No such thing as K92bn cashgate, Malawi Justice Minister tells Parley

Malawi’s Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Samuel Tembenu, on Friday told parliament that there is “no really such thing as K92 billion cashgate”; backing Auditor General (AG) Stephenson Kamphasa that it was merely an “audit query”.

The AG explained that the K92 billion Cashgate “ remains an audit query requiring further investigation in order to substantiate the transactions validity.”

As part of the Bingu wa Mutharika-era Cashgate, the National Audit Office (NAO) named 54 firms that received about K6.3 billion in suspicious payments from the Malawi Police Service (MPS).

Tembenu:  There is no K92 billion cashgate

Tembenu: There is no K92 billion cashgate

Some of the notable transactions whose value for money NAO could not ascertain include 17 payments to an electrical firm amounting to K1.8 billion; nine payments to another company worth about K1.2 billion; two payments of K150 million to a security equipment supplier; six payments of K123 million to a pharmaceutical firm belonging to a well-known Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sympathiser and financier.

An analysis of the company names shows that most of the firms appearing in the Mutharika-era audit report are also featuring in the Cashgate investigations conducted since September last year.

Presenting a ministerial statement on the Baker Tilly forensic audit final report, told parliament that “here was ample opportunity for the previous government to do something -on the K92 billion audit query – yet nothing was done.”

He said President Peter Mutharika directed after winning May 20 elections that the audit be completed and appointed a ministerial committee chaired by Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe.

The Justice Minister said the committee have had meeting and discussion with Auditor General and government encouraged NAO to engage private auditing firms.

“Treasury will make funds available to the Auditor General to complete the audit,” said Tembenu

He appealed to members of parliament to “refrain from politicising these issues and allow experts to do their work without unnecessary political pressure.”

Tembenu assured that government “will not interfere with that audit investigations.”

Malawi Parliament’s Budget and Finance Committee chairperson Alekeni Wodala Menyani  when presented a report to Parliament on Tuesday September 30 on its review and analysis of the previous committee’s investigations into Cashgate, said after further scrutiny, the interim report found that the actual amount lost was K87 985 808 616.82 and not K92 billion.

Menyani further said that some departments were not audited during the exercise which was abandoned in the middle.

Among the ministries and departments that were not audited include Office of President and Cabinet, National Assembly, Office of Vice President, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Department of Human Resources and Development and Ministry of Transport and Public Works.

He said the committee has resolved to summon both the Accountant General and Chief Secretary to Government to get updates and progress reports on the actions taken against the culprits in the misappropriation.



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62 thoughts on “No such thing as K92bn cashgate, Malawi Justice Minister tells Parley”

  1. A Dpp ndinu okuba,even mukane koma tsikulina muzagwidwa,osakhala ngat JB bwanji,anachita kuvomeleza kut muulamuliro wake 13b inabedwa,nde inu mukubisa kut mupitilize kubako,shame on you.

  2. A Dpp ndinu okuba,even mukane koma tsikulina muzagwidwa,osakhala ngat JB bwanji,anachita kuvomeleza kut muulamuliro wake 13b inabedwa,nde inu mukubisa kut mupitilize kubako,shame on you

  3. Naganza says:

    Who are the Cash Gates and where do they come from? My dear friends Malawians. Cash Gators are the same people. They come from same root. They are people who has been in all three parties only change names of the party whenever someone forms his/her party for some reasons. They have been stealing from poor Malawians since 1994 when multiparty started. Maybe democracy is not good for Africans/Malawians. Look how it has made the nation poor. Freedom is not good for some people. If PP or JB go to jail then many will follow even the UDF, DDP, because so many looters come from these parties. If one look at how these people have build their Bakili Malawi and Malawians are suffering to day and having these old Muntharikas. A nation ruled by old Machonas who want to chop poor people,s money and the same family. A nation which never grow despite having educated people. It is educated people who are the thieves in this country. Look at judges. No one will get punished for stealing. because all of them are in Cash Gate in one another or not. Peter himself is in Cash Gate. I could not believe it when they announced that he won. I can not trust Malawians. The are all thieves. I wish this beautiful nation was ruled by young intelligent men and women rather than old machonas without any dream of future except to be rich themselves and their children. If there is a country which is a laughter, Malawi is one. They used to laugh at Malawi during Kamuzu Banda but to day they appreciate him for his smart and intelligent. He built good standard of education, good healthy, Good security. All these were killed by ignorant Muluzi followed by his corrupted Muntharika and go on. This man Peter will steal more than his brother. and Malawians will never know or see. How he has all his Bank Accounts in US and all money will be transferred there. Malawians you have a big problem. You made a mistake take it. Why donors have stopped giving the new president the 40%? Because they are afraid that they tax payers money will go the same way it went with his brother. But Malawi you made him a president. You paralyzed the nation. How long is this budget will last? We will see. It is 5 years with an old man.

