North Malawi youth discredit ‘chiefs forum’: ‘Bootlickers of sorts’

Youths in Karonga and Chitipa the northern region of Malawi have slammed their traditional leaders’ claim that people in the region are against the call for the country’s President  Peter Muthalika to resign,  saying no chief has consulted them on the matter.

Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe of Rumphi: Did not join the bootlicking troupe of Chiefs Forum

Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe of Rumphi: Did not join the bootlicking troupe of Chiefs Forum

Some chiefs told reporters at a news conference that opposition calls for President Mutharika to resign is unacceptable, arguing that the proposed action is not an answer to the food crisis and economic challenges the country is facing.

But outspoken and influential youth activists Steve Simsokwe, who is also the Executive Director for Karonga Youth for Justice, the chief’s position on the matter does not represent them as community.

Simsokwe said that the chiefs’ action on the issue has openly shown that they don’t know their mandated duties hence they are palmed oil.

“As the youths for Karonga and Chitipa we are wondering who mandated our traditional leaders to speak on our behalf especially on the issue of calling the county’s President Peter Muthalika to resign. We have not been consulted by these chiefs, therefore their stand is null and void as it represents themselves,” said Simsokwe.

“What the chiefs should know is that we are leaving in a democratic system of government where anyone needs to be consulted before coming up with a decision. So the President should know that what the chiefs have said is not from us,” lamented Simsokwe. “The people on the ground have not spoken. Those who are eating are speaking in his defence.”

He wondered that there are many pressing issues affecting youths in the northern region but they chief have remained mum.

“For instance issues of maize scarcity in our ADMARC depots, quota system and regionalism,” he said.

“We know that always government uses our chiefs as a major political tool of silencing the opposition parties as well as concerned organizations especially when it comes to issues like this, however, as the youths we shall not allow this time to be deceived again because we are the ones affected by the current hunger and economic situation,” he added.

Concurring with Simsokwe, Alick Msukwa of Misuku village in Chitipa district wondered where the chiefs in the country through their forum managed to source the fund to hold the news s conference and sleeping in luxurious hotels such as Grand Palace Hotel in Mzuzu.

On Monday this week, eight senior chiefs and Traditional Leaders (TAs) in the northern region, including senior chief Kameme of Chitipa as well as TA Mwirang’ombe and Kilipula of Karonga held a news conference in Mzuzu where they slammed the opposition parties in the country for calling the President to resign claiming that the reasons behind are premature in the absence of their paramount chiefs.

Senior Chief Mpherembe of Mzimba, who chaired the briefing, claimed that chiefs in the region are against calls for Mutharika to resign, saying the opposition should wait until 2019.

He argued that the resignation calls will only bring “tension” in the country.

However, conspicuously missing were all the region’s three paramount chiefs, namely Chikulamayembe, Kyungu and M’mbelwa V.

Meanwhile, an editorial in the flagship Daily Times newspaper on Tuesday condemned greedy and materialistic chiefs who have betrayed the interests of their people for their own self-aggrandisement.

The paper said the country’s traditional leaders have reduced themselves into “bootlickers of sorts.”

It urged chiefs to play their rightful role in society.

And CCAP Livingstonia Synod, Church and Society, Executive director of Church and Society, Moses Mkandawire, said chiefs should “propagate the truth”.

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32 thoughts on “North Malawi youth discredit ‘chiefs forum’: ‘Bootlickers of sorts’”

  1. ineyo says:

    If there is one group of people with very corrupt minds are the so called chiefs.

    boot lickers always clapping hands for nothing and yet their subjects ate languishing in dire poverty.

    kutsamba vimankhwala basi komanso kutamba ndi ntchito zawo

  2. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Bingu and Peter have same style of leadership that’s “Dictatorship”. by the way Bingu failed to run the country just in the same manner Peter is doing. the fact here is, this family of Mutharikas is cursed. No good leader can come from this family. but i wonder why some people see positive things from them. these people are here just to finish plundering the good things Kamuzu Banda left for Malawians. Oh i cry, i cry, i cry for my beloved country!!!!!!!!

  3. Phongo says:

    Those are un educated chiefs,they’re corrupt, the same government they are supporting, is the masterminder of corruption using them,after all they witch,we the you will solve this very soon whether peaceful or violently

  4. Malawian says:

    The north is no developed becoz of their chiefs. The’re corrupt. Stupid chiefs.

