Not gentle enough: Critiquing Ntata’s criticism

“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.”- Frank A. Clark.

Many a person can critique and thus be called a critic. However, the sad truth is that not all that critique merit to be called such; in fact, it is only those whose criticisms are gentle enough by presenting a balanced dimension of the issue in question merit such a label.

Lawyer-cum-politician -Ntata

Lawyer-cum-politician -Ntata

There recently emerged a critic of the Peter Mutharika government—Z Allan Ntata, a (or is it former?) Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sympathizer. Ntata, a lawyer-cum-politician, has attacked the DPP-led government from all angles, and, so it appears, the Mutharika government is at his mercy at the moment. Central to Ntata’s attack is Peter Mutharika’s supposed ‘puppetry’. It is to this that the article’s attention turns.

In essence, Ntata accuses Peter Mutharika of being a nominal president arguing that real power rests in unnamed State House advisor. That Mutharika is indeed a puppet or not should be left to the politicians to politick and to the lawyers to lawyer on; for us critics, and this be emphasized, the concern here is whether or not Ntata’s accusations are gentle enough.

Are Ntata’s accusations of Mutharika’s supposed puppetry gentle enough? It appears not. Ntata was himself in the remote and recent past a puppet of the current president especially in the run up to the general election. Ntata, as columnist Raphael Tenthani rightly observes, “…used any available art form—be it music, video or prose—to beat up all those who stood in the way of his dear party’s one-way ticket back to state house.” And who was the torchbearer for his dear party? Peter Mutharika of course!

Then Ntata did not flinch in defending Peter Mutharika as a visionary leader with solid education background. He had been a staunch defender of Mutharika’s leadership potential all through the campaign period till the sweet days of the election victory. Ntata was the right hand man in the DPP, and a strategist to boot. Should we say, honestly that is, that Ntata, by his puppetry accusation, is simply confessing to Malawians that he did not know that he was defending a Mutharika who is incapable of controlling the affairs of this noble republic on his own volition and direction?

The answer is most certainly negative. Ntata knew Mutharika that well, as a strategist, that he was a man worth the Malawi presidency. If he actually knew of Mutharika’s puppetry, then Ntata is nothing but an unpatriotic liar who let Malawians be in the hands of a puppet.

But if he really knew Peter Mutharika as a capable man for the presidency then, why accuse him of being a puppet of some unelected advisor today? Frustration; yes, the answer is Ntata is frustrated to the core for not being ‘accordingly’ rewarded by the DPP government. Surely, Ntata is on a mission—a mission he has betted his life on—to prove to the Mutharika camp that he is a strategist who makes and breaks what he makes. For he made (read ‘helped with’) the DPP-led government’s entry strategy he would equally make its exit strategy, and the puppetry accusation and all that jazz are sure evidence of the exit strategy in motion.

Here Ntata, as Chiipira Wachaje  in a Nyasa Times article points, is a “Commando” in action.Unlike the Commandos in films however, the Commandos in politics rarely succeedin aiming high-value targets, and truth be told here, this Commando that is Ntata here will, spoiler alert, miserably fail in his aiming for high-value target that is Mutharika.

And why will ComandoNtata fail here? It’s because it is all clear to almost every well-meaning Malawian that he is making this noise simply to be heard by the DPP government.It therefore makes perfect sense to take such a person and their statements with a pinch of salt. In all honesty, Malawians are not that naïve as to fail to realize that he is deliberately arousing public discontentment to get back at DPP.

In the end, however, there are two alternatives; either Ntata did not know that Mutharika is a puppet and is therefore telling the truth or knew that Mutharika is/ isn’t a puppet and is therefore telling lies. Between the two, the latter seems plausible because, being a strategist that he is, Ntata ought to have known that Mutharika is a puppet. But he did not notice the puppetry in Mutharika because Mutharika is not a puppet. Which is why it is tempting to conclude, as does this article, that Ntata wants to get back at his erstwhile friends—the DPP. So, whatever it is he thinks DPP owns him, he shouldn’t drag Malawians into fighting his personal battles.

