Ntata hits at DPP and Peter Mutharika again: ‘Demonstrate to Malawians your leadership potential’

The manner in which President Peter Mutharika and the DPP continue to cling to the spirit of Bingu for public sympathy and mandate to govern the country testifies to one thing and one thing only: without invoking the spirit of Bingu, Arthur Peter Mutharika is an empty, agenda-less leader controlled by his assistant, and his DPP a direction-less party that lacks any original development ideas besides those of late Bingu’s, and no achievements of its own except Bingu’s legacy.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

I am disturbed that President Arthur Peter Mutharika and the DPP want the nation to sympathise and extend them the mandate to govern because of the nostalgia and the respect of Peter’s late brother! With due respect for Bingu, this is a cheap trick by the DPP. The fact that the DPP thinks Malawians are not clever enough to see through reveals that as a party, the DPP is regarding Malawians with contempt. It also explains why bad governance and failures of governmental integrity are being perpetuated with impunity.

It is a fact that the current Mutharika and this DPP of today are yet to demonstrate to Malawians their leadership potential. Surely a year in power is long enough a time for the younger Mutharika to lay his own tracks and demonstrate that he has leadership qualities, and mark his difference from Bingu, showing that he is his own person. There were accusations about this Mutharika that he is nothing like this brother. Those allegations presented evidence of his unimpressive records in portfolios such as the Ministry of Education, which he presided upon during the academic freedom debacle, and the Ministry of foreign affairs, where he left no mark of his presence whatsoever.

The notion that Bingu and Peter could be one when it comes to leadership is a DPP unilateral wet dream, for it is a disrespect to the spirit of Bingu to compare him with the leadership failures that are evident in this brother of his. I believe we can all see the spinelessness with which Peter has taken to the leadership. President Peter Mutharika’s campaign narrative was that “I will continue from where my brother left off.” His late brother’s slogan was “Let the work of my hands speak for me”. After one year in the presidency, Late Bingu had descended on corruption with his Zero tolerance on corruption policy, which saw the arrest of a cabinet minister, and had defied the donors and solved the country’s food shortage with the FISP program.

In one year of Peter Mutharika, all we can see is the self-enrichment of his assistants. There is no “work of his hands” to speak for him. Indeed if he was really continuing where his brother left off, we would have seen no such thing as the corrupt sale of MSB bank. Bingu would not have waited for a whole year into his presidency to make operational the Presidential hotel at Umodzi Park, a move that has resulted in some of the plumbing there to go rusty because four years after it was laid, it was never used. Bingu certainly would not have made as his first program as leader the launching of Community Colleges, for Bingu would have known that community colleges can only work to help in development after fixing the economy. Perhaps Peter Mutharika should explain what he really meant when he said he would continue where his brother left off, because there is little so far to support this statement. The fact is that Peter Mutharika is pursuing his own path and should not fool Malawians into sympathising with him simply because most of them miss Bingu.

It is probably this same obsession of invoking the spirit of Bingu for sympathy that fooled the minister of information into thinking that he would score some points by this late in the day making claims about the cause of Bingu’s death and the person responsible for it. Surely if there was any evidence supporting such a claim, this administration would not have waited a year into its presidency to reveal it! The logic here is simple. With the current president failing to create any noticeable marks of his leadership other than sending everyone to his assistant, the DPP is grappling and clutching for something to validate its administration, and they have somehow misguidedly decided that this will be done by invoking the spirit of Bingu and the public sympathy that comes with that. How pathetic!

The DPP needs to understand that the mandate to govern is never based on past achievements, especially achievements of a party’s former leaders. A political mandate to govern was given by the electorate to Peter Mutharika, not Bingu, and it was based on prevailing hopes, and especially on the promise of future greatness; the hope that Peter Mutharika and the DPP understand the aspirations of the masses- the electorate. While we celebrate the achievements of Bingu, there remain many economic, social and governance challenges that this new DPP must address. Make no mistake, the flamboyant memorials of Bingu and the faithful and ostentatious displays of the achievements of his leadership serve only to underline the fact that the current leadership has no direction, no agenda, and no original ideas of its own to peddle and validate its presence in government.

