Ntata: Who is controlling Peter Mutharika

Anyone familiar with Malawi and the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s presidency will testify to the fact that one of the issues that aroused the anger and disapproval of the late Bingu for many Malawians was his eagerness in allowing himself to be influenced by the Muhlakho wa Alomwe ethnic grouping.

Mutharika being protected from a swarm of bees during voting day last May: There will be first annivesary celebration on this innit

Mutharika being protected from a swarm of bees during voting day last May: There will be first annivesary celebration on this innit

The invasion of this grouping into the affairs of state, especially the presidency, led to the kind of cronyism and nepotism that reminded people of Dr Hastings Banda’s days in which the Chewa people had over 90% of the national cake. Such behaviour was certainly one of the reasons that late Bingu’s second term ended on a note of severe controversy.

Peter Mutharika should not be deluded into thinking that Malawians have forgotten the DPP low points; the unjustified authoritarianism, the lack of essential political reforms, the governance challenges, the vain celebrations, and most of all, the Mulhako cronyism.

Although Peter Mutharika seems to have borne in mind that at one point in his late brother’s administration, about half of the cabinet was Lhomwe, he seems to have failed to recognise the danger of trusting too much in one or two confidants without proper justification.

In late Bingu’s administration, we saw at one point that senior cabinet ministers such as Justice Minister Prof. Peter Mutharika, Minister of Education Dr. George Chaponda, Minister of Tourism Anna Kachikho, Gender and Women Affairs Minister Patricia Kaliati, Trade and Industry minister Eunice Kazembe, Minister of Irrigation Richie Muheya, Deputy Finance minister Nihorya, Deputy Lands and Housing Minister T. Gowelo, Deputy Disabilities Minister Felton Mulli, Deputy Information Minister Kingsley Namakhwa, and Deputy Education Minister V. Sajeni were all from the Lhomwe belt.

We also saw that principal Secretaries in key ministries also reflected a pattern that favoured the same Mulhako kinsmen and that within the Executive big institutions were also assigned to Lhomwes. These included ADMARC General Manager Dr. Charles Matabwa, ADMARC Finance Director Foster Mulumbe, ADMARC Head of Administration George Bakuwa, Auction Holdings CEO Evance Matabwa, NFRA boss Edward Sawelengera, Immigration Chief Elvis Thodi, Anti Corruption Bureau Director Alex Nampota, Director of Intelligence Clement Kapalamula, Inspector General of Police Peter Mukhito, Chairperson Malawi Electoral Commission, Anastanzia Msosa, Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo, Clerk of Parliament Maltilda Katopola, Attorney General Jane Ansah, Secretary to Treasury Randson Madiwa, General Manager Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) Mondiwa, MBC- Director General Patrick Khoza, Reserve Bank Governer Perks Ligoya, Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Commissioner General Lloyd Muhara, Blantyre City Assembly Chief Executive Ted Nandolo and Malawi Savings Bank CEO Joseph Mwanamvekha.

More importantly, late Bingu was controlled to a significant extent by Leston Mulli and the top Mulhako wa Alhomwe brass that included individuals such as Jean Namathanga and Noel Masangwi. These people formed the President’s unofficial advisory council on governance, public appointments and political strategy.

The fact that Malawians are quite now should not delude the current Mutharika into thinking that Malawians are not noticing that a similar trend has already emerged. Speaking to ministers and government insiders, it is apparent that the country is not really being ruled by Peter Mutharika, but the power behind the power that is a clique of special assistants, bodyguards and certain relatives.

But surely the learned professor of Law knows that Malawians gave a governing mandate to Peter Mutharika, and not to any of his personal assistants, doesn’t he? Does the Professor not know that the ruling mandate was given to him and the DPP on the basis, in part, of his solemn pleas that the DPP had changed and should be forgiven for past mishaps such as the nepotism and cronyism mentioned above? Does he not realise that Malawians expected that the DPP would honour that forgiveness by following a new political path, a different style of political leadership and governance, with appointments based solely on merit and in recognition of the contribution that various individuals have put towards supporting this country and their bid for the presidency?

The simple fact is that as learned as he is, the professor knows these things. The problem appears to be the fact that his administrative powers have been relinquished to his assistants and advisors. This relinquishing of his administrative powers to his personal assistant, and the warmth and cosiness that he is again displaying with the Muhlako old guard is not only disturbing, but may indeed be a cause for worry as to the direction of his presidency, and whether the so-called new and changed DPP was simply such in rhetoric only.

During its two years of exile, many talented and capable young men and women led the DPP push to power. These need to be given an opportunity to now utilise their talents in promoting a national development agenda. It will be an affront to public trust demonstrated in the vote to ignore and overlook these able individuals simply because one or two personal assistants, advisors or even valets (imagine that!) are in control and only their cronies can assist the leadership.

Indeed, it would be useful to remind the President that critics are already waiting in the wings and will soon come out of the woodwork with their pens blazing. It seems to rather unwise to provide critics with ammunition in the form of competent CVs overlooked on important positions simply because they were not endorsed by one or two personal assistants or that they fall on the wrong side of the ethnic divide.

Furthermore, certain leadership blunders are already becoming evident: The misguided graffiti painting of Lumbadzi police cells, the seriously dubious asset declaration, the suspicious sale of MSB Bank just to name a few. Are these ideas consistent with a supremely learned professor of law with donkey’s years of experience? The answer is probably No- although anything is possible in politics!

How does one identify a puppet? You know you are dealing with a puppet when every time you try to say something to the puppet, the puppet says: Talk to my assistant, the guy pulling the strings.

Given the high intellectual respect with which President Arthur Peter Mutharika is regarded in the country and internationally, perhaps the time has come to ask the question publicly instead of simply joining those asking it in secret: Who really is controlling Peter Mutharika?

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169 thoughts on “Ntata: Who is controlling Peter Mutharika”

  1. nkhakamila says:

    greedy is what is driving most malawians.i thought mtata was at state house by then.may be you want to become a president yourself.pangani zina pliz.palibe nkhani apa.

  2. Jose' says:

    Allan Ntata, Manyazi bwaa?

  3. Mwana wa Dorothy says:

    I always appreciate the thinking of very outside the box….continue Malawi we are learning something out of your facts and I hope Allan is learning too.

