North MCP youth league criticise Chakwera’s revolt talk

The group of youth calling themselves  northern region Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  youth  league held a news conference in Mzuzu on Wednesday to accuse  party  president  Lazarus Chakwera of creating anarchy and disorder by inciting Malawians to rise up against President Peter Mutharika’s administration.

The North MCP Youth league addressing reporters in Mzuzu

Chakwera has  issued a stern warning that he will be forced to lead a mass protest against worsening corruption in government, and accused President Mutharika of giving corrupt big wigs in his government amnesty from corruption crackdown.

The MCP president threatened to call supporters onto the streets if President Mutharika will not meet the eight demands he has set as plan of action and that he immediately comes to Parliament in person to give a full report of the progress.

But speaking to reporters, the youth league members clab in party regalia challenged Chakwera that they will not join him on th streets on his protests.

Boardman Mwanyama who said he  is deputy chairperson of MCP youth in the northen region, said the call for revolt  is unacceptable.

“The youth will not accept to be used,” Mwanyama who had difficulties to mention the name Chakwera properly, said.

Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, accused Mutharika of treating with kid gloves those he purported as ‘big fish’ in his administration, declaring the issue was now beyond debate.

He alleged that Mutharika has defied the will and wishes of Malawians long enough, and it is time for Malawians to defy him.

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Koma NDE mudzakomoka mikazamva kuti DPP yawina landslide . or mufune musafune DPP 2019 izalowaso. ndi nkokomo.mwakhala Ku opposition since 1994 kwanu ndi kpmweko. ngati anakanika a China Gwanda, O Tembo NDE nanji amateur.


This is laughable. DPP is now becoming very desperate. We can easily see through your stupid lies
These ruffians are not MCP members.


Interesting that the group wore brand new MCP colour s for the news conference which was interestingly held at mutharika family lodge


Thats Intelligence ya Dausi imeneyo,yabodza amwene

Rift Valley

Chonde DPP, don’t take the Northern Region as your playground. We do not have such misfits in the north. These are probably Tennant Farmers from Mulanje and Thyolo. You are so desperate that you’re clutching any floating straw. Your time is up.


Who are these silly DPP cadets. We cant buy your claim. Mwatumidwa

Nyerere ndiye ineyo

To hell u thugs….why are u hiding ur faces?? Wakutumani ndi Chaponda eti? No wonder u mentioned him twice.


Ili ndiye timati bodza lankunkhuniza. Mwagwa nayo a DPP!!


These are the so called uncouth DPP Cadets in MCP regalia. My foot, DPP is in real panic.

Mphukila pa Ndale

Kachasu weniweni. Total thugs and they are even shielding their faces as an evidence that they are not real party supporters.
Kugulidwa ndi ndalama za kuba makolo anu akuvutika ndi umphawi, mankhwala mzipatala kusowa school fees yakwera and akulephera kuwapilira achaphwanu kumudziku. Mukanakhala anzeru mukadangodya dollayo, kugulira chimanga makolo anu. Koma poti nzeruso mulibe mwangotenga uchidzete wa president wanuyuso, palibe chazeru mungachite. shame on you energetic youths being used as Condoms.

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