‘North Malawi under intensive development drive’

Social observers have quashed assertions by government critics and pro-federalism proponents who say the recent Malawi-Chinese development pact has sidelined the Northern region in allocation of projects.mombera

However, an honest outline of projects by government indicate that the North stands to benefit from this pact and has some of the major projects that Malawi as a country is undertaking through other initiatives.

Under the education sector, construction of the Mombera University is under-way in Mzimba and upon completion it is set to become probably the country’s largest institution of higher learning both in terms of land and student intake.

Also at an advanced stage is the Njakwa- Livingstonia Road and the Jenda-Edingeni Road; the former is more than a road project because it connects the church mission to the rest of the country through easing of mobility.

Livingstonia is renowned as the epitome of education having been the pioneering spot where the missionaries intensified education over a century ago.

“Such a project speaks volumes of how government intends to weave together our rich history and modern needs in view of the massive impact and influence that the Livingstonia Synod has in the Northern Region,” observed one commentator.

Also on the cards is the upgrading of the Mzuzu-Nkhatabay Road which will instantly open up the lake-shore belt to all the districts in the North.

The current road is tiny such that it hinders meaningful economic activity because it does not appeal to many motorists and would-be investors along this region.

In tourism circles there is already hype around the commencement of the Vwaza- Nyika Road very soon.

This road will facilitate tourism activities for locals and foreigners visiting probably Malawi’s most beautiful tourist destination, the Nyika Plateau and Nyika National Park.

For people of Karonga, they have already started experiencing the fruits of the DPP-led government.

Rumphi-Nyika-Nthalire-Chitipa and Mzimba-Eswazini-Ezondweni- Ekwendeni roads Jenda-Edingeni Road are also on course.

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34 thoughts on “‘North Malawi under intensive development drive’”

  1. Taelo says:

    All tribes in malawi are inferior to the northernes. God always guides us thats why we excell ngakhale ndi school yomwe.

  2. Taweni says:

    Sale – outs have no place in northern Malawi. Lets support federalism for a genuine change.

  3. Lichenya says:

    Anthu oti anapemphera satukwana. Onse amene amatukwana kumakhala kutsonyeza kupanda nzeru kuchitira umboni kuti ku mission ngakhake mwina anapitako koma sanapemphere mapemphero oyenerera. Zipatseni ulemu

  4. kaka says:

    Ameneyo nde mutumbuka. Vindere vakufikapo . Vibantu vosayamika. Bwanji vivote visanke president wa chitumbuka

  5. Mkwapu says:

    Quota system!!!

  6. Mkwapu says:

    Mombera university opening next week
    1500 students selected. All lomwes

  7. Jim Nyirenda says:

    As i am talking am in Mzimba,which Mzimba Eswazin road is in progress ?.My home district is Rumphi which Njakwa Livingstonia road is in progress ?

  8. Asant'e says:

    @ Duduzi. Well well well spokem my brother!!! U are the true Northerner!!! N I salute u. If Goodall Gondwe n his friends from the north could think twice northern region would do better. But bcoz they enjoy eat sausages with DPP n enrich themselves!!! It is our time to think and act!!!! Northerners were dumped and we live like foreigners in Malawi. So now is enough!!!!

  9. Happening Boy says:

    The author of this piece is a big fool.

  10. ngongoliwa says:

    Coal is in RUMPHI n u put coal generator in Mwanza, u call that chinese investment? Khalani ndi first lady wanu wa Global Fund.

  11. Madala says:

    iwe walemba usange uli mwanalume matongo ghako pala uli mwanakazi kongo wako. ulikupusa chomene.

  12. hippo says:

    Atumbuka mbuzi za anthu dzimabwera ku Lilongwe mkumafuna kumakhala pazokha ndi ambwenu anzawo mmalo omwera mowa kaya matchalitchi dzikuyankhula chimbwenumbwenu.Dzipitani kwanu a gologolo inu

  13. duduzi says:

    The writer is myopic and no apologies to say that He/She is very, very stupid. You would have done a lot of justice to the Northerners by not even writing this article.

    You do not need to go to school only to realize that the so called projects your calling them are just dreams of a barren woman. You think we do not know how realistic projects look like? God is watching you and one day, I mean one day all these politicians will be answerable. We will not remain like that……we will not keep on crying …..time will come for us to smile.

    Your politicians keep on killing us and our children through biased policies. We know that …..and you keep on bragging that you have done away with us but you do not want to sit down and wonder why your annual financial bill for dealing with floods and hunger/famine in the South keeps on rising.

