North Malawi petition Mutharika on federal system: Call for referendum

President Peter Mutharika has been asked through a petition to him presented to Mzuzu City acting Chief Executive Officer, Victor Masina, who is expected to forward it to the Office of the President and Cabinet, to ensure a smooth process of national referendum to ask citizens whether to adopt or not the federal system of government.

Bina Shaba (right) presents the petition to Masina

Bina Shaba (right) presents the petition to Masina

One carrying placard during the federal system march

One carrying placard during the federal system march

The petition was presented after a peaceful demonstration in Mzuzu City on Friday which was organised Forum for the Advancement of Federal System and Rural Development in Malawi.

The organisers said they want to end what they believe as ‘high regionalism by most of the country’s Presidents who have been coming from the southern region.

The advocates for the federal system who include pressure groups from the north, Parliamentarians and development commentators also feel that federalism would bring development competition among the three regions, since the regions would be able to plan for the most needed developments in their areas unlike now when all the decisions are made by the central government.

President Mutharika mandated the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the issue before a decision could be made.

There has been shoddy progress so far.

Forum for Federal System in Malawi secretary general Harris Kanyeremuka warned their forum would “hold national vigils” shouldn’t there be nothing after the demonstrations.

The forum want change of unitary system to federal system of government and have since given Mutharika 40 days to address 15 issues highlighted in their petition.

“We want to tell you Mr. President that we are marching because we are tired of waiting for a response from you. We are also tired of a system of governance that has been slow to deliver for the past 51 years,” reads the petition signed by Bina Shaba, Kanyeremuka and Vailet Nyirenda, chairperson, secretary general and treasurer general for the forum respectively.

The protesters also noted that President Mutharika favoured federal system of government when he was consultant to the Special Constitutional Review Conference where he presented a paper.

The forum raised issues surrounding segregation and discrimination, road infrastructure in the North, status of Mzuzu City, education, and appointments in government and recognition of heroes from the North.

They also complained about poor road network in the region saying despite campaign promises to upgrade some of them like the Edingeni-Euthini-Mpherembe- Nyika-Nthalire-Chitipa road, nothing has been done.

They also queried why Mzuzu City gets a little budget of around K1 billion when other cities get as high as K2.2 billion as is the case in the 2015/2015 national budget.

Initially, the calls for government to adopt federalism started with few individuals from the country’s northern region in 2011, following a public outcry that the then president, late Bingu Wa Mutharika, brother to the current president, Peter, was oppressing the region in terms of development.

For instance, Mutharika imposed a quota system policy of selecting students to public colleges; rather, than on merit, after he noted that most learners from the north were dominating public universities through the Ministry of Education’s merit selection system.

Several quarters also accuse the incumbent President of supporting regionalism and nepotism by promoting people from his region and particularly his Lomwe tribe in public offices such as cabinet ministers, chief executives for parastatal institutions and other government departments.

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73 thoughts on “North Malawi petition Mutharika on federal system: Call for referendum”

  1. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    Kumanena chatsitsa dzaye kuti njobvu itchoke mnyanga!
    There can be no smoke without fire!

    Those who are opposing a federal system for Malawi should ask themselves why some parts of the country want a federal system, rather than just beating about the bush with signorant, obcene, tribalistic, and shallow arguments!

  2. Mwana nyika in exile (south) says:

    Kaka Kwakalazi # 48 you are very greedy. You better leave the useless northerners to accuse south not you the Gulewamkulu. Which region has ruled Malawi more years between south and center? What did you do in 30 years? Do you know that electricity you see in town were installed in 30 years ago? Why didn’t you electrify in the rural areas which you are talking about? This time south under APM is electrifying the rural areas. South is about to rule Malawi for only 25 years possibly by 2019. So wait until 2024 when you will start complaining. Not now. Don’t be selfish. South did not complain when the center was enjoying presidency from 1964 to 1994. It was north which was fighting you not south. Now center respect us. After 30 years you will take over. No Mtumbuka presidenting in Malawi. Anthu a kumwera tikumva bwanji.