  4. I mean banda says:

    Please know that ife a malawi amené timakhala kunja kina be era kumudzi chakandichaka nkumapeza zinthu zisakusintha or zikuyipilayipila ….can have an honest opinion because we do not have the fear the greed the political ambition the duty to praise the blindfold them or any financial benefit or motive. ..In fact I am not a tax payer as I don’t pay taxes km malawi Ko I and I don’t benefit anything from services of the government there. Therefore I would not attack Ntata for changing his tone or for seeming to criticize any government that comes in fact the grass in malawi looks very green when u r near but it isn’t very green from far..it’s easy to see progress whether economically or democratically if you are not partisian. I think mutharika is trying but he should really remember that it’s so easy for him to deliver if he remembers what Malawians didn’t like about mcp. .udf. .dpp1. ..pp…If he avoids the wrongs of these regimes and achieves a growth in economy other than stats and a totally democratic independent merited system in place the dpp2 would be likeable. Remember Malawians voted out a ruling government and president coz they couldn’t delivery. What makes anyone think they can stay in power even if they don’t deliver?

  5. lacted says:

    l thougt Ntata would be pointing out some issues like defects in national devlpment. National insecurity etc..i think these are personal issues…

  6. hounarabo says:

    Commentmmm kaya but i makes sence any way

  7. APM might be bad but Ntata is a coward of a decade.

  8. BigMan says:

    There goes the curly kitted dubiously learned Allan Mtata, bitter, frustrated, in the cold and broke. Barking, barking, barking and barking some more… for nothing!!

    The reason Peter tells you to talk to his assistant is because he doesn’t want to talk to you, doesn’t need you, doesn’t like you and has no need to waste his time with YOU! You are the problem, not Peter for referring your greasy head to Ben Phiri who doesn’t like you either. Allan, get it through your thick skull we all don’t like you because you are a traitor, a coward, spineless and toothless clown.

    Yes the majority of Ministers come from the South because that is the base of the DPP, If MCP had won trust me the majority would have also come from their base which is the central region. Its not about tribe rather its about who is in your team and who put you in power, its the same the world over. And frankly I’d rather have a team from one region that delivers than have a team packed with people from other regions yet doesn’t deliver. Malawians are beyond that kind of redundant thinking.

    As for the reason the late Bingu supposedly lost support in the 2nd term, I think people need to be careful regarding that because of course he lost support from some opposition types who were never DPP anyway as well as some gay CSO’s who are never always right either. Bingu and the DPP did not get voted out of power which would have been a true testament of “losing support”, the president died and the VP and her party usurped power for a mere 2 years before the people put the DPP back into power where it had always belonged! Clearly the loss of support amongst the grassroots and the base was over exaggerated.

    If anything ill advised was done during Bingu’s second term, we should probably blame YOU Allan Mtata because you were his very loud and attention seeking Legal Advisor! Were you misleading him? Were you lying to the nation when you were defending his policies on every media house that could host you?

    Allan Mtata, are you really this stupid?

  9. angoni says:

    Mizwanya tsopano. Koma yes…. Mulungu simunthu

  10. big boy says:

    Is victor sanjeni from the south? Verify before you write

  11. Palowa Mbewa says:

    Is it? So what were you doing as you were big man’s legal advisor? If you didn’t advise him then it was legal. I suppose you are a learned lawyer, are you telling us that you have nothing to do outside politics? Why then are you crying for a position? Surely you just want to plunder our marginalized resources or else someone has bribed you to start causing problems hoping that this President will die of heart attack then you get your pay. It only shows how greedy you are. Bingu had more than 45 ministers and out of that you have only picked the lhomwes, are you sure the number of lhomwes you have enlisted make up 50% of that cabinet? I think ministerial positions are hired by the President including his advisors, why then do you want to dictate on him who to pick? JB’s cabinet was full of northerners and all the lhomwes including their businesses were chopped why didn’t echo the same complains? Are the lhomwes not part of Malawians or is it a crime to have a leader from this tribe? In this country there are so many tribal groupings with many of them benefited from NAC as well why only pick the Lhomwe tribal grouping and always attach it to presidential affairs? Mr. Ntata don’t blame the President for not picking you the problem is we are now having a lean cabinet we don’t want to give positions to parasites like you. Does it mean you chose the wrong profession? You see now the disadvantage of keeping changing professions, I think you were better of when you were a lab technician, weren’t you? Remember APM was the chief advisor during Bingu’s era and was your boss then and he knows all of you very well: he knows the crooks who were misguiding the great man and the greedy or rather the fortune seekers as such you can’t school him. Do you want them to have no lhomwes in their cabinet? Do you see what Tumbuka Tukula is doing now as the assets director? What do you think if one has such a type holding top positions? Surely the government will collapse. Of course they are educated but to be honest these guys are incompetent, they don’t know work, all they know are cashgate and misguiding others to turn against brilliant administrations the same way this troubled guy is doing. The other problem with them is that they want to take all positions, kodi m’Malawi muno alimo okha?

  12. timothy mandambwe says:

    Mr. Ntata take note that all the above mentioned people are Malawians and were capable to do their work of developing Malawi.

  13. timothy mandambwe says:

    God is controlling The State President Prof. Peter Muthalika. Mr. Ntata have a blessed Sunday, tomorrow.

  14. Lazalo says:

    Some little sense in this nonsense. Ntata don’t forget the strategies you developed at still existing. You bought some ipads to be used by cadets in crushing all dissenting views in all online platforms.

  15. Truth to be told, Mr Ntata you were among those individuals who misled Bingu
    it’s becoming a trend and it stinks,our politicians become critical to the government when they feel been sidelined-if Mr Ntata was offered a job by this current administration believe you me they wouldn’t be this noise
    Eish!! Malawi sadzatheka basi