  4. Hazrat Pillane says:

    Try visiting DPP meetings and tell me if you see a car less than 2million, and look at the status of the person owning such a car. It really sucks.

  5. Alungwana says:

    Tembenu, do you know the purpose of auditing? Mbuzi ngati inu needs to be audited and monitored too

  6. Wamandasi says:

    Don’t spend MK50b on the commission to collect MK13b. Make sure culprits pay back the cash with interest. No prison sentence which will incur Malawi government more expenses.

    advocate community service. For instance if Joyce is found guilty, she loses former president privileges, she pays back the money with interest and then she sweeps Sanjika Road 4 hours a day for 6 months. She travels on her own expenses.

  7. mona says:

    Haha haha audit quarry 92 billion Abale sindinaoneko ine. Iwe tembeni 92 billion cashgate ilipo ngakhale mukane umboni ndi uyu bingu died with over 61 billion ndalama zi anazitenga kuti. He hehe chaka Chino mufa ndi cardiac Callista including u apm. And we shall vote for chakwera soon I can see that coming b4 2019 just watch

  8. Taweni says:

    It is my informed opinion that DPP Govt does not possess moral ground to sanction audits and investigations on the cashgate of 2012 and and prior years and the recent 2013 one.

    Can they provide where the forex went during their previous reign if not through cashgate conduit.

    One should not shun the 92billion and pretend nothing went amiss. Audits are conducted and not limited to verifying figures of missing funds, assets or liabilities. The result of that looting was the economic meltdown the country has gone through since 2011.


    1. rational says:

      NO.51, Malawi’s source of forex is largely donor money followed by tobacco. Both of these werent there during Bingus era. So lack of forex had nothing to do with 92bn loss.

  9. Livulezi river says:

    Akuluakulu, if we can’t write good English, its better we communicate in vernacular. It just shows that some of us had been to a school and not to school. For example, I can’t make head or tail of what Chekambewa @ comment # 3 was trying to potray. Enlighten me on this please, otherwise I am lost!!!!!

  10. chakwanuleka says:

    Well said Tembenu. If some of the names in the cashgate scam also featured in the 92 billion audit report, then we have good reason to have full fledged investigations so that if they stole more than what is revealed in the Baker Tilly report, Malawians must know the whole ttruth.
    No matter what you may say, Malawians know that D.p. p. Is the master of cashgate. You will try your best but won’t succeed. In fact you will only expose what you are even more

  11. Favour says:

    This K92BN cashgate was mere politics.When Joyce Banda bacame president in April 2012 she was aware of this report.What action did she take if the money was really missing?Amadikira kuti agwidwe kaye iyeyo?Mayiwa zinawavuta ndiye amangofuna kuti adetsenso anzawo.

  12. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Hehehe! The K92billion scam never existed, kungoti JB kupupuluma.She had time to investigate & book culprits but because she had no evidence she backed off.Forensic audit inayambika ndi JB. Cashgate victims ndi ana a JB. Wakuba ndi amene wagwidwa. Again hehehe! Nanunso muisovenge. Dpp boma ilo, a Peter chiongolero.

  13. Chemwali chimwene says:

    This is a huge sum to be referred to as merely, mr tembenu and kamphasa. Be honest for once.

  14. Fwetseke says:

    Even JB failed to produce an authentic report on that 92b. This simply tells us that it was just a witch hunting trying to turnish the image of dpp at the same covering up their real cash gate. Why did they fail to arrest anybody?

  15. MUNTHU NDINU says:


  16. A DPP musazembe nkhani ya MK92 billion. Titokota kotheratu ngati mukufuna kuizemba. Ee-ee!

  17. the nana hanke says:

    am tired of this thing called cashget.

    cant we talk something positive?
    Musatikwane please.

  18. chatty man says:

    Dpp Muisova

  19. chatty man says:

    |Donors dont give your aid to these DPP govt they are benhind all this.

  20. Ma says:

    Tembenu wayamba msanga zopusa. You can’t fool us this was planned between dpp and auditor general then yourself to defend mk92b like it never happened. .While we know it happened and B ingu suppressed investigation s…slow down boy…

  21. If point one finger on your friend remember that other four finger will be pointing back to you trade carefuly otherwise mugwera noka mumbunamo.

  22. FreeTechAdvise says:

    Common Denominator: “most companies in the 92 billion audit report also appear in the cashgate” ..

  23. KUKHALA says:



  24. Zino says:

    Ine ndiye ndikufuna ndalama zanga zokwanila mundibwezere a pp ndi dpp 105bn ndikufuna ndigure mankhwala ndi gawe mzipatala ndalama ndi ifuna yonse sindingamakugwilireni ntchito asakhwi ngati inu.

