North Malawi query China’s aid projects: ‘We’ve been deprived’

Leaders in the northern region in the arenas of religion, development and social science, politics and activism have taken turns in faulting the Malawi government for behaving “regionalist” in her manner of allocating USS1.3 million worth of development projects that are expected to be financed by the Chinese government.

Dan Msowoya: North Malawi deprived

Dan Msowoya: North Malawi deprived

The seven projects which include the construction state-of-the-art international airport at Chileka in the commercial capital Blantyre, have opened a can of worms across the citizenry with some in defence of the state and others doing otherwise.

This week, Minister of Information and government spokesperson Jappie Mhango defended government saying the northern region was “equally benefitting” from government development projects.

Mhango cited the to-be constructed Karonga Stadium in Karonga and the University of Mombera in Mzimba, among others.

But political activist and ex-Alliance for Democracy (Aford) secretary general Dan Msowoya quashed Mhango’s arguments saying “we’ve been deprived.”

He told Nyasa Times that there was no guarantee that the money for construction of the stadium and the university in Karonga and Mzimba respectively was available.

“And the projects are not actually part of the seven projects we’re talking about.”

He added: “Actually, it took billions of kwacha to build the university at Ndata (private palace of late Bingu wa Mutharika), how can a mere K100 million build the so called Mombera University. And, we don’t know whether any money is available for the project[s].”

Social commentator Gerrard Nkhata depriving the northern region of the projects was a “non-starter” not only for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) but also to the government of Malawi.

“It is the most important part of Malawi in terms of minerals and closeness to Tanzania where the economy is growing at a supersonic speed,” he argued.

Nkhata said “except for the electricity and internet projects, I would cancel all the projects. If I were government I would replace them with a railway to connect the North to the Centre. This would significantly help in transporting the minerals between the regions.”


Msowoya described the allocation of the projects as being “unconstitutional.”

He said: “I don’t remember the issue being ever tabled in parliament. If it were the question would have been why not in the north.”

Msowoya then described politicians from the Northern Region “impotent” because they had failed to deliver.

“They’re tamed. They cannot think on their own. Their impotence has been detrimental to development in the northern region,” he argued.

He claimed in 1996 government secured a loan from the Kuwait Bank for the Mzimba-Kafukule-Njakwa Road but the money was diverted for the construction of a road in Mangochi during the United Democratic Front (UDF).

“It was because of the same impotence of our leaders,” he argued.

Msowoya, also a spokesperson for a forum advocating for a federal system of government in the country, said “all these should not have been issues if we were run by a federal system of government.”

Government should listen

Synod of Livingstonia General Secretary Levi Nyondo suggested “government should listen by rescinding its decision.”

He said all the regions including the northern region looked up to government as their “mother.” But, he added, it was disappointing that government was not distributing the national cake equally.

“They [government] have demonstrated that our [northern region] is not a priority.”

Opposing views

But UK-based social and development scientist Pearson Nkhoma said he had no problems with the projects.

“This shows Malawi has more potential for investment. Government should now do more to attract Russia or Brazil to invest.

“China cannot invest in every district. The Centre and the South are also part of Malawi. The development is happening in Malawi even if it were all allocated in Nsanje,” argued Nkhoma.

Funded projects

Of the seven projects only three are grants totalling $58 million (K33 billion) for the construction of the Blantyre District Hospital and Cancer Centre in Blantyre. The Blantyre District Hospital is set to be built at Kameza on the site where the abandoned Muammar Gaddafi Hospital Project was.

The projects would be financed by China Exim Bank, main lenders, while most would be implemented by China Gezhouba Group Company Limited.

Chinese aid figures are treated as state secrets. Exim Bank publish no figures about their vast loans to poor countries.

Among the grants which China has made is $2 million (about K1.1 billion) for the procurement of police for the Malawi Police Service, construction of a technical teacher’s training college costing $5 million (about K2.8 billion) and construction of community technical colleges costing $6 million.

Under the grants, China will also support technical services for the Bingu National Stadium for $1 million (K570 million), construction of a new Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation building amounting to $3 million and procurement of office equipment and furniture for the Ministry of Industry and Trade amounting to $1 million.

China has pended for review road projects namely Tsangano-Neno-Mwanza Road, Mangochi-Makanjira Road and the upgrading of the Phombeya-Makanjira-Nkhotakota-Chatoloma 220 kv power line.

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89 thoughts on “North Malawi query China’s aid projects: ‘We’ve been deprived’”

  1. aaron says:

    we r all Malawians and let’s move together no one should divide us.