  3. Honest says:

    English language simbali yanga

  4. Rodgers Banda says:

    The govt need to educate the majority of brutes in Malawi about fedelism by opening universities since large South were achikumbe and never smelt school but went to kwacha schools. The way they comment is evident.

  5. makani says:

    Atumbuka mumalephera kuyendetsa Nothern Region football league ndiye muyendetsa Chigawo bwanji? Chitukuko chinachilichonse chimayambira ku south and central chimamalizira ku Dead north. Muzingolowa mzipani zathuzi basi nanga atumbuka 100 mungayambitse chipani nkulowa m’boma?Tangowonanu demo yanuija anthu 46 ndiye nkumati mungadzalowe m’boma? Kudako kuipa khope ndi mtima omwe .

  6. Ambwenu Mbwenu Inu Simuganiza Ayi Inu Mukanene Kuti Budget Sikufanana Ndi Zigawo Zina Ziwiri Za Malawi Zowona? How Many Of U Are There? For Instance Is It Posible For 8family Member Home To Use The Daily Basic Needs The Same As A 10 Member Family? Chikakhala Chitukuko Chikulepheleka Chifukwa Chokonda Kumanga Kwa Eni Kapena Kuti Mukapita Ku Ntchito Mmasamukilatu Kwanu, Ndipo Simukumbukakoso. Utsogoleri Wa Dziko Lino Mukulephera Chifukwa Chokulirana Mtima Ndi Kudzikonda Nokhanokha Kumeneko Ndimoyenda Mwatsakamilamu.

  7. Pls can someone help me to correct this it 2+1,2-1,2*1or2/1 at school our teacher said federal Maths

  8. Jones Sisya says:

    Very unfortunately when it comes to issues concerned the regionalism. As the subject matter there is no need of insulting one another. But let us try to adopt that kind of government so that every region should progress. For sure we cannot say in Malawi there’s no regionalism. It is there, thats why when it comes presendential elections results it tells everything. Even look on quarter system, the budget, developments it’s the same story. Therefore, I don’t see why we shouldn’t Implement that. And this issue doesn’t need refredum, cause we have seen it bearing fruits in other countries. What is needed here is for the Politicians to educate the citizens what it means. For your information, we are not separating Malawi but we want developments to be everywhere.

  9. Zanga pheee says:

    Tsono inu atumbuka mukufuna chani?pitani kwanu mukatukuleko ife sitinakukanizeni anthu ozikonda inu mukufuna chani pa moyo office mumangolembana nokhanokha mukufunanso chani?

  10. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    You journalists, please stop portraying a few people as representing the whole north. Ironically, the north is the only region in Malawi where all people do not think and act as one. There is a lot more individualism in the north than the other two regions. So a few frustrated and noisy people in the north campaigning for federal system should not and must not be portrayed to be speaking for the whole north. Am from the north and I can tell you very few people in the north support this so called federal system of government.

  11. Kawonga says:

    Let it pass, no more peanut developments to the northeners

  12. Concerned citizen says:

    How many people are involve. I would argue that of all the problems we have, fedralisim is the least of them.

  13. Mr.Bambo says:

    Mbofyo mbofyo kkkkkkkkk a Nduna a za chuma ameneo, koma mtumbuka zadzathekadi.

  14. real patriot says:

    Federalism ichitike basi.Tatopa ndi Nepotism ndi tribalism ya alomwe.Federalism is the only way to go for Malawi to have an equal share of the cake.We can’t wait for federalism.

  15. Naaaah says:

    I can hope that a refendum will someday take place;keep the momentum going the organisers…..long leave fedral.

  16. chefourpence says:

    musamuke ku south mphemvu inu! Mumatinyasa kuda ndi mitima yomwe! Mwadzadza ku south ma plot athu, ntchito zathu, manda athu! Agalu inu mwatitopetsa! You think u are intelligent? Isn’t it because you have infested all critical positions to your tribal benefit? Last year you diverted textbooks to your region and this Forum is silent. Had it been the books went south we would have you cockroaches demonstrating all over! Stupid!

