho!
    All the people joining MCP are disgruntled power hungry people.

    Next is UDF then PP then DPP again.

    Munya muona.

  13. Wren says:

    Zachamba eti. Mukuona ngati ndi nthawi ya campaign ino? Maloto a Chumba… Nde mwati MCP? 2019? hahahahaha Mtima suvala sanza.. Ndale zaku Malawi Zofuna kugwetsana basi instead of helping da govt buzy kumakamba zopusa..

    Mwandilira!.. bolanxo kuvotera AFORD

  14. chepetsani says:

    DO NOT COUNT CHICKEN BEFORE EGGS HATCH. MCP is going nowhere. Mark my words. You are waiting your time. Maybe another party will come out but not MCP. That is for sure. Go to archives and tell us the Mwanza file.

  15. Mulakho says:

    Tisiyanise MCP ndi DPP!! MCP chipani chakupha koma chachitukuko, DPP ikuPha koma chitukuko njee. Nosenu achabechabe mulungu akumuziwa atamuyike pamenepo 2019 simungalikwanise nose stima kuphweka akamayendesa pitala nose simungatenge boma people don’t trust u anymore.

  16. nankungwi says:

    HH I doubt it! you cant eveb work harmoniously in your party! how is it going to be if took Govt?

  17. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Rig the economy inu a DPP! I like that one. Kumangobera zisankho kuyiwala economy! Koma nyansi izinso. STUPID TRIBALISTS. Mumadana ndi ATUMBUKA pano mwayamba ACHEWA. Mwapalamula chitedze. Munya muonanso!

  18. Mmwana says:


  19. SALIMA BOYS says:

    By the power of the most High MCP idzatiombola.

  20. Alungwana says:

    I believe MCP will change things from this worse to the best

  21. Reach out ministries says:

    Bravo MCP!!! Nobody can stand today and claim to rig 2019 election. All the dpp rigging strategies are exposed

  22. Muhilima says:

    Its a pity to hear what MCP members are saying, for sure you cant rule this country Leader of opposition yes, you deserve. And one other thing you should bearer in mind is this is not a campaign period please MCP members lets join hands in order to develop this country for the betterment of the generation to come.

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      You are stupid! MCP cannot join hands with thieves. To hell with your stupid stinking murderous DPP. Chipani cha agalu. STUPID!!!

  23. mcp says:

    we love mcp ,leadership ,democracy policies, no segregation leadership.this is the only party which can help malawi. osati zinazi umbanda kupha jala blackout medicine-gate anthu akuti mwera ndiye anthu enafe ndiye kumangoti user ..

  24. mbex shana says:

    Mmm MCP blood suckers all of you can’t change Malawi to anywhere you wronged Malawians before your so called Tate died.Your gathering is a symbol of pure democracy which you denied people to practice before UDF forced you to accept it so don’t foul us.Although several parties have cheated us into exploitations we hope one day they will walk their talk not you killers remain out of the government till Jesus comes.I am wishing good to Hell you thugs of people from chewa heritage.

  25. Mr Dowa says:

    MCP ndi ulendo wa kusanjika 2019

  26. clement says:

    DPP can’t afford losing elections against mcp never. It’s good that you know rigging tactics so that you will not cry in 2019 that DPP rigged. DPP has got winning formula just wait. People are not suffering coz of DPP and it doesn’t need someone to tell just google what is go on in other countries economically. It’s only Britain, USA and very few countries not affected but the rest completely fucked up.

  27. Kapondo says:

    The people who turnished the image of MCP left it and joined the so called innocent parties. Look what is happening now. On top of the killing habits they have gone into heavy stealing fr Govt coffers. MCP has seasoned nature and patriotic politicians whose aim is to develop Malawwi. Akadakjakà anjala mpeza pano chipani hi chitatha kale.Over twenty years in opposition is nt a joke. Keep it up MCP. We are neshinxd you ngà nga nga.

  28. Becks says:

    Which party do you want to win 2019 elections? DPP? MCP?
    APM versus Chakwela. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Okonda kuba amavotera zimene tikuzionazi
    Nokha mukudziwa.

  29. George Kamanga says:

    DPP just ask Evil Justice Kenyatta Nyirenda & Evil Justice Maxon Mbendera to assist you in rigging the economy the way they assisted you in getting into power.

  30. Peter says:

    Interesting when others are approving the DPP public service reforms….Malawi at 50 years…good at thinking that when you are in opposition you can do better.