  2. jmc says:

    Kkkk. Lets imagine the state of the srt internaationsl airport goes to Mzimba or Mzuzuni. Who will be flying there? To do what? What do u want the airport in Mzukuzuku for? It is the economic activities that draw pipo into BT more than anywhere else in Malawi. Boma z in LL but BT keeps changing for the bettr. It is probably the only city in the country that has city standards. Y cant u ask urself that even anexecutive coach line never goes Northern way. Even axa! The market is self regulated atumbuka imwe. Business goes where thre is money & there z no money in the north compared to Centrr and South. Ask CEDEP to relocate there. Period!


    iweyo ndiwe garu weni weni.ukuganiza Dan angachite mantha anayamba,nthawi,bakili iyeyo Dan ukumvera chisoni anthu akumpoto

  4. Lenadi bonke says:

    Inutu atumbuka dyera simuzalamulira Malawi. Mumalembana ambwenumbwenu okhaokha pa ntchito. Ife tizikuponderezani m’boma

  5. phofo says:

    Winston Nsowoya, just to school you abit,you have missed it big time when you say that in Mozambique, the majority tribe are the shanganis. Infact they are one of the average tribes,they are only advantaged than the rest because of being in the south close to south africa. You even notice when you meet them. The majority tribe is makuwa which runs from the centre(zambezia province) to far north with denominations of lhomwes,chuabu and makonde where nyusi happens to come from. On sidelining the north in developmental issue I don’t see any problems with government building something in Lilongwe than in mzuzu.perhaps you wouldn’t see that difference if you felt yourself being more of a Malawian than a northerner. By the way,have you ever travelled? How would you respond someone asking you about your capital city? Would you proudly tell him that its “Lilongwe”?. Northerners, start loving Malawi and get rid of that stress and start feeling proud of every development taking place in any part of Malawi.

  6. Dido says:

    Agalu inu ambwenumbwenu, mumadzatenga athu aku Mozambique mwati ndi a central or south. Mututane kumeneko nda azigogo anu omwe mubwere kuno azigogo anuwo azaone nyumba zakubambanabambana, azabibenso m’maje. Bwerani chitukuko ndichakuno kumeneko tidzalako nkhalango, the biggest manmade forest in africa kkkkkkkkkkkkkqkqkqkqk!

  7. Winston Msowoya says:

    It is shameful and disappointing to read all about hatrade comments in Nyasatime day in day out while we have acute and devastating economic problems affecting all poor Malawians regardless from where they come from.This trend seems to gain momentum each day comes in with the express support to be fair,from Southern and Central local and national leaders.The often repeated accusations against the hated Northerners is,” Atumbuka akudzikonda.”This remark is purely driven by jealousies and ignorance of the highest level.Animals for that matter also love themselves,every human being loves himself/ herself so what’s wrong for Tumbukas to love themselves.Afterall,a Tumbuka is one of the tribes found in the North alongside Nyakyusa,Lambya,Tonga,Ngoni etc.So lack of education and sense of patriotism is a problem here.If Lomwes are Malawians,then Tumbukas are Malawians so on and so forth.It is widely acknowledged that all this humbug started when former obnoxious tyrant Hastings Banda imposed the inhuman QUATA SYSTEM over the Northerners and followed by senseless repatriations of massive civil servants plus teachers back to the North.Malawians,you had seen national bloody conflicts in neibouring Mozambique driven by the same evil tribalism between the majority Shangani from the South and minority Northerners who played a pivotal role in the liberation struggle.After 35 years in power,the majority Shanganis paved the way for minority representation that in turn,for the first time,the current President Mr.Nyusi comes from the minority Makondes for the north.Has the sky fallen? Malawians,we are not Engels,the Rwandese bloody civil conflict was driven by the same attitudes from the ruling clique.The Hutu majority were accusing the Tutsi minority of taking all the jobs in the country.Finally,Malawi belongs to us all regardless of population density or otherwise.May God the Almighty bless Malawi and Africa.

  8. chilipaine says:

    Ahinya takhalani kaye Presedent….then muzizazigaiyila chitukuko mukufunacho….anthu ozikonda inu!

  9. NYIKA BOY says:

    ine sitingakwatire nchewa,nsena,chimlomwe ndi chiabiti ujeni,never never never never.anthu ochitindidwa ndi fisi kapena nyahumbi ine ayi.amene mukupanga timacomment tikumanyoza the blessed people(manorthers),bwerani kumpoto muzaziwonere m’mene southeners ndima centraners akuvutikira ndiukaporo.even government knows that slave trade yikadalipo kumpoto.sitizasiya kukutengani muma track ndikumakagwira ukayidi ku north.ngati kwanu kumwera kapena pakati kuli chitukuko,nanga bwanji azimbale anu akumwera/pakati amabwera kumazagwira ugadi kuno? otsawalemba ntchito konko bwanji? ntchito zomwe amafuna kuno zopanda mapepara? muzimvere chisoni anthu mukupanga macomment pano.anthu otsaphuzira kwawo ku jando/simba kapena kudabwe.chokani apa anthu omakonza ndi kunyera mumabigiri usiku toilet yiri pompo.umve umve anthu inuuuuuu,

  10. Kamoza says:

    I thought it was agreed that the Cancer Centre will be constructed in Lilongwe. How come this report says Blantyre?

  11. Jonathan says:

    The cabinet of Peter just trys to show that they likes North but they are enemies of the North.
    Theire evil spirits of deprieving the North now is worse now.the central and southeren you feel as if its only ya who fought for freedom of Mw may be cos the 1st president was from the central.?so ya feel the North is useless.
    You look wise but foolish not ashamed at all with your unequal development.
    Allow to standard Northern to stand on its own if you can be proud saying processing plant yikamangidwa ku Mwanza.
    Kuzgolowera kwiba wa chewa+walomwe!