  16. Mbuyawo says:

    Comment why are u hating lomwes GOD will punish u

  17. Et u Brute says:

    This guy has got a psych problem and I doubt if he doens’t smoke ganja. He is now revealing that he was just pocketing our taxes and his advisory role was done by Mulli and Namathanga, ubweze malipiro ako onse msanga kwa anthu amenewa wamva hule iwe. Munthu uyu ndi wa dyera and Mr Ntata I’ve to be honest with you, you will always be at the back bench sending your comments for we have realized that you are incompetent. I’m pretty sure that masiteni camp has given you something to start spitting fire on the well governed administration. Why silent all along ie for close to 3years now: By the way when are you coming back home? Things seems to be on the right track, the Masauko Chipembere Highway is in progress and I’m afraid you will get lost in BT. Do you want to buy our votes so that we could vote for you in the near future? I’m also afraid you have taken a wrong way of campaigning. Your friends have alread failed using that tactic. We Malawians are grown ups now and we really want true performers not good mare rhetoric like you. If you attack APM on nepotism and tribalism, why then Bingu had you in his advisory committee? JB was also nepotistic and tribalistic: she expelled all the Lhomwes from her government and she fiercely attacked the Mulhakho to smash it but she failed in vein. No matter how much you will be hostile to Mulhakho it will be existing even if you become the President today it will always be there. Kodi iweyo nthawi ya campaign unali kuti? Don’t cheat us you have been given poti ndiii, and I’m telling you, you are only damaging your CV and don’t bother yourself to compete for any seat in an election you will be embarrassed. Anthu ako akumpoto ukuwabakilawo ndiye ngwazi za nepotism and tribalism. There is no way one region can have more intelligent people than the rest, never. Thats why we are still ragging behind economically because one tribe is reigning over us. ANtata mwa dya kenakake koma simukwanitsa mwachepa nazo.

  18. KWACHA DZUKNI says:

    Kikikikiki mtata kulilira kuusi, iwe m’mene uwathawa anzako kumangidwa okha umaona ngati ndiwe ochenjera. There is nothing tangible you can contribute here and people trust you hehehehehehe wagwa nayo pepani woooooooooooooo

  19. Tchende la Ntata says:

    Tangokhala phee mbuzi iwe. You were so arrogant during bingu time

  20. mapiya murupare says:

    at least some sanity is creeping in……amati wa misala anaona nkhondo. . ..ignore z allan at your ow peril

  21. njomba says:

    ben phiri sakulakwitsa chilichonse ayi

  22. Galu Wa Galu says:

    A Ntata munanyela pongona. Nanga mungonanso pompo?????

  23. Nyonyo says:

    Nosense allan …foster mulumbe joined admarc 25 years ago. Unless you want to convince me that kamuzu was a lhomwe too. He started as a junior staff nkumakwera. Don’t talk of things you dont know wamva iwe. Above all he is a graduate nde umati akhale clerk? Udzafa imfa yowawa ALLAN. ..ulira sunati..

  24. zodiac says:

    pepa ntata pepa, mwana wamamuna salira, asiyen anzanu adyerere ndi nthawi yawo, inu mmesa munali ku magalande anzanu ali mchitokosi, usovenge ntata ndi mkazi wa chi mzungu wakoyo zakuvuta basi, ma jelasi awa sakuthandiza, get a life!

  25. Seer 35 says:

    Ntata is right even though he could not see wrongs during bingus time until he scampered like chicken when his breadwinner dropped dead like chicken,Ntata has come back to senses after mutharika has not silenced him with any ban.

  26. john mpande says:

    the bees rule us now, the witchcraft rule Malawi now not God anymore let us pray those were from the devil he knew that there were coming just look at the pictures he is smilling witchcraft devil he never won the election by justifiable means by throught the devil

    cry my beloved Malawi

  27. zoona says:

    you forget to say : legal advisor Allan Ntata from ‘rural’ Neno……tisiyeni alhomwe tinjoye…for the record, do you know how many Tumbukas got promoted or went abroad on government scholarships at the min of agriculture when Chihana was minister?…..

  28. Jang`ala says:

    Anastazia Msosa is 4rom north baba

  29. Bertha says:

    Mr Ntata should learn to write short straight 4ward articles. It is boring to read long articles we have limited time please

  30. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Oops poor ntata so have nothing to tell malawians but lies and u are to cry fool

  31. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    Ntata Get Out. Frustreted Fellow.

  32. Tomorow is another day tata have think twice here,its true his brother was misread

  33. kondwani malawi says:

    Zili kumalawi

  34. android says:

    malawians are reactive and notrproactive, koma ntata uyu wachedwa, he could have voiced this when he was so close to the late kahuna, pano olo ine ndingoti akutuma yet u have something important

  35. malawistandardnewspaper.wordpress.com says:

    Great piece. Mutharika could be a good leader but surrounding by dangerous people. Perhaps lets wait and see

  36. Mwinganera says:

    You know you are dealing with a coward when he fails to stand strong the time needed most. Ntata had a chance to work with Bingu but and he was one of the pple giving bad advice thats why he was not there when the bigman was burried. Absolute act of cowardice. Now dont spread cheap propaganda here

  37. Geoma says:

    Mr. Ntata now you have become anzeru. Where were you the time all the people mentioned were ruining our country? I thot you were part of them. You think we are stupid? Don’t take us for granted Mr. Ntata coz you were part and parcel of the same team that did not hear our cry, we shall never forgive, only God will do that to you

  38. chandiona says:

    this is the truth, Personal assistant wake ndi Ben Phiri, komanso ndi uyu mumati Chisale anyamata amene akulamurila Malawi ndi amenewa pakalipano ndipo chimene iwo akamuuza Peter chimakhala chomwecho ndipo Peter sakana moti ngati dziko likuwonongeka ndichifukwa cha anthu ake amenewa.

  39. Chikaonda. says:

    Iwe ntata, usatisokose. Mesa unatithawa ife Bingu atangomwalira. Ngakhale campaign sunatithandize. Anthu ukuwanenawa ndiomwe anaima njiiii pamavuto ndi pamtendere ndi prof Peter Mutharika. Inu muzingokuwa kwinaku mukuzipaka matope.

  40. Ralph Kachindankhuku says:

    Ben Phiri stuck with Peter nganganga when Peter was in trouble and when everybody deserted him. That time Ntata the coward run away to UK kusiya maliro kuno. He even didnt come for voting. Now that anzake apha nyama yomwe iye ankathawa he comes running with a knife kufuna udindo ogawa. Mapwara ako ndithu. Basi you want Peter amutaye Ben akutenge iweyo?

  41. soko says:

    Comment thanx some people can see and write, but the majority will just see and look aside but the true patriot will do something.

  42. On says:

    kodi this guy ntata…is his conspiracy case closed? Nayeni a APM ameneyi mpaka abwere extradition iyambike. Bwanji sanakapente grafitti ku prison? ndiyekuti akuvomeredza kulakwa ameneyu basi kkkkkk

  43. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Every nonsense contains a little sense. When a person talks nonsense, listen very attentively and you will be able to pick some sense out of it, no matter how little. So if you choose to completely ignore Mr. Ntata’s words, you do so at your own peril. And remember, this is the month of March, and we are heading for April. In the history of Malawi, a lot of important things happen in April. If you want me to elaborate, I say “quote my silence”.