My message to the DPP is quite simple: The party now has 4 years to go. These next 4 years are not for editorialising the achievements of Bingu. They are for Arthur Peter Mutharika to acquit himself as leader and demonstrate that his failure to deal with the Academic Freedom fiasco was simply a mishap and not a true measure of his ability. They are for Peter Mutharika and the DPP leadership to lay new tracks of economic development. Stop looking backwards to Bingu. Create your own legacy.

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46 thoughts on “Ntata hits at DPP and Peter Mutharika again: ‘Demonstrate to Malawians your leadership potential’”

  1. Allan chinzu says:

    A ntata atleast there is sense in you komabe ka nsanje kalipo bcoz sanakuchite include wa ba timbachita tepo tayu pana pinthu pi zinji pya kufuna kukozwa konjani pepyo ba waa!

  2. bwaduka says:

    Why you are allowing the Chinese to pass through VIP lough at the airport without searching their bags? We know now the type of business you are running with these people of selling Ivory. what a shame.

  3. Vyanje says:

    Allan listen to Makito…he’s right.

  4. Vyanje says:

    Listen to makito…he’s right.

  5. Patrick Phiri says:

    Mungobvutika inu. APM ndikatundu, simungamuthe.

  6. Zondiwe says:

    I am no fan of Allan Ntata but for a change, he seems to make sense.
    Those of you who are in the DPP, and any other party for that matter, learn something from the content of Ntata’s message. In Chichewa, there is a proverb that, translated, could mean that ‘the one who wishes you well will tell you the bad news’ or put bluntly, ‘wakutsina khutu ndi nnansi.’ I might have misspelt the Chichewa here.
    The likes of Nakhumwa caused the premature death of Dunduzu Chisiza in 1962, thus derailing our economic development. In 1964, two months after Independence, we had a Cabinet Crisis. As a nation, we have still not recovered from these events. People like Nakhumwa are very dangerous since we do not know the type of advice they give behind closed doors, if he can call for the arrest of innocent people on the podium. This is what lets Malawi lag behind in development. With such people at the helm, we will never develop even after another 50 years. Mark my words.

  7. macdonald says:

    our country is going to drain. we luck wisdom dat cn mek us to distinguish btwn right and wrong. our loyalty to de party has made us to sacrifise de truth and we dnt c misteks dat politicians made we jst clap hands without holding dem accountable for their words. lets build our nation by holding to de truth nomater wat way it coms frm. it teks 3 mnth for a politician to b reach bt excuses to devlop a country. we r de only country where any president coms a bilionares frm nowhere except Kamuzu. wakeup malawi hw u feel hw our bus deports are paying even a toilet eish.

  8. Maliku, we are following. just lick ua wounds man and lick your presidents’ mediocrity

  9. Janet Tatopa says:

    Well put, Mr Ntata. Instead of governing, the President is wasting time reminding us of his brother’s so called achievements instead of governing. He forgets that we employed and paid him a salary to do just that and he could have done much more if there was no pilfering. Those achievements, whatever they are, belong to the people and not personal to any president. He didn’t put a single tambala of his own into those projects. They were all funded by his employers – the people of Malawi. Remember, there has to be one president at a time to lead the people achieve any development.

    So Mr. President, please stop campaigning and start doing the job we employed you for!

  10. Kenkkk says:

    Sapitwa, Only a foolish bootlicking corrupt dpp person can say msb, nacgate are petty issues.

  11. mary says:

    Ntata are you a journalist or a lawyer? Do your job in courts and stop this noise, everyone know that you wish you were the presidents aid but that will not happen in your life time. SORRY!!

  12. Balamanthu says:

    When you have a clueless president and a corrupt vice president who loves money like hell-they have not ime to think development.

  13. makito says:

    Allan, in economics and from the the first principles (Econ 101) we have the law of diminishing returns. The utility (satisfaction) that we get from your articles has now dropped past the zero point, because all your articles say the same thing just from a different angle or with different words of the Queen’s language. You are becoming more and more abstract and sooner than later very few people will be following your articles.

