Ntata: Evaluating DPP’s leadership and governance credentials

A growing majority of DPP members and Malawians in general are expressing concern about the future of Malawi under the rule of a president controlled by his assistant. Rumblings of dissatisfaction in leadership echo the hallways while the party scrambles to identify the tectonics required to shift them back onto the correct course. The issues facing the DPP are fundamental, and unfortunately it is the same theme that was seen when the DPP was at its least popular in 2012.

DPP supporters

DPP supporters

These fundamental issues tie back to core elements of governance that are key to the quality and effective performance of the government (or any healthy organization)

Strong Governance

The DPP seems plagued with an indecisive leader that is relinquishing his decision making powers to individuals with a different agenda than his own, and that are bringing back a seemingly ocean of corruption allegations. Strong governance is failing for this ruling party, and this is weakening the trust that the already very marginal majority in Malawi had for the DPP.

Leadership has been lacking at key times in this DPP’s short history (e.g. MSB, Public Service Reforms, Natural resources policy), and when a strong confident voice is needed, the President has not exactly delivered a convincing performance. The voices we hear are of assistants, advisors, and brainless praise-singers.

Monitoring and Evaluation

This is a key aspect of any organization to ensure all elements are performing to their goals and objectives. The DPP has demonstrated a very primitive performance feedback system that has been based on reactionary methods, a system usually avoided by any organization that is looking for continuous improvement. Dubious decisions are tolerated and allowed to become unnecessary talking points without properly being explained, for example the Presidential graffiti at Lumbadzi or the postponed ivory burning. This is very embarrassing for the DPP and shows poor planning and exposes their inability to calibrate their efforts and initiatives to accommodate feedback or changing perceptions.

Checks and balances

Notably in the area of budgets and financing seem to have started already to be grossly neglected, opening the door for illicit activities that tainted the DPP’s previous time in power.

Engagement And Well-being

The President is not a good communicator and relies heavily on his more articulate ministers to be his crutch at key times. This lack of engagement with the majority of his supporters does not provide a secure sense of wellbeing. This has steadily become more apparent and is eroding support within key members of the party.

The President needs to connect more closely with his people, especially those who are questioning his presence in major decision, and his leadership style that seems to defer everything to his assistant. The tactics of bullying critics will only serve to further undermine his presidency. The President needs to spend more time talking to the people he represents, not sending his assistant, and re-connecting with his cabinet and the people he is serving – this will instill a greater sense of reliable leadership and direction.

Pathways And Transitions

There is a lack of an articulated long-term vision with the DPP, in terms of succession of leadership and how the country’s cavernous deficiencies are being addressed. The country is experiencing serious economic challenges, and the DPP has not adequately explained how the country should prepare for this.

The economic challenges will be further pronounced by the “scaring away” of large corporations from investing in Malawi due to corruption, political overreach and the levels of neopatrimonialism confounding the commercial process. Never before has there been a greater need for a visionary to grab the reigns and ensure that reason and common sense prevail. Economic Stability driven by industry and not politics, combined with an improved administrative framework that will create the pathway to a new future for all Malawians is what the country is looking for. Amazingly, virtually none of the DPP leaders can properly explain how this is going to occur.


Not until this President and this administration provides Malawians with the confidence that he is in charge and not his assistants, and that he has a clear direction of where he wants Malawi to be at the end of his five-year term, can we say that his leadership is inspiring or that the past one year of DPP administration has been a success.

Otherwise, as long as issues continue to be referred to assistants and those assistants continue to railroad government policy and impute their own agenda on government decisions, there is reason to believe that claims of puppetry have foundation, and that good governance credentials are desperately lacking.

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46 thoughts on “Ntata: Evaluating DPP’s leadership and governance credentials”

  1. john wa chilungamo says:

    Sometimes I wonder why our reporters think that their way of seeing thinks is the only way to go. They dont see that Peter Mutharika cleverly dodge their firing line. Kamuzu had John Tember to face the wrath of critics, Bakili Muluzi had Dumbo Lemani, Bungu wa Mutharika had Akweni Patricia Kaliati while Joyce Banda exposed herself (no wonder she lost). Now Peter barricades herself behind an army of lieutenants and avoids confrontations with reporters who are good at nothing but reading between the lines and distorting one fact here and there just to make news. Reporters accept when you are beaten

  2. zibwana says:

    Inu a Dolo, kodi munthuyu ndi ntaba kapena ntata! mukuonongatu dzina la wina. check spellings before you post your comments.

