Ntata challenges Malawi Pres Mutharika to one-on-one debate on corruption

Governance activist and fierce critic of President Peter Mutharika, Z. Allan Ntata has put out a challenge to Malawi leader to debate him one-to-one on matters of corruption and governance.

Ntata tells Mutharika: Debate me and let the people judge for themselvesadministration and misleading the president.

Ntata tells Mutharika: Debate me and let the people judge for themselvesadministration and misleading the president.

Ntata was legal adviser to the President’s elder brother, Bingu wa Mutharika, who ruled the country from 2004 until his death in April 2012.

He has turned to be a fierce critic of President Mutharika and the Head of State has since dragged him and Nyasa Times to court for defamation.

In an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times, Ntata sent a provocative message President Mutharika by challenging him to a one-on-one debate on matters of corruption.

But Ntata stated that the Head of State will chicken out the debate judging on the way he has been coy to face parliament’s Question’s Time political grilling.

“Just like any patriotic Malawi who wants to see Malawi going places in deed and not just via rhetoric, I would love to engage President Peter Mutharika in debate on corruption issues in his administration that need to be urgently addressed,” Ntata told Nyasa Times.

Ntata said he “doubt” if Mutharika will have “the guts” for a head-to-head encounter with him.

President Mutharika through his Press Secretary Gerald Viola said Ntata is leader of “a few disgruntled individuals” who were ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) campaigners.

State House labelled Ntata as a “frustrated” individual who is on a mudslinging campaign against the President and his special aide Ben Phiri.

But Ntata shot down the accusations, saying he has a job and is “enjoying immensely”. He also said he turned down an offer for a job from Mutharika.

Ntata said he takes a “frustrated failure” tag as an “honour in recognition of my humble contribution to the effort and voices of those crying for good governance in Malawi and honestly, I am looking forward to the day when history will vindicate me.”

He pointed out that late president Bingu wa Mutharika could not hire him as his legal advisor if he was a failure when he had his brother, now the President, a law professor.

“Why did late Bingu hire a ‘failure’ like me, when he could have been simply getting advice – for free – from his brother? This – in itself – speaks volumes,” said Ntata.

He argued that if indeed he is a failure, “why is State House and government machinery wasting time (and resources) responding to a failure?”

On the defamation suit by the President, Ntata who is a UK trained barrister, said he has learnt about it through the media but will decide on what action to take if he is served with lawsuit if it “merits any defence or not.”

But on debate, Ntata challenges Mutharika to meet him any time, any place, anywhere.

  • Here is part one of the interviews Thom Chiumia (TC) of Nyasa Times had with Ntata:

TC, Nyasa Times: Would you debate His Excellency President Prof Peter Mutharika openly on matters of corruption and governance?

Ntata: Just like any patriotic Malawi who wants to see Malawi going places in deed and not just via rhetoric, I would love to engage Pres Peter Mutharika in debate on corruption issues in his administration that need to be urgently addressed.

But recalling how President Peter Mutharika buried his head in sand when summoned by parliament recently, I doubt if he would have the guts to debate with me.

TC, Nyasa Times: State house claims you’re a frustrated failure, what’s your take?

This is a standard accolade that failed states or states heading in that direction, ascribe to any voice of reason.

If you know the history of Malawi, you will be aware that there are many well-meaning Malawians, dead and alive, that were once denigrated as motivated by “frustration” or “jealousy” but are now held in high esteem.

I therefore take this “frustrated failure” tag as an honour in recognition of my humble contribution to the effort and voices of those crying for good governance in Malawi and honestly, I am looking forward to the day when history will vindicate me.

Having said that, for the record I want to say this again, I have a job I am enjoying immensely and have never asked Mutharika for a job. On the contrary, I turned down a job that he offered me.

Talking about failure(s), you may be aware that late President Bingu wa Mutharika, knowing very well that he had sibling supposedly well learned and versed in law, chose me as his legal advisor.

The question therefore is: why did late Bingu hire a “failure” like me, when he could have been simply getting advice – for free – from his brother?

This – in itself – speaks volumes.

And let us, for argument sake, say that I am indeed a failure, why is state house and government machinery wasting time (and resources) responding to a failure?

TC, Nyasa Times: Are you ready to defend the lawsuit by Mutharika on defamation?