  5. Joseph Banda says:

    IF THE CHIEFS ARE BOOT LICKERS, THEN THE YOUTHS ARE ALSO THE BOOT LICKERS. The difference is that the Youths are licking from a very stinking and unclean boots. Thawani inu akupatsani matenda a nkhani nkhani

  6. Clement says:

    Brave chief am on ur side, zinazi ndi njala nthenda, nsanje

  7. dzina langa says:

    these are indeed stupid chiefs. ngati amatha kuwerenga let them read this. go to Mpherembe Mbalachanda vongo Mphompha and se how backward these places are. The Mombela University is a non starter. pachali thengele yet stupid chiefs say there is development. look at Mzuzu Nkhatabay road, is it a road or a death trap. yet this stupid chiefs can not see this. it is the same stupid chiefs that advocated for quota system wana wakwithu are suffering now. stupid chiefs read this osangomasamba viminkhwala nakutamba stupid zinu shit!

  8. Congratulations paramount Chiefs f=if you deliberately chose not to join the bootlickers. What about disciplining them?

  9. Nkhunika wa nkhunika says:

    Mafumu a dyera ngati awa sinaone ine. anawatuma ndani? anafunsa ndani? asatiyike mawu mkamwa ife yaye takana. Tikhumba chakulya ku admarc basi. Mafumu yazelezeka na ndalama aya. Soni nazo mulije.

  10. Njobanunu says:

    Stupid chiefs! when have they ever commended opposition parties 4 their constructive contribution? useless! palinkhani zambiri zofunika kukambilana kumamidzi uko & mo national dvtal issues to focus’s on, eg. climate, unemployment, qota system, mining & food security. if we don’t demonstrate u think we r happy? this will lead to burning of your houses aftamath. ask chief Karonga zimene zinamuonekera pa 20 July ija. watch out!!!!!!!

  11. NyokoNughuso says:

    Let’s wait for natural selection. ……

    1. Kakuli mulala says:

      Our chiefs ukaska basi with envelop money but we are not of your views

  12. Let's take our country back says:

    The South African youths were instrumental in bringing about change in South Africa (remember the 1976 uprising) we can do it too. To hell with the greedy chiefs, they will all go down with Mathanyula soon.

  13. Aubrey says:

    This is pure modern slave trade. How can 8 Traditional Leaders represent the whole Northern Region on a very important issue like that one? This clearly shows how greedy our traditional leaders are since time immemorial. During slave trade it is the same chiefs who collected things like linen, salt and jewellery in exchange with human beings. During Kamuzu, the trend continued but that time took another dimension. After the dawn of democracy, Bakili Muluzi bought their support and loyalty by promoting them, giving them khaki envelopes etc. This never changed even with Bingu wa Mutharika (MHSRP) who even went a step further by constructing houses for certain chiefs. No wonder during Amayi’s two year stint she continued from where the Big Kahuna left by even bringing in more chiefs than their subjects. No wonder they are dancing to the same tunes with The APM’s government. They are doing all this in order to buy some favours a thing which is bad because it is their subjects that suffer at the end of the day. For example, the current economic and hunger situation the country is going through, one has to be very careful when commenting because the situation is dire. The call for the President to step down is not an easy one because it is done with hope that maybe the one to take over will bring solutions to end the crisis. It is therefore imperative to speak with substance on this issue. Much as we appreciate that we are a democratic dispensation and that freedom of speech is paramount, chiefs have to be objective because they serve people regardless of their political affiliations. As such it is important to consult them whenever they want to comment on something because without doing so they would be seen as taking sides with certain political parties. They have to take note that they serve the government of the day.

  14. Bob Chiswe says:

    The Chiefs Forum should be declared illegal as it is merely a mouth piece for propaganda for the ruling party, The worst culprit of the grouping is Chief Mpherembe who led the process. All the chiefs were from the north and it is clear the north is the most marginalized parts of Malawi. The chiefs who went to speak in favor of a Government which sidelines the north are selfish and not interested in the welfare of their subjects. Villagers should rise against such chiefs who are also sell outs. Kyungu who many respected before has recently also become an idiot

  15. sd says:

    Youth&Opposition of Malawi,uR in problems & R calling for more problems to solve a problem. R u really sober minded? Learn from pple of the south,they don’t make noise but talk with the ballot,simple!am not DPP but I respect elected govt

  16. Chambe says:

    The chiefs were simply voicing their opinions.They may have consulted the elderly and the Indunas only and hence the feedback they got.
    They are right to do so and might not have they need to consult you the youth. You just follow what your elders have agreed.
    If you argue with them, then you have no manners of respect though how educated you may be.

  17. becks says:

    In this age we don’t even need chiefs. Chiefs for what? They just steal money from poor villagers. Youth of Malawi wake up. Who is speaking for the youth in Malawi nobody. Stand up. Chiefs and political leaders will never stand up for you but abuse and exploit you.

