Ntata on MCP intolerance, its significance and promise for Malawi political future

Early this week, I questioned the relevance of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s political rallies in the current political environment, especially with regard to the challenges facing the nation. I asserted that Chakwera was misguided in insisting on political rallies that simply massage the MCP ego instead of sharing the MCP political vision for Malawi.

Chakwera flanked by MCP members

Chakwera flanked by MCP members

As leader of opposition and president for a party that considers itself a government in waiting, I observed, he needs to be enunciating his visions and policies for a better Malawi, if he has any. I wondered what MCP as a party makes of the fact that each time they go to the south, the attendance at their party’s rallies resemble the funeral of a homeless person.

For these comments, I got personally attacked and castigated, and many MCP followers quickly declared- even without considering what I had said- that I am blind and stupid. I noted in the comments coming from the MCP social media army a dangerous spirit of political intolerance.

I am convinced that this MCP intolerance, a historical stain on the MCP as a party, is a more important subject to discuss than Chakwera’s misguidedness and direction-less leadership.

After hearing one MCP die-hard fan accuse me of being a frustrated man; that I am only making these observations because I was expecting Chakwera to give me a position in the MCP, I have decided that the levels of blind loyalty and political intolerance in MCP are indeed reaching unsafe levels. I must therefore, as a matter of serious urgency, discuss this in this article. I shall deal with Chakwera’s misguided leadership and his unfitness for leading Malawi in a future article.

From a cloud of academic witnesses,my own experience in political governance and from following political thought around the world, it is clear to me that ideology is the source of all organized activity; that there is no possibility of organized social activity without an internalized morality or ideology to legitimatise it.

Indeed, ideology is supposed to be the transcendent phenomenon of everyday life, not as the causal or motivating factor in social activity, but as the link between organized mental activity and the organized social world. Philosophically, ideology serves to legitimate realistic social activity, focus heterogeneous cognitive, moral, and wishful ambitions on the completion of social tasks, and define the range of appropriate behaviours in terms of those tasks. Ideology is the most important variable in the explanation of social stability and social change.


Considering this, the question bothering me is this: why then does the MCP behave and conduct their party as a religion or a church rather than an ideological grouping for socio-political change?


I am genuinely concerned. Any criticism of the MCP is met not with ideological responses, but only with intolerance befitting criticism of religious belief and doctrine. Critics are denigrated, disparaged and vilified, and loyalists everywhere try to whip up the nation not to consider the relevance of the issues presented, but to consider only their Unity, Loyalty Obedience and Discipline to MCP.This is nothing but a sure sign that MCP has failed to make any real political progress from the its dark history of intolerance and prejudice. In the pre-multiparty democracy years, MCP had no desire to change its ideology.

Instead, MCP relied on intimidation of critics, politics of fear, and incitement of hatred of critics when their party and its activities were challenged. I believe it is fair to say that the biggest political intolerance in Malawi was Malawi Congress Party’s one party state. The very imposition of one minority party and race group over the majority – its interests, will, dominance and outlook – could only be accomplished through fear and intimidation and severe political intolerance.

What should be cause for alarm for every Malawian is that this same MCP attitude is being exhibited now, 20 years after it was overthrown for this very reason. While as we would have expected that after 20 years of being in opposition, MCP would have learned the bitter lesson and this political intolerance in MCP would no longer exist; and that MCP would be a Party with an ideology and not a religion, this has not been the case.

Much as the multiparty movement of the 90s fought furiously against it, intolerance, it seems, is so ingrained in the MCP political DNA in many negative ways, requiring that we do not take it for granted that democracy on its own, by its mere establishment has transformed the MCP into a party that can rule the country with equality and equity.

In the eagerness of MCP supporters to attack anyone who dares to voice an opinion not too flattering to the MCP leadership, we see a party failing to mature into the current democratic dispensation; a party simply tolerating the multipartyism of the times because it has no choice, and a party which, as soon as it is given the reigns of power, will descend again into the dark roads of intolerance, bigotry, narrow-mindedness and levels of patronage worse than those that are even now already ravaging the nation.