Ntata: I have heard about this lawsuit through the media, the very media that Mutharika so loves to despise. With respect to what my course of action will be, I will decide whether this lawsuit merits any defence or not when I have been served the documents and details.”


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112 thoughts on “Ntata challenges Malawi Pres Mutharika to one-on-one debate on corruption”

  1. Tione says:

    Vuto la a Malawi ndi limeneli. They are used to suffer in silence. Munthu akadzudzula walakwanso uku mukudandaula. Kamtengo ka mwana amaphera njokatu adatero odziwa. Ngakhale mukumunena Ntata koma tsiku lina mudzazindikuria and that will be too late. Wandisokosera n’kulinga utamva. Uyu Mutharika adzamva nkhwangwa ili mmutu.

  2. Che Ngana says:

    Ichooooo Chalepherabe Sanachiitanenso Ku State House.Uzitukwana Kunja Kwa Gate Choncho.Wailira!

  3. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    “Get this fool!!” what do you mean?.

  4. MASTER says:





  5. jakumusi says:

    Anakupempha meaning kuti uzitinkhulila a Malawi?? We know u r desperately trying to still be relevant…

  6. londoner says:

    Why is nyasa times wasting time with this fool? Fellow Malawians get real. Mutharika is a waste of space yes, but don’t add this prick, twat to the list of average politicians we have in MALAWI!!!!!@

  7. ms says:

    ok incase u hav won the debate, then ..? zovetsa chisoni that we have few educated malawians who r uncivilised and nothing but thorns to to this country. “many times the great minds get tough critics from weak brains” A. Eistain

  8. MBOLA says:

    koma zoona eeh mpaka casH Gate ku Bwaila Hospital ACB mulipo amoyo

  9. king James says:


  10. mayo says:

    antata,u say u hv a job y making yo friends’ job tough?leave the president alone he has the strategies

  11. mbonjy says:

    U people are busy counterarguing ntata as a person but not the sense he is breathing out…admit it the guy is smart.

  12. Chimani. Game says:

    Miata get this fool.he thinks he is better than all malawians

  13. Mabulabo says:

    Kodi mulibe agalu olutsa amudye matako? Kkkkkkkkkkkk

  14. Emmanuel Kandikana says:

    agueing with ntata is a worse of time and resources

  15. Trevor Manyi says:

    Kkkkkkkkkikikikikiki mpakana to debate the whole Mathanyulas

  16. Simbazako says:

    President APM needs to be encouraged to do the good work he is doing

  17. Mafikizolo says:

    It’s laughable and pitiful to see how desperate APM’s stooges are beginning to sound on this forum . They are even calling their idol “Mathanyula” just so that their bashing of Ntata can sound credible . The fact of the matter is APM and his advisors are failing to handle the “Ntata Thorn-In-The-Fresh” scenario . And whoever advised APM to sue Ntata and Nyasatimes has done him a great disservice . They have reduced APM to Ntata’s level . That’s why it is very nonsensical to lambast Ntata for asking for a one-on-one debate with APM when the very same APM , a sitting president, has asked for a one – on – one court duel with the same Ntata . If you think Ntata is stupid for asking for the debate, then you should also call APM stupid for commencing the court action . So many other presidents are slandered all over the world, but they do not stoop so low as to dignify such slander by rushing to the courts for redress .

  18. mmm says:

    MTata is mad and you will cry forever.who are you to debate with president .you call yourself a lawyer but suffer unemployment.you want a cheap position in gvt and you hate ben Phiri that’s why all this nonsense.you can do better if focus on your personal develompment than this

  19. vavlov says:

    Ntata bears the hallmark of a frustrated person, without doubt he was expecting some reward from DDP. This said, his challenge to the president is good, because he knows how dull the president is. President cant argue intelligently, no wonder his brother didnt hire him as a legal advisor. So is Peter a professor? I find it very difficult to believe. How did this man teach when in fact he cant clearly express himself?

  20. Fury Road says:

    Dpp tamed a snake

  21. ziphaliwali says:

    here we go again, people who are thieves wants to b proven right

  22. aabwino says:

    A stupid president is yet to born to accept your proposal. Who do you think you are?