  25. Chagogo says:

    The Ruling Party DPP in hot soup,its hands are full of K92b Cash Gate…

  26. Seasoned Political Analyst says:

    What is wrong with Malawian lawyers or Learned friends ? If at all they remain learned considering what has happened lately with these “learned …” No wonder HKB called them liars. One learned is that one who said JB embarrassed APM at UN as if Malawi did not interact with Gordon Brown of UK when DC was also at the UN. Why don’t Malawian leaders learn from others shhhhh. Another baby cry kikikiki. You wonder the thinking of these “learned …” they are becoming an embarrassment to Malawi. God is watching. The end is nigh. Malawians love your country and rid off these looters.

  27. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    Donors, you can listen and hear yourselves that the dpp govt is a stealing and careless one so why giving ur donor aid to such archtech of cashgate. Wait for federal referendum to take place and starting the mighty north

  28. Quota system says:

    Contradictory Minister. One day he says it went missing, here he says no.

  29. MASEYA says:

    Mr President,

    Kodi mwayiwala kuti anaishosha nkhani ya MK92 blln ndi Auditor General yemweyu amati Kamphasayu?? Ths man z such a bootlicker, kodi mumuchita liti deploy ku depatmnent yina?

    Ths mata needs your immediate attention Sir.

  30. ujeni says:

    The most stupid justice minister Malawi has ever had. Where did they get this man from. These are the Lawyers Chief Justice Anastasia Msosa was referring too, too corrupt. Sake the man before he brings more shame to Malawi and legal profession. Cashgate is a colloquial name even my laptop underlines the name.

  31. kalembo says:

    We the UDF supporters have a very good reason to declare that Malawians only enjoyed during the UDF rule.nanga vuto lanu simumaona ngati kukhala mkhirisitu ndiye kuti ndiudolo!mukuononga dziko inu.

  32. Muhahaleya says:

    Manyasa inu! kkkkkkk! ” Barabasi ndi Yesu mukufuna yani?” ” Bola Barabasi yemweyo! Barabasi yemweyo!” kkkkkkkkk !

  33. Fwangalubiro says:

    Commendable thing the previous government did on cashgate was to invite Independent forensic audit as these auditors do not answer to Malawi nation we can trust their report.
    This NAO report especially if it is re done by the same NAO guys no integrity in the report no one will take us seriously.This report needs forensic auditors as well,Govt mwamva

  34. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    Cashgate is our own word invented after the Mk13 billion capital Hill fraud and corruption scam. The Mk92 billion is an Audit quarry which hasn’t received the attention it desrves but is a pointer to serious financial irregularities(a bigger cashgate) that cannot be trivialised by not having responses on the querries up to now. Parliament should have requested the same Forensic Auditors to review the same report within a specified time so that the tax payers and donors see the Government’s seriousiness in knowing the genesis of the problem. This will help restore the lost confidence. How long are we to wait !

  35. Change chathu says:

    Mr Chakwera be a strong leader tell DPP that the minister has said is trash. Do they want to validate receipts now? DPP is the architect of cashgate. Chonde a Chakwera ngati mumawerenga ma comment show leadership here! DPP ndi Mbava zoopsa izi!

  36. Anyamata apa Town says:

    Audit querry ya 20… ndiye mpakana pano siinatulukebe pa GREEN SHEET, if at all Mr Justice Minister is aware mmene zimakhalira? Why up to now Audit query imeneyi, the respective Controlling Officers, sanaitanidwe kukayankha? Bwana Njovuyalema, why is this a querry up to now, and who is to respond to this querry, kuti mukawakazinge kujaku? Nanunso muli zii!

  37. Onasiwelo says:

    I wonder where such type of legal professional people trained, why putting politics and boss and party appeasement first other than professional? It is an open secret that the former dpp stole sum money that is a fact, and the pp just followed the suit, so mr justice minister what the hell do you want the nation to believe that your pathetic dpp and its dude are clean, idiots tell us the truth

  38. Sisi says:

    STUPID FOOLS! JB accepted there was cashgate and allowed transperancy to take place including donor financed forensic auditors. vuto loika mbava mboma ndilimeneli

  39. Tili Chenene says:

    Whether it’s K10 (ten kwacha), if through “cahgate” it is the same as any figure

  40. vin says:

    Koma ameneyu ndi Tembenudi eti? chatembenuka pompano kukhala DPP. Waononga wekha ntchito yako ndi Dzina lako pamenepa watembenukira kwa Peter Mathanyula nthawi yomweyi? Fwetseki agulu inu, You must be very stupid

  41. Thoko says:

    Did the Minister of Justice really say that???? Unbelievable,!!! Is he a lawyer??? If so then he puts all lawyers to shame!!!! We just gonna sweep the MK92b under the rug…. This is called SELECTIVE JUSTICE fool!