This is the inevitable MCP DNA, which, it seems to me, it cannot shed or escape. As a watchman on the walls of Zion, I consider it my duty to remind Malawians that maturity in democracy means tolerance of opposing views. It means following political ideology, not worshipping a leader and picking up arms against anyone who observes deficiencies in him. Fanaticism and blind loyalty are dangerous in a multiparty democracy.

MCP’s failure to adapt to prevailing political thought is seen in the way its former leader, John Tembo, manipulated the MCP church like system to usher in Dr Chakwera into the leadership position, and in the dictatorial ways in which Dr Chakwera has been running the MCP. A case in point is that there is a case in court about DR Chakwera flouting MCP’s constitutional provisions in the making of some appointments.

The kind of intolerance celebrated in the MCP is dangerous for the future of Malawian democracy and our posterity as a nation. The question Malawians must pursue is whether we can really trust Malawi to the leadership of a party leader who flouts his own party’s constitution, or let people who defend such a leader be taken seriously as having the interests of defending the Malawian constitution in their minds.


If Chakwera flouts the country’s constitution, MCP supporters will blindly support and cheer just like they are doing now as he wantonly flouts the MCP constitution. MCP is a religion, and not a political party. This is not simply because Chakwera as a former Reverend tries to run the party as a church, but because of the blind loyalty system that forms its structure, and especially because of the intolerance ingrained in it.

Not until this party begins to exhibit signs of having a political ideology and not simply operating under some kind of secret society loyalty to leader and fellow members can Malawians truly believe that it is ready to step up to lead the country.

I would like to appeal to all Malawians, especially those that worship at the MCP altar, to consider my article with a sober mind. I do not have any personal hatred against anyone in MCP, or any politician for that matter. I just love Malawi more. Perhaps a true change in the MCP will come with a change of leadership. I maintain that MCP needs to be led by someone younger, innovative and more open-minded- someone with a mind-set devoid of the old, intolerant MCP.

I would propose that anyone whose mind is polluted by the old one party totalitarianism of MCP thinking is unfit to change the MCP from a religion to a political party that those who love Malawi can welcome with open arms as a party with the promise of bringing progress and prosperity to the country.

Indeed for Malawi to move forward, the old, dictatorial, intolerant and totalitarian minds of the Chakweras, the Chapondas and the Mutharikas must not cling to power, but pass on the baton toa younger generation of Malawians that think progressively and inclusively.

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43 thoughts on “Ntata on MCP intolerance, its significance and promise for Malawi political future”

  1. Ed crom says:

    What you have written is very true; the difference is that it applies to: ALL POLITICAL PARTIES in the country. All cannot stand being critised; do not have any tangible ideology beyond having ACCESS to the State Coffers and declaring them EMPTY at time of THEIR accession, but SILENT at time of their eggress; do not carry forward Developmental Initiatives from PREVIOUS Administrations to completion, preferring to re-invent the wheel; do not critically PRIORITISE the PRODUCTIVE sectors in the initial 2 years of their tenure, being too busy SETTING-UP Govt. by appointing POLITICAL CRONIES of course and raising SITTING PERKS @ House of Legislature; and the list of mis- doings goes on and on. THE FINAL NAIL IS: “A non-politician or one from outside the RULING PARTY, has NO IDEA what GOVERNMENT is”

  2. Yotamu says:

    A Ntata ngati mumakonda dziko lanu tatiuzeni zinthu ziwili zimemene munachitapo kusonyeza kuti mumakonda dziko lanu kupatula kunyoza atsogoleri a zipani? if you think you are wiser why are you not forming your own party and contest in 2019?

  3. Maluza says:

    The behavior demonstrated by what Ntata calls MCP die-hards is no different from that of the DPP cadres a syndicate which he himself once belonged. MCP is a party with an ideology that is deep rooted in the blood stream of those who are looking for better good old days. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Looking at what Ntata and his DPP syndicate brought to us, I would not have the enfrontery to accuse MCP of intolerance. Maybe Mr Ntata can explain why DPP killed Chasowa. Was not it not because of intolerance? Why were people slaughtered in Mzuzu on July 20th? Was that not a deep rooted intolerance within DPP? so why does the former dPP political adviser trying to accuse MCP of the same disgust practiced by his DPP cadres?