  23. Truth Recognizes Truth says:

    A Nyasa, koma ndiye Mtatayu watikwana. Foolish boy!! Who does he think he is?? me. myself and I too much!!1

  24. phillip says:

    Mdima umadana ndikuunika, go on Ntata

  25. tunthu says:

    what can you expect from peter Mutharika who failed to Run all the ministries he was assigned during his brother. Remember education sector was spoiled, foreign relation was spoiled when was minister of foreign affairs, Courts sector had chaos when he was minister Justice and constitution affairs, he was buying government houses at 3 million kwacha each when the value was over 40 million kwacha each.
    DPP and Malawi as a nation has intelligent people who can rule the country better than him but because of his crooked tricks there he is destroying the nation.

    Malawians know how to cry out to God. be careful peter.

  26. Palikanthu says:

    I have an idea, let us auction the seats in the debate parlour so we can raise cash for medicine

  27. Dr Ben Banda(Resignee for 2050) says:

    With time you can become a faiure or irrelevant. This is no new to professionals. Which concept are you using that if you are a star performer at a national bank you will also a star performer at MSB. you could be relevant to Bingu but not to Mathanyula.

    Allan you do think upside down. You really think upsidedown, how you put on a necktie while your hair is unkempt . You are a bit of childish.Its unfortunate that all Tumbukas are supporting you.Look at your dressing. Look at your hair. No difference you and a mad man.

    Mathanyula wants to meet you in court.I support APM’s idea that you too should meet in court. By saying that you want to meet APM one on one just shows that you are myopic in cognitive. All what you could be doing is to get ready for that,meven coming to Malawi to meet hin court. After all you are all barristers. No representation. To me that is one on one with other legal men as onlookers. Come my dear.

  28. Nxhi Nxhi says:

    ‘Frustrated failure’-;-There was Kasambala ask your self is he still criticizing? ? you such individuals are there to satisfy personal interests ; for sure your ideas are aimed at destroying good national ideas the President has for his people. You Ntata there is always a good way of presenting good ideas and not through media houses only; for sure if your ideas were good and centered at national development you could have been used a proper way to have them understood.

  29. chingolopiyo says:

    I wonder what this Ntata is up to, but my simple advice is ” Ng’oma yolira sichedwa kusweka”. If Ntata knows about corruption, why can’t he talk to the Anti-corruption team rather than try to ask the one to one debate with the president. Something is wrong, and I mean totally wrong. If he was a good advisor for the former president, why the country suffered? If he is a good citizen, why can’t he reveal what he knows rather than trying to poke on the president. I wonder you say this is the son of a pastor, who was not trained to give respect where it is due. Let me take him to the story of David , who gave respect to Saul despite Saul willing to kill him, he still called Saul ,God’s anointed. We have freedom of expression, but we are overusing it. Freedom of expression does not mean we have to hurt other people’s feelings. I believe Ntata is a useless block, and the president has a lot of work to carry than fighting with a man who just want fame, yet he knows nothing. If he knew something, he would have revealed, instead of vomiting rubbish. Malawi will not go further, if our altitude is like what we see on this paper. We just want to vomit rubbish because we belong to other political parties or the regions where we come from. The country will remain the poorest country because the people are poor too in reasoning

  30. Faeti says:

    koma Ntata ndiye wamutengetsa Peter. Sakumupatsa mpata. Koma ndeu imeneyi itha bwino?

  31. Xeenoph says:

    Kwithu iyi nimbembe nadi, ninjani uyo wangapulikiska Pitara wa ku Thyolo. Mukummanya yaye Pitara imwe?

  32. SANGWANI PHIRI says:

    What cheap publicity one poor Ntata is seeking? He wants to ride on the president’s back an d become popular. Nope, this is what Ntata should do before seeking for that debate, find a constituency first, contest to a member of parliament, join a political party and let members of that party nominate him as president, contest and win through a convention, then he will meet the president in a debate because by then NAMISA will have organised one. kkkkkkkkkk

  33. CHAWANANGWA says:

    my humble advice to Mr. Ntata is to leave my president alone, i know he is frustrated yes but he is taking his frustrations very far, what debate and why? ntata is becoming a jocker day by day

  34. Chigawenga says:

    Muthalika must be a real doodle-head who is ill advised by his prime minister Dr of swindlelogy and lootology Ben Phiri. Muthalika by suing Ntata is getting himself in a corner where he will not be able to get out of. You are falling for the bait and you are being a fool. My advice if you can not prove that you are indeed not corrupt shut the hell up. By engaging Ntata you not only have to respond to his corrupt accusations but also prove to Malawians that he is just a frustrated man. Your stooges and hand clappers can not continue to mislead you but castigating Ntata. We all know that there is corruption still going on in your administration. You may not realize it just as you woke up surprised when you heard there were no medicines in hospitals. As the saying goes “wamisala adaona nkhondo” wake up and stop burrying your head in the sand!