  31. Abambo says:

    Has Dr Chikago forgotten what MCP did to his uncle Dick Matenje?

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

      Koma ndipo eeee. Mpaka kuiwala za kuphedwa kwa ambwiyache?

  32. Kaboola DZ says:

    Do it now so that when 2019 come we will recall and vote for you

  33. Wisdom of Karonga says:

    Even if MCP can be labelled “Chipani cha Kupha”, I think DPP is the worst party in terms of reduction of poverty level,regionalism or tribalism,and promotion of unity;and the party ranks second from MCP in hindering freedom of expression. Afterall, MCP’s actions were in a one-party system.

    Thus, claims by some DPP supporters that MCP is the worst party in Malawi’s history of existence are an overstatement and misleading.DPP is a party of silent killers and arrogant maniacs.Recent killings of Njaunje,Chasowa,and demonstrators are a testimony to the party’s undemocratic attitude and a mercenarian ideology.

  34. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Do we have any credible political party in Malawi? The Most Cruel Party now wants us to believe they can save us? The Undemocratic Demented Fools, the Death Propagating Party, and the Poor Peasants all said the same thing before they occupied Capital Hill. And all these came after you, the Most Cruel Party, had been kicked out because you were more interested in sending people to their graves than governing. Look, you are already fighting for positions when you are still in opposition, what will happen when you come into power? And….mbumba ya Chakwera yavala nsalu ya Kamuzu? I see here serious lack of confidence. Kaya, zanu izo, koma musatinamize apa, nonse ndi chimodzi-modzi palibe wabwino apa.

  35. maganizo wa maganizo says:


  36. Maximum Prison says:

    Paja anamangidwa uja wa MCP nkhani ya Cashgate ndi ndani? Paja anapasidwa ndalama za cashgate kupangira Campaign ndi ndani?


    I’ve always thought that 2014 offered the best chance for a Northerner or a Centraller to win the presidency. First off, Malawians vote on regional/tribal lines and second, the South had 3 very strong contenders; but, as we now know, DPP had its unconventional ways and won it.
    MCP, please stop day-dreaming. Malawi is a long lost cause; and, in 2019, DPP(APM or AAM or SKC) will still win the presidency by application of even newer methods.
    I, for one, would welcome a 2019 MCP loss because, then, the party will join us as we seek to end the currently failing unitary system.
    Malawians ought to be ashamed of themselves for putting their tribes ahead of the greater national good. Basi ma president azingochokera ku South? Kwenikweni ndipange advise anthu kuti atavoterako mTumbuka ndiye ndapalamula. What’s wrong with us?

  38. Pharula says:

    Please MCP this strategy will not take you any where. Go back to your drawing board. How clean are you on cashgate? If you don’t know we know you in out.

  39. bernard says:

    take it from me,come 2019 MCP will take over

  40. Tingo says:

    A clean party MCP ? think well before u post your comment MCP did many bad things that Malawians will never forget people who were productive were killed some run away, don’t play smart games as we don’t were we are coming from

  41. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Malawi Crocodile Party wil neva rule Nyasaland again! # feels gud to be back in love!

  42. Chopwichopwi says:

    Kkkkk akuti kunali anthu ochepa.. ndiye choncho mungawine bwanji ?

  43. Zanako says:

    Inu a MCP mwaoneseratu kuti zithu zizaipa kuposa pa zana paja.mwayamba kale kunena azilongo , azilamu akazi anthuwa mbumba za chakwera basis mutizunzenso monga dzana lija anthu azizagulura matayala a ma lole awo kuopa munyamulira mbumba za chakwera kupita Ku misokhano .azibambo azikamangidwa pokana kuti akazi awo akamuvinire chakwera ? Muufuna muphe zipani zones muzasale nokha.and musiye zomapanga accuse DPP kuti inabera I believe you pipo are sick where were you ? You honestly believe a party in opposition can truly rig election? Amatisekatu anthu akamamva one of our party ikunena zopusazi .inu a MCP mukazawina titakuvotera anthu adzanene kuti you have rigged ? Plz tell us what you shall do and stop telling us things that we know are not true

  44. Verily, verily I say to you all MCP die-hards: Chakwera wont be the president of this country come rain or sunshine because he has cheated God big time. Chakwera vowed he would be president of the flock, but now he has loved money but God is not pleased with Chakwera. Chakwera, repent and come back to God. See where you have lost your first`love, Chakwera, return and repent!

  45. Mchokocho says:

    MCP ndi dhilu. Mbava zalerozi kaya chauta azichotsa liti?

