Ntata’s public lecture to be live on Dziko Radio: To launch ‘From Looting to Kill’ Malawi corruption report

Malawian researcher in law, anti-corruption, political governance and also a barrister of the middle temple Z. Allan Ntata will have his corruption and governance public lecture at Pacific hotel, city centre in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe on 18th August 2015 aired live on Dziko Radio.

 Z. Allan Ntata: Am keen for good governance in Malawi

Z. Allan Ntata: Am keen for good governance in Malawi

According to a report on Malawi Newsnow, Ntata will during the event also launch a report of his independent corruption investigations.

His report is set to shed some additional light on the cash-gate scandal which rocked Malawi from 2009—2012 when the current ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was in charge of the country before it suddenly found itself without power when its leader, former Malawi President Bingu Wa Mutharika suddenly collapsed of cardiac arrest at Kamuzu State House in Lilongwe in 2012.

Ntata, who was also legal counsel to late President Bingu Wa Mutharika, is also expected to sell copies of his first book titled Trappings of Power: Political Leadership in Africa during the event.

According to Ntata, the Corruption Report “From a Looting to a Kill” is a follow up on his earlier report “Licence to Loot”.

“While as Licence to Loot looked at the corruption that occurred during the administration of Joyce Banda,  “From a Looting to a Kill” analyses the period covered by the PwC report (2009-2014),” he told Nyasa Times recently.

“ I have had an opportunity to investigate Cashgate corruption in Malawi better and understand better how it worked, and what its cost has been over this period to the Malawian taxpayer. I also had the opportunity to review the evidence I had when I wrote Licence to Loot and clarify certain points that I made then,” he said.

“Most importantly, This new report is not just the story of what has happened during cashgate but a discussion of why cashgate happened, who were the main culprits, and what Malawians can do to influence change and justice given that the governments are failing or are uninterested in rectifying the loopholes because they benefit from them,” Ntata added.

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49 thoughts on “Ntata’s public lecture to be live on Dziko Radio: To launch ‘From Looting to Kill’ Malawi corruption report”

  1. Chimphanje Akim says:

    If Mtata has no agenda then what is yours? Mtata is telling the nation what he had seen and there is nothing criminal unless he is peddling a banch of lies. Tell what you know about cashgaters.

  2. John says:

    This Dziko radio station is new to some of us. The author could have done us a favour by mentioning which Frequency we can go to in order to tune to the radio. Besides, the author could have told us what time the programme will be aired. Poor reporting.

  3. Kadzakuwawa says:

    A Ntata, kodi mudzapanga mpaka liti zimenezi? What is your agenda, to expose the wrong doers, then what? Do you honestly think the police can pick up anything from your statements? If it is a political career,then think twice, it’s not working. Bwelerani kunyumba kwanu mukapume. Mkazi wanu afuna mwana, dzikamuchindani lija ndi kale, mudzasiye nkhope, osati mbiri anthu amayiwala. You may be brilliant with passion but wrong motive. Sizikuyenda ayi, bwelerani kunyumba mukapukuse chiuno

  4. Lottie says:

    While you were busy castigating others, your closet was left open and the skeletons fell off.

  5. Kavuluvulu says:

    Ntata has no agenda what so ever.

  6. Karim says:

    Za dzi

  7. Gas Machine Head says:

    What is this Dziko radio? Where is it and who owns it? Never heard of it at all

  8. Magadi Mwase says:

    I doubt whether Ntata will show up. Isn’t this the guy who took off before his boss was buried in April 2012. ……. If he does show up, I will revise my opinion of Ntata… Whatever happens.. And Ntata should know better….”.kunqa munthowa chikanga”

  9. Fury Road says:

    Government must be respected.see my my name

  10. Alungwana says:

    Ntata has something to speak. Ntata must have a point to share. If someone hates it then that person took part in the 92billion looting.

  11. BigMan says:

    Za Zii!

  12. Bob says:

    Come Ntata and tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We are waiting.