  17. mbodzole says:

    if you’re fully assured that you are contributing a lot just go home work there and develope your region

  18. Angelo says:

    It is only fools who spend much of their time crying for the dead. Malawians rise up. Each one of us is responsible for his or her poverty. Never ask what the government can do for you rather ask what you can do to contribute to the development of the country

  19. mbava says:

    Bina Shaba is a failure akuona ngati apeza mpando ndi federalism! How many times has he conteSted for a parliamentary seat, and wawina kangati? I thought allocation of funding also gOes by the sizes of the cities? Even funding for ministries go by functions and how big ministries are! He wants Mzuzu city to hav an allocation as BT and LL city? Ilo ndiye bodza. A Bina akuona ngati ndi federalism apeza mpando. Bina is a failure tangosiyani zimenezo muzikalima kumidzi mwakula!

  20. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    I am very interested to know an estimate of the number of people that took part in this demo. No mention of such? Numbers have meaning, obviously especially in politics. Politicians watch out for such statistics; you bet.
    Was the turnout so low as to be embarrassing to the organizers? Is the reporter, or NyasaTimes hiding these stats deliberately, thereby manipulating the news? What I understand was a VERY low turnout was a way of the citizenry to show contempt; and how irrelevant this project is to their contemporary lives. If this is the reception the fed idea got in an area where the issue should have most sympathy, what if demos are also organized in the center or the south? Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula and a few PP residuals would be the only extras therein.
    The organizers, and proponents of this crazy idea are starting to expose their soft underbelly! Some of us saw this coming!

  21. wapankhata says:

    Pajananuso mumaziwa Malawi engine ndi north, zangoyambika go north Malawi go we behind u guys.

  22. munyalika says:

    we are behind federalism inu ochenjera ndi kuzindikira khalani

  23. Mkwelume says:


  24. kaka kwakalazi says:

    I am from central but this is the only way to go..Fedralism can help in hindering the attitude of Sourthen Monoply of power and developmental activities. It is pity that people living in rural areas have to go thousands miles just to get stalks, passports, driving license in the cities.serious goverment is failing , no shopping malls in districts only in the cities, should we say that they are no people who can invest in this areas?no electricity in rural trading centres,how will the nation develop if all the channells of basic needs are blocked.our pliticians dont love this country.

  25. kaka kwakalazi says:

    I am from central but this is the only way to go..Fedralism can help Sourthen Monoply of power and developmental activities. It is pity that people living in rural areas have to go thousands miles just to get stalks, passports, driving license in the cities.serious goverment is failing , no shopping malls in districts only in the cities, should we say that they are no people who can invest in this areas?no electricity in rural trading centres,how will the nation develop if all the channells of basic needs are blocked.our pliticians dont love this country.


  27. Shekman says:

    U The northerners When U Wil Cry Referendum 4 Succession We CENTOs & SOURTHENERS wil vote YESSSSSSSSSS but But Fo Yo Stupid Fedralism We Wil Vote NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, 1mw 1 Pipo 1 Nation Uyo Safuna Azipita Kwao Bwanji Mumadana Nkwanu????????????????? Who Do U Think Wil Develop Yo Dead North If All Of When U Get Educated Or U R Getting Better U Migrate Away From Yo North, Khalani Kaye Pasi Nokhanokha Ndikuzifufuza Mupeza Kuti Chitukuko Mumapanga Kwaeni, Even If Fedralim Comes U Wil Stil Be Contributing Development Much To The South And Cento & Not Yo North Thru ( Tax And Levies Bcoz Most Of Yo Bznesses And Settlements R There) U Wil Agree With Me, Ngati Lucius Amazaimba Pa Key Lounge Komaso Timadzagula Katundu Mumsika Wa Ku Mataifa Matabwa Timazgula Konko Nanga Patakhala Zitukuko Nagti Zimenezi 50 Times North Sangasinthe? Wake Up Mtumbuka Maso Panthazi Fumbi Ndiwe Mwini U Cant Utilise Yo Called Education And Start Yoself (MUZALIRA MPAKANA LITI?) Mwana mmwela or mwana cento gere mayazi koma zake pasogolo

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      Shekman, u are stupid. We pipo from central region are behind federalism just like our counterparts from the north. We have been oppressed even more than northerners by these Mulhakho thugs. Once again u r stupid.