  18. BEJE says:

    am very bitter with my senior Chief it own at his age to lie on TV as if us the Mpherembe residents were consulted to make our stand? i never new up until i saw him on TV that my chief is a chief bootlicker.who did u consult to make those silly pronouncements on TV? let democracy reign dont speak on our behalf .by the way who funded that forum? i will write Mbelwa to displine you because u cant speak for the whole Mzimba .where was our Paramount?

  19. English Guru says:

    And the statement that they ‘work with government of the day’ is so tired and misguided, as chiefs they need to be working with everyone, governing party and opposition alike. The people they look after do comprise of people following different parties, not just from ‘government of the day’. If anything this misguided stand is what’s leading these good-for-nothing chiefs to blindly follow ruling parties even in the face of blatant mediocrity and obvious failure by the so called ‘government of the day’.

    They will refuse opposition parties permission to hold rallies for no apparent reason, in fact hearing them(chiefs) speak, you get the sense that they have premeditated that anything the opposition do or say is bad, even when they offer constructive criticism! Kundinyansa ine!

  20. asiyeni mafumu nawo ndi ufulu wawo tili mu democracytu,sitili mu nthawi yowopsyezana ngati ya MCP ayi,mafumu lankhulani enawa asaganize kuti ulendo uno ulamuliro aloweranso pa windo,mwagenda katauluka …

  21. sosholoza says:

    Karonga/ Chitipa youth that is what we need in Malawi. Malawi will only change if the president himself can know that the Malawi of today is not the same as of Kamuzu where people were ride in anyway the president wishes. Chihana did all for us and it is up to us, to develop our country without fear. If the south & the central was like people of the north, Malawi could have been 50 years far. Northerners are trying all they can. My fellow brothers let us fight for federal system of government that is the only hope that can develop the north because you people are hard working.

  22. Kamuzu Palace says:

    Thumbs up Chief Chikulamayembe, am feeling ashamed of Kyungu…

    To the youth, don’t let these greedy chiefs spoil your future..wachekula wakukhumba waka ya shuga at the expense of the land

  23. 2016 welcome says:

    By and by and with this tendency by chiefs their relevance in society will become null and void. The next thing society will do is to scrap them off. By the way, we need to amend our Constitution so that the president stops elevating chiefs because that’s the genesis of this gluttonous nonsense.

  24. Kamale says:

    We cannot always havesimilar opinion, the chiefs siply gave their opinion. should we say that those who are also opposing Mutharika have received chibanzi from someone?

    In a democracy we should learn to accept the fact that anyone can express their views as to whether they agree or disagree with ours. dont be cry babies,thet when someone opposes you instead of giving counter-facts you start rumours of money exchanging hands. cowards!!!!

  25. mzungumbuli says:

    All these Norhtern Chiefs are clueless, except for Chief Kyungu, Chikulamayembe, and Chief Mberwa.

  26. kkilembe says:

    This is the institution that was selling its own people into slavery for mere salt or alcohol. Trust them at your own peril.

  27. Thukwayo says:

    Ivi ndivyo vindeli vyakufikapo. Mafumu agha wakhumbika kuwatimba waka pamilomo apa pakufuma vyauchinderi ivyo

  28. North youth says:

    No wonder these fallacious ideas from inept chiefs. Recall DPP officials such as Dausi teling some chiefs not 2 allow Bushiri help pipo with maize. They are like trailer. Just being driven but not knowing their responsibilities. These are the fruits of the regime of DPP Gov.

  29. patriotic says:

    it is unfrotunate that chiefs these days have been reduced to hand clappers and have betrayed there people. This is not true.they have been given money to speak as representatives of their subjects. Am from central, i wondored how chief Lukwa himself could be praising this heartless government full of tribalism. When it comes to tobacco selling these pipo r stealing much from poor Malawians.Soon we will hear kwacha has apreciated to k500 so that they rob poor tobacco farmers shame

  30. Jelbin mk says:

    We should redefine the role of chiefs in our country so that they dont interfere with our legitimate right of demanding justice from our elected office bearers. Chiefs are not politicians they are ordained by tradition therefore they should stay far away from political activities otherwise we will push for them too to be elected as politicians are so that it fits their actions infact it is high time we started that. And i opposed to the status quo of paying these chiefs because thats not an employment but a privilege. They will one day provoke us and their houses will be set alight mark my words.

  31. young&denzel says:

    This means that those chiefs get themself some parkege from some ddp to talk these nonsese

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