  12. mtumbuka1 says:

    Assholes from the south thinks everyone from the north is a tumbuka, can’t you fuckers do some research for goodness sake?? Mitu phoooo!

  13. Alfred Newmann says:

    Methinks the building of a new foreign affairs building is an ill-conceived project,. We have hardly finished paying the South Africans for the Capital Hill complex where the current foreign office is.
    Malawi’s crying needs are in water, power, transportation, and education to act as a catatyst for industrial growth and bring about unity among diverse groups. Projects like the canalling and rehabilitation of the Rukuru river, the extension and introduction of the railway system to the North, and reafforestation programmes can bring about growth and development. Yes, and why not locate the cancer centre in the North? Stadiums can wait.

  14. tan'gatan'ga says:

    We want to see a quota system in cabinet too if it is a fair system.

  15. Jonathan says:

    How foolish it is to take afund from where it is required and use it somewhere it was not ment for and you say the Northern reader are impotent..this shows how unconsiderate you are and this spirit was planted in most of southern and central leaders thats why you don’t much pay attention when it comes on develop in the Northern coz ur minds are full of intimedation and you consider Northern as if you can’t manage to help the Northen let it be independent than fooling it the way it is.How dare the govr it is to give ahandful funds to Mombela Unv.and Karonga stadium for construction while spending billions on little things favouring one side.think wise if you are wise.

  16. nsana wamaphwevuphwevu says:

    Reply to nsana wa petro

    Which north has good houses? I have there from Embangweni to M’quocha. People are very poor there living grass thatched mboshomboshos. You must be a joker.
    South is doing better than dead north. The only problem is population. Out of only 1.5 million in north 1 million people are doing fine representing 75 percent. while out of 8 million people in south 4 million are doing better representing only 50 percent. This is true considering how scattered houses are in north.
    On regional basis south is rich including MUST, new Chileka airport, cancer hospital, Blantyre district which will be bigger than mzuzu Referral hospital itself plus plus, you will see that south is now getting richer than the home of Dan Msowoya above. Atumbuka muchita kumvetsa chisoni tsopano. Kaya kumwera kuno zikuyenda.

  17. Mirella K says:

    Koma a Tumbukawa abale. Ine ndithu ndikanakhala mtsogoleri wa Maawi, agalu awa ndikanawapatsa Northen part of the country not as a province but as their own country. Yeah, tione kuti akanatani. Just what’s wrong govt prioritizing Chileka Aiport? What’s wrong Building a Ministry of foreign Affairs building at Capital Hill? mmafuna akamange ku Mchengautawa? koma

  18. Kenkkk says:

    Godwe, chiumia, mhango and nghambi, you are disgraceful, foolish, stupid and very embarrassing bastards, excuse my language as I am very angry with you puppet northerners’ so called cabinet ministers. And you Mhango, please just shut up!!! Go back to school.

    You just sit in the cabinet silently without a single objection while these dpp south thugs allocate China funded projects to the south. Even the coal processing plant will be built in mwanza while the coal is mined in rumphi with millions of reserves in Karonga and you fucking four bastards just sit there, agreeing yes, yes yes. Again excuse my language, it just shows how far you four have really poked me.

    To hell with your mombera or Karonga stadium, are these Chinese funded projects? We will only accept them if they are completed by 2018 before the election. They better be.

    We are tired of these dpp thugs using northern region resources to source funding in China for projects in the south. We are tired of these dpp making deals behind the backs of Malawians and parliament.

    And you Peter, please stop telling us about patriotism, the only patriotism that you and fellow dpp thugs know is that of the south, not Malawi. You are treading on a very dangerous path you pigs. You don’t want unity in the country.

  19. Mukavu says:

    It’s only federalism which can help North Malawi.

  20. vetran says:

    they are lunatic people they dont know they meaning of democracy and yet democracy stated from the north fedral state is for the gorvement of malawi

  21. vetran says:

    this people they hate northernes for reason .but they should know that democracy comes from northern region ,WAIT FOR FEDRAL STATE OR PARTITION OF MALAWI it wil happen one day

  22. willybetha says:

    Tsankho ili lizatha liti kumpotoko mwina ndikunja ???

  23. Kaboola DZ says:

    Ndimamva chisoni its Bingu who changed North but they hate him. if you were in Mzuzu 2009 Mzuzu was trash Wake up

  24. mtumbuka1 says:

    I’m sick and tired with the way the mutharika government and indeed all the previous ones treated /treats people of the north. We won’t mind if we could stand on our own since it doesn’t make sense to belong to the whole fucking country while we are deprived of the developments we equally deserve. It’s about time peter stood up and be honest with us and tell us that we are not enough Malawians. These so called grants and loans you are getting from china will be paid by our children and grandchildren too but unfortunately they will be paying for things they don’t have. The stupid president must catch a wake up and distribute the development equally, who said Malawi is for fucking lomwes? In fact my research tells me that lomwes are Mozambicans so they can as well fuck off to Mozambique.

  25. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    A counter-question to you idiot is, “why are there more poor tobacco tenants from the south working for northerners?” Infact, there are better villages in the north and centre than south. You are only displaying hatred for the northerners. What a villain you are!!!

