Ntata insists DPP has not changed: ‘Malawi President Mutharika being misled’

A former legal adviser to the late President Bingu wa Mutharika and commentator Z Allan Ntata, has said the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has not changed from the mistakes that led the previous DPP administration into rapid decline and unpopularity.

Ntata: one or two individuals who are dominating the administration and misleading the president.

Ntata: One or two individuals  are dominating the administration and misleading President Mutharika

Ntata claimed in an interview on Malawi Newsnow (www.malawinewsnow.com) that the DPP agenda for the country, as it was laid out during the days of the campaign, is being “compromised by the greed and selfishness of the few” that he said have erected an “unnecessary hedge” around President Peter Mutharika.

He stated that the greedy crew is preventing all others from helping ensure the realisation of that transformative agenda.

“I am opposed to the excessive cronyism and political patronage that the current DPP government seems to be perpetuating and I am particularly disturbed by the seeming influence of just one or two individuals who are dominating the administration and misleading the President,” said Ntata in the interview.

“ I had expected that the new DPP power would be exercised with tolerance and inclusiveness. It was for this reason that I supported the DPPs push to power. I especially expected the current DPP to correct the mistakes that led the previous DPP administration into rapid decline and unpopularity,” said Ntata.

Ntata, who has previously attacked President Mutharika’s special aide and DPP’s Field Marshal Director Ben Phiri of running the show at State House and becoming a de facto ‘Prime Minister’ , said he has no grudge against the government’s strongman.

“Ben Phiri and I are like brothers. I have no grudge against him. I have no reason to suspect that he has anything against me, and if I write things that seem to suggest a grudge, it is because as a friend, I have to correct him when he’s going wrong. I speak in public even about issues that concern him simply because they are national matters, and for the sake of posterity. It is important for Malawi to know what is happening, even when those perpetuating the corruption and governance failures are my friends. My loyalty is to Malawi first, and to my friends second,” explained Ntata.

Ntata has been receiving condemnation from both government spokesman Kondwani Nankhumwa and DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila as a frustrated individual who is seeking attention.

But he rejected the accusations, saying he has never wanted or expected a government position.

“The truth of the matter is that I have never expected anything from Peter Mutharika except that he should be a good leader and lead Malawi to economic prosperity,” said Ntata.

“ I happen to have had experience working in government and that experience was enough for me. It would be useful for those making these assumptions first to find out where I am, what I am doing and if I am really interested in a government position. The fact is that my career interests lie elsewhere, and those who actually have taken time to find out know this,” he added.

Pressed to comment that DPP considers him as a “traitor” after he abandoned Bingu wa Mutharika while he was lying in the mortuary,  Ntata said that must be because the people who consider him such are “uninformed of the circumstances” that made him leave Malawi for the UK in April 2012.

“ I have discussed this matter on numerous occasions, but since people are determined to believe their assumptions, I will say it again. I left Malawi on April 19, 2012. I had made prior arrangements to meet my professors at Erasmus University Rotterdam way before the death of Bingu. These arrangements could not be rescheduled. In 2013,

“ I came to Malawi and sat with Peter Mutharika and other DPP people and planned the strategy for the elections. If they considered me a traitor, how come they allowed me to write the blue print for their election campaign, which I presented to Peter Mutharika in August 2013?”

Ntata said he is currently working for an international company with interests in several countries including Malawi.

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31 thoughts on “Ntata insists DPP has not changed: ‘Malawi President Mutharika being misled’”

  1. mdk says:

    Dpp will not make it,that was the chorus in 2014 but we all know what happened and here you are singing the same chorus again in the end muzizanena monga mwa nthawi zonse (atibela)kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Dr.prof.nyada says:

    Dirty persecuting party



  4. Akachari says:

    That is true

  5. Suthasiri Mikaele says:

    How do you call a “brother” all those bad names? Ntata, if you are calling the president a puppet, which party can take you? Nix, waonjeza moto! I know in politics there are no permanent enemies koma you went too far.

    What I can see here is a sftening of your stance but isnt it too late? The milk has been spilt

  6. Mhesha says:

    We can trust APM with his DPP becoz they never ran away after being ousted from Gov or arrested. But you ALLAN a dishonest person like. ..after advising Bingu wrongly and seeing his death you felt that was also the death to DPP you ran away!!! Now seeing APM and his DPP team
    back in in government after their loyalty and hard work to the party you will it’s time for opportunists like you to reap where you did not sow. APM and clever Malawians can’t trust you at all.

  7. First offender says:

    Kodi munthu wosapesayu bwanji? Yankho= chamba, wophunzira wosauka samaseva ndalama nthawi ya Bingu panopa ndi misala basi

  8. Samarakunjuta says:

    Federal government will work for not this trash!!!!!

