No to gay rights in Malawi: CCAP spiritual father tells Mutharika to be bold like Kenya’s Uhuru

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has been urged by CCAP Livingstonia Synod moderator Douglas Chipofya to be hold like Kenyan’s President Uhuru Kenyatta , who flatly rejected Barrack Obama’s calls for gay rights, during Obama’s visit to the country.

Rev Chipofya: Homosexuality ids pure evil, Malawi should not allow it

Rev Chipofya: Homosexuality ids pure evil, Malawi should not allow it

Chipofya made the call on Saturday during the Umthetho Cultural Festival.

The CCAP Livingstonia Synod spiritual father termed homosexuality as ‘pure evil’ and ‘animal-like behaviour’.

Chipofya was asked to offer an opening prayer at the annual Ngoni event, but took advantage of his time on the microphone to appeal against same-sex marriages.

He asked the President, who was in attendance, to firmly stand against “alien cultural influences”.

“Culture is good, but we should not allow some people to take advantage of our cultural celebrations to bring alien practices.,” said Chipofya.

Adding: “Let me be honest, homosexuality is pure evil. I appeal to you, the State president, to do as your Kenyan counterpart did to Obama. As a church and Malawians, we ask you to say no to this evil.”

Same-sex liaisons remain illegal in Malawi and  homosexuals face up to 14 years in Jail.

But human rights campaigners have been pressing for government to decriminalise homosexuality, saying there should be no discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation .

During his visit to Kenya, US President Obama voiced strong support for gay rights in Africa – but Kenya’s Kenyatta branded it a “nonissue”.

The US President said that treating people differently eroded freedom and then “bad things happen” – but Kenyatta told President Obama that while the US and Kenya agree on a lot, there are some things that cultures or societies “just don’t accept”.

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57 thoughts on “No to gay rights in Malawi: CCAP spiritual father tells Mutharika to be bold like Kenya’s Uhuru”

  1. Mulungu analenga Adamu ndi Eva ndi cholinga.

  2. alex says:


  3. mapapaya says:

    kodi a Trapence ndi ena amalandira thandizo kunjawa ndi ma gay nawonso ?

  4. Namisako. says:


  5. ulreka says:

    Mchemo stop blaming homosexual activity fot causing colonic cancer! If that was the case we would have a high incidence of colonic cancer amongst prisoners. Let men and women make their choices as long as there is no force involved. Why should we be bothered with what a man decides to do with his penis or rectum!

  6. aw, silly black savage primtives…so easily tricked by the white man…first, he brainwashed them into believing in the white god then he fools them even more to make them hate innocent gays. Sadly, many blacks in Africa simply follow their leaders. If the leaders are bigoted,. we must withhold aid money. Starving will cause the primitive masses to rebel. Then they will stop this bigoted madness and stop being the laughing stock of the world. Africa is a failed continent on so many levels…

  7. Kambina says:

    Try to put fuel using the exhause….find out if it will work……its the same with these filthy dudes…arrest them and let.them rot in jail.

  8. MCHEMO says:

    What people don’t know is that the likelihood of male – male homosexuality engaging and consenting adults of getting colon/rectal cancer is high on the factor of 68.95%! Why? The epithelial cells in the rectal area were not made to withstand such additional pressure.

    Malawians do not be fooled into supplication by those advocating this dangerous practice as them themselves have a canal knowledge of not a fellow male but woman. Ask Trapence if ever he has had canal knowledge of a fellow male – he will say no, no ways can I do that and its dirty!


  9. ndadabwa says:

    chipofya a real pastor. undule ni ntchewe

  10. ndadabwa says:

    vyaya you are comparing 2 things which are non comparable

  11. mlowoka says:

    the CCAP is right

  12. My fellow Malawians do you know that Satan’s headquarters is in the powerful country of USA !! They trick African Governments to enact homosexuality or NO DONOR SUPPORT! DZIKO LIKUPITA KU PHOMPHO. Gays are REAL MAD DOGS!