  26. Bwabwalala says:

    The problem with people from the south and even centre are that they are big headed for nothing. This is why they put all the development activities in their own regions. How I hate this batch of homo sapiens. They always look clueless and myopic. I repeat I hate these people with their ugly women.

  27. tsetsefly says:

    The fact of the matter is that the north will continue to be used by politicians from the south and the centre to satisfy thier selfish ambitions. I doubt if there will be any meaningful development that side given fact that the Chinise loan and grants may be the only meaning means of development in this term of office. The new minister of information is another puppet of the highest order that I have seen in the latest moment. So DPP will use this puppet boy the way they used the puppet gogo in the name of Badall G. At the end of it all its going to be confusion and no development that side. So I side with Dan in his cry for equitable distribution of developments.

  28. devilsadvocate says:

    Now I know why Late Ngwazi the 1st chased u guys to go home kumapiri konyasa. Have you forgotten you tell your school children kuti: ” limbikirani school my kaone Ku bu la ntaye” Go to Zomba, blantyre , Lilongwe all over Malawi you will find that Atumbuka akugula malo ndiku mamanga that’s number 1. Go and check with Radio Maria kwadzadza atumbuka that’s 2. Go Ku Catholic Relief Service atumbuka okhaokha anyway there are a lot too numerous to write. Now the point is if you want the north to develop u start lifting this load up to your knees then if you can’t go further call for help. Apo bii ndinu azeleza vindele.

  29. George phiri says:

    Lets be reasonable here, am from mzimba but stayed in Ndirande for ten years. This the message to all Malawians! These are major developments which can only take place in places where they will serve many people. Chileka airport v Mzuzu aiport you will see that airlines will be more interested in flying to blantyre than Mzuzu not because of the airport size but economic activities. Other countries have tried to spread developments anyhow but the end result has been very bad with noone to use the facilities. I have seen such projects in Brazil, China, Russia and ofcourse our own Ndata farm.

  30. Kanongwa says:

    nkayesa kuti atumbuka mumati ndinu anzeru kuposa anthu onse ochokera mmadera ena a dziko la Malawi? ndipo nchifukwa chake bwana akakhala mtumbuka pa office, kukabwera anthu awiri, mtumbuka wina mchewa, amene amalembedwa ntchito mosavuta ndi mtumbuka, popeza amatha kunena ‘mbwenu’. ndikunama? mu Lilongwe momwemu tikuziona zimenezi, company kumakhala anthu ogwira ntchito 60, 59 atumbuka okhaokha, wachi 60yo wamtundu wina. musalire nkhanga zidaona, mudatchera pamtunda poonekera. tiyenazoni.

  31. mzuzu says:

    Nsowoya diopusa. Ask your fellow Tumbukas, why they build buildings in the central and Southern regions PROPERTIES? Kamangeni kwanu kuti muchite develop. Kwanu simugwilizana koma kwa eni. That is how the Tumbukas are. Asakunamizeni amenewa. Ndinakwatila Ntumbuka and that is what I have been told and seen. Mwamutukwana tukwana Peter puno mukulila chifukwa cha Chine. “DO NOT SHIT WHERE YOU EAT”

  32. Enoch Kumbani says:

    Waw amvetseni anthuwo

  33. James says:

    @15, I hope these people will understand this simple fact. The ball is in government’s court to share the resources equally. All those who are saying northerners should build north are SILLY and MYOPIC because Blantrye and Lilongwe cities were not built by people from these regions, but a combination of government resources, tax payers money and loans that all Malawians are paying.

  34. Think-tank says:

    Instead of coming together to eradicate poverty, hunger and diseases Malawians are too busy dividing along regional and tribal lines. What a pity. Malawians lets wake up from our deep slumber and work as one people. No wonder our neighbours laugh and call us names.

  35. James says:

    Malawi 4 sale

  36. Madala says:

    The best way to tell how our friends in the South think is simply to assess the state of our country since the coming of multiparty system of government. All this time the country has been ran by presidents from south. Biologically even LB is from the south, even though mumatiponyera ku nyasa republic .The current problems the country is facing is a good indicator of how southerners think. so as long as these pple continue to lead, dont expect anything good. Mwayamba kale kufa ndinjala,.

  37. John wa Chilungamo says:

    Sad indeed. Some people are looking at development with greed. Even though they will enjoy these benefits in the South they want them in the North so that when the so called federal system is in place they will have garnered considerable possessions. They already have started thinking like non=Malawians

  38. wise says:

    Ndimawelenganawo makometianuwa, ndimachokela kumpoto ngatima minister akwathuku North sakuwelenga zomweazathu mukutozela anthu akumpoto ndiye ndiwolakwa. Mongazinka yakuNorth ndikadakonda kuti tingosiyanapoapa palibe ukwatingatimamuna akukunyozela pgululaanthu. Tipilila mpakaliti kutithawizonse tizikagwila tchito ku BT pena ku LL. Panopamwapelekachitukuko ku chamaChines ku BT ndi ku LL olembedwa tchitoyo akhalaso akumadelaamenewo Nangaife akuNorth tchitotikayipezakui, tilowele ku TZ akuti inupitanikwanu ku SA ndiyeosanena. Anthu akuNorth akuzuzika pomwe minister of finance ndiwakuNorth kodisakuziwakuti kuNorth kuliahthuamoyo? Zafikapena pls anthu akuNorth dzukani apatutifela kuuna. Tigawane that’s the sorution

  39. Thermistocles says:

    The problem is that the northerners themselves don’t want to develop their region. When these people gets to the southern,central or eastern regional they get stack,build their houses,do whatever development and remain their for their entire life,whilst the others, the tend to develop their home region.