  44. The issues raised are serious. How can a valet get involved in presidential executive affairs.

  45. Kokotowa says:

    I haven’t read the article, what is he whining about this time around?

  46. malawi patriot says:

    Kamuzu had no class. Leadership is known by its absence. If Kamuzu was such a good leader, why did he not pass it on to us the new generation to carry on with his works? Everyone remembers the bad old days and the country has remained stagnated. Think about it soberly.

    I rest my case

  47. Masanje says:

    They all look like a bunch of gangsters

  48. Mulhako says:

    Ntata usamanamize anthu panga zako dziko likuyenda boh ukufuna uzinamiza anthu? Utonamajeeeee!Comment

  49. Mr A Ntata says:


  50. Manzy j says:

    Nde sukunena kuti imf yabwera bwanji? Umafuna azisankha amcp pp nd mafunde kuti akhale ma minister? Ukhala pheee pa central adamukonda peter ndiangati nanga kwa amene adamukondawo ndiangati akadawasankha kukhala ma minister? Nde umafuna azipeleka ma udindo ku opposition kusiya anthu omwe adamenya nkhondo ndicholinga chofuna kukusangalatsani? Sizingatheketu zimenezo. A jb adatenga anthu osiyanasiyana sia awa adatiberawa. Nde lero ukuti wowowow apa kuti chani? Ifetu tikufuna chitikuko osati mabodza akowoayi. Ukufuna chi bans eti? Eeeeeee nde sungachinunkhetu bola lake siili. Ingolimbika maganyu basi

  51. KULYOLYOPERA says:

    kulira uku popedza ali kumbali ndi boma

  52. Rodriguez says:

    If the Lhomwes ar mo educated, wat ar u expect?. Stop complaining and vote wisely in the next elections.

  53. dickson says:

    u will be 5 years in the wilderness NTATA!! 5 years in thwe wilderness!! get a life bro!!

  54. mwana mulopwana says:

    Allan Ntata I never knew that you can be so cheap and useless like this, can you tell us how you found yourself at pariiament building if at all you can be economical with the truth, do you remember that your post never existed and was created to give you room so that you can still with your rubbish tilde katops.
    You came to parliament through nepotism and your issue was heavily contested, you now claim that you are doing phd but t seem you can get a job, does that translate that you can not deliver,

    you are very useless learn to be on your own wayamwa kwanthawi yayitali, it just shows that you got your masters and degree through the backdoor, come on ntata ngati iwe wa masters ukulira chonchi wa jc abangula bwanji

    kwa bwana APM pls don’t allow this thug to come near you, he has to rot nyani ameneyi

  55. Nansadi says:

    A Ntata Kulila kumeneko??????? hahahahahahhaa!!!!! Utuwa sizinawoneke ase!!!!

  56. cash gate says:

    Akaganiza Kupanikiza Anthu A Mitundu Ina, Agwa Chagada, Akonde Anthu Onse In Merit.

  57. Dickson says:

    This story lacks direction.
    There is no point or sense in the whole story.

  58. Edward says:

    The question is not whose controling Peter , the question is who’s running the country ? Even your PA compromised the judicary together with the AG, he knows what we talking about , the country is becoming a one party state , just like Zimbawe is , God help us all my Malawian brothers and sisters we in big trouble.

  59. Naphurwe wa Mmainje says:

    Searching 4 greener pasture! I like it.

  60. Redeemed says:

    Ntata, nobody is controlling APM. He managed to drop a Lhomwe like you, how can you say he only chooses Lhomwes

  61. Comment forgive them

  62. Aristotle says:

    Ben ndi mfana wa Bho, Ntata u just jealous. Umalakalaka ukanakhala pa udindo wa Ben eti?

  63. Fanuel says:

    Kudya Kumakhutako Eti. Allan Respect Malawians. Unathamangitsidwa Ku State House Tikudziwa Koma Usatizolowere. We Dont Want Selfish Fools In This Country.Olo Utamenyetsa Mbolo Pa Mwala We Cant Entertain Your Stupid.The More You Are Posting Manyi Akowa The More Ukusegula Mmimba,

  64. Kanyimbi says:

    Za zii basi. munthu wopepela weniweni ndiye Ntata.

  65. Muppet Muthanyula says:

    Hahaaaa! Ntanta ndikunenezatu kwa aDausi ndi aMr. Tembenu kuti ukuyambitsa ndiwe tsopano zonyoza mtsogoleri wadziko. Zoona a professor mungawanene kuti puppet?!

  66. Karrib says:

    Don’t listen to him…….. All this is out of frustration. He thought APM is that sort of man who would be swept so easily. Lest w o 4gt, Allan Ntata z th sole thug who misguided our own departed BWM. Ntata alibe nzeru. He expected some favours 4rm APM which he z not getting tht’s why he z talking of poor presidential aides!!!! Ntata z a crook! Tidye nawo!!!!!!!!! Beware our own APM…. Don’t u dare entertain hm. Mwati treason inatha? Uyu yekha akufunika fresh charges……… Mbanda kapena kuti chigawenga…….

  67. Jackson mzoza says:

    NTATA go ahead timafuna anthu angati inu

  68. abiti says:

    Malawians. Its lent, pray had may all those who championing in evil doing of this land be punished by the fire from holy ghost and shall know no peace. God has always save from evil did and I believe he will not abandon Malawi. In his name, amen.

  69. Galu WA galu says:

    Ntata just mind your business. KULILATU UKU.

  70. abiti says:

    Confess let the burn in hell. This id the time when people speak out. Osamaiwala nsangs a Malawi.

  71. kwake nkuluma says:

    So Indeed, In Politics There R No Permanent Friends And No Permanent Enemies. Who Would Have Known That Ntata Would Demonise His Former Partners In Crime? But Anyway, Sour Grapes Aside, Thanx 4 Echoing What We Have Been Saying All Along.