  28. Gift Kayipa says:

    People who hv chances of commenting in this page please be responsible.

  29. jangale says:

    Zauchitsilu basi ! Federalism can’t work out here in Malawi because ka dziko kake ndikochepa ngati thako la munthu lambali imodzi or kapena anthu akumphoto mukufuna kuti mupitiridze federalism yokwatirana ndikukwatana nokanoka m’mene mumapangrana muja without disturbance
    Fotseki ! Musandilakulitse pambali ngati wamitsala chifukwa ndinu anthu opanda phindu kukhala nanu in mother Malawi.

  30. MASO A GULU says:

    Udf ndi dpp apangaa kale yawo federal

    Nde mukamawauxaa za a federal yinanso Asaas

    Akuwopa kuti pabwerenso yina

    Basi akungofuna azigwilitsa wanthu ndikulamulira mwa THANGATA SYSTEM


  31. noma yachani says:

    mwat bwanji? federalsystem, ok ndiganize kaye!

  32. Stenolo Supuni says:

    Tiyeni nazo akanganya azathu akumpoto.Paja azathunu ndi sukulu mumazindikira zinthu mwasanga.Ife kwathu kwangudya makaka.

  33. danivell phiri says:

    Umbuli unachukuka Ku Malawi.90% of people in Malawi are illiterates.They don’t know anything about Federalism.You hear them writing about stupid federation just because they heard Kamuzu saying it.They are rigid to change.No wonder few greedy politicians have found niche to make massive riches out of these noisy illiterate dullards with no facts to back their arguments.Federalism is not about dividing Malawi but its a change of system in doing things.Even Pitala lived in a country where they practise federalism for 40 yrs.Ngati ali wachilungamo akulongosolelani za federalism.Im from the south but i support this federalism idea.

  34. john says:

    Komatu chonsecho taiwala that Speaker and Chief Justice are from the North and now Nike road and Mombera University zikubwera

  35. Damage says:

    Anthu akumwelaso mumandipangisa manyazi bwanj! Zowona zinthu zoti mayiko ena akugwilisa ntchito you say it cant work here. Musova bwana Petala. Dpp woyeeeee

  36. Zimdollar says:

    Mukamachita phoko anthu aku mpoto nonse muli ku m’mwela ngakhale Central tikupangani Xenophobia,federal government system yakwa amanu.

  37. Pasaulo says:

    The worst region my friend is south. Central has realised dat South people have been so arogant . Wait & see how k you are going to capsize 2019. Mulungu akukanthani kale ndi ma floods chifukwa chozuzinsa anthu pakubera mavoti . Ndi anthu amene zimuzatheka paka mulungu azakutheni pswithi !

  38. Blessings says:

    Atumbuka sizikuthandizan

  39. grem naidze says:



    Chikumukhudza Ndi Chani Mutharika?

  41. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Zipani zanu pamene zimapita ku ma election bwanji simunawauze amalawi za ubwino wa fedral system, lelo zipani zanu zaluza . Harry mkandawile ndi mzomela sanapasidwe unduna ayamba kuti bola federal mwina kuti apeze.

  42. smadav says:

    Shupiti!! Who told u dat federation is bad? Mbuli iwe eti!

  43. Mr Dambwe says:

    Mungopanga Dziko Lanu Chifukwa Position Ina Iliyonse Pazakhala Pali Mtumbuka.

    Izi Za Federal Zikuchedwetsani.