  13. Edwin Maso Kayuni says:

    Nangamuchapa and Nachisale do u mean Africa is not developed because we refuse mathanyula? Kkkkkkkkkkkk shame!

  14. ulreka says:

    You the so called spiritual fathers are the ones that are abusing alter boys behind closed church doors.

  15. ulreka says:

    Is christianity not an alien practice you fool? You are worse than the homosexuals that you condemn.

  16. Henry Juhala says:

    For the record, so Christian people, like CCAP Livingstonia Synod moderator Douglas Chipofya, do not have to continue going on bearing false witness, let’s look at the truth regarding what the Christian Bible actually says or does not say about homosexuality. We will focus on the original Hebrew and Greek languages the Bible was written in and the context each verse that references homosexuality was written in. Let’s begin with Lev. 18:22 where it says ‘You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.”

    Leviticus and the rest of the Bible is NOT talking about gay relationships as we know them and has nothing to do with gays loving in committed and responsible relationships of 2015. In Leviticus, the Hebrew word used for “abomination” is “Toebah” . Where it is used in the Bible it almost always had a religious idol worship connotation. In Deut 7:25 the Hebrew people are not to worship or have anything to do with carved idols of Egyptians and Canaanite cults whose temples surrounded them. That was an abomination. In Deut 12:31 those cults practiced worship of their gods by sacrificing babies at their altars as part of their fertility god or goddess worship.

    Being gay or being gay and in a responsible committed same-gender relationship is no more sinful than to be heterosexual or being heterosexual and in a responsible committed relationship. Neither are condemned or called sin in the Bible.

  17. Manga says:

    Men of God should be tolerant ! You can’t say homosexual s are worse sinners ? It’s a total lie … No sin is worse than the other … You guys of white collars open up to all sinners … Undule is very right … Co existence , love and compassion … Look at CCAP is full of satsnists , witches , thieves and adulteress who hide behind being Christians… May the Lord help us ..

  18. Edwin Maso Kayuni says:

    Yes I agree christianity was broght by the white but not this rotten white generation we refuse to be forced this time around sinful acts now tht we knw the truth. Those of u who feel we r backwards leave us alone go and join ur fellor who r advanced.

  19. chenamalaka! says:

    God created pipo in pairs for a reason,then why fool Undule want to go against God?how much did he get from America by the way?

  20. wovinidwa Ine says:

    Do not bring religion in this discourse: there are many religious (even Christians) who are gay or lesbo. This is a human rights issue. And it’s not like homosexuality never existed in ancient Africa, abale. Every one, even teenagers, know that homosexuality is practiced right here, in village settings. Oral history is full of homosexuality: so this is not a foreign culture.
    LGBTs are citizens, and they fulfill their duties, like paying taxes, like you and me. Most are good citizens too, like most Malawians. We read too much into the scriptures, and literally – without the rigors of argument and interpretation. How can Mozambique, an equally religious (and predominantly Catholic at that) show to be more liberal than us?
    One big takeaway message for me kusimba/kovinidwa (from the initiation/passing of age ceremonies) was tolerance. Tolerance of others with different beliefs; and fairness in treating others, not just our women!

  21. Rodgers Banda says:

    Laws are in parliament and I don’t think there is one in Malawi parliament that supports such no sense. Let’s not talk about the bible or Koran. Let’s talk parliamentary powers and teach Malawians who are evil that powers are majority not 0.000001.

  22. manola says:

    God is not to be used to deny right’s to sexual minorities that is sick , these are the ones who will be remembered in times to come as just like the former South African and Rhodesian racist’s who all so claimed god as there own .

  23. Wanva iwe Undule? Bloody fool

  24. Naphiri says:

    Well done pastor for telling him the truth

  25. Ingangasyungu Yunyeghela says:

    Namukachapa, Let that be in South Africa. We don’t want that in Malawi. That is an abnormality even Anatomy and Physiology testifies that an anus is for faeces not for fucking.