  4. Winston Msowoya says:

    Logically,in Africa if the Party had been in power for so long,to recapture peoples’ attention and affection is as rigid as the Gibralter rock.It is really a visionless for the former brutal MCP to cogitate that it will be voted into power in the next General Elections.History tells us that any previous political Party especially those with dirty blood in their hands,are by far resented by the voters who happen to be the youthfuls.Sometimes,not all of the old parties are neglected because of their past corrupt and brutal system ,but because people are eager to vote for novel notions and personalities.For instance TANU in Tanzania was ditched because of it’s longevity in power the rest,people had enough of them.In Malawi,if the UDF can manage to reorganize its leadership,and focus on national Unity,economic transformation especially in the North where economic progress has been lacking for long.So if the UDF is indeed,vehement it can come out as a formidable born again political party and it can sway the public voters,but MCP it has much blood in it’s hands.This is the time for the UDF to start expanding and propounding the party manifesto.GOOD LUCK!!!

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Winston, TANU was not ditched because of its longevity in Tanzania. After all it was for mainland, Tanganyika. It was ditched because it merged with Afro Shiraz party of Zanzibar to form Chama cha Mapinduzi ( the revolution party), the current ruling party for the whole of Tanzania.

  5. Hede says:

    Fellow galatians tabachitani ma comment apa. Bwanji mwangokhala duuu ngati akukumetani? Pajatu timakuuzani kuti chilungamo chimapweteka koma lero Ntata wanena zoona. Chipani kungochisiya pa Zodiak ndi pa Nyasatimes basi. Choncho muyea DPP mungaigwedeze? Inu ma plan 1000+ koma onse mmadzi, coup plot mkati ndikupitanso kwa timilungu ku Nigeria mkati koma chitsulo chanjanje APM chili gwaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ati kuyesa kusonkhanitsa tizipani topanda mifunda koma kumangokhapana nokhanokha. Kuyesa kunamizira njala ndikumtuma Mayaya kuti ayende koma anthu kungoti ziiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Koma wina 2018 adzakomoka DPP ikadzayamba campaign. Pakali pano siinayambetu campaign koma imangoyankha apo ndi apo ntudzu umene agalatiya inu mukuchita ndi msogo wanu Judasiyo. Tidzaone ngati mudzalimbe. APM and ma blues more fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Jessie ukumva bwa mthupimooooooooooo? Nanu a Richard PA osamgulira laptop mpaka iye kumaba laptop zooona?

  6. Ankhwinda says:

    Nkhani yeniyeni ndi yoti APM akazamaliza kulamula dzikoli pakuyenera kuzabwera mtsogoleri wachinyamata monga mukuziwa amayi tawayesa azigogo tawayesa wasala ndi nyamata woti azapitilize chitukuko nkhani za ndale zizakhale za make zana

  7. youna says:

    Ntata is nothing but an attention seeker. Unabadwa wanzeru koma unaziononga muja unathawa maliro a Bingu after you successfuly misguided him on legal affairs. You are a great enemy to this country.

  8. therere says:

    Ntata ndi rastatu uyu wasuta fodya wamkulu, anathawa Bingu atamwalira

  9. Aishoshe aidziwe says:

    For once Allan wawecheta boo. I have my friends, MCP die-hards, learned but they never recognise that MCP is heading to the grave. I have been telling them that in the south when you say Kwaachaaa, People run away. What they know is that MCP = Nyakula. Anthu amene MCP idzachita attract kuMwera ndi amene enafe timakhala nawo pa bridal-shower.

    It’s now clear that MCP is not a party but a religion, the way people support a team, say, Arsenal or Man U despite losing games. Kwaaachaaaa lero?

  10. ndi ineyo says:

    musatinyase ndi izi ngati muli okonda dziko lanu munathawa mutanvala kachipewa bwanji popeza amene sanalakwe sanyumwa khathu biiiiii Allan nde kuti chani za nziiiiii midnight six indeed.