    The God our creator and the merciful one will respond for us one time…we did not choose to be born there and he did not create us to be a broom for sweeping so that others can enjoy our pain. We may be a pain-bearing generation but the future generation will activate the glowing potential of a civil war in this country.

    We have lost so much, we have sacrificed more than enough in life, resources …..etc but we are still taken as second citizens of this country. We have and keep on losing coal, uranium, gemstones etc to this selfish and fragmented country. We have sacrificed lives through assassinations, disapperances and suspicious accidents ie Dunduzu Chisiza(described as one of the most intelligent and finest economists in Africa), Orton Chirwa(a British university qualified lawyer abducted in Zambia by the Kamuzu regime agents and given to Kamuzu like a chicken as a Xmas gift), Chakufwa Chihana (died after a long time of cranium illness due to being beaten on the head by the Kamuzu regime agents for courageously refusing to continue accepting the one party rule)….and so many low profile politicians who just disappeared like chicks.

    We remember our chiefs being victimized, embarassed, beaten and humiliated in public at Mzuzu TTC…….then today you talk of the mighty North is being accelerated in development. This is a very big insult which I would strongly advise the writer never to do that again. We do not want you to ferment a bloody revolution. We are not happy with this naked discrimination. We are human beings also….we can see what your politicians are doing to our poor masses….we are bitter and very, very unhappy.

    We have not forgotten that the money meant for Chitipa Road was at one time diverted to Mangochi Road by Muluzi while in power. We are also aware that if Nyika National Park was located in either the Central or Southern Region ….it would have been constructed long time ago citing tourism advancement as the reason but because it is located in the North then it receives very little attention if any at all.

    From Nthalire Rural Growth Center, if you look up to Kapelekezi Gate……you can see a magnificent falls which has a head that should be able to generate electrical power that couls supply enough power for the North and may also be exported to either Zambia or Tanzania but because it is located up North then it is not taken as a treasure.

    You have put up policies just to target and kill our schooling children through Quota system and the stupid drunkard Minister of Education and that of Foreign Affairs are enjoying their time.

    Please know that as Northerners, we hate this government to the bone because of their discriminatory way of running this country. We are even more than very sick of you as you can not even understand what it means by to have sustainable development……

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby announce that Northern Region is better run by its own citizens than ‘aganyu’. Waganyu ngwagabnyu alibe nazo ntchito kwawo nkuwongakuti tifanane ie Chikangawa Forest, Mchenga and Kaziwiziwi Coal mines, Uranium etc. If these resources were to be managed by ourselves, I believe we would be having massive development projects.

    Please let us go on cessation or if anything…….let us go Federal, even NEBUCHADNEZZAR and or Pharaoh in Egypt released the Israelites from their bondage……please release us……we are tired and very tired indeed. We can not keep on working for your enjoyment and prosperity for ever. Ngakhale bulu amene, akatopa akukhuthura!

  14. Choka peter ndi boma lako la alomwe.nyika state titukula tokha.

  15. clement says:

    Kulakhula kwake kumeneku mungatsogolele anthu osamadabwa zina zikama chitika Ambuye amadziwa mitima yathuyija!

  16. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Condtructing an University is one thing quota system is another thing. Just to refresh your memories; two years ago Nkathabay secondary form one students were either from South or Centre. No Northerner soul was taken. Now the writer of this article is a DPP simpathyser. He can go and preach that bull*** to Mozambicans or Lesothans.

  17. mapwevupwevu says:

    Atumbuka ndi vindere! Walije maso ngati mileme.

  18. Elbliss says:

    Federalism a solution

  19. America says:

    Kkkkk northen malawi? Go to hell we are all malawian and is enough for us all

  20. kenkkk says:

    Let all north projects be Chinese funded,then you will be talking and then you dpp thugs will be talking sense.

    At the moment you are just evil thieving plunderers of north resources to benefit the south.

    Chinese projects in the north should start now just like in the south.

  21. mtumbuka1 says:

    I didn’t think we people from the north need azereza waku south to get on with our lives. We have been sidelined all along but we still stand on our own two feet. We are not some cry babies who believe in sacking up to politicians to be promised some useless castles in the air. Orton chirwa started the Malawi congress party but some people robbed us of our party and as we speak, today Mcp is regarded a party for the centre but do you see us complain and bitch about it? Chakufwa chihana brought multiparty by putting his life on the line for every Jim and Jack in Malawi but today people like peter and his lomwe friends are the ones enjoying the fruits of the democracy our people fought for but we don’t complain about it. It’s a fact that we were going to be ok with the little resources we have in the north for example mchenga coal mine, kayerekera and many others but instead all the minerals goes to either south or centre and northerners gets nothing. So tell me, who is greedy and selfish between you fuckers and us!