So next time Ntata, and all other critics, want to criticize this or any government—present or past, let them do justice to Frank A. Clark by making sure that their criticisms, like rain, are “gentle enough” to aid citizens’ objective assessment without destroying the same. Otherwise Ntata’s criticisms of DPP-led government are not doing Malawians any justice as are personal and not gentle enough as to nourish Malawians’ objective assessment of the government of the day.

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83 thoughts on “Not gentle enough: Critiquing Ntata’s criticism”

  1. Jang`ala says:

    Let Ntata n his crue keepon cryin. Balirani simuyitha game. Peter, Chilima ndi azinzao onse ku dpp ndi anthu anzeru ndithu siungawakwanise. However leadershiP is given by God. Nw if u r fightin against u r leader then jst knw that u r against God`s wish.

  2. Kanyimbi says:

    To hell with you cursed people who despise your leaders. Leaders are chosen by God. Please do not touch the annointed. Just look at those who were against Bingu then make a conclusion yourself. Muzamangidwa nazo ndi unyolo osadziwika komwe wachokera. Mulungu simunthu.

  3. johnM says:

    Criticism is criticism, whether its gentle or not that is irrelevant. What you should be telling us Mr. Chinzimba is if Mr. Muntharika is indeed his own man. Surely he is not for he did not even fill his Asset Declaration Forms himself, someone else did it for him.

  4. Charombanthu says:

    I like what he has said in his interview with Brain Banda on Times TV Exclusive. If someone tells you that your house is on fire, do you really care who is telling you – whether he is your enemy or your friend, the fact remains – the house is on fire and it is up to you to decide what to do. Take it or leave it. Ntata is calling a spade a spade. THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!! MORE FIRE!!!!

  5. Kaka Malinthimba says:

    Haki Mungu,Baba walemba nkhani iyi ndi munthu wa nzelu zedi!! You are the great!! Umatha kuwunikila. Keep it up!!

  6. abiti says:

    Malawians and Mr President listen do not turn a blind eget to what Ntatà ißt saying . it started like that with Bingu. Don’t say l did not warn you???

  7. Proper Lhomwe says:

    Even his lomwe people know that APM is a puppet. Actually Malawians must be on watching alert for there is a growing pointers of incapacitation of APM. Watch out. Please leave lomwe people out of this. We are equally and much more worried as well

  8. Nxhi Nxhi says:

    Comment…. …… ntata ukufuna udindo ndye ukulirira

  9. hwayo says:

    ntata is right,peter mutharika is a puppet of ben phiri and paulos chisale.he listens to everything these uneducated muppets tells him.they even tell him how he should dress.before he got married they even put list of women for him to pick.ntata has hit where it hurts wonder DPP or state house is failing to come up with a solid response.

  10. balaka says:

    Zanu zimenezo ine ndi ndadiya kuvota

  11. chingolopiyo says:

    I totally agree with the writer. Ntata thought Peter is a puppet, he will consider him for a better position. Peter knows that Ntata is not reliable guy, he run away during the death of his brother, who can have trust in him. Peter is looking for trusted people and Ntata is not one of them. Ntata having worked with Bingu, he was able to notice that Peter is a puppet as he claims and he would have not been bothered to campaign for him or DPP. Lets call a spade a spade, Ntata is a frustrated individual and a puppet too. If he was wise, he knew very well that he run away after the death of Bingu and Peter noticed that. Kukalowa mbewa nkumati ndikumba ndekha , koma kwalowa njoka Nthata want malawians to listen to him. Zoonadi nzako akpsya ndevu nsimire mawa azazima zako, koma izi Ntata dzima wekha.