  46. ras says:

    Mabodza awa Malawi will develop when its people start working not koma ife awo ayi

  47. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Chipani kusokosa koma sichinalowe M’boma…nde chikalowa?Mukuti a malawi akuvutika inu muli ndi njira zoti amalawi asavutike ndiye tidikire 2019 nzeru zanuzo…anthu adzakhala alipo …mbuzi za anthu inu….. DPP yomweyo basi zinthu zikhala bwino.Atsogoleri opanda chikhulupiliro koma a busa …kapena a busa a Mbuzi asaaaa

  48. No to nyau party says:

    I will only vote for MCP only if Chakwera distances himself from the Nyau nonsense. The youth league that used to beat people now don Nyau regalia and torture people including school kids. Chakwera is in the opposition but his NYau are victimizing people from all walks of life. If he is voted into power Nyau (youth league) will be obsessed with power and they will start killing people. BIG NO TO MCP

  49. kharupa says:

    umenewo nde usiru. za 2019 zakalekale, lazaro if u are a man enough turn around the economy now. fotseki umaona ngati kuyendesa boma ndi kuphika mandasi ngati mlongo wako jb. u think one can turn around the Malawi economy just overnight. u are a big fool. fotsekiiiii

  50. Change says:

    I only have the hope in UDF. Full stop.

  51. Willie Chimseu says:

    Chipani cha bambo wanga ichi nkhani yake ndiyomweyi basi mpaka kale.

  52. Mwapheranjiru says:

    Inu a MCP, ndiye apa mukuonetsa umbuli weni-weni zedi. A PP adachepetsa mphamvu ya kwacha kwambiri kufuna kutamika ndi maiko a kunja, osadziwa kuti akuononga chuma cha Malawi. Nanga ukadolo wanu wa nkhani za chuma uli pati? Musaiwale, dziko la Malawi ndi losauka kuyambira kale, ndipo kugwetsa mphamvu ya kwacha mwadala chinali chibwana, komanso umbuli. Ndi chifukwa chake Kamuzu ankakana kwa mutu wa galu kuchepetsa mphamvu ya kwacha, afutse baba Tembo mwina inu kunalibeko. Komanso Bingu amakana kuchepetsa mphamvu ya kwacha pofununa kutetedza chuma cha Malawi. Musawanamidze anthu apa ai. Joyse Banda akadapita ku sukulu sakadalola kugwetsa mphamvu ya kwacha ai.

  53. petulo dzimphuno ngati mauna a mbewa says:

    haaa haaa haaa DPP DPP chipani choba mavoti lero chakanika kubera economy koma ndiye ayiwawanya economy. anthu awa alibe clue whatsoever of running this government. Sadziwa kaanthu kuyambila pulezidenti wawo mbuzi chief secretary mbutuma ma PS ndiye kananji mbulimbuli kumangokwezana chifukwa choti mmathandizila kubera mavoti. tiyeni nazoni Mulungu wakufulatilani. A patricia kaliati nkumati muli ndi minister kunena a kaliati. kodi ndiponso munthu uu patriciayu mpaka zaka 20 ali MP suja ankanena atembo nanga iye suuyu yekhayekha kumangotambila constituency mpaka kukanyamula amuna ake ali tiyeni tikadyere a Malawi ndi wophweka. A Malawi kupusa anthu awa angotidyera pamutu ngakuba heavy.

  54. Livulezi Khandu says:

    Chinthu chimene chingalake bakha nkhuku singatole !!! a MCP musayese kuti kuyendetsa boma ndi masewera mwamva !!? Kodi inuyo ndarama zoyendetsera boma nde muzazitenga potani ?? Kutsutsatu nkophweka kusiyana ndi kuyendetsa boma mwamva !!! musamazinamize inu simungapange any miracle ana mwachepa !!

  55. mwiithotho says:

    Utsiru wa kongeles mukuonetsa kuti your whole life will just be a war among yourselves

  56. mdk says:

    Words are easy to say,the question is how?because if you think just changing the governing party then all the problems will go then you are being deluded

  57. mphatso says:

    ati ndi MCP yokha yomwe sidakhudzidwe ndi cashgate hahahahaha iyo koma killgate.chipani chokupha ichi ……

  58. MAIDYAIDYA says:


  59. Tchutchutchu says:

    Sindizaiwala zomwe Malawi Crocodile Party(MCP) imachitira a Malawi,opanda makadi, samaloledwa kulowa mumsika,kukwera basi, kulowa nkalasi kusukulu,onse opanda makadi pa mudzi timathawira ku mtsinje kukabisala kufikira madzulo, akakugwira umamenyedwa koopsa, kuti akusiye ugule kaye kadi lawolo, timasonkha ndalama zogulira ng’ombe zokapeleka kwa president,,ng’ona ndiye zadya anthu ochuluka zedi omwe a MCP amazipasa monga zakudya,ifika nthawi muzatipasa chipukuta misonzi.