  3. dolo says:

    Ntaba mwana wa abusa koma khalidwe lako lotaika. Iwe ukukwanilitsa zoipa zonyansa za mmasiku otsiliza read 2 Temoteo 3 vs 1-5 and Mateyu 18 vs 7. Ntaba ndithu kukhala ngati siukudziwa za mmasiku otsiliza. Wandimvetsa chifundo iwe mwana wa abusa and makolo ndi abale ako pano anangokusiya kuti ukwanilitse zofuna mtima wako koma wataya njira ya kumwamba walowerera za dziko ndi ulamuliro wa ………….

    Ngati umawerenga ma koment ngati awa< just return back to Jesus ali wolora kukulandila.

  4. Daniel Phiri says:

    President should spend more time with the people not sending his ministers and assistants”- I have to disagree with the writer here. The president cannot be expected to be everywhere spending time with people. He must delegate some tasks to people under him. This is the way to go, otherwise we run the risk of a president who spends millions on allowances, fuel, security etc just to distribute goats. If I may ask, has Ntata ever run an organisation? Is he not a mere academic?

  5. John Phiri says:

    Am not impressed with this assessment. Try again!

  6. KHUERE says:


  7. KHUERE says:


  8. kazeze says:

    This country has no LEADER, can APM DENY THIS??? On the presidential jet, can I remind APM that he should not liken himself to the president of America, APM is a president of a very poor country economically and Obama is a president of a very rich country, does APM need schooling on this??? Common sense seems not so common to some of our leaders.

  9. dexes says:

    yeah guys, you may say ntanta is a frustrated hypocrite for not been considered in the dpp or whatever u think but certainly he is observant. judge not the cover of a book rather the taste in the pudding. wamisala nkhondo anaiona take heed of his saying otherwise you will brand him a prophet for all his backing will come to pass tek his words for your improvements or leave them for your destruction at your own peril.

  10. Tilibemau says:

    can you imagine Timpunza Mwansambo ,a thief who was drawing two salaries from govt and MBC is now coming to LL MBC as Regional Manager because of Ben Phiri.The President actually said he didn’t want to see him when he discovered that he was involved In salary gate.The govt is full of crooks and thugs.Mutharikas name will be turnished if he just look at these issues without taking any action.The ACB mustard start investigations becoz you are not supposed to be told .ACB is shielding those who are DPP sympathizers.Do your job proffessionally.You must know that mlandu suwola.Concerned employees of MBC go to ACB becoz there is no way you can have a boss who is a thief.The president does not even know that Timpunza has been promoted instead of being fired.

  11. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Mr. Ntata does express his views very well; and he makes a good read to be sure.
    But, and this is a big BUT: he is unable to hide his (ulterior) motives. Even to those of us who are not astute students of Malawi politics. He seems to have an ax to grind against some people in the APM government.
    Mr. Ntata did wield tremendous influence in late Bingu’s administration; and there were rumblings about that. So what Mr. Ntata espouses about excessive influence by some in the current government is no different from the experience during his tenure in Bingu’s government. For that matter, this is a common complaint in many governments around the world.
    One big mistake Mr. Ntata made was he ran away, with tail between the legs, after Bingu’s death, to a place beyond the arm of the law. And leaving APM and others behind to face the wrath of Joisi Banda; in stead of hanging around and dispensing much needed legal advice. It is very hard for APM et al. to welcome Mr. Ntata back into the tent, after all that. He should just settle down and pursue a different path, instead of chastising the current government; as this will get him nowhere. It’s now personal.

  12. Chibavi says:

    Ntata please continue being the voice of the voiceless.

  13. Garu Wa Garu says:

    Here is an advice to Ntata “IF YOU CAN NOT BEAT THEM JOIN THEM” You are a looser boy. just SHUT A Fu?? UP. Unali momwemo, Now what does that make you. Do not fool us fool. You run away when Munthalika was in trouble. Now what do you want. Zikubwelela iwe yemwe bwanawe. gat JB wakutuma akupweteketsa. IWE NDIWE MWANA WOVETSA CHISON.

  14. Kenkkk says:

    What Allan is telling us should be heeded, not ridiculed. Otherwise the house boy or your servant will soon become the head of your household. Your PA who makes tea for you and arranges your diary will soon become your boss!!! That is the scenario that is emerging with this dpp govt and its leadership, that Ben could actually become the president of Malawi. It is a justifiable ambition but it is the manner in which it is done by undermining Peter( with his consent) and the cabinet that is worrying.

    This is an open indictment on the impotence, toothlessness and uselessness of the VP and the whole cabinet by sitting dumbly rather than confront Peter and seek explanations why Ben is becoming more powerful than them. These are democracy and human rights days, not the times to fear anyone.

    Money talks and if it is true that Ben has now accumulated as much money or wealth as Peter, then does that not give him much more leverage in the dpp hierarchy and cast aside any opponents within the party and take the leadership after Peter? Are Malawians really ready for people like Ben to be our leader? No but he can be through his money, tribalism, cheating and the voting ignorance of our electorate. Is Ben really going to bring good governance and stop corruption bearing in mind that barely less than one year since dpp came to power, from abject poverty or nowhere he has already made as much money as Peter himself has made in his life time. That is if what we read is true.