  12. Chief Critic says:

    Ntata is indeed a commando! I can see how the APM lieutenants have moved in swiftly to try counter a great threat the most feared strategist poses to malawi presidency as he relentlesslsy continues to drop dangerous bombs that are hitting the president and his DPP hard

  13. Hestings Chivundu says:

    Zopusa Kale Munali Kuti Atata.Don’t Cheat Us For0ur Personal Gains

  14. Jihadi John says:

    In all fairness, Peter Mutharikha, aka Mr Ibu looks like a puppet in all senses of the word. His disposition is more of a clown comedian than presidential

  15. The frustrated Ntata is better than a normal Ntata. He is not desperate but he writes because he has options. Attack what he has written than spending time on his personality. The truth hurts. Had it been that he was lying you would have opted not to fight back. We are waiting for a knockout fist Mr Ntata. Nanga atsalapati amenewa. Asove basi

  16. william says:

    Ntata u want to be like julious malema of south africa neh I will die for muthalika the then sorry I apologise to the ppl of malawi for being behind Dpp in time of campaign

  17. tuvitwana says:


  18. Mashamase says:

    Iwe commando Ntata unafulumila kubanduka wa pa UK look now akudyesela boma ndi Ben Phiri bwenzi uli iwe, tawulula zina zimene anamanga a DPP

  19. Liberalist says:

    My first take of the article was that he will write a balanced write up himself but he has failed miserably. If I can rate it then 2 out of 100. The writer is either Ben Phiri himself or paid DPP diehard. Mr Ntata has evidence that can be proved reasonable doubt. Peter is a puppet. He is too old to reason. Mr Chizimba you are useless person. If it were in my power I would recommend you stop writing your rubbish.

  20. Sweet Boy says:

    A point of correction: The Chizimbas originate from Mchinji; now tell me the connection between Lomwes and Sengas/Chewas if not all of them being Malawians? Chizimba even during the run to elections he came up with rational and plausible write-ups, the other one was Chisala who happens to come from Likoma/Nkhata Bay whilst Ntata wasted his time with cartoons and uncivil songs against PP and Joyce Banda. Choose now who is a proper activist, partisan Malawian?

  21. Ntata is saying what is truth.what we want is truth whether coming out of frustrations or in good will.we shouldn’t be adicted tribal supporters who just support aimlesly.infact our learder is mixing old and new but confused politics which leave alot to be desired.But malawians we need partience and exercise our freedoms with senses.leaders need constructive criticisms thus we help in running our country.

  22. leoplant says:

    nt gentle enough indeed …dyera lakula

  23. angoni okwiya says:

    light travels faster than sound, we never thought his leadership style will be like this favouring akwithu. A pulpet of his own person assistant. In all fairness as a proffessor he couldnt be taking street boys as his advisors, no!!!

  24. on says:

    Us the voiceless citizens and cowards of Malawi will allow Ntata to speak for us whether his motives are in line with ours or not. He speaks the truth. Go ahead Ntata, brave man wathu enanu musova!

  25. Kaya its out of frastration but the majority of us the literate people do agree with him. What he says is true and him the so called APM must solve it out.

  26. Mswachi says:

    I don’t know Ntata sa a person, but according to his writings I have a feeling the guy is intelligent. He might be telling the truth as it should, what is his motive, why now? I feel the guy is really frustrated because someone other than him is running the show, like the writer has pointed out ‘he hasn’t been rewarded accordingly. The guy worked very hard! “Ofunika Tikamwe Mowa” that was his song- may be we should sing it again.

  27. Malawi wa Lero says:

    If our had gone to write graffiti (sp) on some wall somewhere during campain, if his wife had money from externaly funded organisation and pretended not to know anything etc, etc, he wud’ve got less votes than what he got and probably he wud have lost uprezidenti. Enafe ndife zidodo pankhani ya (m’mati anajysing nkhani). Sizimawoneka bwinobwino kuti akuluwa aku State housewa alibwanji koma kunena zowona ngakhale enafe takhulupilira kuti tinafoirapo apa. I still believe that if Ngwazi 2 had come immediately after Ngwazi1 this country wud have been far in development. Ntata akunena zowona za akuluwa. He is a joke of a president.

  28. mphwache says:

    “Fortes fortuna iuvat.” fortune favours the brave. I hope here Allan is the brave.

