No wrong doing, Malawi Attorney General claims after ACB questioning

Malawi Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale has stressed that he is not in the wrong after   the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB),  reportedly sought to find out if any abuse of office  after the K150 million government paid to a client of a law firm  he previously owned.

Attorney General Kaphale: No wrong doing

Attorney General Kaphale: No wrong doing

“My conscience is clear.  I have not exerted any influence in the payments and these payments started before I was appointed Attorney General. I do not personally handle such matters

“I am no longer managing the company since I was appointed as Attorney General and such matters are being handled by Mr. Ted Loka. Again at the ministry in the matters that I have interests such as this one, the chief legal advocate and the senior deputy chief advocate or even the solicitor general as a general player handle such issues,” said Kaphale as quoted in the Nation on Sunday.

According to the newspaper report, Kalekeni Kaphale Lawyers’ legal firm settled out of court a dispute government had with its client M and I Building Enterprise who were accusing Malawi Defence Force of defaulting payment on a construction contract in 2010.

Government agreed to pay owners of M and I Enterprise and Three Rivers Trading contractors the money as part of the settlement and the sum included payment for the work conducted plus accumulated interest and legal fees for the lawyers.

Kaphale told the paper that the AG’s office has no interest in how payments should be made, saying there are no records indicating he had a hand in any of the payments.

He  said: “I did nothing wrong.”

The AG explained that government is now paying several people it owes huge amounts of money and suggested that the ACB interest could have resulted from a Finance Intelligence Unit’s (FIU) rapid response of issuing an alert for any payments rising above the K1 million threshold.

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31 thoughts on “No wrong doing, Malawi Attorney General claims after ACB questioning”

  1. popapo says:

    Malawi government will fire you and compensate you to the fullest under one President then the next will hire you until you retire. If you look at it seriously the people being fired and hired are from the same belt (enriching one another).

  2. zebron banda says:

    Financial scandals involving fraud and corruption seem to be so prevalent and a way of life in my beloved country-malawi.aren’t you pple ashamed of yourselves.ndalama zimenezo zikuphani, of immorals,you suck!

  3. maxwell Nsani says:

    The issue is that when Ralph Kasambara was holding that office, Ralph and Arnold law firm, which was managed by him before becoming AG was benefitting a lot from these kids of settlements and people from all over cried bloody murder and accused Ralph, rightly or wrongly, of doing corrupt deals.
    Today, bwana kaphale is doing the exact same thing and his defence is that my office doesn’t handle these matters. He says there is no evidence that I was not involved. That’s the line he is taking? shame. We need integrity in the office of the head of the Bar!.

  4. SAMSON says:

    There are so many law firms in Malawi currently pushing the govt for for payments in arrears on behalf of their clients. In fact most of arrears that govt are now issuing discounted papers to people who are owned money, 90% if not more, are working with law firms to chase for their payments. Now that payments have started streaming there is nothing wrong for any law firm to receive their payments on behalf of their clients. This is a process that the Min of Finance is in control and flowing according to its plans. The Attorney General’s office is not part of this process.

    I think it is unfair to label all government employees as insincere because there are many others who are there in their professional devotion and are able to uphold their ethics.

  5. Presidential Advisor says:

    ‘…those matters are handled by Ted Loka…’ , how does he know the operations management in a firm which he is no longer party to – sitinati a Malawi, kulila nkosatha.

  6. bigman munthu waMulungu says:

    smoke rises where there’s fire

  7. hehehe haters, wadabwa umphawi wangokuphani, phokonyole wanuyo mumafuna akugulireni wina musovambo, mulira kuti ntoooo mufa osauka mukamalimbana ndi anzanu kuleka kumalimbikira mwamulira kuti ntooooo

  8. Makiu says:

    These lawyer are thieves and even the way Katopola was speedly awarded raises suspicion if you find out who was representing her and what is the current position of his lawyer. ACB should not just accept this explanation as there is more to it than meets the eye.

  9. Wodzitsata says:

    “My conscience is clear?” you mean that is adequate defence! YOUR conscience, what is that to us? I thought justice should not only be done but should BE seen to be done? If you were a professional worth his salt you would not have accepted that position! It compromises your integrity especially during this cashgate era where you were representing some of the thieves. I mean seriously how can you in the blink of an eye claim to be facilitatating the prosecution of the people you were defending! Does this practice called law have ethics? I used to respect the position of AG until this man sat on it. I have not forgotten how someone I know almost lost a house to a crook who was being assisted by this lawyer although he knew very well his client was a crook. Fortunately, there is Good in heaven and the fight was won through divine intervention. We shoild be praying for this man to receive Christ and resign from that position!