  35. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    Paguza ndi Saguza akumana!

  36. wobeba wanga says:

    Mtata you are boring us with your noise now. why always you?

  37. Dumbo says:

    You ask what is Ntata asking to debate a sitting president. I say why is a sitting President dragging his Citizen to court. A court is a debate also. So I say shut up and start ruling.

  38. I doubt if all these alternative outbursts would’ve been existed if Mr Ntata was offered back his old job ‘as a legal advisor to the President’
    If one can’t see that Allan is frustrated he/she should be suffering from dementia…my advice to the President|you don’t need to respond to his outbursts` eventually he’ll cool down….we all know its all out of whack

  39. Tiuanjane says:

    if ntata attained a law qualification, then we should praise his father for having educated his son(s). I have seen highly educated fathers(like yours I suppose) who have ended with zibekete za ana. Tizisamala nalo lilime.

  40. Alungwana says:

    Ntata our Jack Bauer. Ntata our Lee Pyol. Ntata our City Hunter. Ntata our Oliver Queen.

  41. SAPITWA says:


  42. Bright Malopa says:

    Allan waonjeza mzanga. slow down ndalama za Joyce banda zikuphetsa mzanga iwe.

  43. Telling the Truth says:

    The Peter Mutharika DPP Govt has not come up with a new vision, policy and strategy to transform Malawi. For exampke the community colleges program is based on a fundamentally flawed reasoning that there is unfulfilled demand for artisans. This is totally wrong. There is very weak or insufficient demand for goods and services to support substantial growth of employment including self employment. Ntata is telling the truth that Peter Mutharika is failing.

  44. kabunduli says:

    thats behaviour of a hater. tiyeni nazo bola uimalize nkhondo imeneyi.

  45. mwene wenya says:

    you are a disgrace to this nation, the mother that gave birth to you and indeed to your friends. you are too small you fake lawyer for APM.

  46. kamulepo says:

    yet the job he is in at Hamra Gas he was sponsored by same government he is scolding. he is getting $8000 per month as salary. $2000 per month for fuel. free accomodation and yet he is not satisfied. what is it that you want you fool? anthu ena sayamika.

  47. Lost Soldier says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha. Go Ntata go. Go and debate. Squeeze his ujeni , mpaka timve zoona zeni zeni. kikikikikikiki. Koma ku Malawi koooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  48. Simuzeche says:

    start a party so that you can face APM at the polls. otherwise shut your stinking mouth up.

  49. Ford says:

    You gotta know when to fold’ ’em… Ntata should have quit while he was still ahead, now he is crossing the line into lunacy territories. Somebody stop this nutjob before he self destructs.

  50. BAZUZU B. says:

    One man is enough to shake fools if he knows them well. The country is supposed 2 listen to him if he talks sense. Coming from poor background doesn’t matter. If u come 4rm better bground why are u not known?

  51. Willie Chirwa says:

    Ntata, Ntata, you mean the whole president coming down to debate with you on corruption! Where in this world have you heard of such a naive suggestion even in countries were corruption passes like surnames. I have never commented on all your articles but this so called debate with a president makes me think your have lost part of your IQ or there is something which you want (not positions coz you already said you are comfortable) from the president. If you were a good advisor to Bingu as you claim why did things go bad in 2012 and then the so called midnight six. Clearly the pre April 2012 era show how badlly you advised the late Bingu especially after the death of his wife who could counter some of your bad advise. Someone who is proud of the 2012 scenarios should feel ashamed of himself to say the least. Where you not indited on treason charges Mr. Barrister. My advise is we have had enough of you find something to do bro.