  29. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    I for one i do suspect that the writer of this article is a pro peter and dpp or is a lomwe belt who can not see the pappet of the current leadership which is talked about in ntata’s criticism. Where on the earth can a leader like him accept such an advice to graffit on awall as he did. Unless u tell me that him(apm) is a criminal. The critics pple are making are not for personal gains but they are real. Him should be a visionary leader. Osati ku maliro a zuza akandimira ndi vice wanga, usiku kusintha ndi kusokøneza maprogram onse apa maliro. Kuimisa njira yamtanda panjira chifukwa chochedwa. Behind him there is really a prime minister who is making programes and decisions to frastrate him and his govt

  30. politics is not a religious practice…but its the most rewarding trade in the world second to sports at globe level,may be its why academicians turn fools the moment they get into close contact with it…

    1. Kenkkk says:

      In Western countries, politics is not the most rewarding profession. Other professions reward far much more money. In the west politicians are there to really serve people not to self-enrich themselves. If they want money, they will join other professions, not politics.

  31. Mutharika Dentures says:

    Ntata is like Chimwemwe Mputahelo, a real opportunist! He supports a politician not for their credibility but just to eat with them. When they realise that such a politician has no time for them they launch a ferocious attack.

    Let Ntata realise that we have no time for people like him. In fact he needs to be charged with sedition!

    1. Mphenzi says:

      Who asked you to speak for us ? Speak for miserable self !

  32. ...igwe says:

    ..the best way to defend against any criticism is “TRUTH”. All DPP needs to do is showing and doing the truth that would prove that what Ntata is saying are lies. We do not need another explanation or counter-criticism. Frustrated or not Ntata has freedom of expression and no one should take offense to that. Tell us the other side or rather the true side of Ntata´s story BASI!

  33. Dr Callista wa Moo Thaa Leeker says:

    DPP sponsored article. Akuti spinning eish mboli zamanu

  34. Sweet Boy says:

    It is sad that almost every comment put through here points to the shortfalls and anomalies from the “Commando – Strategist” cum Frustrated soul in the persona – Ntata. This is not the age where jungle politicking should be entertained. What will the upcoming kids think if they too wanted to follow the legal profession if those who should set a good precedence are falling short? Instead of utilising his education productively the sod decides to bring himself so low by behaving like a chicken without a head – what a shame!!!**¥₩**^#.

  35. Gwede says:

    And by the way Malawians dont really care about Ntata. He is too small for Malawians to keep their attention to. Maybe few brothers living in Neno can listen to him but trust me nobody in Malawi really cares about what he write. But sometimes its good to waste time when you have all of it, so yeah, keep wasting your time Mr Ntata. The time you will realize that your own is over you’ll be very old and dead. Little bad-ass nigga.

  36. marvelick says:

    Gud article…..

  37. Mirella K says:

    Ndie mwati Chizimba amenei akudya za dpp-yu ndi uti uti kwenikweni?

  38. Charombanthu says:

    Call Ntata all the names on this planet you can think of – frustrated – disgruntled – commando…; the fact stands – what he is saying is the truth or at list I take what he is saying or writing about with some truth and he is not scared to spill the beans about what he knows. After all, he has been in the system. The whole president writing graffiti on a prison wall for spending a night in a cell for wanting to circumvent the constitution – the supreme law of the land??? Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor, now turned enemy to that government, said “If you sacrifice your values because you are afraid, you don’t care about those values very much…” and that is how I look at Ntata. Ntata, tell us what you know and we will pick out what we choose to be relevant. Whether you were advising a puppet or not is irrelevant. Wamisala anaona Nkhondo…

  39. Chingaipe says:

    Allan Ntata may be vilified for saying the truth. I do not think that it eluded Ntata to know that Mutharika, to borrow Ntata’s own words, has no balls! What is howver important to investigate is whether Ntata’s frustration arises from the fact that he, Ntata, in not in control of the puppet strings…to put it candidly, Ntata wanted to be the puppetier himself and not one Ben Phiri!