  13. peter mshali and lonely mpuluka ku dedza says:

    ine kudabwa.peter mtharika is a real professor mwamukanikatu,my president my future GOD BLESS U MR PRESIDENT tachoka kutali,bingu at katoto freedom park said,mudzanena kuti ha lokoma dziko langa la malawi,DPP MORE FIRE

  14. ..... says:

    His lecture will in fact cover the period of DPP ruling from 20 May (From a loot) to 3 or 4 or 5 April (to a kill).
    Actually it will somehow reveal if Daniel’s Phiri death was natural or…..

  15. Daniel Phiri says:

    Without knowledge, people perish. Let’s listen to the lecture and have a debate with him. I’m looking forward to a lecture by Dr. Ben Phiri

  16. anadimba says:

    mukudziwana.paja mumadyera limodzi.ukulirira chione.

  17. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Respect the government of the day? Sure by being quiet and allowing them to steal more? Siuja m’mati he is a frustrated man bcoz he was left out of a bunch of thieves currently running the government. Surely this goverment is doing nothing on cashgate. What we r seeing is what was started with PP-nothing new.

  18. khadiba says:

    Tiyenazo mtata we are behind you respect goes to those who respect Malawians osatimbava

  19. yathu says:

    Ntata you are now of no impact please accept. I was your keen follower when you started but now you have become monotonous with your rantings against same personalities. Nothing new is emerging from you. Please begin to bring news for you to be relevant.

  20. Dr Bright Msaka-Cypress University says:

    More fire Ntata. Smoke dem out. Tell the nation. Politics of convenience, nepotism and tribalism killing Malawi and perpetuating thuggery and thievery of public resources

  21. Kuvota Kwanu prevails says:

    Doubt about the public lecture concerning of insecurity matters but Allan be have international security otherwise we fear you of loosing your life forever.

  22. innocentphiri says:

    Ndichifukwachake abwana akanika kupita kubotswana kuti azivele okha yikanaKhalapa MBCTV.

  23. Kwataine says:

    Mmmmmmm Frustrated man. Out to sell malicious stories to protect your own tatterd image.

  24. Foolish people will always respect government of snakes

  25. bulutu says:

    dziko its only for city mongers ,try Zodiac so that akumudzi tixamve nawo

  26. ndikutelo says:

    A baggio ,what kind of respect u r talking? U mean as clueless ,thieves,tribalistic,killers we must suport them? Ife ndie ai ndpo tkuona kuchedwa kuti tifike 2019 agaluwa atitopetsa!

  27. andrew mmamiwa says:

    i dont respect whistle referees after the match. why not persue current issues enslaving malawians like what is being implimented at the road traffic? how many drivers do have the capacity to meet the cost & yet nobody incharge seems to care.

  28. kokholiwa says:

    baggio what do you mean by saying that we respect the govt of the day. Does it mean sitiyenera kunena choona pamene zinthu sizikuyenda kapena pamene akulakwisa

  29. Thom Duncan Paul Nkalodzwa says:

    All politicians are corrupt people. We are just living amongst some now. Kamuzu Banda, Bakili Muluzi, Bingu wa Mutharika, Joyce Banda and this government of Peter Mutharika have really done things that have impoverished Malawi alot.My advice to civil servants is that please if you see what happens, use your head to also to do what can benefit you. A policeman collect alot of money but hs house is in trouble. Use common sense when collecting money. People in hospital use common sense also. Etc etc. Ntata expose them and we shall see what to do. These are the most evil people who pretends alot as good people.

  30. peter mshali ku salima says:

    mtata dont u hav other things to do?if u were real malawian,u would hav known by now that our country is in the vurge of collapse and wud have gone world over beging donors to assist malawi,wil ur lecture bring food to pipo,silly goat.go to main admarc depots ,charterland brantyre,lilongwe depot off paul kagame(chirambula)road,salima depot and how maize purchased by dpp government is bin received and stored,ukawone wekha,dont always b negative

  31. captain says:

    We are there, most of us Malawians know that people like Lutepo started looting during Bingus time, he bought naming’omba estate at abillion kwacha, was it Joyce Bandas time, yes Joyce stole money but don’t make them look different. All of them looted. Even john Tembo and muluzi so lets put a stop on this nonsense. Enough is enough Malawi is too behind in development

  32. kamchacha says:

    what do u mean by respect?