  52. Simuzeche says:

    I used to adore you ntata that is before i realised that you are full of hatred and anger towards the state president, his family, advisors and ofcourse the dpp. ukungotaya nthawi bwanawe.

  53. phondogoma says:

    Allan is dull.Allan is coward.Allan is stupid.Allan is attention seeker. Yes Allan is dull because of the way he marries what says today and what is on the table over the same issue. He has been saying that he has evidence against APM on K92 billion cashgate. APM has sued him in court.This means Allan has an opportunity to prove a point in court against APM. Unfortunately he is not responding to this instead he is coming up with new accusation. To me this is childsh and a sign of dull lawyer trained in London.He is a coward because during Bingu rule he was behaving like this against JB. When Bingu died Allan new that JB will be a next president. You this useless Alan ran away even before JB ascended to the presidency. He feared the revenge from JB. Throughout two year rule of JB Allan disappeared to a cave in which he is hiding now.He is busy castigating APM just as he was doing against JB. Why being asylum seeker in a foreign land. These are democratic days and all of us we are fighting right here in our homeland. Look at Timothy Mtambo, Trapence, Billy Mayaya, John Kapito, baptised Mathanyula Mwakasungula.Its internal battle. Allan’s life style was common under one party. Surely this thing a hybrid coward of its own breed.He is attention seeker as he thinks that APM can do something to appease him. No way.

    If Allan you are strong enough legally or otherwise just come to debate one on one with APM in court. he wants you. Court hearing is a good form of one on one which you want. Come here. This time you will have all the security. Come to embarase him if you can.Don’t issue new threat just come and prove a point in court. Mathanyula is ready for you.This is Malawi. Your security is just granteed. Its no an islamic country where killings its just the order of the day.You dont qualify to be hunted by Malawi government for your life but to appear in court for your false tales against Malawi Government. Come downtown here.

    If you are not coming here you will lose people’s attention the way SCOs have lost their attention from Malawians especially over unreasonable demonstrations. we are tired with demos. With our own budget support we can not expect miracles over night. As time passes difinately Malawi will stand on its own.

  54. Kapolo Sakwiya says:

    Ntata shud not waste our President’s time. I urge this Gerald person to STOP responding to this nonsense guy let alone to the on-line publications. This is mere trivia and no need to panic with that Bwana Viola please. Leave this idiot , he feels offended by being left out of government. We know all that. Greyson Chapita, Bright Malopa, Lyson Sibande and Allan Ntata plus Jack Kafotokoza are waging war against the Presidency deliberately and we know this. They have their motives or they hate others around APM. Come on guys, be humane please. Our President please, lead Malawi and never get disturbed with these mafia sensational writers.

  55. JB says:

    iwe ntata ndiwe chindere chakufikapo. asiye bwana alamule apa.

  56. zaluma says:

    Guys stop commenting when thieves are accusing each other. It is Ntata who advised Bingu and the police to murder 20 July victims of mass demonstration. He needs to come back home to answer murder charges. I will prosecute him. I will offer free service to the nation. He is struggling with doctoral studies while some of us did that twenty years ago. I have been teaching at a renown UK university for sixteen years as professor of Law.

  57. MBOFYOMBOFYO says:

    the entire government cannot just revolving under the ntata guise. this guy is non entity afterall how many people read nyasa times and facebook posts? APM do not despair just remain focused.

  58. mwiithotho says:

    If he thinks he knows the law, why does the ‘moron-sounding’ Ntata not sue? Coward peeing toddler that farted escaping from the ‘clueless, escapee obese, ex-girl president. We’ve got more important issues to attend to! !

  59. kanenani says:

    Omtata tiyenavoni vitsilu va DPPvi nvopusa zedi vimenevi.

  60. pat says:

    Who will win this battle at the end of the day? I guess your guess is as good as my guess. Lets wait and watch!!

  61. gabbage says:

    aaaah kodi zataninso apa. Ambwiye che Ntata inu siaja mumaima pa tv mbc nkumatiuza kuti katundu koma peter yu tivotere ameneyu. Tsono lero zatembenukanso. tsono amene mukutiyesa opusa ndife a malawife sopano. pitani nazo uko zamkutu zanuzo, lawyer opusa inu.