    1. Gwede says:

      When you create a puppet it pains a lot to someone else playing with and benefiting from your handiwork

  40. Madziakaphwa says:

    Good analysis

  41. one malawi one people says:

    Ntataism is just nonsense!.. the truth is akufuna ntchito ndiye he wants to drag malawians into his own battles… he currently is a consultant for some foreign based oil company doing exploration here in nyasalande…the truth is this company is one entity to other 2 (like 3 in total) ie together with some company represented here by Ben chiza mkandawire, another opportunistic critic…..these so called “separate companies” I hear wrongly got exploration contracts from the previous gvt thru cheating……upon change of gvt, this mistake is being corrected….flushing out all the three… bid as one block….hence ntata knows he is as good as jobless hence the ranting….he is just to foolish to call this freedom fighting… freedom for who?….for his stomach?……yes for his stomach and not Malawians ndiye asatinyase….if a president/gvt fails its duties or offends its pple, the pple themselves r supposed to speak from grassroots and genuinely zimadziwika kuti anthu akudandaula kuti mtsogoleri shud act on a particular issues osati kuwaika anthu mau mkamwa…we have seen such activists ngati this ntataism amalowa m’boma nkukangobamo ndalama like wat happened in jb’s regime….som pple were power & money hungry koma akamasokosera ankauza aMalawi kuti akuwamenyera nkhondo….atalowa mboma, wat they did for poor pple is nothing as compared to wat they did for their stomachs……any Malawian knows the story of the jb crew, the so called “freedom fighters”….just imagine two yrs in gvt with no implementation of any new development project!!! koma kugawana ma billion pano nkuthawa just imagine!…..ati kunamizira ma invitation for public speaking…..which former African president has behaved the wat jb is doing… she the most intelligent African former president?… wants new or unique in her public speeches? …the truth is she is a thief and is being shielded by azungu who benefited from money stolen the poorest country on earth….can someone tell me where the jet is?….anadya ndalama ali pheee!!….yeah thus wat freedom fighting is….the Malawian way!!!! so beware of aka ka ntata aka!!!….ndi tianthu tokuba iti, opportunists!!!!

  42. Notoriou Treacher And Total Asshole (NTATA) says:

    If you think i notorious Z has another treason case to answer, arrest me. it will just make me popular because no-one in malawi has ever been convicted of treason in this multi party era.

  43. human says:

    The author of this article is mzati nkolokosa. ngati ndikunama ndikakolopa nyanja

  44. Commando!!!!!! Will only do his work lets wait and see the best from ntata, Apm walch out………..

  45. Neverapine says:

    A nyasa musadzaikenso nkhani za mtata apa, zikumatinyasa, mxxiiiiiiiii.

  46. Zapadazi says:

    Ntata is in his own class my brother. Just wait and see. We may think his accusations hav no impact but ask the state house propagandists; they are having sleepless night because of this guy. I challenge, the man will succeed

  47. akulu says:

    I don’t think ntata is after a government post my friend. Even if he can earn £1000 in UK it will be more than government salary he can be given here. Government salaries are too low for a real guy to fight for

  48. makito says:

    It appears the DPP sympathisers cannot argue on facts, they all cling to the ” why now” argument. I doubt if Ntata will fail.

  49. Ezekiel Peter Ching'oma says:

    ife a MCP totally support Ntata

  50. Nkhombokombo says:

    Don’t attack Ntata as an individual person but respond to the factual accusations he is putting forward. You can’t shut up the noise Ntata is making by presenting your counter attacks to Ntata as a a person. People are not interested in the dreaded man frustrations but the puke he is throwing up. He had been into the inner circle already and knows how to throw a step or two to the prevailing political tunewave. With the current poverty situation Ntata is making the loudest favoured and likable noise that the poor would like to listen to. The counter accusations should be accompanied with practical performance on the part of Gvt.

  51. Kes says:

    Goddall and Peter were alerted of their impending arrest for treason, a crime that still carries the death penalty. They are both almost 80 years old, Goddall has health problems, Peter had his green Card still at this time. Yet the choose to stay behing, in essence willing to die for what the believed in. Talk of Ben Phiri, his life was in danger at one point, he was abundacted, tortured, beaten and left for dead, 3 days after being released from hospital with wounds and pain all over his body he was back helping The learned Proffesor. It’s called LOYALTY AND COMMITMENT to the people of Malawi and the Party. Where were you NTata. You should be ashamed of your self. Bingu will be remembered for two things (1) Being a visionary, with a thrist fro Development (2) introducing bad laws towards the end of his second term, guess what you were his main Legal advisor. Bastard