  11. Denguzman. says:

    What is Ntata campaign for? This man has no political party bt all what he is doing sound like he is aiming to be somewhere. Sometime i fl him as a confused man, why is he targetting big figures only? Ngati mukufuna kuyambitsa chipani a Ntata nenani osamangozungulira mmbali ayi? I dont belong to any party bt what i hv been reading and hearing from ur articles it looks like u dont want Malawians to kno ur real identity. Bwerani poyera anthu akuziweni coz a Malawi tikuziwa kuti inu ku State House mukukufunabe koma APM sakukupatsani mpata thats why u are busy playing dirty cards against APM koma APM ndi uyo akulamulirabe dziko and he is not even shaken wit ur nosense comments wakhala ukumunyoza, panopa watopa ndi APM tsopano wayamba kulimbana ndi LChakwera. What a confused man? Bwanji ngati mukusowa zochita osamangokhala chete. Amalawi tiyeni tikhale tchelu ndi anthu ngati achina Ntata.

  12. tchingo says:

    Ntata is just another useless guy.

  13. Hokoyo says:

    Ntata, what do you know about leadership?

  14. Hokoyo says:

    Ntata, you do not know up to this day that political parties have the majority of supporters in their own base? Tell me, how many seats does MCP have in the South? How seats does DPP have in the central region or north?
    It is good that MCP is conducting meetings in the south. Whether they little support or not it does not matter.

  15. Jenala says:

    There is nothing that you have written here. MCP can hold meetings any time any where. What is you problem?

  16. BOKHO says:

    Who is this useless guy? Do you think you can compare DPP Leadership and that of MCP no no no no no no. You are lost go to queens hospital for surgery. MCP is mighty party and will be taking over this coming elections. Behold people will commit suicide here. No more Mlakho muli mmadzi msana tauwona.

  17. The Partriot says:

    Statistic: low turnout of people at MCP rallies in the Southern region
    Chose the most correct answer
    a. Because MCP is intolerant to critism
    b. Because Southerners are very regionalistic and are afraid of losing power to MCP
    c. Because people are afraid of MCP due to its dark history
    d. None of the above
    e. All of the above
    The million dollar question is why large turnouts in both the North and Central regions and low turnouts only in the South? Who is the problem here, Southerners or MCP? It takes two to tangle, right?

  18. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    Dear Countrymen,

    Let me congratulate Mr. Mtata for his lengthy analysis of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP). Let me ask those in MCP not to close their ears to all manner of criticism that people like Allan provide. I am sure that MCP supporters are aware of such Chichewa proverbs as a) kadanonetsa nkhumba sikadziwika b) nzeru nzayekha adaviwika nsima m’madzi c) Nzeru umati zako m’zozako d) kalowa mkhuthu kayaza e) unishokoshela mkulinga utamva f) nzeru mkupangwa, etc. I personally believe that it is from analyses like these that a person learns better about themselves. Criticism is not always bad even when you know that it is not being done in good faith. Over the years I have learnt that sometimes people punch holes in your character (actions that you take) simply because they have best intentions for you or simply because they don’t fully understand your current state, your world view, your history or your intentions and strategy. Being someone who has followed Mr. Allan Mtata closely over the years he has been in the limelight on the political scene I believe that he is one character whose advice you neither can completely through away nor adopt wholesomely. One thing remains true, however: he is a man in a class of his own. He is a “youthful” Malawian, well red, well traveled and exposed and with a political history that most people on this forum should be familiar with: well connected to the late Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika (professionally, politically and personally) and the current ruling party DPP to which, I suppose, he still belongs despite the current bad blood between him and Bingu’s sibling. Judging from his personality, writings and his current interactions, he must be counted among those who aspire to lead the DPP or Malawi in general. Let me, however, suggest to Mr. Mtata that next time he wants to give an analysis on a 60-year old political party like MCP, he should take a 360% analysis approach. My fear is that the views raised in this article are a mere repeat of what you hear from people on the streets of Blantyre or Lilongwe or Mzuzu. I would rather have someone tell me “why” DPP is able to pull crowds in Lilongwe and “why” MCP or AFORD or PPM fails to do the same in Blantyre. Are there historical facts? Are there cultural facts? Are there economic facts? Are there generational facts? Are there political facts? Is it because DPP is more development conscious than the other parties and MCP in particular? Is tribalism/ethnism, regionalism at the center? And how does this compare with the voting pattern since the referendum that took place almost 25 years ago? I also wish Mr. Mtata had, in his series on the MCP, explained to his readers, why, despite being in opposition for 22 years, MCP still has a large following and an active office at each and every boma center in Malawi while the majority of our “.com” parties close down their offices as soon as they get out power? Again Mr. Mtata should be in the know that almost all Third World political parties that went into opposition following the collapse of the Cold War in 1989, including UNIP of Zambia, have disappeared. Why does he think MCP is still alive and kicking?

