Not guilty! Pleads Malawi ‘witchcraft’ killers

The 10 people arrested in Neno on Wednesday and charged with murder in connection to the murder of four elderly people at Chimbalamnga village in Traditional Authority Dambe in the district have pleaded not guilty.

Neno mourns the victims of jungle justice

Neno mourns the victims of jungle justice

The suspects appeared before Neno Second Grade Magistrate Court.

Staford Chifundo, aged 36, Amosi Sida, 32, Samuel Kaudzu, 20, John Harry, 21, Lex Mayenda, 19, Manford Dyson, 15, Patrick Kanjete, 14, Lyton Silence, 15, Ben Saukila, 14 and Eliya Mapeto aged 13 all entered a not guilty plea to a charge of murder contrary to section 209 of the Penal Code.

The court remanded them and Magistrate Daniel Dzowela said they will be sent to various prisons according to their ages.

Neno Police Spokesperson Raphael Kaliati said they arrested the 10 suspects following  the information they got from one credible witness to the killings who was hospitalized at Neno hospital after being beaten severely during the mob as he tried to rescue the deceased from the mob.

Four elderly people were on Monday killed in cold blood by an irate mob that suspected that the four deceased practiced witchcraft and were behind the death of their granddaughter who was struck by lightning.

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37 thoughts on “Not guilty! Pleads Malawi ‘witchcraft’ killers”

  1. Nyangwita says:

    Unfortunately 90% of Malawians ndi mbuli. Therefore nkhanizi sizingathe. The Govt must work with Thindwa to civic-educate people

  2. Dpp_supprter says:

    This should only happen to gays isn’t that the case? So that they are extinguished.

  3. gangamfuno says:

    Kwao kwatha tione zina kumeneko ndi choncho mfiti zife kumene

  4. chifundo says:

    due to facts and stats..old people are highly likely to be imporverish..lonely…ill…isolated…sight and hearing impared…mentally incapable of arguing their point…may also claim and act in a way that is open to interpretation..old people will have generaly similar characteristic indluding the fact that face are withered. .love them take care of them thwyve so much love ..history and they are honest as they have lived thiers and we are heading their day we will be one of them with similar characteristics.remeber they were also babies. just because theyre challenged ie. academically too doesnt make thwm inferior or skeptical or territorial. .our failure to understand them and support them shouldnt make us now take their lives. in western country they take their old people to matches and barsto relight that fire in them.wisdom is superior to knowledge.its a shame that we are so primitive in someareas that we believe in things that are scientifically impossible. one can fly or walk in air…its 2013 wake up..sadly in some areas of malawi people still believe nyau ndi zilombo therefore we can be really primitive and shallow minded. .do not believe..question critically. then mentally capabilities including memory deteriorates these elders can even claim to fly because theyre are like kids.if someone can fly or kill a person supernaturally in day light pa centre pa chichiri stadium then thats supernatural..and if u believe someone has supernatural powers then fak you and fak them..this is why a bushiri..and all nigerian pastors are thilrthy, rich coz you see them as supernatural and just as in commerce ..politics..sports.people are can be converted to whoever has more cows will have more milk coz theres more to milk.if you think the rishness of pastors is unexplained or a miracle or a blessing then u dont understand the concept of using the hands..or machinery or ideas to make money and these ” spirital” interpreneuars do.honestly if u cant see how comercialised modern bible bearing evangelism is then u r blinded and u cant understand how manchester united makes trillions of kwachas by kicking a football.remember it is a commerce world and if you have a following your following can become money to you.if we get to this level of thinking we will understand why the chinese are here and why they keep their currency weak..japanese have been a superpower but thwy arent stupidly westernise let us mix us own concepts me if there is magic when we shouldhbe rich all. .there not even one magician in the world coz majic ia not possible. .theybarw all illusionist they make your brain believe its seen something..theres no withcraft too and remember science has created object that seem to be of majic standard ie aircraft and medicine but they are simply explained science ubderstandble to humans.u should only belive in one think that u sont understand just one thing One God one Love.

  5. chifundo says:

    COZ SOMEONE HAS COMMENTED ” “LET US FOLLOW SHARIA”..I WANT TO POUR DOWN WHAT I BELIEVE IS THE TRUTH.MALAWIANS WE ARE VICTIMS OF INFERIORITY FEELINGS MAINLY BECAUSE OF HISTORY, WE REALLY NEED TO USE OUR BRAINS TO LOGIC THERE IS GOD THAT IS TRUE..DONT WORRY ABOUT RELIGION ATALL.ANY BELIEF WHICH IS UNPROOVED SHOULD BE DUMPED COZ THIS ISNT PRIMITIVE MALAWI ANYWAY WHICH THE Arabs, the EUROPEANS, explorers..traders. ..religion people found. we have Internet and an endless source of info and a stimulated brain open to debate.we cant live in darkness ..Withcraft is just a myth it is juat a claim (no body cant fly to london on a bloom poweres by bones)…nyau ndi anthu…arabs came to capture us and sell us to europeans to work in America.they all thought we are interior just of our culture and things we believed in ie. witchcraft.then arabs came with their religion and their god and culture influences including dress language and rules telling us a place in thier land is holy..stopping us feom worship our black god and stopping us from recognizing that our traditional religion and god is just as good as the arabic tradition religional and god.same as europeans too came exactly with the same logi on us to infiltrate iur mind with mental slavery after slave trade but continuing to make themselves look superior by asking u to burn symbols of your god and take their culture..dress and brainwash somw to belive they should take their language as superior .I.e language to be used to speak to god..just as evengelist do in english and imams do in arabic..mental slavery.mental slavery and enforced racial superiority is the reason why when you close your eye’s god..angels and anyone holy has a light skin on your imagenation.africans nees to understand that theres God up there..looking down below on us..full stop.makolo anthu were worshiping make matters simple azungu think jesus was one of them..arabs think muhammad was onw of them..chinese think budha..was one of them…hindis and silkhs believe that someone that looked like them is holy all these races of people worship a god of thier own race and have a holy place in their home regions..please fo to europe..mideast. .asia and tell them that god isnt one of them God is just malawians stop being fooled by money seeking pastors..if theyre making money the either working…doing business or thieving ( scamming you). FEAR IS A PRODUCT WHICH CAN BE SOLD COMMERCIALLY AND IT IS POSIBLE TO MAKE MONEY FROM INJECTING FEAR IN PEOPLE THEN PRETENDING TO HAVE A SOLUTION. THIS IS WHY AFTER BEING WITH AMERIACANS FOR SO LONG CHILDREN OF SLAVES REALISED LIBERIOUSLY THAT god might be african and african language..culture dress and places might just be as holy. dont be a victim of westernisation and easternisation