  44. Mtumbuka mmodzi to petition the president koma Mtundu uwu suganiza bwino.Mudzachita manyazi if you insist on referendum mutapeza 5% of all votes and that will permanently shut your mouth.Take time phuma mukugwa msanga kuno ndi malawi ,you can’t compare Malawi with Nigeria or south Africa.Secret no 1 Atumbuka sinthani approach in tackling issues of national interest zomwe zingatsekereze mwayi was Atumbuka ena oganiza bwino. Conclusion: Federalism will not success in Malawi zivute zitani .south and central know very well that the tumbuka are too selfish and self enriching and promote nepotism than other tribe in Malawi for that reason we say no to Federalism perpetrated by tumbuka. Say no Federal say yes to current system of government- unitary .

  45. Jenjewe says:

    Go on Bina Shaba!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Nalimata says:

    Nyondo says no to stupid and devisive federation. He says we should perfect decentralisation first.

  47. Jelbin mk says:

    Federalism is coming to stay and those against it are lazy people who want to reap where they didn’t sow they want other people to fight for them and theirs is only to enjoy the fruits of other people’s strive. The problem is that most of the people from the south did not go to school those who did only made it to standard 5 so we expect very little contributions towards this good project which will not leave anyone in the cold as is the case now where northerners are in the cold they have been denied their right to education through quota system. I don’t know why the government is against it is it because they enjoy oppressing northerners? I wonder.

  48. Shekman says:

    Bwanji Osangosamukila Ku Mpoto Kwanuko Muzikapanga Tizitukuko Mufunato, Muli Ku Mmwela Ndi Pakati Mukakamila Fed System, Mitu Yanu Ikugwila, Ife With Or Without Yo Stupid Federalism We Wil Live Together(south And Central) Inu Ma Northerners Mmafuna Tizingova Zainu Bwanj? Ngati Mwatopa Bwelelani Kwanu Mukapangeko Zitukuko Kulibezo Shupit Musiyeni APM asove nkhani zeni zeni, ndamva ayankhapo kale a boma mwayanka zazeru azipanga zaozo kwao konko

  49. Alfred Minjo says:

    Again, atumbuka atumbuka, very uncouthed and regionalistic tribe. A Bina, mwayamba liti ndale? Takapitilizani ntchito yanu ya u Clinical Officer, odwala akusowa chithandizo chanu.

  50. says:

    Rodgers Banda, you are really right! At times, with a few exceptions, I think Malawi is just a basket full of idiots who are simply irrational and myopic!

  51. yosefe gambatula says:

    Mutharika has spent 40 yrs in a very successful country in the world where they have been practising federalism since time immemorial and he even supported it before he became a president.So dullards like Sylvester cannot understand these things.So you need simply shut your mouth.

  52. mbodzole says:

    I don’t think it is right to say that distribution of development is done biasly. if we go back and take an account we all gonna realize that in the Bingu’s time the central region benefited more than any other region in the country in terms of infrastructures. even town roads city rights, but ignorantly we brame the government. For the North the Chitipa road is one of the most important development ppo from the north could have thanked Bingu for it to get completed, the tar roads in Mzuzu city, the city lights, the resrve bank, the MBTS, the ekwende mtwalo road, maize nkhokwe, police houses. south we can only talk of the Chipembere hogh way, the jali phalombe road not finished, and MUST had it been it wasn’t moved it could have been in the central again, the nsanje road. at times we have to appreciate other than calling for things which are useless. call me any thing, but our friends from the north are shellfish what type of a professor who can’t analyse issues before making noise. I think the professor behind this move is as blank as a child who has never been to xool IMVA!!!!

  53. matinga t kampango says:

    All Presidents were elected Democratically, so why not wait for your turn to vote in 2019 and vote for a President from your Region ? Nthawi yonseyi mukawa kochi ? Just intensify campagning when time is ready.