    Lastly, I totally agree that MCP needs to change a lot of things in the manner the party is run. I also think that tolerance is very important for any party to survive the competition that comes with multi-partyism. However, I think that it is naive to suggest that everything that is taking in MCP or DPP is wrong. I personally think that those of us who are in the know must strive to be objective, comprehensive, and realistic when commenting on individuals like Dr. Chakwera, Prof. Mutharika, Dr. Muluzi, Dr. Joyce Banda, etc or institutions like MCP, UDF, PP, DPP, etc. These are national assets that we all must be proud of because they define our democracy and our destiny as a nation. Our collective duty is to build them and not destroy them. Each time we take a pen to write about them we should do so out of patriotism and not frustration or anger. Let’s be sober and objective because these are our collective institutions. I find it self-defeating when a Malawian engages in a “we” and “them.” For sure MCP has a history. But remember too that UDF, PP and DPP have their own history. I personally don’t think that dwelling in the past will move this country forward. Our duty is to learn from it and not dwell in it.

    Sorry if I have stepped on someone’s toes. But this is my honest opinion. My hope is that Mr. Mtata will be more objective in his next article otherwise I don’t think that he has raised substantive issues in this one. He could have done better. Thanks for the advice though. Let me ask MCP supporters and leaders to refrain from being reactionary. I am sure that there is one or two things to learn from this article about people’s perception about the party. Your duty is to find ways of improvement. Anger and badmouthing will not help. Just my two tambala views.

    Kent Y.G. Mphepo, Blantyre.

  19. Walkman says:

    Midnight six, sorry!

  20. Ngwenyama says:

    Alan walankhula momveka bwino kwambiri and from today onwards ulemu wako udzakhala ukupatsidwa. MCP kapena kuti Kongelesi siyidzasintha mpaka kalekale chifukwa nkhanza zawo zinalowelera mkati. Kongelesi ndi chipani cha magazi mmanja basi . Koma dziwani inu a Kongelesi kuti mizimu ya anthu amene munapha powaponya mu n’gona, Nyakula ndi kuwaombera kumene sidzakulolani kuti mulamulilenso dziko la Malawi. Mudzakhala kotsutsa mpaka kalekale kaya mufuna kapena simufuna.
    Inu a Galatiya a Chakwera simudzalamulira dziko lino.

  21. chikondi mbewe says:

    It’s good to criticise but I don’t agree with you. It is only MCP that has stayed for long and strong, unlike the all the current parties we have witnessed. If you look at most of the parties formed during democracy period, they are nowhere to be seen. Thus pathetic for someone as young as myself to understand. Critics are good but be constructive Allan

  22. Ali fredo says:

    Its all about yourself, very selfish eti? Just remember that what bothers you doesn’t bother we.

  23. OBAMA says:

    Akulira uyu amumana udindo ku DPP wa mu boma chifukwa anawathawa. He is been trying to meet gurus like Henry Mussa and others after APM won they felt uncomfortable to work with him. He is just a liability to eat government money. To hell with your articles. Wo do you think you are?? Just join MCP mwana!!!! a DPP can never give you any position in the DPP government. You even heard APM said it in Nchalo recently. We knew it was directly addressed to you that message yoti wina wake eti amafuna udindo wa Minister of foreign affairs. Sorry my dear.

    I thought you were giving advice but you are attacking MCP really??? I was following your articles but now sorry I will advise many not to read your senseless articles without advice.

  24. Ntalika says:

    Mtata tikhoza kudzala khadze if you don’t know. shupiti zako.