    Either you become more resourceful so that you get new evidence and motivate your articles or you simply let what you have already said speak for you.

    I have always argued that you have told the world nothing new, we all knew the issues and most of us were actually annoyed to death with the likes of people like you and Malopa during the Bingu era. Nonetheless I liked very much your first few articles, the rest however contain no substance whatsoever.

  14. che dyumo says:

    Zavuta bwana kumpanda

  15. Thitho says:

    Issues of national development are well understood by people who have knowledge on what it takes for he nation to develop. I have learned with much sorrow that most DPP sympathizers think every DPP policy=Development. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mistakes being made by this government which need urgent correction. For example, the Public Reforms in the Civil Service, I have not seen any seriousness within the civil service despite APM launching it months ago. What is the purpose of Reform if we are still doing business as usual.

  16. Chopwicho says:

    Thanx Ntata…palibe chomwe chikuwoneka wapangapo mkuluyu…hw cn 1 change an agriculture resource training center to a community college…instead of putting a mechanism in those agric. RTC anthu akatenge macertificate in agric akathandize the Nation…

  17. kikikikikikikiki says:


    mwini filimu safa
    hit on the nail

  18. Sapitwa says:

    This is personal between Allan and APM and I for one can not be dragged into this one. To me, DPP government is doing very well.I think they responded well to the floods and could not have done any better in a cash strapped government like Malawi.They are doing well in community colleges as we have scarce skills in Artisans.Graduates can help themselves in the villages. Education and Training is critical to every nation whether there are jobs or not.
    I think the issue of continuing where Bingu left is not bad at all as these are all DPPs manifesto in continuation. For example,Kamuzu continued with some if the colonial government projects.New ones notable are: community colleges, decent houses built for the aged,growing the economy by creating favorable conditions for FDI eg centralizing the process and shortening turn around time, government reforms etc etc. unfortunately many people are expecting more in short space of time but they forget that Malawi has no money to use for quickly turning around these expectations; it’s a fact!
    APM has his own type of Leadership that we need to get used to and in the absence of what we expected him to either comment or say on MBS in parliament or on NAC on BEAM can not be deduced to lack of Leadership. I think he is smart for he doesn’t want to dragged into petty issues that are on the media. He has people handling those issues.

  19. Mhesha says:

    It’s you Allan who should demonstrate. ..we know that you run away from facing arrest while leaving true men and leaders face it back home. ..wazingwa you a fortune seeker!

  20. Sokosi says:

    I am just watching this game of Politics. I want to see as to who is going to have the last laugh in all this.

  21. Villager says:

    Remember, what our Pastor said that Malawi is Nation which is being led by a headless chicken. Fellows Malawi, Which we to go with a chicken without a head?

  22. Kenkkk says:

    I agree with what you say about the current dpp govt being lost but you have praised Bingu too much as if he was perfect. He wasn’t.

  23. truth says:

    Looks like ntata has a thing for APMs assistant maybe he wanted the post. It ain’t wrong for APM to continue his brothers projects if they can help Malawi as a matter of fact is commendable because Malawians would like to see continuity in development programmes so i don’t see no wrong in APM continuing those programs but it will b a problem if he does not include his own

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      So which Bingu’s program has your president continued, you fool?

  24. Malawianmom says:




  25. Alufeyo says:

    Unfortunately for APM he has a wrong man for Chief Secretary as a result he doesnt have access to to sound advice. Malawi can only develop if the public service has visionary leaders led by a competent, objective and apolitical Chief Secretary. Its a pity that APM ignored Willie Samute for George Mkondiwa. There is also need for APM to recruit advisors who are intelligent otherwise he will continue gropping in the dark.

  26. nelson says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thanks

  27. McCarthy says:

    More fire Ntata!!!

  28. kadamanja says:

    Peter is a clueless president just want to be praised like God and enriched himself.

  29. Mafikizolo says:

    I have followed Ntata’s writings about the current DPP administration with a lot of keenness and curiosity. But never before have I wanted to comment on the same,until now. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s pay heed to some of the things that this man is saying. Because a lot of it is making some damn good sense!!