  60. Pat says:

    Osawonetsa chigulu cha anthu omwe analiko bwanji? Kkkkkkk. Komanso mwayiwala kutiuza how you will bail Malawi out????

  61. Blantyre says:

    Owerenga akwelenge . Chakwela has failed . How can he impose himself as a presidential candidate for 2019 ? Let convention decide . If it were not for Democratic process in mcp chakwela wouldnt be a president of it. Stop frustrating people from other Districts and Regions .

  62. tsetsefly says:

    Now we hear some lunatic has planned to take with him an entourage of 80 people to US for the UN summit. What kind of madness is this? Included in this tourism list are some idiots who have not gone in class and they say they want to negotiate business deals. This is nonsensical. H.E. should know that a foolish leader is the one who want to please everyone. It never works, it leave the leader more confused. I doubt very much if the rich countries (the German and the UKs of this world) would even send 20 people to UN. What is damn wrong with Malawi? What we do and our status do not match at all. Think again Mr President.

  63. ngongoliwa says:

    When you are loading off nonsense in gulewamkulu region, it doesnt pain me at all. MCP can not rise again. It has natural everlasting death.

  64. Babalu says:

    Ngati gulewamkulu akuthyapula wana a sukulu lero kuli bwanji MCP ikadzalowa mboma??? Ine Za nyauzo nde yayi DPP kuti wawawawa


    The moment DPP will be in govt Malawi will continue suffering even they may win in 2019 stilll more more Malawian will continue suffering due lack Gonernance komanso they chased British ambassador ————-Mark my words

  66. anale says:

    Dpp has failed indeed.

  67. semani says:

    We are clean we are clean who told you that you’re clean , we will never ever give a chance again.

  68. Mpoto yili dere kuwonjezera mavoti ambirimbiri kuzasiyana ndi zaka zammbuyomu . A neighbour nthawi ndi yanu 2019. MCP MCP MCP basi

  69. Zanga Phee! says:

    The issue of letting prostitutes from party to party is what we have tired of, we need new blood in this country why Gwengwe back to MCP let him suffer for his PP.He can also go for farming he was telling lies about farmers now he is free he can go to his farm if he has and show us.We need guys like lower states retiring from active politics to Farming and cleat jobs for locals not polygamy politics,we are sick and tired of people like gwengwe and his friends it means they got nothing to do yeah shame with Malawi young politicians.See my name.

  70. Nyachikadzi says:

    He he he, a Chikago ndi anthu oti nkulamula dziko? Tiyeni nazoni. Tapitani pa Chipata pomwepa muone mabvuto a zachuma Zambia Kwacha from 5.44 2 year’s ago pano ali pa 10.5 as of 2 weeks ago. Fuel from K5.6 to K9.89 within 2 months.
    The guy who can help you is Jumbe but you have marginalised him. Vision less party.

  71. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    mukunamizanatu agalu inu mukalowa mboma lake liti? munya muona mcp opposition for ever……mufune musafune dpp chipani cha muyaya…..mufuna mubweresnso makadi muno,,muphenso anthu a gadama omweo anakwana

  72. Wandale odzasaukanso says:

    Iyi ndi ndale. Mabvuto azachuma m’malawi sangathe chifukwa choti MCP yalowa m’boma ayi. Koma mene zinthu zake zikuonekera M.C.P ili m’mwayi waukulu mu 2019. Limbikani ndithu a MCP. Musabwerere mbuyo ayi.

  73. thinktankmalawi says:

    There are no rigging tactics….just stop being a regional party for the centre…and be inclusive….you continue with this nonsense of populating your NEC with central region faces..forget winning in 2019…

  74. Mchikumbe Nthesa says:

    This issue of endorsing leaders now raises eyebrows. MCP leaders should tread carefully on this. This is how leaders are cheated. What has lead to committees start endorsements now? Something somewhere is wrong. There is something these regional and district committees are hiding. All is not well.

  75. jack says:

    Tiyeni nazoni. Ife tili nga nga nga pambuyo panu.

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