  72. Spot on Ntata, people can choose to ignore your advice at their peril. Indeed considering the way the results if the last elections were I expected Young Mutharika to rise above cheap politicking & govern as a Statesman but of course there is the powers behind the presidency that doesn’t need one to be a rocket scientist to see that. I remember when Bingu won the elections in his first term he went for qualifications rather where one comes from, that’s why we had the liked of Wadi, Kadambaras of this world & all the bright guys. But he eventually lost track & things fell apart the rest is history so the Young Mutharika the choice is his to follow the footprints of his elder brother & fall into the same pit. These so called Personal Assistants are always the catalyst for one’s downfall.

    1. masamba says:

      Looking at his performance in the various cashgate cases Mr. Kasambara has been involved in as a defendant, I would say that Mr. Kasambara is overrated. Clearly he is not as good as people thought he was. His advice to Namata and co defendant was, to say the least, a total fuck up.

  73. apundi says says:

    ama comment nonse dzitsiru, pano mukumutsutsa bwanji siuja munkati tiye nenaa akunena Joyce Banda, Ntata tatiuze tidziwe zambiri GOOOODDDDDBBBBOOOOYYYY kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mwakhaula

  74. abiti mtila says:

    Allan Mtata,just accept that this admin sikukufuna. Ndiye olo utamenyetsa mutu pansi palibe yemwe angakumvere. Zinthu zikuyenda bwino usanamize anthu.

  75. Kaybeez says:

    Iam glad pple can critically see!Have you ever critically analysed the hierachy of some departments and offices?Kukaya basi!!!It is about merit hopefully!Search me!!!

    1. make titatu says:

      you have analysed the situation in general.Now go to some particular departments like wfp, press corporation DCE etc and give us feedback

  76. John says:

    V. Sajeni is fom Dowa/Ntchisi

  77. happening boy says:

    Ntata Is making noise yes but read the contents of his pièce, with a sobre mind You Will read sensé in it, pls, He had his time i agree koma mpira umauona bwino uli panja.APM take something out of This.

  78. Nya Zolozolo says:

    = federalism basi

  79. Bob says:

    Yes Mr Ntata you are telling the truth but I wish you could tell us more.

  80. Chapadenga Khama says:

    Empty Tins make a lot of noise!!! thats what you are Ntata! Please zip up your mouth!!!!!!! We all know that jealous is your potion!!! Nonsense kkkkkkkkkkk

  81. Elanive Nginache says:

    hmmmm a Ntata sour grapes indeed. Akumanani udindo ndiye mwati mutibowe ndi nkhanizi eti. Wagwanayo ingopitani mmabulanya muzikalira! (Mfwe Mfwe Mfwe!)

  82. Mwalysughe says:

    Anybody talking about late Kamuzu Banda has completely nothing to offer to Malawians and it has been noted that he/she does not know the History of Malawi and above all he/she did not know who and what Kamuzu was about.This nonsense of making references to Kamuzu must forthwith be stopped.Talk about other leaders who have not really developed the country.KUNGOZOLOWERA KUNAMIZIDWA KUPUSA.What do you the economy would be if Kamuzu was in power todate? UMBULI KOBASI.

  83. Ben is controlling Peter. He’s got him by the balls (literally. That’s how he sucks the old man’s dick. He grabs him by the balls then sucks him).

  84. mitsubishi honda says:

    So Peter muthalika is a puppet, a big one

  85. Liberalist says:

    Malawians let us learn to attack the issues and not the person. Ntata has presented the issue here which is nepotism, tribalism and cronism. Jesus asked one day that the one who is blameless should stone the prostitute which was to destroy the body and not the sins. Ntata has presented the vices of our politicians. Let us look at them and find solutions irrespective of his past involvements. This country won’t develop because people spend a lot of time on attacking individuals than on critiquing and finding solutions to the issue at hand. Emotional comments show how intellectually bankrupt one is. When people fight it shows they have scattered brains. Mr Ntata has a point here. Let us have a national debate on how to end these vices. After all Malawi is asserted to be a God fearing nation which of course I disagree with. Malawi is a tribal fearing nation because our first allegiance is to our tribes not God, thus why we think and reason along tribes and regions.

  86. Chenda says:

    From observation the trend is a natural one, we cannot avoid it. By the time another leader comes into power, we shall experience the same as our culture but as long as we are economically developing and progressing, it is essential.

  87. Hoitty says:

    Koma Ben Phiri simkugona naye tulo a Ntata. Ameneyi alipo mpaka 2019 kulamula dziko pamutu pa peter

  88. namulepe says:

    Good question Allan, who is really controlling Peter Mutharika? The answer is right next to you: Ben Phiri is the real power behind the throne of Peter Mutharika, and he is slowly but steadily running his presidency aground. The crux of the matter, however, is not about whether Ben Phiri has powers to exert influence on Peter Mutharika, the most important question is why is the President allowing Ben to have such influence…

  89. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk mtata
    bwanji kodi sinthawi ya bingutu ino

  90. Namulukunuwa says:

    Bakuwa is from dedza

  91. Joster Nankuyu says:

    A Ntatatu apa mutiuza zenizeni zomwe zinachitika

  92. Joster Nankuyu says:

    A Ntata, atamwalira Bingu Wamuthalika, inu munathawa,Kodi mumathawa chiyani? Lero mukufuna mutiuze ciyani cha chilendo? Mukufuna kuti
    mulandu wa TRISON upitilire? Popeza,inu munali mugulu lomwelo, ndekuti
    inu ndi anzanuwa ubale unatha?

    A Ntata, tatiuzaninso za madola omwe anapezeka ku state house nthawi ya
    maliro Bingu,popeza inu mu nthawiyi munali kukhala pafupi ndi a president.

  93. B.Mwansambo says:

    this post is more political and lacks sense of truth in some areas.some of these big shots mentioned in the article are not Lhomwes at all.This is just mere propaganda.where on earth did u hear that Patrick Khoza was once MBC Director during Bingus regime? Unbelievable

  94. Mclaren says:

    Ntata don’t be jealous of Ben Phiri. If you have problems with APM it’s not bcoz of Ben. It’s is because you don’t relate to APM properly. Have you forgotten that you said Peter has no leadership skills.

    After all he has had a bitter lesson with you wrongly advised him to block JB to take over the gvt when his brother passed away.

  95. Liberalist says:

    I agree with Mr Ntata on his assessment. This country needs national politics not tribalism. The only piece of advice to Malawians is that we need to have eyes & ears even if we are in government.

  96. bratusha says:

    It will be very hard to fault or compare the current nonsense of governments with Dr Banda time. Kamuzu had a class of his own.

