‘No political ambition’ Prophet Bushiri won’t stand for Malawi presidency

The famous South Africa-based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri has again stressed that he has no appetite to pursue any political aspirations.

Bushiri: I 'm only interested being a servant of God

Bushiri: I ‘m only interested being a servant of God

Bushiri, currently on prophetic visit to Malawi, made it clear in northern city of Mzuzu that he has no political ambitions downplaying rumours that he may seek presidential office.

“I have no political ambitions whatsoever. My ambitions are all about being a servant of God,” said Prophet Bushiri has millions of online followers.

The Christian preacher, who has one million followers on Facebook, is part of the Enlightened Christian Gathering.

He also has his own messanger platform like Whatsapp called Bushiri Buzz.

Bushiri brought Mzuzu city to a stand still when residents learned he was in town with his  posh five-car convoy.

The preacher said he is facing politically inspired persecution because some sections suspect he is  seeking a political office like the presidency.

“Jesus was killed beacise Herod was afraid, he thought that he wanted to be king all because  of the crowd-pulling and impact of his [Jesus’s] presence.

“So it is not quite strange for me because it is in the Bible. People always link influence with politics,” said the ‘Major 1’ ECG leader.

He said Malawians should get rid of “the spirit of jealousy” if the nation is to develop.

“We should learn to support each other,” he said.

The prophet’s public relations consultant Kelvin Sulungwe also told Nyasa Times that Bushiri candidly declared that he is content with his position as church leader , entrepreneurship and does not harbour any ambitions for political office.

Bushiri said his recent visit in Malawi is to preach in rural areas.

He has been to Blantyre, Ntcheu, Mponlea and Madisi, Mzuzu, Euthini and will end his tour in lakeshore district of Nkhatabay.

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30 thoughts on “‘No political ambition’ Prophet Bushiri won’t stand for Malawi presidency”

  1. umziya says:

    Even if you wanted to join politics and stand for Presidency is there any problem? You are a Malawian citizen and very free to associate anywhere including in politics. After all anthu akuzunzika pa Malawi you are free to compete.

  2. jacob ndhlazi says:

    that is good news

  3. novirikana says:

    young man, come take over this country,

  4. Thinktank says:

    We are tired of the “do my prophet no harm” thing.God has given us the spirit of discernment. ..to judge the fruits of anyone who claims to be called by God(as opposed to the devil)..Anything short of preaching repentance,forgiveness of sins…but dwelling much on so called prophecies/instant miracles. ..IS NOT TRUE GOSPEL…it’s called a cult. ..it’s followers are brainwashed. ..and think a mere man has a solution to their problems.A true man of God should point people to Christ. .and does not talk any glory. ..Apostle Paul said”follow me as i follow christ”…

  5. Boba says:

    I like his style cool man…all commentators are sanje just because he is the richest and youngest Malawian i salute him!!!!

  6. Man of God my behind, he is not man of God rather man of gods

  7. Mmalawi says:

    Likening himself to Jesus ..mmm okay !!!?

  8. Sowazi says:

    We in Malawi Crocodile Party believe if he comes he can save the face of the old pastor1

  9. Sam Matchaya says:

    Give him a few years and you will see him in politics. Nothing wrong with that. He has the right. But he should not lie that he will never seek political ambition. Look at Chakwera.

  10. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

    Who gives a rats ass!

  11. KUKHALA says:


  12. santana says:

    What is a red carpet to a man of God? What does this show? A humble man? And he says he is not ambitious with political seats? We know you are a showy man but unfortunately you can not do showbiz while on the prophetic seat. But we can observe from your tone during ceremonies and the red carpet you use that you are just a showy man. What does the word ”major” mean? It is all showy. The most showy and respected but not spiritual seats are those of the presidency. Since you Bushiri being a showy man you can not avoid jumping to politics inorder to make use of your showy antics. You need the presidency but you know you can not make it because there are clever people in politics that you can not fool as you do with your faithfuls who are being cheated in the name of Jesus.

  13. Chidempete says:

    His friend has been sentenced to 13 years as a criminal. Why cant he use his super powers to serve him?. If he becomes a National leader how many criminals will surround him?

  14. Melisa says:

    The media is creating stories that Bushiri wants to stand for elections.