  52. point blank says:

    In this case a frustrated Ntata is better than a normal Ntata. His nonsense is making sense to some extent. Imagine if we had frustrated Billy Mayaya, frustrated Voice Mhone, frustrated Ben Chiza Mkandawire, frustrated Magrde siwandale, frustrated Collins Magalasi, Frustrated Justice Mponda of Malawi voice turning it self into DPP voice shame. The leadership would have been on its roles always. How many decisions have lately been reversed? Is it not because of some frustrated people? I think we need frustrated people so we. Can reduce the bootlicking that accompanies blind loyalty. I rest my case

  53. Achikachinja says:

    in Ntata we trust, no shit

  54. usobva says:

    Wa DPP iwe watumidwa kut u target ‘the Commando?akusovetsanidi.ndaononga bundle yanga kuphaya ngini yako yopoilai mxiew,,,,,……..

  55. berha says:

    This is a wise article osati zotopesa za ntata zoduka mutu ngati akufuna job just say it is rather than writing useless accusations watikwana bwanji osamangoseta nkhalamba ku UK ko

  56. kester kaphaizi says:

    You know even us Pss are at mercy of ben phiri

  57. kester kaphaizi says:

    He is speaking for all of us. Leave ntata alone

  58. katundu says:

    Ntata is talking reality. And he has said its total war against DPP regime which is under ben phiri. His approach is very much ok and beneficial to malawians who want a just government

  59. akungolonje says:

    time out no point a mr ntata. just go back to ur profession muzikabera anthu ndalama ku ma court.

  60. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Ntata knew Muntharika is a puppet but just like most Malawians these day (not excluding those who are literally rulling this country instead of this so-called president) are self seeking, he is just repositioning himself to make the best out of his situation at hand. Ntata can choose to stay silent and be forgotten and gain nothing but he fought for the puppet to get the presidency position so he can be seen, heard and make millions of Kwachas by the time the puppet’s time is done. Unfortunately, now that he cant do that through a government position he thought he was fighting for, he will use other means to do so…i dont blame him, he is simply claiming his share of the cake he fought for, one which everyone who participated is already benefitting from and making multi millionares or billionaires of themselves. Itsnt this what Malawians politics is about after all? What a stinking Nation!

  61. Okhrana says:

    Hey, kani atatewa ndi ophunzira tele? Shshsh why is he continously attacking the APM, aaayyyyiiihh. Mtata peza chochita ngati u dnt ask ur brother wa ku machinjiri yu akuphunzitse yake ya ziboliboli ija. Kkkk ukutinyansa tsopano wamva kagwere

  62. truth says:

    mmmmm komaso inu aaaaaa nkhani ikhala ya iyeyu? how special is he? za ziiiiii iyeyo ndi peter + dpp za ziiiiiiii

  63. reason5 says:

    Another piece of s**t!

  64. Kinyentu says:

    This article proves whn Ntata is…a very frustrated man after failing to get mpando wonona for heavily campaigning for APM u puppet awudziwa lelo?

  65. thiodora fanrosam says:

    well analysed.Ntata doesnt belong to genuine group of strategists.He does not know what he is doing.During campaign period,he did not hear personally who commom malawians were in favour of.They were suppoting APM.Therefore he must know that his so called strategies may be worked on less than 1percent of total voters.DPP gvt shall never give him any chance.

  66. Mwama Du says:

    I know Henry Chizimba is capable of putting some senses in his writings, but on this one I may take him not very serious. Henry has forgotten the very good character of Malawians “KUIWALA MSANGA.” So it is very difficult for us to conclude that Ntata will fail in his mission. Malawians are good people and can rally behind him. NTATA IS DOING WHAT HE KNOWS BEST AND HE IS TRYING TO HIT YOU, “DPP”, ON YOUR WEAKEST POINT.

  67. jj says:

    Love ths”
    some pipo needs to be told the trueth!