    If we CAN DO A STATISTIC WE’LL FIND OUT THAT MOST OF THE BUILDINGS FOUND IN THE SOUTHERN,CENTRAL AND EASTERN REGION ARE BUILT BY THE NORTHERNERS. Ask Dan Msowoya himself and you’ll find out that he has most of his developments away from his nothern base. Most of the emminent northerners have infrastructures away from their own region,and how do you expect the northern region to boom up in development????!!!!!!

    As long as the aproach is not changed,the northern region will remain to have an airport like a grazing field!!!!!!!!!!

    ANOTHER THING IS THAT,THE NORTHERNERS THEMSELVES SHOULD STOP DISCRIMINATION AND TREAT US ALL AS MALAWIANS!!!!!!!! For instance, we’re working on a certain project and we’ve gone through had times,now it’s coming to an end and the authorities have brought in new recruits to take in our positions on permanent basis. All of them are from the northern region,is this right?


  40. Yohane patrick super says:

    Ndangowerenga nawo chonena ndiribe.

  41. Nkhoko says:

    Dan Msowoya is right, kuti atumbuka ndiwodzikonda!!! Fotsek!

  42. Kodi wodandaulayo nyumba yake ili ku bt koma akufuna chitukuko ku mpoto. Mupite mukatukule kwanu. Mukutithela malo

  43. Great!!! ( kanyimbi). That’s the point

  44. sapitwa says:

    Genuine concerns:
    It is not healthy for Malawi to have Southern and Central Regions to be so heavily congested when the Northern Region has vast unoccupied land. The North has a lot to offer to all Malawians.The government should just focus its development to the North thus: intensive farming, tourism, encouraging factories to be established there, improve roads, hospitals, universities etc, the people in turn migrate to the north thus giving more room of breath at the center and south. This would be good for the country as a whole.

  45. Chokani achewa ndi alomwe anthu osaphuzira kwawo ku dabwe/simba.tikuthamangitsani ku nyika kuno muzipita kwanu kumwera/pakati.anthu omangodziwa kuchindana ndikukwatisa tiana.kumpoto malo ndi ambiri olima pamene ku center/south malo anatha kalekale.mutsayelekedze kuzazigulira maro kumpoto,muzipita ku mozambique kapena ku zambia.ngati pali anthu amene ntchito sizimawavuta ndia kumpoto,timangolembana tokha osati mitundu yinayi.ndife mabwana muma department onse a boma,private sector name it.A NSO anachititsa survey mu 2010.anapeza kuti ; ngati pali anthu ali ndi welfare yabwino, ndi anthu akumpoto,anthu osawuka kwambiri ndi akumwera second by center.anthu omangoberekana ngati nkhmba kapena mbewa ndiakumwera kenako apakati.anthu amene alimbe nyumba zabwino,amakhala ntimagowero ndi akumwera/pakati.ngati amati malawi ndi dziko losawuka kwambiri, kamba ka anthu akumwera then ine koma NSO plus them akuwuzani zowona zokhazokha.anthu obadwa ndi chiwanda chochedwa zodomu/gomora ndia kumwera.

  46. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    This nonsense of regionalism must stop. Why people from the north always think of development from a regionalistic point of view? All these projects are benefitting Malawians regardless of where they are located. How many northerners are getting their education and employment from MUST, UNIMA, MZUNI, LUANAR , CUNIMA. Foolish and myopic thinking from northerners. I will smoke you out

  47. Northerners we ll never give u a chance to lead Malawi, you are selfish, any not from the North is useless to u in all spheres of life, anthu oipa mitima inu!



  49. KK says:

    Mukachotsa tchile kuti mumange international airport muyambanso kudandaula chifukwa zimbuzi mulibenso mumazithandizila mtchile mom’mo. Koma atumbuka kuvuta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ndilibe mawu.

  50. jer says:

    Goodal is so daft, he prepares these developmental papers and can push nothing for north. Why prefer to be at the front. Soni zimukolani.

  51. mbuli67 says:

    Kumene kuli Chuma chako ndiye kumakhala mtima wako, how many influential politicians have homes in the north, aliyense akalemera ulendo Ku south or central, and you expect development in the north, muyiwale

  52. Chibalo says:

    It is true that Kumpoto kuli anthu odzikonda given that the many ali in good positions with their education or connections.It is also true kuti achewa ndi anthu odzikonda given that nthawi ya Kamuzu, all developmental projects were going to Lilongwe kwambiri and look at how better Kasungu is including Kamuzu Academy is there and many other good structures.But if you go to Kasungu you will see,Tumbukas,Chewas and even more Yaos paBoma living togther despite their cultural differences.

