No more petty fights with Malawi players, Chinuda assures after Chiumia grilling

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) president Rosy Chinunda has assured that time of acrimony and petty fights with players is over.

Chiumia: Blasted NAM

Chiumia: Blasted NAM

Rose Chinunda:  No more petty fights

Rose Chinunda: No more petty fights

Jovial Malawi Queesn players

Jovial Malawi Queesn players

Chinunda made the assurance after Malawi Sports Minister Grace Chiumia grilled NAM over their bossy behaviour towards players and advised them to put their house in order for the betterment of the game in the country.

Speaking on Tuesday during a luncheon, which was organized by Airtel Malawi to welcome the Queens, which took place at Ufulu Gardens in Lilongwe, the Sports Minister warned NAM to stop getting into personal fights with players,,

She cited an example of Mwawi Kumwenda versus NAM saga, which erupted before the team left for Australia to take part in the just ended World Cup Tournament.

“I advised you to treat players like your children and avoid confrontation, especially in the media. It is demoralizing to the players and this also dilutes the respect people have for NAM,” Chiumia said.

Chiumia cautioned that getting into personal fights will players is “shameful and not good for the development of the sport,”

But NAM president Chinunda said it’s now time for cease fire and assured that they will be sorting issues like a family.

She also said NAM will no longer interfere with the work of the technical panel like what they did by imposing some players to coach Peace Chawinga Kaluwa on the list of players who went to World Cup.

The Queens finished sixth slot at the World Cup behind the likes of South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and England just to mention a few.

However, the team produced an electric performance during the tournament and no wonder their goal shooter Mwawi Kumwenda was selected player of the tournament.

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24 thoughts on “No more petty fights with Malawi players, Chinuda assures after Chiumia grilling”

  1. mtandire says:

    This Chinunda lady is good at jokes……..despite that performance during the world cup we have descended to position 6 from 5. This is a wake up call that something isn’t fine..we need to fine tune the queens, starting with the administration. We have tried to change the coaches, the administration should follow suit…

  2. dayfri says:

    Madam minister we dont negotiate with terrosist these NAM administrators should go…..sanasinthe amenewa ndi azimayi ansanje yoyipa kwabasi. How could they fail to send the coach to attend a very cheap coaching course lying that they dint know anything of the training…..ok after knowing about it why did they not consult other stakeholders like airtel so that the coach could have been assisted.

  3. AFANA OPUMA says:

    Actually it is high time we closely looked at NAM. Being a women’s sport does not mean the Chinundas should do their nonsense always.
    What we need is to explore the idea of men running the Netball Association. It can be done and it can run efficiently. Why should we always be hearing about Chinunda and her fights with the players and leagues?
    Next AGM am standing for the position of NAM President. The Tigresses will sponsor and nominate me. Other Netball Associations in the world have male administrators and it works. These Chinundas will ruin our sport in Malawi and they do not bring anything new anyway. All they know and wait for is the next trip so that they lead the delegation. My foot!!!!!!!
    Where in the world have you seen an Association imposing on a coach players who should form a team? Were you as NAM training the girls to know who to select? Such foolishness should not be allowed and it should have led to automatic sacking of the Association Executive.

  4. Myao says:


  5. @wordsmith says:

    A well deserved heroic welcome to our ladies. Mwawi kumwenda ain’t just a match, she is on her own lane killing it and with the age she got i hope she will be disciplined enough to play so long. Otherwise it’s Bravo to all the ladies

  6. Nyamakumutu says:

    Welcome Sindi mahope you did a great job. Thanks Mwai and the Team for working had. Next time give them good support to train hard in abroad like UK or News Land camping there for a month. I tell you we shall the cup. The flames will not get us anywhere but they can bring a cup home if we can give them much support.

  7. smith says:

    Bad precedence set by unprofessional jealousy disgusting administrators who can not raise beyond women petty fights to embrace the national call. As much as they say no more fighting, I better have them out of the administration. An I wonder where the minister was all this time. Don’t wink at rotting situations and only act as though you were in a slumber. Eish act to preserve or advance the better promising.

  8. peter muthanyula says:

    Komatu ka Lauren Ngwira ndikamtsikana kokongola. Ali ndi phone yake andithandize please chonde. Kamanditenga mtima koopsya kamwana kameneka. I follow the Queens coz of her

  9. Phantom Enchanter says:

    Had it been football, Mwai Kumwenda would definitely be the “World Player of the Year”………don’t knw if they have that in Netball………

  10. mbonjy says:

    Thts the way to go honourable minister I have long anticipated for this..

  11. Edwin Mwalwen says:

    Bravo, Minister!

  12. The fight is not over Chinunda and his group of NAM should go so that other people should learn a lesson from them they took things as if are personal things forgetting that those are national duties acoke basi we don’t need their service they are cofuesionist shame to NAM . Mwai the best player in the world who are they?

  13. Complex says:

    When are the NAM general elections? Vote the president out and replace her with somebody passionate about the sport and welfare of all players.

  14. Dr Mbewe says:

    I am very proud of you the Queens. I agree there should not be pretty jealousies. Look at ourvMwai Kumwenda some jealous NAM pipo wanted to frustrate her, look how she put Malawi on the map. Let us respect our players

  15. Tengupenya says:

    One side of the story is NAM. On the other side of the story are the team members. If it gets down to individual fights, it simply needs disciplinary action against the involved individuals from both sides of the fight, using set rules and procedures. It is always like teacher against pupil or director against actor. The performers can redeem themselves before the audience (by a scintillating or mersmerizing performance), the officials cannot (as the judging public does not have a direct sight of team achievement visa a vis the officials’ work). It takes tactful management of the situation by the officials to solve the matter as well as have the team’s exploits untainted. Aspirations for Good results forces compromises, but that havs never been a lasting solution anywhere in any sport. So back to basics, respect rules and procedures and remember that both sides to a fight probably have a contribution to sustaining the fight or solving the contentious issue. You can always discuss the fight and solve it in camera. Fight by all means, but do so within the rules and regulations and within the four walls of your house.

  16. kwake nkuluma says:

    Could Smbody Tell Getrude To Be Fashion Conscious? Her Dressing Surely Sucks.

  17. opportunist says:

    Just fire Chinunda she doesn’t love our country /team

  18. mwana mulopwana says:

    Grace Obama Chiumia, ma Hope anga , you are too cute#not just saying#

  19. Thief Nkhongoigwa says:

    Mwai Kumwenda will you marry me?

  20. Tili Chenene says:

    So that was “petty” issue that nearly destroyed our Netball Team?

  21. myao says:

    We can only believe that if you Chinunda resign or better still re contest for your post, u know the result, accepting ur ill decisions after milk is spilt is nonsense wamva, msonkho umawawa. Theres nothing that the queens have achieved by going and coming back at position 6 all bcoz of you, kudabwa ena akuti theyve done better really? In a years time Uganda will take over queens position if current NAM admin is still in place, will be worse than flames.

  22. MaiMai says:

    Osangomuchotsa uyu Chinunda bwanji? Chinkhope chaufiti you can’t see? Xan this lady change? No way….get rid of such stupid individuals from sports after all has she ever played netball this one? NAM is not DPP where you just load failures like Kaliati, Chaponda , Badall Gondwe as ministers? ???

  23. Patrick Uka says:

    I fail to believe NAMs assurance coz whatever happened was obvious. The queens are too big for NAM. NAM have failed us so far. We need better caliber people to run our God gifted sport.

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