    Many people say Ben really supported Peter through thick and thin but what is this special support that Ben gave Peter that makes him behave the way he does and belittle the cabinet? The middle night six or the Lumbadzi graffiti gang, didn’t they also support Peter through thick and thin as well? But do they behave like Ben? Indeed the whole cabinet were behind Peter through thick and thin, so what special support does Ben bring to Peter that sets him apart?

    If the cabinet bow down and tremble when they see Ben, then something is seriously wrong and ntata’s message should be heeded. Love or hate Allan but his message is very important to the sleeping Malawians and the cabinet. Wake up!! Kwacha!!!

  15. edda mwalweni says:

    Well, thanks

  16. Quiet Corner says:

    Ntata’s fight against APM,Chisale and Ben Phiri won’t take him anywhere. Malawians aren’t too blond to see that your writings are a product of a frustrated person. You expected an appointment which seems will never come and you think it is Ben and Chisale who are blocking that hence branding the president a puppet. No matter how long you will fight these people,you won’t make us join your fight for we know what you are fighting for. What’s your mission Ntata,if its not just to make noise? You served Bingu and deserted when he died… You couldn’t attend his burial because you were too committed… You decided to inform Malawians what happened during the midnight six close to three years after Bingu’s death.. Reason? Search me.. My plea is that you find a way of asking for an appointment from APM other than fighting them in the media? I wonder how you feel when those you fight JUST watch you and relax!


    Chifukwa chomwe boma limawasowesa anthu otumbwa ngati ntata ndachidziwa. Kodi ku bomako kulibe amane angamuchite titini mu2u?. chonde boma,i know that APM is a gentleman amene sangasate maganiz angawa.pezani akadaulo amene angakwanitse kumufinya mu2u

  18. Pumbwa says:

    Its good to have people like NTata, it will help Our leaders to be strong be strong and productive plus supporters will make a sound decision when choosing whom to vote for all because ntata is tackling each and every faullt of our leader. Its good for APM too, sometimes all he needs is Ntata to tell him someting is wrong here.

  19. nsonga ciswe says:

    CE ntata mwathatha kokwanila seeking sympathy kuti anthu akutengeniso. Osangubwereraa kumudzi Juno. He here mungothamangila kutenga ziphaso za UK.koma ninji simunabwere Ku infa ya can apongozi anu.dona inadza yokha timaesa tikuonani koika nkhata mmaopanji???ndinu akape Maya nkhope ngati timaujeni tanu tomwe.mutotinyasa NATO tinkhani tanu. Muli m’boma mukaleka kulongosola zosezi.
    Get a life and get lost plesae

  20. zingalume ndifulabe says:

    Thumbs up ntanta….uli bho…Sinthawi yongoombera mmanja chilichonse mu zina loti umasata chipani cha dp..Ntata
    ndi maso kwa onse aseka maso….

  21. Mbanangwa says:

    Ntata is right, it will take just one silly fool to change the course of history, the president will panic and there will be trouble from all corners and he will breakdown again, faster than we can imagine. Just wait and see. History repeats itself.

  22. tchadiwiki says:

    People, please understand Ntata; till such a time when he is made a Presidential aide, he will continue to make and attack the leaderahip

  23. phwiyonaire says:

    I am a die hard MCP supporter (2019 Chakwera- boma). But as much as I look forward to the fall of DPP at the next ballot, I fail to comprehend nor can I accept the inspiration behind Ntata’s assault against H.E APM and his personal assistant inparticular. This guy is such a miserable loser who will amount to nothing in life unless he becomes civilised and behave like one worthy to be called lawyer. Disgusting.

  24. Vavlov says:

    Am sure everyone in Malawi knows the president cant articulate. He has speech problem, and this portrays him as being weak, and indeed he is a very weak leader. DPP poor leadership will drive the country’s ailing economy to a total collapse.

  25. mwanangu says:

    Ntata,what is ur problem?

  26. mwanangu says:

    Ntata, u simply show ur foolishness.u behave as if u never went to school but i understand u are a lawyer, what type of a lawyer are u? U are really frustrated.sit back,reason and evaluate ur actions,u will find that u are acting salvage way not befitting a lawyer.be a role model to the youth and stop your foolish and silly behaviour.

  27. ujeni says:

    Good write up. Those who are literate and with a brain to digest this stuff with give it a distinction but unfortunately we have very few of such kind in Malawi. We have more people who are like the South African savages perpetrators of xenophobia.

    Ntata, kerp up the good work.