  62. bogus banda says:

    in every no-sense they is sense, let Mr ntata speak cos i know they something this government is not telling us

  63. namarokoro says:

    Mr. President & all Presidential advisors please stop responding to this fool. He is a mad man

  64. canavas says:

    kkk Pastors son what is the problem? Are you employed there?

  65. Angels of Sodom & Gomorah says:

    We think this Ntata/Peter Muthalika duel is being given too much publicity on this Nyasa page. All Malawians should not be dragged into this kind of ‘noise’. We better get real news now. In fact Ntata was part of Bingu’s bad governance era, where he looted 65 billion kwacha from poor Malawians. So, let these two people find space somewhere, where they will have to exchange words without pricking our innocent eardrums. If it means fighting, let them fight where they cannot be seen by any of us. Tired of Ntata…., Ntata …., Ntata…….!

    Nyasa Times, please can you do us a favor by telling us who is still cashgating in this new government? We think the courts are too slow and we will have to be squeezing them right in the comfort of their homes ourselves!

  66. Maximum Prison says:

    Why should the President waste time with a ref raf like Ntata? He had debates with the likes of Dr Chakwera, Mark Katsonga, Late James Nyondo, and other candidates and he won the elections. Why fight with a fool! If Allan Ntata was a real Investigator, he would have discovered the real corruption and Cash gate that is happening in the Hospitals. Go to Bwaila District Hospital. The DHO and The Principle Administrator have siphoned millions of kwachas but nobody is saying anything!

  67. Mwako says:

    He who is always against elders, his days are numbered. Mark my words Ntata/Dzanja

  68. Analyst says:

    Is it not interesting to see people saying the president cannot be dragged into a debate with Ntata and yet the same president is dragging Ntata into a lawsuit! Isn’t this another form of a debate? The only difference here is the platform but this two will surely come face to face at some point whether the cadets like it or not. We have already witnessed the debate between APM and Ntata where Ntata speaks through his writings and APM responds either at a rally or through his pressman. All Ntata is asking for here is a more specific topic of debate – corruption and governance. He says it doesn’t matter where. so it can be him writing and APM responding through Akweni, or face to face, else in a court, etc. The unfortunate thing one side of the debate does not respond to issues the other one raises. But rather it barks and talks of frustration. The latter cannot stand the debate having no teeth in the mouth. Reading some comments here makes me lough and you clearly see high levels of ignorance in Malawi

  69. Cash Gate says:

    Ntata V Munthalika, Who Is To Win?

  70. Nkhatabay says:

    Whether we like it or not one President at the Moment and it’s APM basi

  71. ohooo! says:

    usatikwane iwe…… there is no sense in wat ur saying….. ur yourself a thief
    u only r buying a name

  72. Nkhatabay says:

    Lets support APM

  73. Enukweni says:

    APM massive

  74. Munthuyu akudziwa zambiri tiyeni timulole awulule, musamumate phula pakamwa, musamuopseze ayi. Ameneyutu akuthandizira kulira kwa anthu amene akubangula kumudzi. Chenjezo akumaudindo, musamuphe Allan Ntata mwanyanya ndikusowetsa anthu.

  75. JB says:

    Can you imagine Peter pa debate sudzamva olo adzangoti Izhizhi shi vuto langa koma la Bingu kwaaaa

  76. JB says:

    Can imagine Peter pa debate sudzamva olo adzangoti Izhizhi shi vuto langa koma la Bingu kwaaaa

  77. Kadakwiza says:

    I like this Allan Ntata guy he talk sense. But my question is, where were he (Mr. Ntata) when us Malawians needed him most? I mean the time police killed 20 people on July 20, 2011. Where were he Ntata, the time Malawians were sleeping at filling stations because of shortage of fuel. There is something Mr. Ntata want from Mr. Muthalika and if is not government position, then what? That is why I think Mr. Ntata a London trained lawyer, may be was also involved in the game called cash gate and now he want a cut from his uncle Mr. Muthalika. This Ntata guy knows something about corruption. Let us Malawians give him an opportunity may be he will tell us what we don’t know.