  25. A watchman on
    the walls of Zion you have said nothing but the truth.
    From today I withdraw my membership from this Church kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  26. Kenkkk says:

    Ntata, you are a real useless man now. I have utterly lost my respect for you. You are actually describing dpp behaviour and characteristics rather than the current mcp party. Is Laz really old? Can u put him in the apm age category?

    If mcp has now become a religion, then what has dpp become? A sect?

    What is wrong with mcp rallies? What about dpp rallies? Actually it is recommended that political parties should have as many rallies as possible outside the election period so that people get to know them better.

    If mcp rallies attendance in the south is very low, then that says a lot about the tribalism or regionalist behaviour of people. Why are mcp rallies well attended in the central or north? And how does dpp rallies fair in the central or north, better than mcp? No.

    Just shut up. I know mcp has rebuffed you and you are coming up with your dpp crap as a revenge.

    1. I know You Know Me says:

      When Ntata castigates DPP, you are seen cheering him up and adding on with that only adjective and noun you spent all your years learning in school – “DPP thugs.”

      He is useless now coz he is talking about your religion, MCP? Yet useful when he castigates DPP? He is mad now yet sober then?

      I didn’t know what blind loyalty does to people. To say the least, you are a strange species. A homosapien with a Neanderthal mentality.

      1. Kenkkk says:

        Even before, I didn’t cheer or agree with everything Allan said. So you are wrong on that point. Of course dpp are thugs, you just have to look at their behaviour. Dpp thugs is the truthful description of your party, nothing else for me until you change your behaviour.

  27. Zoona says:

    Mr Ntata pse dont bother about MCP they will never never rule this country again. As to the assertion that MCP wanted to kill Lomwes all i can say is that THEY SHOULD HAVE SUCCEEDED BECAUSE LOMWES ARE LIKE NSIKIDZI. ANTHU ATSANKHO OSASAMBA ANKHANZA.

  28. These snake eating people calling themselves lomwe’s are the reason Malawi is going backwards by the day. Just because they’re on the driving seat they think they’re mandated to demonize other tribes and MCP. I think MCP sikuwagonetsa tulo anthuwa that is why they try to demonize the party at slightest opportunity. But mind you pangafupike pangatalike mudzatuluka m’boma. Afuseni a UDF. Watch this space.

  29. Nat says:

    Chapani cha Dasusi ichi chisiyeni. I hear that Dausi is having frequent meetings with MCP people to run as an MP for 2019. Nanga ku DDP kwataninso a Dausi. Is it because the state house has created a parallel NIB?

  30. yandula says:

    allan’s article is bent, partial and points to zero. Watopa basi!

  31. Kapokola Chsamba says:

    Ntata should learn to respect leaders. Do not forget that the MCP you are describing is the one your father was the Area Chairman and your Uncle was a youth leaguer. The MCP of today is a party of sober minds and people with integrity. Is it because MCP has rebranded that now you want to start misleading people? Chonde chakonda mzako mlekere. Inu pitilizani ndeu yanu ndi DPP yanuyo. Kuchenjera sachenjelera pa gulu mudzachita manyazi. Ena mukunyoza chikhiristunu khalani chete chifukwa Mulungu si munthu. No matter how long it takes, the truth will be known in Malawi and you will be witnesses.

  32. Phone says:

    This is intelligent writing Ntata. Keep up good work. Malawians are sick of the same old gurds.

  33. Chiponda says:

    Mr Ntata just form your party,koma ndi khalidwe lomwe unaonetsa nthawi ya malemu Bingu I think you are worse than those people you have mentioned. You are a coward that is the reason you had to run away when Bingu died,so the best thing cowards do is to shut up their stinking mouth instead of talking,moreover who are you to criticize everybody? Peter ndioipa,Atupele oipa,Chakwera oipa,Chaponda oipa wabwino ukhale iwe basi? Tatopa nazo zopusa zakozo.

  34. Solobala says:

    Ntata behaves like he knows everything. Sometimes it is better not to comment on matters which you are not conversant with otherwise people start believing that you are an empty tin and a frustrated man. Please try to be contructive not destructive.