  26. Denguzman says:

    Gud leaders they alwez tell president the truth only and the president has his religious advisor bt he cant even say anything against homosexual to the president koma kukonda kumunamiza mtsogoleri. we beta remain poor bt let us say no to matanyula.

  27. vyaya says:

    Hate homesexuals but the same God who hates stealing, womanisers, thieves, cash gaters, gossipers, drunkards, liers, tithe stealers, divisions (which you Nyondo and Chipofya are good at), jealousy etc He hates all these and He will park you all in same Hell.

    Good news is Jesus died for homesexual s too and needs someone to reach out to them and preach Jesus, nowhere in bible God said hate sinners or put them in jail but some of us out of emotions we think homesexual or lesbians deserve hell, sorry to say all sinners will be in hell no sin is bigger or smaller before God…

  28. Lickie says:

    Well done pastor. Yes indeed you r a man of God. I want also to hear other pastors who claim that are men of God speak the same. Fear God not a human being.

  29. mbolo sidwala says:

    Kodi undule vuto lako ndi chini??????? Chifukwa choti unatenga matenda basi !!!!! Matendawo unatenga chifukwa cha ntchito zo mbolo yako so ukapanda manu usaswe ………….. see my name

  30. Tili Chenene says:

    Only Inhuman character can imagine homosexuality can be done by humans

  31. Namukachapa says:

    The shallow thinking and ignorance displayed in the comments here are truly depressing.The whites brought Christianity to us and these days we behave as if we are the ones who invented it when the Western world is moving on and Africa will always play catch up. Listen you nyasalanders: homosexuality is not a sin! Its not even an abnormality. It’s just that some people were born to be different. Our traditional society before Christianity used to accept that and had ways of dealing with those who were different. One day we will get to understand that. Here in my country South Africa the constitution has at least established the framework for citizens to understand, but by the look of things that’s going to take a very very very long time in Nyasaland.

    1. cristiano says:

      I wish God will visit you and show you the truth about homesexuality or check wht happened to sodom and gomorrah before you send your stupid comment

  32. namchuchule says:

    If the pastor is really serious, he must talk to Undule and trapence first. APM has never supported gaism before. It is undule who shall go to the UN to tell them to stop giving aid to MW for not supporting gaism. So,iwe chipofya, talk to your fellow tumbukas first.

  33. Jayjay says:

    Whether one likes it or not gay is here to stay, secretly or openly (legally), gay marriage is of course sinful like any other sin, any sin is perpetuated by the devil. God gave us solution to sin and that is Jesus through deliverance not not mere condemnation as we all do. We need to provide solution to this if we are calling on the name of the Lord truthfully. Jesus gave this package through His words by His anointed servants. What are we doing instead? We are fighting this war cannally (sp). Jesus gave His weapons to true servants not philosophers not courts not presidents not united nations secretary general not human rights activitists.
    It is not up to the president to say no or yes to the whole issue. We do not have to reject or legalize; the greatest war and challenge lies in the hands of true servants of God. It is not a matter of condemning it on podia or pulpit but calling upon God power of deliverance. The law is powerless but God is above these devil manipulations. We can talk and talk but what is important is prayer. We need to unite spiritually; this is a spiritual affair. It just like additional to any sin that requires prayer.

  34. STAND says:

    Thanks pastor asambiremo manja amenewa.

  35. ZACHIBWANA AYI says:

    Tamufutseni Ngati Mayi Ake Ali Munthu Wa bambo. uphawiwu utisocheretsa,

  36. nachisale says:

    PRIMITIVE thinking and that is why Africa remains poor abd backward. Giving others the freedom to do and be what they want to be is not wrong and Barack Obama was right. Who brought CCAP to Malawi? It was white missionaries and the same white people have moved on, but for us, we stupidly cling on retrogressive things because we cannot think for ourselves. The church in Africa was brought by Europeans it surprises me that we as foolish as ever we claim to know more about the church than the people who forcefully tuaght us. There are so many terrible things people who pray do and eyet they are the first to throw stones at others – they are murders, rapists, promiscuity etc. Mutharika is an educated man and some of believe his progressive ideas Malawi will move forward. He assented to the Marriage Bill and we are hopeful of the Abrotion Bill even though some backward mysogynists are trying to make it imposible for women to abort when THERY neglect so many children. Let Mutharika think for himself osati zachikale. Uhuru Kenyatta represents what is wrong for Africa’s development.