  6. Kelieland says:

    e murder suspects do not take pleas in the magistrate courts rather only powers to full remanded and committed to High court.

  7. Afiya Gama says:

    Muphelanji mkhalamba poti masiku ano
    ufiti uli mwa ana. Alangenidi amenewo

  8. clitton says:

    Ufiti uliko angakhale some ministers and other senior govt officials practice it in one way or the other.

  9. Wadza says:

    Màlawi kuledzera too much. Fufuzani mupeza kuti anthu apha azigogowa nd I kachasu nd I nkalabongo. No self control. Manga mukaloleza chamba n diye z itha bwa..



  10. Let God alone judge its bad to practise witchcraft and mob justice

  11. Alfre Mula says:

    A child as young as 13 was involved in killing our elders? Clearly there must be some influence somewhere.

  12. Wadza says:

    Fufuzani ndipo mupeza Kuti anthu 10 onsewa nd I mbiya ng’ambe za kachasu ndi nkalabongo. Mowa waukali wanyanya pa Malawi. Ndiye muloleza chamba.

  13. Yusuf Jafali says:

    Lets follow the shariah law

  14. Yusuf Jafari says:

    Lets follow shariah law.

  15. Verlo says:

    Witchfraft Do Exist In Malawi. I Wonder Y The So Called George Thindwa Is Syg Theres No Witchcraft. If We All Agree That It Exists And Come Up With Laws Abt Witchcraft I Blv Ppo Wont Gv Punishment To The Doers, They Wont Take Laws In Their Hands. Bt If U Continue Syg Ther’s No Witchcraft Then Those Suspectd Wil B Punishd Lyk That.

    1. I would like to advise govenment to engage the researchers inorder to find out if witchcraft really exisist.

  16. Igabel of Hartbeespoortdam says:

    I feel pity for those poor old defenceless people.

  17. bk says:

    God have mercy on malawi

  18. Chimbunungu says:

    It is very pathetic that we claim Malawi is a God fearing nation… Where is the love, people?

  19. Never says:

    No smoke without fire .Abingu amanena kuti lets incourage our children to go to school not teach them witchcraft. Anthu ambiri okalamba amathawidwa mm’idzimu chifukwa cha nkhani ngati zimenezi. A boma m’mati ufiti kulibe pamene m’midzimu anthu akuvulazana.

  20. Thats inhuman and uncalled for and the culprits should b punished accordingly. What proof do they have that those grandparents were indeed practising witchcraft? Umbuli! shame on all those involved in d killing and God shud punish them right here on earth

  21. Alford K says:

    This should not suprise us, it simply tells us that the Most High is near soon and very soon He will be coming!

  22. 2016 welcome says:

    Poverty and ignorance when the resultant product is lethal. Medieval type of life. We are living in the 13th century.

  23. hopekings says:

    komaso azigogo nanu chepesani ufiti,usi sumafuka popanda moto.

  24. pamkuku says:

    Mfiti nazo ziphedwe basi. Inu mukungokana simunalodzedwepo.Ufiti ndiye bola umathanyula.

  25. yakumbuyo says:

    force the government to make laws against mob attacks. Just imagine in Karonga two old men couple above 60 were burnt live in their home without arresting anyone.Is this a true country.You just showoff here that you can condemn but not punish the offenders.905 of malawians believe in witchcraft therefore make strong laws on mob justice

  26. Hillary says:

    munthu si mfiti agwira bwanji ufiti nzake? someone who is not a witch cant catch a witch cos the witchcraft is not a physical thing. the murderers must b witches as well ir the witchdoctor facilitated this and must as well be brought to book. all Godly faiths dont allow killing

  27. Timothy goli kapasule says:

    Sibwino kumangoganiza kuti uyu ndi mfiti palibe umboni.komaso kulanga ndikwa apolisi osati anthu tatiyeni tiganize bwino kuti amene anaphedwa ndi azibale anthu tingave bwanji?

  28. Lomwe says:

    Knowledge deficit in Neno.Poor lomwes

  29. Kabuthu says:

    Look at the houses we are still living in this era. Very poor. People living in such houses cannot think right…we are 300 years behind civilization. Dear me!!!

  30. yakumbuyo says:

    mbuli za athu

  31. Peter Hopkins Mbewe says:

    Its so unfortunate,Malawians we shouldnt behave like uncivilized people,mob justice is barbaric,why should old people be despised.Malawi is a God fearing nation.Lets show love to one another.

  32. vendor says:

    This is bad. Hang the killers

  33. Gibson phiri says:

    Thats not fair.not fair though,if sich ppl are caught red handed,they have to be committed to earth.

  34. BigMan says:

    Umbuli thoo!

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