  68. Gobede says:

    Mr Chizimba you are completely wrong. At first i also thought Ntata was wrong until i learned that indeed APM does not make most of the appointments but the “prime minister”. I have obtained eight memos from OPC to back Ntata’s allegations. I am shocked to learn that George Mkondiwa the Chief Secretary is taking instructions from someone and then he writes APM asking for approval for promotions, movements which he doesnt believe in. The memos will bare it all. I feel sorry for the civil service. I also agree now that the reforms while noble in their objectives will not bear any fruits.

  69. chisyene mesi says:

    I agree with chizimba to certain extent.ntata`s is a personal battle waged against dpp to have him ‘recognised and rewarded’ for his ‘contribution’ towards dpps electoral victory.that is why there is talk of mutharika being a puppet of [ben phiri]-he feels he is more deserving than me he has already dragged (and still is) some malawians in certain quarters into fighting his personal battle against dpp (example is chiipira who is asking dpp to ‘accomodate’ ntata) but cant judge right now whether he will win the battle or not.

  70. Vikunowa says:

    I am a very sane citizen of this country. I have gone through this article but truly it is very fluid and extremely empty. I am sure next time you want to critisize you will do a better research and use better persuasive language because having gone through this trash and Ntatas article its so clear that you either you dont know what your arguing about or you are a CONFUSED CONFUSIONIST. I believe Ntata arguments are based on rationality and “noblility”. We admire you Ntata a true patriot!!!!

  71. kamvazina says:

    Kodi this convict akutinso chani? Atumbuka paja you praise worship pitala eti?

  72. Bullshit says:

    Inu a Henry Chizimba ngati mukudziwa kuti a Malawi knows exactly what the battle Ntata is fighting for, why wast your time writing this article? Please let Ntata tell us the truth. People campaigned for Bingu after being convinced with his first term in office. What happened during his second term? He changed. The Munthalikas are like chameleon. They can easily change. Ntata campaigned for him because of who Peter was and not who he is now. He has changed. How many people turned against the Big Kahuna after working tirelessly campaigning for him? Let Ntata express himself without fear or favour

  73. bwangazi says:

    This one sounds objective!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Malindima says:

    Ntatata has a personal vendetta against APM and wants Malawians to fight his battle with him.He is using the media instead of just forming his own party and fight the frontline or better join MCP or PP so as to fight better. He is just another idiot; looser!

  75. Johns dumakuve says:

    Kaya alomwe musatitopetse ndi maudindo opatsana mkati mwa utsiku ngati afiti.Nkhani za Ntata,Mphwiyo,Lutepo and others zatopetsa kwabasi.Do they really bring any development to Malawi?If he was really strategist to change the livelihoods of the impoverished Malawians,we would be applauding him.The only thing we see here is quotes from different books as if this brings food on the table to the everyday struggling Malawians.Its already a known fact that Pitala is not popular in Malawi and winning elections was decided by some unscrupulous lawyers in the midst of night with a handful of votes and some made up figures.Malawians knows all this.Ntata should personally meet Pitala if he needs udindo than making some useless noise here.He is just an attention seeker.U lawyer anayamba ndi iyeyo ?Ma lawyer matsiku ano ali mbwe Mbwee matsiku ano ena opanda maina ndipo osasamba.

  76. Kenkkk says:

    Henry, that is utter rubbish you are talking. Ntata’s argument is not restricted to puppetry. Even that his puppetry argument is closer to the truth. When ntata was campaigning for dpp and Peter, he didn’t envisage that Peter and / or his personal assistant would be behaving this way. He thought Peter would decisive but look at the chaotic govt he has at state house.

  77. Thabva says:

    Eeeeh koma ziliko

  78. Banda says:

    How old is Ntata? I hope he will not break his neck. He misled Bingu wa Mutharika and he thought Peter would accommodate him? Stupid boy. The war he is waging against Peter is war against DPP and he will not win it.

  79. Banda says:

    How old is Ntata? I hope he will not break his neck. He misled Bingu wa Mutharika and he thought Peter would accommodate him? Stupid boy. The war he is waging against Peter is wao a rare against DPP and he will not win it.

  80. Alufeyo chidaya says:

    Hello barr NTATA

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