  33. Christian life says:

    Democracy means there should be the leading gvt opposition and followers. Mtata has to tell us which side he is. U can’t be both. And u can’t be the champion of all governments in succesion. Once the leadership train starts off those that happen to be left out r bitter and discredit the choice of those included.

  34. Untamed Pest says:

    That is a good display of courage and will for good governance. But as you go there, just be mindful of the untamed pests of DPP regime who are willing to silence you at all cost. We still need you courage for the task ahead. We will follow all the proceedings of your lecture for our understanding of cash gate. Keep it up Ntata, Malawi is at pain of governance, superceded by economic shambles. No dot of hope anytime soon. Inflation rate is shooting northwards, exchange rate spiraling uncontrollably, businesses are closing and relocating to Mozambique replicating unemployment figures. When we cry we are told that world economies are facing the same. Then why are people and businesses relocating for the better.

  35. Atupere Muluzi says:

    What do u mean let’s respect the day of the day Baggio? If we find ways to ectrify the loopholes to our plundered tax money in the govt, it means we don’t respect the govt of the day? Why do we have suxh dull & hand cruper pple in Malawi? Why are we so ignorant that we can’t even see ship that is taking us towards the wreck pple? Why can’t all of us Malawians see that this Peter Mathanyula thing has made us to go on the river backs of river Jordan & he is failing to take us to the other side? Is it bcoz we are devoted church goers & love peace that’s why we should be toasted like that? The country is failing to grow bcoz of returded pple who supports stupidity. We are sick & tired with these non-God fearing pple who take God’s pple for granted.

  36. Kakha Erutu says:

    Bola ukhale objective

  37. Basikolp says:

    Big up Dziko FM! Timvere zimenezi

  38. alexanda says:

    yes lets respect the gvt of the day by making it responsible to its pple. ntata you are the man.
    environment opinionates behaviour.BANDURA (1986).DPP rub your eyes and see. ntata has a point.

  39. MAFUMU says:





  40. Sayimoni Bayisikolo says:

    We can’t wait for you Ntata to expose these thieves.Alot of Malawians are still in slumber.With the highest rate of illiterate people in this downtrodden country,grasping of things is very difficult for them.Look at the Chejumos.No one has been netted for the cashgate thing.It is only the small fish who are being taken to task like the Lutepos,Sitholes,Mphwiyos,Namathanga and the Cry babies like Caroline Savalas and others who made a fortune by not working their asses 24/7.Come Ntata we can’t wait for you.You also need to have tight security since the party of crooks is renown of shooting whistleblowers and burying them along Lilongwe river banks.We all want of them to be thrown to Maula prison and rot there for ever.Nothing is working in Malawi at the moment.It is total deep shit.

  41. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Heart attack ku Kamuzu Palace !

  42. Bratusha says:

    “Kafula pa mseu katama mano.” Mau akulu amatero. Ntata koma anthu sakupha iwe? Iyayi poti paja amati, ” the name of the martyrs live forever while that of the coward gets erased from history within a day”
    Tiye nazo!

  43. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Just leave this clown alone. It overestimates its importance.

  44. chechipapwiche says:

    waiting for the day

  45. Boma! says:

    Mbola man, akuphani a DPP.

  46. baggio says:

    Let’s respect de government of a day!!

    1. innocentphiri says:

      Respect the goverment ofthe day ndichifukwachake tili amphawi kamuzu tinamupasa ulemu palibechimene tinapindula,chomodzimodzi Bakili,Bingu. DZikolino likanakhalalosauka sibwezi peter yo atathawaku America akuziwakuti apindula.

    2. mphwiyo says:

      Even when they make mistakes?

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