  10. Kashitigu says:

    Someone here is calling Kaphale a morally upright man . Ha, ha, ha . Do you really know Kaphale? Do you really know this SDA drunkard? Muziyamba mwafufuza kaye before making conclusions about people .

  11. Kalekeni Kaphwise says:

    Mr Kalekeni needs to be told that in the public world , perception is a very important thing . The picture which is emerging here is that of another fraudulent lawyer holding the post of Attorney General in Malawi . Why did the instalment payments which your legal firm was getting from government before you became Attorney General suddenly balloon to astronomical figures as soon as you assumed that office? Remember, Malawians are not stupid . They are simply patient .

  12. jogn says:

    What is the name of the law firm? Ralph and Anolds or Kalekeni Kaphale?

  13. Think Tank says:

    What i dont understand is the way people jump into the defence of any evil action done by dpp officials. For example,when people condemed the president for red carpet and attire on his visit to flood areas, people were very defensive. But the president got the message and did the appropriate when he went to Nsanje. Here now instead of looking at the issue some people are talking of Kaphale’s education. The topic is not education but his actions and morals. The same done by an opposition member would have attracted millions of condemnations here. A wrong is a wrong whether done by a well educated or unedcated. After all it is white-collared thieves who are more dangerous because they do it in very big,complicated and secret ways. And they are calm when doing so.

  14. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching very close.

  15. wg says:

    peter ali momo!

  16. wanangwa says:

    Kaphale is in conflict of interest. He says he does not control his firm. Yet the money goes to his firm. Is he saying he does not get any shares? Kasambara was stealing from government the same way. Mutharika choice of ministers was very poor.

  17. nthandalanda says:

    Ndimmene mumabera, kasanbalanso amatero! Sitikudabwanso ayi! Ku Malawi ndi business as usual ( Bau)

  18. Boma says:

    People questioned the choice of the Attorney General when he was appointed. Have they not been vindicated?

  19. Patriot says:

    Akwilira ngati mmene akwilira nkhani ya bineth trust.
    Malamulo ndi a ife akapolo opanda kanthu.

  20. musisipala says:

    That was alot of money which the judge also benefited’ look at Kasambala being bitten by 0PP cadles, alot of govt money was paid out without justification. Lawyers & judges think they are more equal than others in civil. Service.

  21. Think Tank says:

    please dont rush to trash my point, have we not heard this before? Is someone not answering money laundering charges connected to a law firm he owned before becoming a minister? He gave exactly the same excuses the he severed connections with the firm. On this one,iam not clear

  22. Ndizimenezo muziwika

  23. nenani sawasawa says:

    kaphale ndi abwana

  24. Dick says:


  25. Chitipa Wenya says:

    Kalekeni Kaphale is not a thief. He is a great lawyer in good moral standing. Please let us not ruin the integrity of such a young man. The current trend of isolating and destroying the reputation of young leaders is of great concern. Let us thank the President for appointing a young and dynamic lawyer like Kalekeni Kaphale as Attorney General of the Republic. Mr Kaphale has demonstrated his patriotism by abandoning his lucrative career as a respectable legal practitioner to help this country. Chitani manyazi.

  26. wadabwa says:

    Galu ameneyo ata ledzela ku Mustang sally anandi gundila galimoto yanga.Munthu olakwa ama pepeza koma poti anthu a mu boma ku ophyeza kwake. Koma olakwa ndi olakwa. Mumu finye galu ameneyo. These ppl abuse the powers they r given by us ppl.Investigate this greedy fucker. Mbava ngati imeneyo not fit for such a post bloody fool.

  27. Swiswiri Mbewa says:

    Kaphala also has a right to do economic activities such as businesses to earn an honest living irrespective of bding AG

  28. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Ibani nthawi yanu. Muli boma tikudziwa.

    Why do you justify yourself like that?

  29. Mafikizolo says:

    The mere fact that the holder of such a high office as that of a country’s Attorney General is made the subject of corruption-related investigations is a serious indictment of that country’s corruption image . And this is happening at a time when we are trying to win back the confidence of our traditional donors! I cry for my country .

  30. Mateyo Oyera says:

    This man has always struck me as a dubious character . He does not dignify the office of Malawi’s Attorney General .

  31. ntchenachena says:

    Might does not make right. Even an ordinary person like me can smell a rotten fish. You can fool some people some times but you cannot fool all the people all the times

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