  78. apundi says:

    kkkk mtat go deeper, ndiwe wanzeru ndithu, i said goooo deeeppppeeerrr

  79. cmwitonya says:

    man Ntata tiye nawoni mbavayo

  80. Koma kumeneko. Mtata the thief trying to out do a fellow thief. Ife ndiowonerera muthana nokha.

  81. pachimwe says:

    nawoni amenewa amawona ngati ndiufumu wakwawo ,nawoni bwana Ntata ,malawi akusowa anthu olimba ntima

  82. Omega says:

    This son of a Pastor is now boring , we are about 17 millions Malawians here why you always . Do you think you are more intelligent or made of other stuff than the lowest of other people . Here in Malawi they are many who were either unfairly dismissed or are miss allocated from their work , but they chose to remain quiet, some are Soldiers , Police Officers , whow special are you a little useless son of uneducated SDA pastor . Just find a job and have something to do . The stupid are those who are saying to you ” mumakhwana man , ndinu achikulire , and so on and so forth ” watch this space , rubbish

  83. mwana mulopwana says:

    Mr Ntata, I told you before that you are suffering from Paranoia and you did not take me serious, You cant ask the seating President to a one to one debate for what, I thought you told the nation that you are doing Phd and you have Masters , why cant you join the rest of the lawyers in town by opening your own legal film, may be you know that you cant win cases because of the issue to do with grey matter. Please Allan , iwe ndiwe mbuzi ya lawyer and you are bringing your profession to total shame

  84. Dr. neB says:

    Bwana Ntataaaaaa! Ha ha haaaa! Mwandiseketsa heavy. By the way, how many intelligent people do we have in town? Onsewo azichallenger President on 1 to 1? Zopusa. Kodi mukuona ngati uPresident wa club ya mpira eti? Iweyo ndiwe openga, and even if President atafuna kumva nzeru zako, he won’t, coz you don’t have decency in your approach. President wa dziko vs ka lawyer kakang’ono? Aaaaah! Fotsek!!!!!

  85. Nkhomani girl Mitundu says:

    I support Ntata more fire! Tuli vutika ife kuno ku mudzi asi tere za nyanya ili boma. Tsano uko kuthere zanga zinai mwati tikhala moyo ife? Uphawi waonjeza kwabasi. Inu andale musamangokhala mtown mo muziyendako mmidzimu muone mmene anthu omwe amaku votelani akuvutikila.

  86. lol says:

    Go Ntata go Allan! Anthu amenewa akuzolowela

  87. dull professor says:

    kodi mwati mtata ali kuti?

  88. Mwana Mai says:

    This is why people conclude that Zalimba is indeed an attention seeker. Why should the whole head of state stoop so low to engage himself in a debate that won’t benefit the nation and standing along side a pauper like Zalimba? When people say this person is on illicit drugs, it adds up. Are you not the same person who sought an audience with the UN to talk I’ll about Joyce Banda (PP) just for recognition, we’re you given one? Those in the UUN knew that they were dealing with deranged dirty Malawian who will tell them fuck’all. Has all this noise been made aimed at attempting to rub shoulders with APM after failing to get an entrance into the state house? Zalimba generally has a problem whose solution can be found by the owner. At the rate he is going, even his fellow mad men at the Zomba Mental Hospital are left wondering if the disease he is suffering from is the same mental illness everyone knows. An advice to the Malawi government – Can you stop responding to this dog’s barking because at the end of the day people won’t be able to differentiate who is more doggish between the two. Let him rant, climb mountains, foam, roll and cry blood all in the name of a “Governance Activist” till he drops dead; Governance activist representing who and for what, you sod?

  89. mlangizi says:

    Munthuyu akudziwa zambiri hence mwano ndi makani onsewa. My advice to the Power that be is “Don’t be concerned, and don’t respond to whatever he does,write/say.” Atopa yekha & asiya. Mukumupatsa MATAKO mukamayankha. Nobody takes him seriously apart from the media – so leave him. Wise words – “Do not argue with a fool for people might not know the difference”.

  90. Roots says:

    Njoka saweta kkkkkkkk

  91. The real ujeni says:

    Ntata was close aid of Bingu, he knows the Mutharikas better than the people who paint themselves blue and hand clappers, he knows Peter Mutharika failed as a Minister in all ministries he headed. The same manner of failure has now been transferred to the position of president.