    In Mzuzu if you happen to be there today,in the town, there is the whole mixture of tribes speaking different languages,co-exsting pretty well despite their differences.You will never hear of any tribal wars.In other ways, IT IS and IT WILL NEVER be only TUMBUKAS living and benefitting in Mzuzu if it is developed.Go to Karonga,Rumphi,you will find more and more Chewas and Lomwes there even getting married there to Tumbukas.One therefore cannnot argue kuti why is it necessary to develop Mzuzu for example chifukwa anthu akumeneko onse alikuno?Ngati onse ali kunoko,then who is staying in Mzuzu right now?
    Again Malawians learn to love and forgive one another.Our Country is very poor.You see villages around Ntcheu,Blantyre,Lilongwe ku Kasiya,Salima,Dowa,they are almost the same as those in Thyolo,Mzimba,Mchinji,Rumphi-VERY VERY POOR.We are all Poor and we are just wasting our time instead of developing all regions.Whether you dont develop Mzuzu,Lilongwe,Dowa,Nsanje or Blantyre because of your region affiliations,the fact still remains that we are all living in an extremely POOR Country.Wake up Malawians,stop this nonsense of kunyozana,you are too poor for this.Whether you are from the North,South,Central,develop the whole country,dont look at where you are coming from.If you chase Tumbukas for example from South,Central,leaving foreigners like Indians,Nigerians,Somalias enjoying life,what will be your gain?The world will laugh at your stupidity.STOP THIS NONSENSE PLEASE.We are really behind times.

  53. Kadziotche says:

    Development is needed in the North.The North is part of Malawi.Equity should be seen in the distribution of national resources.Fact.

    I have one problem though with Northerners.They squeak a lot.It is true a squeaky wheel gets the grease.However,Northerners do not speak with one voice,one purpose.One moment they want cessation,the next moment they want inclusion,now they want equity.In short the North lacks leadership and sense of direction.Surprisingly,it is claimed or it is a fact too that 75% of the policy makers,intelligenstia,development economists,and business gurus are from the North of Malawi.

    If the North is deprived of development as Msowoya puts it,our representatives from the North who sit around big oak tables to make decisions are useless.They are self conscious and not patriotic enough.

    An advice to the North.Unite first.You are the smallest tribe by population in Malawi.When it comes to presidential hopefuls or contestants you field 12 aspirants.When none of them wins the presidential election you blame the South of nepotism or regionalism when the Southerners only fielded 3 candidates and one of theirs won. If you want a President from the North to come and develop the North it wont come soon.Please take my advice. Be appreciative of the little you have,More are coming.Great things after all.Stop acting as cry babies.Think like Kanyama Chiume,be a strategist.You will harvest hardwood and not mushrooms.Hardwood (m’bawa) takes hundreds of years to mature and bring value.Mushrooms take hours to grow and be harvested.Cry like Msoswoya you will be given mushrooms,MASAF type of development just to silence the loud mouths.Think strategically. Use “bana ba kwithu” at UN,ADB, EU,Embassies,Universities,Capital Hill etc.

  54. learnedmi says:

    Projects are done after feasibility studies. Road projects,we do count the number of cars that use that section of the road.In the same way is it FEASIBLE TO CONSTRUCT AN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN MZUZU? IT’S ONLY SOCIAL PROJECTS WHICH CAN BE APPRAISED FOR THE NORTHERN REGION.

  55. Kanyimbi says:

    Chibwana chomanyoza bwana yemwe ali pa mpando zotsatira zache ndi zimenezi. Palibe boma lomwe munagwirizana nalo: Atsamunda, Kamuzu, Bakili, Bingu onse mumadana nawo. JB mumagwirizana naye chifukwa mumabela limodzi. Chonde muphunzire kuchemerera gule yemwe ali mbwalo mukatero muzawona kuti muzasangalala. Koma zoti nyau iliyonse yalowa mbwalo muyitukwane mapeto ache mukhala anamalira choncho. Ngakhale nditakhala ine mtsogoleri inu muzingokhala ndi njala basi. Anthu oipa osathokoza.

  56. Shards says:

    Ayayayaya!!!!pple too much

  57. Phinifolo says:

    A Nkhoma, Muzinva chizungu. Anzanu akuti developing the region. Inu mukuti developing all districts. Foolish fool!

  58. Hens master says:

    North deserves projects as well.

  59. Kadakwiza says:

    I thank our president Professor of all professors, Peter Muthalika for punishing the people of the north for the reason nobody knows. I think its time for the people of the north to stand up and fight for their rights. Northerners must stand up and fight this guy called the oppressor. Rise North, Rise!

  60. Kabwira Kapasula says:

    Anayenera kugawa motere : Airport : Kukafukure , District Hospital and Cancer Centre : ku Ekwendendi , Misewu inenedwayo : wina uzungulire Livingstonia Synod , wina ku Rumphi , wina ku Zolozolo . Ife tikhumba mwana wa kwithu asangalare, mukuchita vitchi inu wa Chewa , Vindere vwa kufikapo

  61. maiye says:

    kodi inu atumbuka, akaika chitukuko kumpoto kodi chipindulira ndani poti nonse muli ku central ndi southern region? pitani kaye kwanu chitukuko chikupezani. muli apa kudandaula koma kuti tikukufuzeni nonsenu mmakhala zigawo zinazi. munatani kodi anthu inu always crying the regionalism card when you are the most selfish in this country? you are so impossible.