  28. zaluma says:

    Do you remember how Ntata and Isaac Cheka Ziba rose to their position in late Mutharika’s government. they played the same cards of using the media so that those in authority should recognise that they are there. I do not think a graduate of Dares Salaam University can allow this. APM knows Ntata politics. He privately told me that he will not allow Ntata to spoil his govt. Over his dead body. Ntata funani chochita basi.

  29. Redeemed says:

    The only message I get from this article is that you hate Ben Phiri, nothing else. Umafuna position ya Ben Phiri ija ukanakhalapo iwe.

  30. Kes says:

    Bollocks.. Nonsense… Rubbish rumblings of a very very frustrated individual.

  31. namoni says:

    Probably the dullest lawyer Chanco has ever produced. WANYA NAYO MCHEWA. PITA UKALOWE MCP

  32. matako a njoka says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkk koma Allan ndiwabodza bwanji! Ma supporters a DDP ake akunenawoo ndi ati? Ife eni chipani tili pheeee! Ukungozifutaaaa Allan you will never ever succeed! NEVERR!

  33. Yesaya Dziko says:

    A Ntata mmmmmmmmmmmm

  34. yaya says:

    Allan continue telling them the truth. the country needs people to learn to speak out.

  35. Aliphee says:

    zinthu zayang’ana ku nkhongo sizinati more fire Ntata we are behind you expose them agalu awa

  36. Karrib says:

    Frustration. Useless!!!!! What dd u xpct 4rm APM isn’t 4thcoming. Izn’t t Mr. Ntaba. U’ll die a frustrated man if u don’t get rid of this self-centered ego! Uzikhala ndi manyazi. simply cz sanakutengeni kukhala presidential aide? Ukhaula……. tidyera limodzi therere….. Iwe munthu ochititsa manyazi kwambiri. Very useless in politics…….. kulephera ndi u MP womwe. Iwe nzeru ulibe. Mbatama ya ziiiiiii………

  37. makito says:

    you have run out of ideas. Izi munakamba kale. If the President is blank in his head, how does he take control?

  38. Alufeyo says:

    Ben phiri is just taking advantage of a system that has gone to bed. Ben has successfully rewarded his relations with good jobs eg Mrs Jessie Kumwembe Ndisale, Bright Kumwembe, John Kumwembe and many others. It is wrong to blame Ben Phiri because in this country corruption is our staple food. Ben also successfully installed G Mkondiwa as CS. Congratulations B Phiri akamapusa adyere ayise.

  39. MIKE says:

    whats your motive then??

  40. Jenifa says:

    De javu. I remember there was a guy called Thom Likambale…He used to do what Ntata is doing. writing on Nyasatimes on petty issues like these. Pano kaya alikuti nkulu amene uja? Nde a Mtata tiyenazoni. this kind of behavour is childish and stupid to say the least. Ma Loya azanu achina Kita akutatakata pa Nyasaland pano coz of hardwork baba.

  41. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Another issue forgotten in this article but very crucial to governance is tribalism, nepotism and regionalism.

    All DPP govts are good practitioners of tribalism, nepotism and regionalism. These vices have disintergrated the nation deeper as observed by calls of federalism and seccession. Top govt positions seem to be a preserve of Presidents tribe and closest colonies without a regional balance. I beieve some people like Ben Phiri think that Malawi is in Thyolo and not vice versa hence rampant nepotism. These vices have brought some system failures in govt insititutions. Mediocrity and political appeasement is the main heart beat of DPP. Exqmples include proposed sale of MSB. When in Malawi has a single bank making losses. Issue is to sweep under carpet loans obtained by zDPP HEAVY WEIGHTS LIKE BINGU, MULLI, MWANAVEKA, et al and to entrench nepotism by awarding it to their kinsman, Thom Mpinganjira.

  42. maganizo wa maganizo says:


  43. T/A says:

    Ulibe tsogolo mu ndale Ntata…….Kopasa kupeza chochita china.

  44. nkhawa says:

    DPP Leadership 2 pa 10…the country is on the middle of the road going nowhere.. the GVT is on life supporting machine….so many things are not straight….Bolanso Bingu kapena

    We are Lucking President in this country…i feel sorry for my country.

  45. Mtonga wa pa phata says:

    Allan wasowa pogwila, damn it usatikwane anakuswayabe basi. Umayesa ndi late Bingu eti kuti udzimulamula? Kugula dzina mwana wa pastor kkkk

  46. john says:

    I agree.The President if he was to operate without of his assistant influencing him,we could see a democratic leader Malawi has ever produced but people are being sidelined both achibale,party loyalts,and professional civil servants amene anayambana with Ben Phiri are suffering mmanyumbamu at the expense of the popularity of the President.This President minus Ben Phiri is the best.

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