  92. chipwete chalunda says:

    This guy is really crying there in UK. He cannot even have a haircut as i hear its very expensive to hire a barber. If he is not looking for a job from Peter why is he so obsessed with criticism. The only way I can advise Ntata is to apologize to Peter for running away before Bingu was buried.

  93. Insider says:

    Well done Ntata for inviting toothless Mutharika to a debate on corruption. He corruptly acquired a Malawi Housing property in Blantyre. In addition, he has corruptly acquired millions of dollars which he cannot explain its legitimate source. He is therefore a money launderer. I hope The U.S. government freezes his U.S. Bank accounts where he stashed poor people’s tax payers money until he explains its source.

  94. Nkhule says:

    Allan ntata daring APM for debate? Ha ha ha ha cant stop laughing. Akulu mumasuta chamba kwabasi.

  95. Dr Ben Phiri says:

    Zowopsa moto kuti buuuuuu ku statehouse. Mwadya uku mukununkhila inu zakatangare.

  96. anthoroki says:

    Let the debate begin…..

  97. Long Diick says:

    Waponda mwalatu ameneyu! Njoka saweta!!

  98. Professional says:

    Although people hardly take him serious, Ntata is quite an entertaining fellow. I hope he sticks around, for the entertainment value.
    And in his own unique way, he does make APM look the dunderhead.

  99. Mwapurika says:

    Ntata has reached breaking point. He is trying to dessuade the president from runnning affairs of state by challenging him for debate? You jobless fool. APM is our beloved leader.

  100. Owen says:


  101. Willie Chimseu says:

    Mr Ntata would u kindly respect our president who is also a brother to your said boss Bingu. The mention of guts is very disrespectful abwana ndagwira karundi nganya. What is really the problem bwana blessed lawyer? Please bear with us on this arrogant approach to the president.

  102. namatikitiki says:

    If the President does not take this challenge head on then he will lose the little trust Malawians have in him. Mr President here is ur chance to pulverise Ntata, don’t listen to ur eunuchs who will advise u not to take Ntata head on bcoz the case is in court!

  103. Zangaphee says:

    A Ntata, siuja mumanenetsa kuti boma la DPP ndi labwino? tisankhe brother wake ! mwasamba mmanja ndi anzanu aja pa TV Malawi, nanga lero mwatani !!! kikikikikikikikikiki. A sign of failure kikikikikikiki

  104. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Wno is winning in this matter no comments

  105. Diaspora Lungu says:

    We should not tempt the President for no good reason. This proposed debate is misplaced and it should not be honored at all. President Mutharika should focus on ruling the whole country osati izi akunena awazi ayi

  106. Golden Phiri says:

    Debate for what reason? Hahahahahaha koma Allan, you are a dreamer

  107. Chionetsero says:

    It is not wrong to ask for a debate as a citizen. But looking at the gap between the two people, Mutharika and Ntata, I think it will be a waste of time. The Presidency is not an office you can just play with whenever you so wish. Let us learn to focus on real issues folks than trying to gain marks on trivia. Leave the President alone, will you?

  108. haga says:

    it seems mtata has lost direction and may need urgent emergency psychatric assessment.i dont think the whole president can have a debate with you, in what capacity?how can you have debate with a puppet as u always refers him?if you have evidence of corruption or poor governance come out and put the evidence clear and the whole nation will support and start trusting you.

  109. Kenkkk says:

    I have listened and supported your freedom of expression on many issues against this useless dpp govt but on 1 to 1 debate with the president, I say no and don’t agree. That will be elevating you to an equal position with Peter. That previlege can only go to the leader of the opposition or other party political leaders in the country. You are neither.

    If you want a 1 to 1 corruption debate wait for 2019 when you register as a presidential candidate, then you can challenge Peter on that. Or let Peter himself call a conference to debate corruption and you can then join all other Malawians to debate the issue. But challenging the president for 1 to 1, it is NO for me.

    Having said that please keep on expressing yourself and giving good governance advice to the predident and all of us. We know how to choose the good bits and discard the bad bits.

  110. stephen says:

    tiyeni nazoni

  111. Mzungu wa Nzeru says:

    Boy you are intelligent but strive for wisdom as well

  112. BigMan says:

    More of the same rubbish from this useless man who clearly has too much time on his hands as he is unemployed. Why would the president waste time debating with you, and for what purpose?

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