  97. pamsundu says:

    Time for dialogue and forgiveness

  98. chitengo says:

    thats why someone talked about headless chickens the other day he was right

  99. Allan Mbatata says:

    Allan I am now enjoying your articles. You remind me of the late Dumbo Lemani.

    Welcome to the opposition benches.

  100. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    Ntata is really desperate for a position in the government.If you are suffering whereever you are why can’nt you come back kumalima kholowa,because what you have written here is nonsenseYou have not mentioned the following for your political aghenda: Goodal Gondwe,harry Chiume,Peter Mwanza,C.Mwalwanda,Ngwira,Kanyumba,Vuwa kaunda,billy kaunda,Jean Kalilani,Ralf kasambala just to mention a few.These were also in the top positions in the DPP led government but you have chosen not to mention them for your political agenda.

  101. njolomachipilingu says:

    Ntata it is Not true to say during Kamuzu era 90% of the people in high offices of government were Chewas.Talk of JZU a ngoni, Gwanda a Sena, Bakili Muluzi a Yao, Robson Chrwa Tumbuka,Bin Deleza a lhomwe,Mwalo a Ngoni, Dick Matenje a ngoni,the list is endless.Another anomally ia on Sajeni he is from Ntchisi.However I totally agree with the rest of the story.During the multiparty era its only JB who was trying to balance up e.g. by the time we were going to polls 14 of the cabinet ministers were from the center.But Mulhakho people are very selfish.Only Kalilani from.the center eish!!!!!!.

  102. Western Cambriger says:

    Young man Alan Ntata, leka nsanje ndi amzako , asiye amene lero nguwo yawakwana kuti nawo avale , dzulo unali iwe, lero ndi ena, sono tangokhala chete, nsanje m’bale wanga simathandiza. Iwe unathawa azako anasala kumenya nkhondo , sono iwe umati ungotulukira kuzadyerera, ofoira angalole mbwerera ngati imeneyo ndani, once again just keep quiet ,kape

  103. Wotchani says:

    Victor Sajeni is from Ntchisi baba Ntata

  104. Chonchobe says:

    kafodya. comment 21

    dzina lako ndi nzeru nzako ndi zolemba zako ndizofanana. ndiwedi kafodya.

  105. ujeni says:

    Dont forget Ken Lipenga the man from Phalombe who doctored the Finance and MRA books

  106. Kunjani says:

    Sajeni is from Ntchisi

  107. powder says:

    nyasa mumakonda zonyoza paja, how can you say ‘ntata column’ but have u traced what he is writting and the pple’s response? it just shows the man is empty! is denting your image and adding nosense articles thereby making yourself useless. ntata kape wachabechabe. wasowa zochita, mukufuna kuchuka? useless, failing to express a suitable word for you.

  108. Charombanthu says:

    For once, I agree with Allan. APM is slowly sliding back into his elder brother’s mistakes and this will definitely alianate him from those who voted him into power. Watch out!!!!!

  109. Fraser fuma bitto says:

    tikudikira zambiri kwa inu antata.

  110. DPG says:

    Reading through the article you will clearly notice that it was written by a very bitter man with personal vandettas that will clearly not benefit anybody apart from himself. This is what is killing Malawi. ‘DYERA’. Nyasa times I hope next time you can go one better by not publishing such pointless articles.

  111. Maxwell [email protected] says:

    Ntata, please tell me who is controlling Mutharika so that I can send my wife Alice to discuss eith him to get me out of Prison

  112. Kes munthali says:

    The biggest coward ever in the history of Malawi, A useless deluded egomaniac. Mai Jean Kalilani and Mai Patricia Kaliati have more balls in there pants than you do, you should be ashamed of yourself, wanting to reap were others have sown. Ulira Galu iwe sunati. Get a job you bastard.

  113. chaiwone wawo says:

    Ntata is a disgruntled person indeed but what he has written is very true. If the same content was written by somebody else i guess many would be agreeing to the facts in the article. I will choose to be blind on the personal agenda Ntata is advancing and just look at the facts he has presented, I cant help but agree with him to Say Peter has lost control and some other cocroaches are governing to the advantage of some tribal grouping.

  114. EDSON JOWELO says:


  115. Special advisor says:

    Ntata is eloquent. But he sets out his article on a false threshold. The Chewas never had a lions share (90%) of the national cake as he claims. Kasungu, Dedza and Lilongwe home districts for Kamuzu, Tembo/Kadzamira and Chakakala Chaziya (as examples) have some of the worst indicators on literacy, food security, maternal mortality, infant and child mortality, unemployment, and public infrastructure, just to mention a few. Then just come to think of Ntchisis and Dowa as district headquarters and the surrounding communities. What lion’s share of the national cake he he referring to? It is an insult to even suggest that Bingu reminded people of Kamuzu. Which Kamuzu did Bingu remind people of? Kamuzu had his own humanly inherent inadequacies, but he was an incomparable to Bingu as oranges are to guavas. The are both fruits and are sweet. But they are distinctly different. So Ntata, please give us a break.

  116. Zolawula says:

    They say rumour is a lying jade! Based on this old addage, could someone please dispel this burning rumour doing the rounds in Lilongwe that our president is actually homosexual and that he spends long and long hours cuddled up in bed with one Ben Phiri? Indeed rumour is rife that the real first lady is Ben Phiri…meaning that our president prefers where zoipa zimatulukira than mayi Getu?

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Zolawula, that is too personal and disrespectful. What goes on in other people’s bedrooms is none of your or our business.

  117. Shokodido says:

    How much is a bag of maize in Lilongwe?

  118. M23 says:

    Off to City Center to paint graffiti on National Bank “M23 was here to cash some fat cheques”. I forgot to leave graffiti the last time I was there.

  119. namanyozela says:

    kuti pwitpwiti .kakakakaka. chosamva anachiphikila mmasamba.
    komanso akuti wamisala anaona nkhondo

  120. CIA says:

    Well now Ntata has found space on Nyasatimes to advbertise his stupidity. I failed to finish reading his useless article. The guy stole money from state house when Bingu died and ran away to UK and now the money is finished he thinks he can scare Peter with his nosense. If you had favour with Bingu, Peter is not the type who gets scared with lunatics. Ask Gift Trepence,Mtambo and Kabwira who thought they could make an impact with their noise. Malawians are wise and can not feast on your feases

  121. Lazalo says:

    Ntata, you’ve gained back your senses. Am beginning to think that you’re an asset outside government. Never ever accept any government so that you can continue analysing issues without bias. Remember how you defended useless things when you were with bingu.