  42. PEARSON SADALA says:

    mr minister you are such a long does it take to close on an audit query?
    even the current cash gate report is na audit query.

    1. Mtumbuka says:

      Malawians, if you agree to what Tembenu is saying then you are making the same misfortune you used to choose your President. Dausi used to say, ‘swear’ in the President first and any quiries later, what do you see now? Don’t make ‘bibi’ look good because it is brown in appearance. Manyi ndi manyi basi. We know you are a ‘Learned’ judge, whatever that means, but don’t confuse us Mr Minister. A theif is a theif whatever name you may call it. A clever ‘bird’ was caught by the mouth. Tumbukas say ‘kayuni kalyalya kawila mlomo’. Cashgate, Audit quiry, they are all pointing to the same Hell!

  43. Anyamata apa Town says:

    Kuteroku basi, Ma MP onse zii, kukhutitsidwa with such response when anthu akuvutika because of what happened with this embezzlement. You are convinced kuti ma Contituents anu mukawauza zimenezo, are you serious our honourables? Am sure you not. Ofcoz this is why you demanded better perks and advances kuti musapange noise ina iliyonse mu Parliament. Koma its sad, kuti when it comes kuti akukhudzidwa ndi akulu akulu nomwenu, mumayesetsa kutalikitsa nkhani ndikupeza zifukwa just to buy time in the world.Akakhala mpandadzina, ndiye pompopompo! Paja ma Politicians mumakhulupilira kuti nkhani ikachitika yokhudza inu, you keep quite for people to make noise and then the issue becomes history. Kumvetsa chisoni ndi anthu ena opemphera akungoyang’ana zimenezi. UMPHAWI AMALAWI, SUKUONA MSINKHU!

  44. Think Tank says:

    Stealing does not have to be called cashgate. It is only a querry has been explained when you can dismiss or ascertain malpractice. Mr Turn has got it wrong. We demand an explanation to the queries. But having DPP gurus investigate is like asking a cat to investigate who is eating rats in the house. Mr Flipping should come not with funny things.

  45. Omex70 says:

    Here comes another useless lawyer, trying to defend something which can not be defended at any cost. You want to cheat the nation that 92billion saga will be investigated by this government when even the chair of the so called ministerial committee is another questionable character.

  46. Munthavi says:

    its disheartening

  47. munthu wa munthu says:

    i cannot comment much when a hon. person cannot desist a political bus to board because of the circumstances, he is bound to be the passenger on board hence to say just a mare query in which when not provided with the answers it becomes a real thing how long has this query been a query and when will the people provide answers . you will find out that by the end of the period all the responsible people have moved. an example one of the manager at a pharmaceutical company went away to his country when the govt changed hands and this company appears in the famous 92 billion of pocketing funds without a supply.

  48. CONGO MAFIA says:

    What Tembenu is saying fuel further the call of Federal government. This political witch-hunting should be history. Each region should be responsible for its own affairs. What kind of rubbish is this to cover up K92 billion and only present K13billion report. Is this justice Mr Justice and constitutional affairs sir?

  49. MKWAPU says:


  50. MUNTHU NDINU says:


  51. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Tembenu, how long will this remain audit query? And who will produce documents after such a long time.?
    To me this doesnot make sense at all and am sure someone is not trustworthy here.

    No wonder some 1/4s are calling for ferederal govt, because this is irresponsible and carelessness. You don’t even have the passion to for your profession.

    ACB, Auditor General, Accountant General, Police Service and your office really spin my head!.


  53. mbonga says:

    mwayambako agalu inu!

  54. Chrispine Salanje says:

    DPP is full of liers and thieves,dont cheat us we know that DPP and Bingu are the architect of Cashgate in Malawi,Bingu had a minbus from town to Likuni with just a house in Area 47, 5years down the line buiding Ndata a billion house,is it possible?mbava inu

  55. chekambewa says:

    People from PP wants to thing that cash gate and audit query they two different things so dont confuse the nation you MPs otherwise go back to school stupid menyani

    1. Mwehiwa says:

      Iwenso sunapite ku school. Audit query Is given time limit. Becomes fraud when either no explaination Is given, or the explation is does not support the laid procédures. Stupid.

    2. James Gwamba says:

      Lemba chichewa mbuzi!!!

  56. osawaleka tikufuna choona chiziwike apa

  57. John says:

    May be it is not a 92billion cashgate, BUT IT IS a 92billion quary, so jah,,,, money was lost, no matter how much you spin or sugar coat it,,,,,, it does mot change the facts!!

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