  22. Kalekeni Kanene says:

    There is only one Malawi. (Malawi ndi m’modzi). Lets not give room to few selfish people to divide us. Lets live together and develop our land with love. Ethnic divisions are very dangerous. It really pains me when I hear swearing at each other on media due tribal differences. Lets not make life difficult for our president in office. The president knows that he is the leader for the whole Malawi not southern region only. AMalawi tiyeni tigwirizane kukweza dziko lathuli pamodzi mosasankhana mitundu. AMalwi anzanga chonde donot listen to tribalists.(Anthu atsankho) Don’t even attend their meetings. Anthu ku Rwanda anaphana kwambiri chifukwa cha mitima yotereyi.
    Lets love our country. Long live Malawi..

  23. cheumali says:

    If people call northern region a dead north its true.Governments have cheated these people for a long time.Only that anthu ake ngopilira .Why too many paper projects while nothing on the ground?

  24. The real ujeni says:

    Silly and nonsense article, you talk of three things on the card, in theory as intensive development? How many districts are in the North? A theory road construction here, a building placard there and you call that development? Dunderheads of Malawi never cease to amaze. In other regions, take Blantyre district alone, ten to twenty government projects are physically happening and some will commence, talk of the cancer hospital, New Chileka airport, upgrade of masauko chipembere highway, the new stretch road in Limbe, the zomba road, and many others. It is pure stupidity to call three projects in the pipeline the whole of Northern region as intensive development

  25. kennedy says:

    The so-called commentaters are hand clapping dpp, stop politising development. Anyone who knows wjat development is can’t say there is development in north. To hell with your evil dpp, oneday you will also cry like we do.

  26. Bizy says:

    Tumbukas will never stop crying like youngstars

  27. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    mbuzi izi asiyeni akhale pa okha tiwone ku Bt ndi ku Ls tiwathamangise azipita kwao kutchire kuja azikakangana okhaokha kumeneko ndiwachamba uyu kamlepo ndi mzomera ngwira

  28. CHINDELE says:

    Stupid talk. I hate you people. We know u people of the south hate us. Yes u hate us northeners. You think u will succeed. No. No because the almighty loves us and protects us.we are like the land of Israel. God will keep on being in our side. One day, so long the world doesn’t end this December, the north will stand alone. Some of us do not advocate federalism. We want total cessation because we have suffered enough because we know you hate us, so oppress us. U cheat us. Do not worry one very shortly we leave ur country and make our own. Do not even bother appeasing us. U are stupid.

  29. master says:

    north has been given paper projects which technically are funded by malawi govt, that makes these north projects unrealistic because most of them do not complete once started, so those commentators are wrong in their arguments, the only projects which materialise to completion are chinese projects, based on that it is indeed true that the recent pact of chinese projects sideline north among the list, DPP knows that projects funded by malawi govt will never complete but those of chinese hence given in south and center, the KA road was funded by chinese thats why it was completed but also after 12 yrs due to politics, look at the Stadium in lilongwe less than 4 yrs its complete!!!, MUST 3 yrs its complete, so most north developmenet projects are just on paper!!!!!!

  30. padoko says:

    Rubbish!!! Rubbish!!! Rubbish!!! You are so foolish indeed. Intense development meaning mere dreams on paper while the central and South are enjoying fruits now? The north is becoming more and more neglected each day. Mzuzu airport is long gone and forgotten, Mzuzu stadium is worse than Lilongwe community ground and no wonder that major sports feasts are becoming out of question in the north but Bt and LL. The TTC is out of Mzuzu converting it into Mzuni because the Central and Southern govt could not afford to invest more resources to this dead north. The roads you talk about are long overdue. The North will be better alone than in this deceitful and selfish Government status we are in.

  31. atumbuka sayamika,ngophangira pachilichonse ndipo kuwasekelera atiyambanitsa. achewa, a ngoni, alomwe ndi yambili koma satukumuka bwanji? eee ndife anzeru kwambiri, wophunzira zedi..stuped tribe,stuped region…paranoia! mtundu woyabwa ngati uwu sindinauone

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      Ayamike chiyani? Iwe ndiwe galu wothanyulidwa ndi Mathanyula. Tumbukas are wise and cannot be deceived like you pig. They cannot call stupidity development. They are courageous unlike idiot lhomwes.

  32. Peter27 says:

    All the projects talked about here are mostly on PAPER- and they will be there for the 50 years!

  33. JB says:

    Rubbish we will do better on our own. We want out!

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