  35. Zasintha says:

    I cannot agree with Ntata more. MCP needs to change and change fast. The type of intolerance they displayed towards a sober analysis of the current leadership of the party was also displayed in Parliament when Bisnowarty reminded them about how the truth was suppressed during Dr. Bamda’s reign.

    That some people think that by critising leaders we have in the country is to position oneself for leadership if lamentable and outright idiocatic. Wake up Malawians and us make our leaders realize that they do not exclusive access to wisdom.

  36. Greencardless Malawian says:


  37. The Analyst says:

    Let us all argue on FACTS here . . .

    When these Zombies (in govt.) continued to play hide-and-seek on the ATI Bill . . .
    . . . Chakwera, and his cohort were there yet wondered what happened. Being out-thought by the useless Jappie’s and Kasaira’s of our time? Ha! Inept!
    . . . In the days of old; when the opposition was wise and as strong (numerically), such phrases as “Section 65 no 1, budget no 2” became the strategy and language of business in Parliament on such untrustworthy and crooked govt, as the one we have now.

    FACT no 1: Leaders who can’t strategise are less-useful or simply useless!
    On the issue of gays, when the misguided professor of law unceremoniusly suspened the anti-gay laws . . .
    . . . Chakwera only expressed concern about how Parliament was bypassed but was silent about his or MCP’s stand on the issue i.e. whether he is in support of criminalising same-sex relationships (as per constitution) or not. Crooked!

    FACT no 2: Leaders who look at you but hide their face, are untrustworthy.
    When that Nyau MP threw racist slurs in Bisnowaty’s face . . .
    . . . Chakwera chose to remain neutral in and outside Parliament; then apologised in the afternoon of some days later, after a growing number of calls to save the party’s face. Cosmetic and insincere!
    . . . Ironically his mouthpiece Jessie Kabwira had, earlier in the morning; said MCP couldn’t apologise. Contradictory!
    . . . Further, instead of just apologising for what happened in parliament, he went on to apologise for all the sins of his fore-fathers. Irrelevant!

    FACT no 3: Leader who do not know what to do and when to do what; and be able to control who says what in the party; are not at all reliable.
    In short . . .
    . . . Chakwera needs to up his game – otherwise he has thus far been found to be unstrategic hence inept, untrustworthy, and unreliable. Such qualities do not make a good leader and thus just as APM, Chakwera cant make a good leader.

  38. Allan Ntata says:

    MCP is bent on Nkhoma Synod morals where CHENI PA KARANKA is their pinnacle. Had APM and DPP not won in 2014, their plans were to exterminate all southerners dwelling in Areas 22, 23, 24 and 36. They had a least of persons especially we Lhomwes that they targeted to share our houses. Even today, they claim the centre is theirs and nobody else. This theory is rampant in all CCAP churches of Nkhoma Synod. They still believe should MCP win in future, their woos in the current democratic era will be wiped out. This mentality is sad to say is bent on gule wankulu beliefs. What a shame to MCP!

  39. kk says:

    Political thoughts around the World? are you now the World? why cant you just be the president if what you are thinking is what can qualify some one to be the President?
    Now as you are in Malawi may you please ask your family if they can provide us just one person to stand as a future president please NOT YOU NO NO NOT YOU! If all these people you have mentioned here are not, then is it you?
    Allan……… at first i saw you like one of the young men in Malawi who could take Malawi to another level in this generation but mmmm!!! mathata waitsi,
    Just a free advise to you Allan, stop kupepusa anthu nawe mawa uzakula enanso angazakupepuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. munyane says:

    Mr Mtata ngati ukunyoza MCP chako palibe m’dziko muno. Udzifunse wekha kuti kunali anthu omwe anayesa kulimbana ndi MCP koma analephela. monga Chakufwa Chihana, Bakili Muluzi, Bingu Wa Muthalika, ndi ena ambiri. Lero MCP is a force to reckon with on the political scene. Ngati kuli chipani chimene chikupeleka mantha kwa anthu a DPP udziwe kuti ndi MCP. Wachepa mphwanga ufunse Dausi za MCP akuuza kuti sizocheza.

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