Not all rosy in Bullets camp: Treasurer calls it quits

The cold war within the rank and file in Bullets camp has taken a new twist with the resignation of executive committee treasurer Noel Lipipa on Monday.

Lipipa, a business executive, who manages Lab Enterprises, cited discrepancies in the management of the club finances.

“The way the team’s finances are managed leaves a lot to be  desired. There is a lot of unprofessionalism and to save my reputation I thought it wise to step down,” Lipipa said.

Quits:Noel Lipipa- Pic Lucky Mkandawire

Quits:Noel Lipipa- Pic Lucky Mkandawire

The soft-spoken treasurer said he was irked in the manner the chairperson Kondie Msungama and General Secretary Harold Fote transacted the change of Bullets Nedbank account as advised by the bank behind his back.

The bank advised the team to change the bank account name from Bullets FC to Bullets Limited to be in line with the name registered with Registrar of Companies.

“I only learnt that they collected another cheque book when a debtor [a Mr Wittika] came to me with a cheque amounting to K94,500 which was referred to the drawer. All along I didn’t know that they were in possession of another cheque book which they were drawing and depositing money without my knowledge as treasurer,” he said.

He said Msungama and Fote did not state convincing reasons behind the move when he contacted them.

Lipipa also said his objection to hire former Burundian coach Nswazwirwimo Ramadhan on short one month deal to work with the team at the cost of K1 million was disregarded.

“It doesn’t make sense that we should spend K1 million on Ramadhan when we have arrears for the players in the excess of a similar amount. As a treasurer I felt we could not afford such luxury looking at our financial position,” he said.

The outspoken Msungama claimed that Lipipa was aware of the whole process of changing the Bullets bank account and the acquisition of another cheque book.

“He is one of the five signatories to the account and how can he claim that he wasn’t aware of the transaction?” queried Msungama.
According to Msungama apart from himself, Fote and Lipipa Vice-chairperson Sadik Malinga and Vice-Treasurer Brian Ligomeka are also signatories to the bank account.

The chairperson also dismissed allegations that the club owe players outstanding arrears in the region of K1 million meant to pay Ramadhan for a short term deal.

Fote also claimed that they processed another cheque book in the absence of the Treasurer because he was not available.

“We could not allow his absence to stifle the operations of the club in terms of finances,” Fote said.

Bullets trustees chairperson James Busile said Lipipa’s resignation was rejected pending  a meeting with the executive committee to resolve the issue.

Lipipa’s resignation comes two weeks after outspoken supporters chairperson Isaac Jomo Osman stepped down because of what he said financial mismanagement of the club.

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21 thoughts on “Not all rosy in Bullets camp: Treasurer calls it quits”

  1. fan wamabanka says:

    The absence of the treasurer cacnot an excuse for fote and msungama to open an account. In other words, there is no way one can open an account without the knowledge of the treasure. Kodi a treasurer atabwela komwe anapitako, bwanji sanawauze za account yatsopanoyo. Ine ndimadabwa kondi kumapereka ndalama zanthuimba mwake kwamapuleya. Amadziwa pobwezeretsera. I salute Jomo and Lipipa. The fact that Bullets is doing well should not make people sleep. Plz wake open your eyes. Ife we will believe a report from the treasurer that Bullets owe their players over k1 million and not fom Kondi.



  3. John Phiri says:

    Kodi Foteyu simbale wake wa Peter Fote mbava ija? Chonde ndi Msungama wacheyo achokeretu. Msungama anaba ndalama za Joyce Banda, anatinamiza zotengera ma Players ku RSA koma sachite. My fellow Bullts Fans should we allow Msungama to continue? Chifukwa chian a Bulluts tikugona tulo Msungama ndi Mbale wache wa Peter Fote mkumatibela ife mkumangoyang’ana. Achoke anthu amenewa sitikuafuna. Bullets wake up, this is not time for sleeping. Ma support a masikun ano ndife atulo Why? Lets go on the street and match. Maplaer akuvutika koma Msungama Ndi Mbale wache wa Peter Fote are rich people. BB wake up.

  4. Die hard says:

    Tsungama and Fote has to step down we can’t continue like, they are failing to lead the management and the team . Good decision from the Noel Lipipa .

  5. WALANI says:

    Kiikikiki koma club imeneyii sizathekanso kwachuluka malova ongofuna Kulemelela team

  6. masina says:

    nswazwirwimo azipita kwawo ndikomwe akapumire, ku BB ayi.

  7. ine sine wa bullets koma ngati kunali team yomwe maplayer ake anakakhala ochitabwino inakakhala ya bullets,koma ai amayamba a FAM,SULOM kuba zapageti,kenako Achair mothandizana ndi fote…i feel pity 4 malawian players

  8. kholobowa(nthochi wapathyolo) says:


  9. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Can sanity prevail at BB please? Zokokanakokana tatopa nazo!Nswazwirimo asabwere, holiday yakeyo akachitire kwawo. Sir Kananji and company are doing a good job at the moment. If anythng send them for further training abroad using the K1 million meant Nswazwirimo! Lets improve our local talent

  10. nkhedu says:

    timu ya a tombolombo iyi.masavage.eeeish give us a break plz

  11. SAIKUPHA says:

    nsungama and 4o mbava plz osamabela team mwanjira zimenezo ife masapota zimatiwawa team yathu ikamavutika samalan ngat mwatopa ndi maudindo tulan pansi

  12. cash gate says:

    Lipipa is a true man who can improve BB interms of finacial, others are thieves.

  13. Really? says:

    That is why supporters also want to dip their fingers in club finances and gate collections are the easy target all because they are aware of what the officials do. Kodi kani mu mpila mu muli phindu eti?

  14. Mr.Bambo says:

    Koma kunena zoona Kondi ndi big mafia,akaona ndalama amachuluka nzeru mbava ameneyu.Wazolowera kupanga tima business todabwitsa tomwe cholinga chake ndi kuba basi.

  15. sapota wa banker says:

    all what I knw mbanva zokhazokha lyk DPP

  16. Big Bullies says:

    Please Mr Lipipa dont take that direction,we need you within our ranks.

  17. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    As a learned supporter,Iam smelling a rat on how you are handling funds.Cheque books are supposed to be kept by the treasurer and he is also supposed to write cheques.

    My questions to the chairman are as follows:
    1-If the transaction was transparent how come that the cheque book is not in the treasure’s custody.
    2-How urgent was the issue to allow you to open another account and start issuing cheques in the absence of the treasurer? Please we need professionalism in the club.Thanks Kaloza

  18. etta says:

    msungamas mbava zachabechabe

  19. lufina says:

    Lipipa is an astute businessman.Look at what he built as the family business that Lab Enterprise has become. If he gives you financial advise it is better to heed the advice because in the executive committee it is only him who can boast such credentials to run funds of such a big entity the rest of you are just crooks making shady deals around town to get by.

  20. mavutos says:

    such class, such distinction,,,,save your reputation mr lipipa,,,,these guys will tarnish ur clean image..

  21. WOCHI says:


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