  37. Chitopa says:

    The subject of legalising homosexuality was fair to be raised to the Leader of the country as a matter of courtesy and cognitive point, but not that he has jurisdiction over. Its a citizenry plebiscite subject. A moot subject for any high ranking politicians. They don’t shape and determine the subjects’ latitudes and philosophies on issues of religious, cultural, and legendary natured. Instead, should turn them to us, for determination. No leader is above the will and wish of the people they guide. Note, guide, not rule. And guide within the confines of powers given to them, not given to themselves. They are not Lords, but Servants of the People. Principle of Popular Sovereignty.

  38. mad chicken says:

    We Malawians,do’nt want stupid behaviours.

  39. kapunjunju says:

    Bravo pastor ingakhale eni akewo olimbikitsa za gay adakwatira ali ndi ana amasangalala ndi akazi awo. Kumapita kunyanji kukasewera mmadzi ndi akazi awo. Ndikubanga dongosolo la ukwati inuyo anyamatanu akuti muzipanga gayism. Those who seem to be human rights activist are earning a living on a stupidity of a weak mind youth who is easily swerved even ministers attending such evil meetings. We are malawians and we do not sleep with dogs but others outside africa they do believe me. These are like dogs. How can you leave that good stuff and look for a place where someone is releasing waste that is madness at its best. We are humans and we need to live as humans.

  40. Gandulo says:

    That is great news to the state president as well as our nation Malawi. Leaders should have a stand on everything they do not just being moved and swayed by these evil foreign winds full of abominations and insanity.

    True leaders must come out in the open and make their stand known not just leaving everybody to guessing and speculation,no. Its time we behave and think as humans. All this boils down to one fact – SIN!

  41. Goliati says:

    Ungamuuze ali gay kumene?

  42. ProHuman says:

    Hypocrisy is even in the Church, some sins are “pure evil” while others are “committable”.

  43. Xeenoph says:

    This is what we expect from true Church leaders of the day. Leave fights in the church and make sure that you also resolve your differences with Rev. Chimwemwe because DON’T BE 2BZY with outside issues and yet your house is NOT in order.

  44. Trevor Manyi says:

    Mapastor womwewo ndimahomo

  45. Trevor Manyi says:

    Maidstone womwewo ndithu ma homo

  46. Judge Joash says:

    Barak Obama,who are you to change our culture?You are just proving that you are not an african.You are a bad sheep who has sold your soul to the devil.Big up for you Mr president,God has spoken whether you like it or not and you MUST ACT! Kings come and go but God is God who cuts off any evil exalting itself and misleading multitudes.

  47. Mulungu says:

    Very correct. Those who want to do that shld go to USA. Akazi onsewa afuna ukwati ndiye muziti gay. To hell Mwakasungula ndi anzako.

  48. asher says:

    remember sodom and gomola

  49. ibrahim makwati says:

    that is pastor a pure malawian pastor I AM WITH U FOR EVER

  50. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Mulovi mukumukanizga kulya somba? Iye ndiyo gay mulala Kasi mukumanya yayi?

    1. drogba says:

      za umbuli basi, chi village chili thoo. how many people stay unmarried for thirty years?? are all gays??? shiiiiit!!!!!!

  51. Fumbanani says:

    KIU Pastor, homesexuallity is indeed pure evil.

    1. kanyani kumutengo says:

      mmmmh banyamata manje tambala ama ita nanga muntu check zis autu

  52. Tiks says:

    Fools like Undule r waiting for hell

  53. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good job pastor please these our leaders they go beyond due to pressure but this time around it’s good that we got pastors who frankly review their stand take or leave but that is what your community stands for.See my name.

  54. Chekambewa says:

    Thats it pastor thanks for that

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