  122. chikutumbwe says:

    Thanks Allan we have known who is controlling Big Bwampini.Tiyeni nazoni ife kwathu mkupenya basi

  123. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Keep on writing Ntata , the nation is learning a lot from the horses mouth . Expose them all , they thought that they are hiding but now Malawians are getting a true picture of Munthalikas leadership from you.
    Don’t think all the Lhomwe are happy with this cartoon president only stupid Lhomwes can accept who fellow Malawians are being mistreated.

  124. Angoni Ngayongayo says:

    Ntata sukulakwitsa, kodi kulapa ndikulakwa? Munthu wanzeru akazindikira kulakwa kwake amaulula machimowo ndiye kuti walapa zoipa zake ndipo sizimatengera kuti walapa atathyoka mwendo. kulapa ndi kulapa basi. Tinene kuti akulakwitsa kudzudzula anzake omwe ankachimwa nawo limodzi? Ntata pitiliza iwe ndi amene ukudziwa zolakwika za anthu amenewo chifukwa unali momwemo ndipo ankachita nawo. Mbava zimadziwana bwino mayendedwe. Ulula zambiri anthu adziwe.

  125. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Allan, I have some questions to ask you. Where were you when innocent Malawians were being slaughtered in the streets by the DPP government? Were you not aware of the atrocities of this murderous government? What role(s) did you play in this government? It is hard to believe you have come out now for the love of the country. A good piece though, right to the point. If you are to earn trust of Malawian, you need to be consistent in what you believe in. Don’t change sides just because you stand to benefit for doing so even if it is against your beliefs. Otherwise, goodluck you are still young. If Malawians can vote in the Muthalikas in their late sixties, anything can happen. Please respond to my questions in your next article.

  126. HONESTY says:

    Dr. Kafodya Imdzomdzo, Sir

    Please be advised that late Focus Gwede never came
    from Ntcheu but rather, Machinga and married a
    sister to A A Nqumayo.
    So it looks like everybody is not writing honestly
    here including the author.

    Please repent and be baptized all of you folks!

  127. Chikopa says:

    I have simple advise to my friend ntata , you must expet that there is life after state house,its not posible for averyone to work at the palace , you are young man you have a future look for something that can keep you going iam 37 i do think you are my age mate , behave like educated guy not like savage iknow muthalika can not hitback because he is educated . You should not join the likes of Tenthani who looks like OSOKA MPHASA and OTSEGULA MANDA -kUMIZIKU iam busnessman you can join me if you like not fighting the head of state you can’t win

  128. Dr Bwampini says:

    Bwana Pitara, though you clashed with Ntata , but the guy has raised pertinent issues which you need to reflect. Your agenda about naked nepotism, tribalism and regionalism is bad for a country like Malawi. For your own information no one chose to be of tribe A , B , C etc. Why are you victimizing people basing on tribal and regional lines? Worse some people think Malawi is in Thyolo and not vice versa. Mxiiiiu

    Apart from government appointments, nepotism has grown its deep roots at MRA, MPC, MACRA, MBC, MUST, top government positions in ministries and departments. Tinalakwa Chani ife sitili alhomwe Fe?

    Zitukuko mungoganiza za lhomwe belt? Amatero?

    Mukanthidwa muwona pansi pompano

  129. King Cobra says:

    There is no issue here. In fact those lhomwes that you see enjoying with the president, its because of their loyalty and the love they demonstrated to Peter and DPP when others jumped out of what they thought was a sinking titanic. As for Mtata, he must surely know that being late Bingu’s friend is not imminent that Peter will also treat you as his friend. kodi mesa unamuthawa joyce banda kuno when peter and his company were being prosecuted politically. As for you nyasa, you have never been a good friend to DPP including your boss Thom Chiumia. Moyo woipa umenewo, simuzatukuka ngakhale pang’ono. Whenever you see Peter and his DPP doing well, especially with the resumption of aid by IMF mtima wanu watupa ndi mkwiyo, coz you always want to see DPP losing ground. Nde you will see how heavenly God is going to bless Peter and Malawi. Mulira simunati.

  130. the eye says:

    Ntata please stop writing.people are tired of you and you nonsense.just mind your own business.i hope you read this people are tired of you.you are such a cry baby.

  131. mbuyun says:

    Why is it that it takes some people to see mistakes of government when they are no longer members?it was us who spoke against BWM and God acted. Mtata we are able to see all these.

  132. Dave wa maluwadi says:


  133. Okhrana says:

    Allan wagwanayo. Irriagation kutukwana means wanyanayo. Wothamangiza akayamba kutukwana watopa, wothawa limbika phazi asakupeze. Wagwa gadaaaa

    1. Dr Bwampini says:

      Nkholo yako

  134. Deluded Z Allan Ntata says:

    Kulilira maudindo kumeneku?
    Shaaa! Koma Ntata ukumva kuwawa!
    Dyera too much akuchita bwino!

  135. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Check your records properly- Mondiwa is from Mdeka and he is yao. Cheating

  136. Ntata, on my first comment I asked why you were told off at Sanjika and now it is evident that you are a digruntled man who failed to reap from the young Mutharika. Now it is an open secret that you have a vendetta against Mutharika and his govt. No sane person will take you seriously considering the circumstances sorrounding your relationship with him and what you said just before the elections which I believe soiled your relationship with him and the rest of DPP. I dont support parties blindly and I have noticed the mishaps of the current regime. But your making noise will not help you. Just keep quite. Mutharika is not the type that will reward you for rattling your nonsenses. Keep on and you will further dirten your relationship. I rest my case.

    1. Isaac Banda says:

      Don’t forget Ntata has a right to express his opinion don’t ask his to keep quiet this is democracy

  137. Kafodya Imdzomdzo says:

    I do not agree with the writer 100% that during HKB 90% of national cake belonged to the Chewa. HKB used so much of the Tumbukas and the Ngonis… MCP was controlled by Tumbukas and Ngonis.. One remembers when KHB was away, he was leaving the reins of power in the hands of Robson or Ropson Chirwa and others… History tells us more the Tembos are Ngonis more than Chewas.. and in the early years of HKB, it was people like Kuntumanji and others like Albert Nqumayo Muwalo, and Gwede–both Noginis from Ntcheu. The names of Chewas were so much at party level politics rather than at government levels…

    This was just an honest response. Of course I am in agreement with the writer on what has been happening with the other successive gaffments.. nepotism, tribalism, cronyism…

    Politics and governance in Malawi need to be redeemed from the miry clay… ndikungodutsa sindikutchola mnkhwani…

    1. Kenkkk says:

      I agree with you Kafodya on Kamuzu.