  54. max says:

    We don’t want federation. No need for referendum

  55. Nana says:

    Stupid lomwez very ingumbliant savages the least educated in nyasa are against good things alwez for hw long shall u remain kutchela tea for whites akapolo a dziko inu kugwe mvula kuswe dzuwa mwavala malona a yellow kutchela tea machende anu ndithu!!!!

  56. duma wa duma says:

    U can call us names but the truth remain mwatipondeleza pakwana its time to take our name and tribe very seriously this is our land and we can choose to whatever we want to achieve.

  57. Mhesha says:

    As u long as you were just too comfortable by eating money through Cashgate during your JB without saying anything about Federalism, then we will never listen to your barking now that DPP is ruling. Iyaaaaa! Tisiyeni nafe tilamulire… DPP woyee!

  58. chete says:

    One day you northerners will receive a full wrath as a response to zamanyi mumachitazi. who doesn’t know kuti you are worse than everyone when it comes to nepotism? Go check in offices, its all tumbukas due to nepotism. Mukuwona ngati sitimakupilirani? What more do you want? Kukhala chetekutu sikupusa!!!

  59. Teenage says:

    No sense zosathandiza

  60. Kennedy says:

    Yes to fedral goveenment. We’ve seen triple rubish Leaders Muluzi, bingu peter is the worst headless chicken. It seems to be pretty sure that the people from south knows nothing but stealing. Mbaya mwee! If it wasnt be for bearing children like pigs no Leader would be produced there because they have no wisdom. Why do you say no to development does it make sense?

  61. duma wa duma says:

    If u ask me I think is better to do that way! that place u ‘ve been calling it thengele for such a longtime ppl frm the great north they need development that the can be proud of to call it home. Always LL BT even ntcheu u can not compare with Mzimba or karonga and this is nonsense

  62. More fire!Tiyeni nawo anamachende a chilhomwewa!Zayambikanoooooo….

  63. Obster says:

    This is the poor of service delivery and leadership skills and knowledge of the petition for the country, how can we think that we have to divide the poor country that even not fit for pitersburg

  64. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Federal System of Govt is good

  65. man says:

    Atumbuka inu! Zipitani mukambe utumbuka wanuwo kwanu! Mukutinyasa nazo izi! Iya! Ma vigils mupanga anthu angati? Go on, zipanganitu!

  66. Sapitwa says:

    I knew it that it could fly. This is a Northern Region issue hence staged in Mzuzu and not coordinated in the whole country. Demoyi inalibe moto. Try again may be May be mmmm!

  67. Sylivester says:

    Stupit federation, atumbuka bwanji osangosamuka kumapita kwanuko, agalu inu mumatinyasa ife pakati pano zedi

  68. Rodgers Banda says:

    1) Everyone will work at his region
    2) You won’t settle in any other region which isn’t your home
    3) Cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu will be inhabited by South, Central , and North respectively

    4) The country is divided in tribalistic regions.
    5) One won’t vote for a party from a other region.
    * To educate these illiterate majority needs money for campaigns. Some will campaign using words like (shupit federeshoni) Others who joined politics because it’s the only way to rob and earn a living will use more govt money to campaign against it.

  69. Patrick Phiri says:

    Nonsense! Mwatumidwa eti! Where were you when JB was president? Zopusa zanuzo sizitheka.


    Federal system is divisive, regionalistic, nepotistic and comes from the mind of the devil who does not want Malawians to live in harmony, peace and unity. A president is a president of Malawi no matter whether he comes from the south or centre or north.

    This is the work of a certain group especially from the north who have been frustrated for not getting political positions. So they want to rule their regions through federal system.

    This is the battle between the north and the so called Chewas from the south and centre. Malawians will not allow these divisions to prevail.

  71. ujeni says:

    Good show now let the centre be brave too and do the same. For how long should the North be carrying change all the time. Time to show up now.

  72. Rodgers Banda says:

    Mutharika is not a problem since he knows how it works. But the problem is the numerous blind Malawians who think it’s dividing Malawi. Civics in schools is replaced by useless subjects.Most of prospering govt in Africa have federal government ie SA Nigeria are best.

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