  30. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Koma ndiye kunena chindunji kumeneko.

  31. bwangazi says:

    Zikatere kwathu timati walatsa tchende ndi bumbu nthawi imozi!! These are facts no dought about it!!!

  32. I 4 me says:

    write the party not us,then.

  33. Bless says:

    Bingu was smart,choosing even smart advisers,likes of Ntata,not APM KANGAROOS,

  34. Bless says:

    Wish and great Bingu Adviser,this is appreciation of APM and his assistants of your great role in Bingu administration,Great Ntata.

  35. max nsani says:

    Granted, Peter is nowhere as visionary and focused as his brother and he entered statehouse on people’s memories of Bingu. Folks forget the old adage that…m’mimba ndi mchipala…Mubanja mobadwa doctor can also produce a mass murderer. But then, the MCP still peddles Kamuzu’s name, ukiti ukiti still rides on the back of his father’s name Bakili, and Aford still uses Chakufwa Chihana’s name as currency. The fact is that that’s our politics in Malawi, the tragedy is in going in their without having a viable plan. People like the veep are now being under-utilised, when his kind of private sector experience should have helped the DPP promote policies that could boost the country’s economy.

  36. Bullshit says:

    Ha ha ha ha Mr Ntata at his best. Tenthani and Ntata are the men of the moment. Bravo

  37. Chifira says:

    DPP is indeed ” a wet dream” the most disorganized, clueless administration Malawi has ever had. No sense of direction, Malawians have never been as hopeless as we are before. It is truly pathetic……..What has just happened in Burundi????

  38. maganizo wa maganizo says:


  39. Byron says:

    True to the word Allan.There is too much reference to Bingu’s achievements by this administration as if Malawians voted for the past.Malawians voted for the future and had hopes in this new administration, which means Peter Mutharika needs to demonstrate his direction of the country because already I fear the bitter times of Bingu’s second term are creeping in.Everyday there is an erosion of hope experienced by those distant from the ruling clique, but unfortunately there is also an expansion of wealth by those in the inner circle.Is this what Malawians wanted? or did Mbendera and company plus High Court judges deliberately lure the electrolate into the jaws of the Devourer? We are yet to see but the signs are there.

  40. TrueFact says:

    And what is your legacy bwana Ntata? Tell the world… tell Malawians… tell me, coz I have not yet found one in your unceremonious and sometimes deconstructive writings. It troubles me that you were part and parcel of the government that was poor on almost all aspects… and I mean all sense of the word. You never said a word or raised a finger. Where is this so-called activism coming from? Let others speak but not you because your “war” on the government is now sincere. Take it or leave it, but deep down your heart you know where your energy comes from.

    On a lighter note, are you still SDA? I used to enjoy your singing in LT2 when you visited Chanco back then when you were lecturing in Australia. Then, I admired you a lot and you modelled some of us. Why can’t you focus on your spiritual life than wasting time with things of the world which will take you nowhere, but to misery and frustration. After all, whatever you can write it will not impress upon the hearts of the people to which it is inteded.

  41. ujeni says:

    We have a fake president at Kamuzu palace like those fake doctors at malawi hospitals. Peter Mutharika track record as a cabinet minister is of someone who failed miserable at all ministries. You fail std 8 exams but you think you can write and pass form 2 exams without even attending classes or studying the subjects. Malawi is in a leadership mess right now.

  42. chalera M. says:

    Yah it is loud and clear

  43. Mwana wa kwa Msulira says:

    Mr Ntata,

    Well spoken, but do these thieves listen? Are you surprised at all that all he thinks of “Dual Nationality” and repealing the gay laws? This man is a homosexual to boot. Need you ask as to who his real wife is?

  44. kharupa says:

    A ntata ndi achitsiru palibe chanzeru chomwe anganene , akulemba zonyoza APM chifukwa choti sanamupase mpando. stupid ntata poor boy

  45. Chizatso Phiri says:

    Yeah, yeah yeah munyamatata ukumenya iwe, akupanga shoot to kill ukapanda kuchenjeratu.

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