      On Ntata observations or comments, it is important to hear what he says without necessarily believing in all that he says. There is some truth and some non truth in what he says. Yes he may be bitter but he is or was a dpp insider and he is now giving is some useful information of what went on or is going on with dpp and Peter.

      So Ntata keep on educating us who are outside dpp despite strong criticisms from dpp die-hards, most of them boot lickers and hand clappers at everything that is Peter of dpp. We are mature enough to sift information you give us Alan but please don’t infiltrate nyasatimes to be a dpp spy, we know how you guys work!!!

  138. kk says:

    Ntata wagwa nayo ulira mpyoooooooo! sunati mphwanga. Iwe zoona ungathawe anzako akukalowa muchitokonsi lero uziti fweee! fweee!.

  139. chicco says:

    this lhomwe thing stinks!

  140. Ntata, on my first comment I asked why you were told off at Sanjika and now it is evident that you are a digruntled man who failed to reap from the young Mutharika. Now it is an open secret that you have a vendetta against Mutharika and his govt. No sane person will take you seriously considering the circumstances sorrounding your relationship with him and what you said just before the elections.

  141. Cydrick Mgunda says:

    Mtata ndi a Nyasa nonse dzitsiru. Inu imeneyi ndi nkhani yopatsa anthu kuti awerenge? Bwanji osalemba za chitukuko kapena za umoyo? Kumangofuna kuipitsa mbiri ya anzanu? Ntchito zomalemba ana osakhwima pa chinenazi akuthetserani… pathako panu nonse ndi Mtata wanuyo

    1. Dr Bwampini says:

      Pa mako kunthawi ZA nthawi. Mboli yako , can’t you see that there is rampant nepotism , tribalism and regionalism

  142. chatonda says:

    Ntata is a fool. Is this what you can be doing now because you are not in the eating hall of the DPP? Shame on you. Just apply for a teaching job in government. Were you not telling the nation that you were doing your PhD? Why cant you start something to do silently than making silly noise where you will get nothing. Forget about our sympathy. You better rot in the composite manure heap.

  143. Chiphiko Chosaphya says:

    Useless article!

  144. Enidziko says:

    I know Allan Z Ntata benefited from the same rotten system but the points he is raising here are pertinent and valid. It is not just a case of sour grapes!

  145. patrick banda says:

    Signs of a frustrated idiot. He is blaming Bingu for appointing Alhomwes when he was a Legal Advisor at State House. His article is rubbish as it doesnot put up all high positioned personnel in government. He deliberately writes only to advance his personal agenda. Achimwene have a life; You had your time; this time is for others. You are busy attacking the President; Personal assistants just because you have been rejected.

  146. dumerang says:

    Despite that Ntata somehow you are saying the truth, no one will believe your story because you were in the same bought during late Big Kahunas rule, you talked a lot of nonsense. believe me you can’t be a saint now because you are out of the boat.

    My only advice is that you are still very young, would you please start up something productive and stay away from politics.

  147. Ashraf Kumar says:

    Za zii zeni zeni..tiyeni tidzingodya bonya limodzi apa..bus iyi ulendo uno yakuthawani…

  148. Mtumbo says:

    Ntata is right. George Mkondiwa is getting instructions from ben phiri ndipo he is very afraid of him.

    1. Dr Bwampini says:

      Those trashing Ntata are students of nepotism, tribalism and regionalism at MUST. And ndi alhomwe sakumva kupweteka paza nepotism and tribalism and regionalism. Mboli zawo

  149. tikhala says:

    Sour grapes! Just shut up! Iwenso umadya nawo nthawiyo bwanji sumayankhula ?

  150. Atcheya says:

    Alan. We all know that you are pointing fingers at this Ben Phiri character. Am 99% sure that you feel he has a hand in your being exiled from the party. But the problem with you is that you seem to be coming out of your cocoon simply because you feel you have been used, abused and dumped by Peter. You are trying to make him suffer by trying to suddenly turn into his critic. The points you are making are salient but your tainted ego obfuscates anything you might say against Peter. You are one of those that made this guy and, frankly, I would urge you to just shut up and console yourself.

  151. johnM says:

    Who is controlling Peter Muntharika? Its definitely not you Mr. Ntata

  152. Alan Ntata? Zakhala bwa? I thought you subscribed to the teachings of DPP (read Mutharikas)?

  153. If His Excellency is wise enough he will be alerted by this article and change the way he is running govt. How can the whole president accept the advice of painting public institution with party colors? Writing in walls! Shld we say its the same learned Lhomwes advising him? Its shameful.

    1. Think Tank says:

      @ True malawian,by now you should have known the Mutahalikas dont listen to outside Lomwe -belt advice. Remember “Mkhito will not apologise”? “the best IG ever”? beating the respectect Mac Kamwana?

  154. Irrigation Services says:

    You are right Ntata. Muluzi is the root of Mutharika dynasty coz he imposed Bingu on us. Thats the genesis.

  155. Doreen Dambuzo says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    You mean even a valet can influence the president’s decisions?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Kanthu ako. Kwali mwekha.

  156. Nyambitoni says:

    sour grapes! am tired of reading your shit dunderhead. You were close to them and you didn’t advise them accordingly. anzako akukagona ku Lumbadzi iwe nkumathawa kupita ku mangalande wati to read your PHD. if Bingu did not die on the 4/5/6 April, would you be in your hideout? in short you are a useless coward or a toothless dog! stop barking from wherever you are!

  157. Christopher says:

    Kicks of a dying horse. Mr. Ntata we know why you are making a lot of noise. Just accept that this time the authorities have rejected you. If you were accepted, could you have been making such noise?? Anthu ongofuna kumakhala pabwino nthawi zonse basi, This is why anthu ngati inu mumaiwala Mulungu. Asiyeni anzanu adyekonso

    1. Irrigation Services says:

      So you are supporting this naked nepotism, tribalism and regionalism. What an idiot. Tudzi tamako

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