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      Inu ndiye achindere opanda nzeru. Ngati akumpoto onse ali ku south ndiye kuti dzimatenanti zakumwera(osati pa central) dzikuthyola khasu pamene mabwana awo akumpoto ali kudyelera ndikumwelera kumwera konko. Muziganiza musanakomente.

  62. Khalupa says:

    Agalu inu otchedwa manovenaz with your Dan Msowoya, you are hypocrites. Just few days ago, MCC signed contracts to upgrade electricity with 90% projects in the North and just one project in the south and and another in the centre but you were quite and now you are making noise you idiots – mbuzi zenizeni, agulukunyinda, vilekwa, vindele vakufipo. North Malawi ndiye kuti chani? Yambitsani dziko lanu – muone mmene tikuthamangitsireni ndi xenophia- muchonganso afwenkhele inu.

  63. commenter says:

    Kodi iff northerners are so damn smart and they are rich why don’t they develop midzi yawo?? whats stopping them kodi?? Why don’t they convince their bloody relatives to develop their northern region apa if they are tired of government. They need to stop this stupid blame game on our President Peter Mutharika, its about time that they travel up north and build their upstair houses there instead osamativutitsa kuno down south. We are happy with ourselves!!

  64. John Zenus Ungapake says:

    ine siwakumpoto koma anthu amulungu kunena chilungamo anthu akumpoto timawapondeleza,zitukuko zonse ndi ku Lilongwe or Blantyre.

    Kutiso muonesetse anthu ambili amene akuvutika kuyenda kumapita ku south Africa ndi maiko ena kukasaka maganyu amachokera kumpoto,reason? its a dead region,no industries,no factories just nothing anyamata amangokhala nkumaotha dzuwa,koma kuti mupite ku Chikhwawa or Nkhotakota for instance mukapeza anyamata ndi atsikana otchena bwino ali busy ndi timaganyu tosiyana siyana,reason? kuli ma factory ndi ma industries ochuluka,and ambili kuti muwafuse kumeneko kukakhala even ku Blantyre or Lilongwe samasilira because they are comfortable with their lives in their towns.
    Please chonde tiyeni tizikondana, anzathu akumpotoso ndi amalawi,asamakhale ngati ma refugees mu dziko lawo lomwe.
    Next time when you negotiate for another deal with China or the West make sure you include Fish processing plant in Nkhatabay,
    a rubber making factory in Mzimba, a juice making plant in Rumphi,a modern Rice milling plant in karonga,an International Airport in Mzuzu and an International stadium in Mzuzu.
    And court investors as well to build shopping malls,hotels and recreational centrers in Mzuzu.
    We want to see tall buildings and sky scrappers in the northern region as well

  65. KK says:

    Kumpto kulibe athu. Wonse ali kujubeki ndi Kumwela. Why develop north. Anthu wosayamika inu. Cashgate munadzadzana thoo!!!!! dyela basi.

  66. Mateo darmian says:

    Koma kunyasa nkhope kuli.ndi atumbuka,olo ma chinese anangowopelatu..!!kkkkk tamuwoneni msowoyayu kuda! Shaa onsetu nde ndichoncho kuyipa nkhope ndi.mtima womwe..kuzikonda ngati chitendene choboola silipasi…
    Mtumbuka sazatheka!!

    Mwauponda mafana nkhalango imene ija tikamangeko state of the art hospital??airport?? For who?? The monkeys of chikangawa maybe??

    1. M23 says:

      Paja bububu ndi Mtumbuka ndi malemu mkulu wake. Anthu oti normal picture ndi catoon kale, not only in appearance in acting as well.

  67. Kalumadazi says:

    Mtumbuka sazatheka..pachilichonse amawonapo tsankho,kapena amazipatula..kodi are you not malawians..isnt this all development for malawians..ine kumpoto ndinakhalako looking at the size of the mzuzu town for instance and the household incomes of people in mzuzu for instance..nde mukamangeko stadium mpilawo azikawonela angati ndipo akatha kulipira?nonse mumakazadzana ku Blantyre and lilongwe and busy complaining here..dzindere zakufikapo!! Stop whining..go start entrepreneurial activitity there and chitukuko chibwela…gvt cant stop developing densely populated areas for that y scatter of a diagram you call home..mbuzi nonse!!Musova!!

  68. Nyamazi says:

    This is why all of us in the North support the Federal system of Government because people from each region or province will be able to look at their own development issues and use the available budget wisely.

    The DPP government is not happy with the call for a federal system because their chances of stealing will be greatly reduced.

    We would not be surprised if one day, war of liberation could break out. The North liberating itself from stupid and corrupt successive governments.

  69. James Chawala says:

    Mtundu uwu simungaukwanise olo mutachita bwanji, amafuna zonse zikhale zao basi. Ndi anthu osayamika. Ngakhale patabwera boma lina makhalidwe ao ndi omwewo, zomvesa chisoni . Chitukuko ngati chikuchitika ku Malawi mdela lirinse , khaya kumpoto, Central , kumwela ndi cha a Malawi . Kodi vuto ndi chani. Opani Mulungu lankhulani chilungamo .

  70. GONANI says:

    Almost everything Chinese made is very nice and beautiful but cars…. they are very ugly. In fact all Chinese models of cars are just a big fuck up. We don’t want aid in cars!