  15. be humane says:

    even if he can stand for presidency who can vote for him? Popularity does not mean ability to rule a NAtion. What qualities does Bushiri have to rule a country? Mpititseni ku MCP akayesere kaye kuyendetsa chipani chija tiwone ngati angakwanitse. Even u District governor Bushiri sangakwanitse. Pepani nonse okonda Bushiri sindinanyeze u prophet wake apa as your man of God. I have only touched on his administrative inability

  16. anyamata mwausosola ulusitu apa asaaaaa!!!1

  17. Mchewa - wo says:

    Mwayesa ndale ndi ulaliki….Politics is not for Sisi’s or the faint hearted


    Only fools follow False Prophets. The devil is only using them, be careful! If you want to hear the true word of God listen to Dr. Myles Munroe and Dr. Mensa Otabil teachings. Do not waste your time with these magicians the likes of Bushiri, TB Joshua and many others especially Nigerians who believe in charms. These magicians are good at witchcraft messages and teachings and witchcraft deliverance. We have billionaires like Bill Gate who you can easily follow how he became rich. You can hardly follow how the like of Bushiri, TB Joshua and other false prophets became billionaires.

    1. chunies says:

      Be civilised man! How do you know they use charms? zinazitu mukamaona matsoka musamadabwe. Let God be the best judge. Kukonda dzakunja a Malawi not your own prophets. You are a satanists i guess. But darkness cant beat light.

    2. Fear? says:

      But one of my friends had no child until they were 40 – the wife had no womb for medical reasons. Now they have a child. You mean this is magic? The child is now 6 years old after being prayed for by TB Joshua. You mean this child is born out of magic?

      1. Dan says:

        My sister had no child for 10 years, he went to a witch-doctor with her husband and they started producing children. Miracles can be done by anyone, false prophets, true prophets, Man of God, Magicians, witch-doctors etc, according to the Bible. Miracles should never be used as a measure that one is a a true prophet or a Man of God. If you have the Holy spirit you can easily understand these things. It is a matter of light and darkness.

    3. daniel theu says:

      You say your name is God fearing person? Your comment is based on demonic knowledge. First, you lied to us just like the devil himself that you are God fearing person. Secondly, if you know that you can not talk anything or comment anything, better stay and read than attack prophets of God. It is written ” Do my prophets no harm”

  19. Bikoko says:

    But even though had it been that you want to contest, who could have vote for him? you think to be successful in cheating church members is the same as to convince people to vote for you?

  20. Thinktank says:

    Of course he can’t. ….not qualified to be president of Malawi. Who can vote for him..with his bad record in Malawi. Small manufactured fame is no passport to seek highest office in Malawi.zipangani zanu ku Joni konko.

    1. chiphwisi ntibule says:

      u gat that just right buddy-on point indeed is ” small manufactured fame”.

      1. mankanie says:

        All is big with God and thats what he is doing. did he tell you that he wants to become president or you just create stories?

      2. Moses Makoko says:

        Bwana, mwati dzina lanu ndi ndani?

    2. mankanie says:

      Why did u vote for Muluzi? Leave him alone please.

    3. daniel theu says:

      Dziwani tate kuti mukulakwa kwakukulu kunyoza munthu wa Mulungu chonchi. Munthuyi simumudziwa, chomwe achita, simuzidziwa chifukwa mumamumvetsetsa mu thupi. Ndikuti komwe amati president adzikhala kaye munthu wonenepa kapena prophet akhale munthu wonenepa? Inuyo ndinu wonenepa? Zomwe ali nazo ndi ndani ku Malawi ali nazo? Ndani adakuuzani kuti akufuna u president? Kodi Abusa, shehe, anu mumawalemekeza kapena ayi? Nsanje ndi chinthu choyipa kwambiri. Chimakuwawani ndi chiyani kuti mudzinyoza anthu a Mulungu chonchi? Anakulakwirani chiyani?Amene mukuanyoza apawa simungafanane nawo olo pang’ono ngakhale zitavuta maka. Mmalo moti inuso mudzipemphera Mulungu akudalitseni ndi chuma, oyo wabwino, thanzi mukulimbana ndi ake a Mulungu. Bwino nazo anzanga zimenezi. Ndikukupemphani kuti mulape chifukwa mukulakwira Mulungu. Kodi nkhani ya Prophet Elisha ija mumayidziwa?Werengani bible lanu. Ndikubwerezaso chonde, chonde musanyoze ake a Mulungu aneneli.

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