  9. Boyd Kilembey says:

    You are against excessive cronyism? Shoot my foot!! Any form of cronyism is bad for the country. You can not come here yavi yavi saying yours was mild cronyism and expect flea infested god fearing poverty striken happiest smiling hewe povos who use their emaciated arms as pillow cases to be happy with that.
    At least DPP ikuyesetsa. We still have faith in APM to deliver. Things are not as bad as you claim except for a few minor things here and there like giving jobs to relatives and friends. I am sorry Mr Ntata. The likes of you are poisonous and have no good intentions towards hard working Malawians who are not connected.

  10. Amos Osmund majozi says:

    Constructive criticism is always good advice. And it’s for free.

  11. Though I may not be in somepoints of Ntata but what he is saying is the trueth its a few individuals who are making Peter to be too arrogant and He the President is not even listerning from any orgasation. As long these people are Peter,even the North will never change or have tangible development project, since in the time of Late Bingu,this man said He will make sure North don’t projects.Misleading the President

  12. Flamingo says:

    What did you support Alan? Munathawatu mdziko muno ndipo munasiya maliro, osatinamiza apa. You are disgruntled coz you thought mudyereranso mu ulamuliro uno! get a life

  13. Sapitwa says:

    Talk of individuals whom you have personal grudges with and not the party.
    There is no any alternative party to DPP as things are. The MCP we thought is still the same Tambala wakuda that remains unchanged and signs indicate that this party will not win peoples hearts anymore.
    DPP is however taking note of all the criticisms and I guess will emerge stronger as we approach 2019. My analysis is that it will win the next general elections with landslide results in what ever way of 50+1 or in the current system.

  14. mwari says:

    kodi munthu osapesayi bwanji

  15. mchonya says:

    zoba iwe deal sumaiwerenga…unkaona ngat DPP is finished watiponya pansi….pano ungotokota uli kunja a malawi alibe nawe ntchito sapesa iwe…

  16. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good job Ntata no stress about these coward DPP gurus, they are figure heads an empty tins their plans at all times is to how are we gonna steal for 2019 elections, setting to be free from corruption charges, deleting datas in the systems in fearing of being connected,so don’t spend your time for this Mafia party.be unique at all times as Ntata create opportunities for your fellow Malawians in returns you will be blessed.See my name .

  17. Tanazio k Chakanda says:

    I think you want to come back, worry not you will be considered

  18. Saad says:

    D p p

  19. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Ntata is making a clear mistake. Who do you expect to bring change in DPP?

    DPP is comprised of the same people. Headed by the same family. doing things the same way. What change are talking about?

    Tell them to remove the skeletons from their bedrooms first.

  20. mkwenyalonzi says:

    Ntata , ulira utopa , koma ntchito yako mubomamu mulibemo, munthu woyipa iwe, mpakana kuthawa maliro , mwana wa Njoka , munthu wansanje

  21. tsetsefly says:

    This Zikwanje party represents a big mistake that Malawians made on 20th May, 2014. I still give the party a benefit of doubt that they really won the elections. Going by the cluelessness of the driver and his clue of thieves I sit just waiting for time to pass for Malawi to correct this painful mistake in 2019. When they won I quickly said let me embrace the leadership after all it was a new man on the seat. The disappointment however is that the man is far from understanding the topical issues of Malawi economic development. I expected the party leadership to demonstrate hardwork, honesty and integrity as a way of assuring Malawi that its not business as usual. What we see is the same old behaviour of shielding thieves, soliciting handclapping and boot licking using unjustified offering of contracts and other things. Silencing desenting view by butchering is slowly but surely taking roots. As 2019 draw slowly closer we should brace to see bigger things.

  22. Alfred Minjo says:

    @ m.m, you are totally lying. Come 2019, it will be a landslide victory I bet you. Trust me and Let’s wait and see.

  23. Myao says:


  24. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching very closely until 2018

  25. Change says:

    DPP is moving like headless chicken. I hope APM will notice and realize that most of the people he has entrusted with the positions, are misleading him. Once and for all Mr. President? Be a President. We voted for you.

  26. The Real ujeni says:

    DPP is saying good byes’ now, come 2019 angry Malawians will bury it forever. This mistake called DPP should never have come back. We made a mistake and this has been a lesson well learned. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!!!

    1. powder says:

      no party in malawi will burry dpp unless otherwise. mcp will never secure evn five seats at southern region, adatizunza kokwanira adaipitsa mbiri kuno, udf is the same as dpp ask chair now who else? south is for dpp, central dpp scoops almost aquorter same with north how can you win in simple arithmetic not evn mathematics

  27. Kavuluvulu says:

    Which international company is he working for ? Stupid kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !

  28. Dr.prof.nyada says:

    U do not know which one is which!!!@@!!!!!!. This ntata man mmmmmmmm!

  29. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    My last call to mr ntata keep ur articles short and to the point as we dont have time for long ones we ve time only to look 4 food my brother

  30. m.m says:

    The thing is,DPP will not make it again believe me.

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