  71. Mbuyache says:

    Zikutengera kumene kuli anthu ambiri.THE HIGHER THE POPULATION THE HIGHER THE DEVELOPMENT.SOUTH POPULATION IS HIGH.Eetu nanga akasiye ku zolozolo kuli anthu angati.mukulephera kumanga nyumba ku mpoto kwanu mukumanga kumwera muti kuopa kulodzedwa.SIMUDZATHEKA INU

  72. master says:

    What we have to understand here is the fact that Malawi is not like USA which is heavily funded and developed by private sector, in US, private sector decides development, USA is one of the most private sector driven economy, in Africa its different, Malawi is no exception, development in Africa, is govt driven economy, that is to say that whenever govt wants to bring development to a particular location,it will go that side, so there have been many talk of north being under developed, it is true because s o far govt has not initiated that willing to estabilish that enviroment for growth, a good example is when Zomba was capital city, Parliament, UNIMA, MANEB, MENTAL HOSPITAL, STATE HOUSE among others were first built in zomba, because the capital city was in Zomba, Zomba was the best city then, when kamuzu shifted that capital city to LL, development growth shifted to LL, but during Muluzi time he shifted back to BT as a commercial city but growth concentrated in BT since the president spent most of his time in BT,when Bingu came in 2004, he made a decration that he will be operating from Capital Hill as an administrative Hub, have u seen how Lilongwe has outgrown BT because of that declaration made by Bingu? LL has presidentila villas, BINGU CONFRENCE , new stadium, new parliament,we saw Airtel, standard bank among others also relocating the head offices from BT to LL, they were in short simply following the Administrative capital of Malawi govt,they follow govt because its the largest business partner in a country such as Malawi. all these came to LL because govt took that directive to tell china where these must be built, China simply built where MW govt told them where to build. we have to understand here that, if Peter Mutharika can only make simple declaration that he will operate from Mzuzu for only 2 yrs, u will also see economic boom in that region, Malawi is govt driven economy, where the govt hub is, that is where companies, businesses want to be, that is a fact, so to insult northerners that they must develop wokha is an insult to people intelligence because what has built BT, LL mainly is not Mr chisale, Mr phiri never built chipembere highway, MUST, LL stadium, presidential villas, Bingu conference center, but these were built due to govt authority.

  73. Ndinene Dzina says:

    How can I join ISIL? Malawi politicians need ISIL to be put on check.

  74. mmalawi says:

    Good one bambo Msowoya, the Airport should be built in Mpherembe, Cancer hospital in Chitipa.

  75. Uchindami says:

    It should be $1.3 billion!

  76. kennzo says:

    I can forsee the problem the lhomwe will have once dpp is out, they will garnish their teeth. Everything has its time its time for the tristic lhomwe but once dpp is out they will also cry for they are overpopulated in south but they have no land to cativate wait and see.

  77. Martin says:

    As much as i appreciate that the projects are going to help or improve Malawi and its citizenry, I am of the view that government could have done better in allocating the projects with prudence and careful review in how a particular project will best save it’s purpose. For example, Cancer is turning out to be big problem, so with that in mind I think the proposed Cancer Centre could have best served the purpose if built in a centrally located in order to maximize the catchment area. Secondly, I think the DPP government has goofed again big time considering when there are calls and debate on federalism. This is shooting oneself in the foot as all this is giving the proponents of federalism facts to cement there grounds into pushing for change in system of governance.

  78. lizombe says:

    ine sindimadziwa kt anthu a
    kumpotonu mumafuna chani kwenikweni, kukhala ngati a Boko Halamu.

  79. SONG says:

    This is very pathetic, Minister from north siding with bad practice of laying projects in south and central only shame on you. You wont win again amudala. Ukuwonekaso umasuta chamba Jappie Mhongo fotseki.

  80. Mapiri says:

    Reporter Nyondo, what Msowoya is saying is a fact and not ca laim. Remember Msowoya was Secretary General of Aford. He’s saying the truth. Govt secured funding in 1996 for the Lunjika road. But funds were diverted.

  81. Grip says:

    When placing development projects it is vital to consider geographical and service accessibility . The cancer hospital why not in lilongwe so that all can benefit or may be more cancer patient are frm southern

  82. lonje ken says:

    tsankho silidzatha lets support every Malawian regardless of regions

  83. nthandalanda says:

    Iwe gas machine head ndiwe chitsiru chodya manyi ake. Udziwr zimenezo basi. Do you call development when part of your family is starved? Why not give us federal system of government? Chifukwa Chani? No mining again in the north. Get Uranium at Peter’s house. Stupid!

  84. Kasawala says:

    Opposition in Malawi

  85. Gas machinehead says:

    Atumbuka inu – Kodi magetsi a kamwamba project azawalira ku mmwera kokha? Nanga e-government ikhala kummwera kokha. Anthu inu mumafuna zonse zikhale zanu basi mtundu wozikonda inu.

  86. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Dan Msowoya is right.

    Imagine Blantyre District Hospital and Cancer Centre in Blantyre as well.

    Iwe Jappo how will people from your are and who voted for you, going to benefit from facilities located in Blantyre?

    You are being selfish, sir?

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