Ntcheu Hospital suspend major operations due to water woes

Ntcheu District Hospital has suspended major operations and is referring all cases to Dedza and Balaka district hospitals due to erratic water supply in the district.

Meanwhile, Ntcheu residents in central Malawi have given a 10-day ultimatum the Central Region Water Board (CRWB) to address erratic water supply that hit the district for the past year.ntcheu hosp

The hospital’s Administrator MacArthur Makata told local press that water supply has been erratic at the facility and the situation worsened some five months ago.

The residents, said to be using unsafe sources water, have since petitioned CRWB demanding an explanation and immediate action within 10 working days.

Makata supports the contents of the petition, saying the hospital has received a “significant increase in diarrhoea cases in under-five children”.

In a petition also copied to the Officer-In-Charge of Ntcheu Police, Ntcheu Magistrate Court and Project Manager for Groundwater Department, the concerned residents claim that the situation has triggered a rise in water borne diseases among under-five children and to the general public.

“Residents are now accessing water from Mpamadzi River which is highly contaminated with effluent from leaking septic tanks from prison.

“This poses a high risk of a disease outbreak. With these issues emanating from inconsistent supply of safe water, we are demanding an explanation and immediate action within 10 working days,” reads the petition in part.

While Makata said they asked CRWB to ration water supply, but so far this has not worked as emergencies cannot be planned.

“We are running a hospital and with this situation, it means our toilets are in bad state, the laundry is bad and we are even sending some of it to be washed in Dedza and Balaka. Its an awkward situation,” said Makata.

Ntcheu District Commissioner Charles Makanga also asserted that water scarcity has reached bad levels.

“Even in my house, I have not had running water since May. The water I drink comes from a borehole. It is not pleasing at all,” said Makanga.

CRWB spokesperson Zephelimo Mitumba has attributed water scarcity to irrigation farming taking place in the district , claiming farmers block some pipes, hence reduction in water flow.

“But will sort the situation in two weeks time,” said Mitumba.

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16 thoughts on “Ntcheu Hospital suspend major operations due to water woes”

  1. Nyamugemezulu says:

    Kodi paja mukuti VP kwawo nkuti? ndakayika kwabasi.

  2. achanguti says:

    instead of fixing ndi kugula mankhwala mzipatala muli buzy Za mulhako mpaka K60million zaziiiiiiiI

  3. Statesman says:

    Mngoni from Ntcheu,thats me! Cases from NU r referred to BK hospital due to water problems!HAHAHA somebody must hav worn a mask at Nu distr hearthy facility! I thought Both Ntcheu+Balaka fall under Mpira Dam water project initiated way bak by the almighty Malawi Congress Party? Why then Ntcheu b the only suffererer??SOMEBODY SOMEWHWERE HAV FORGOTTEN THERE ROLE!

  4. Victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Malawi government companies!!!! – water boards, escom and others, please be efficient. Many times your employees are rude to the service and product consumers who pay highly for their huge salaries, allowances and bonuses. A hospital should not stay even a day without water or electricity. Care-free mentality retards national development and kills people. These bodies need complete overhauling.

  5. hameeda says:

    water for everything…mind u, u can put young 1s life in danger not only young bt even elders so plz try ur best

  6. Quota system says:

    Water boards are very corrupt. Inspite of the water challenges, bills always reach the sky. Can you imagine that even in Karonga there is a bill of 14,000,000 at the hospital to be squared. Yet hospitals are charity organzations not institutions in bussiness

  7. Its not a new phenomenal. Almost all hospitals and health centres are going through the same. Waterboard/s are useless entities

  8. Prof. Kachiwanda says:

    I will tell the Veep to intervene since he hails from the same district.

  9. ben says:

    CRWB, is the most poorly run water board in malawi it is failing to supply water even to hospitals it is totally mismanaged, the management should be held accountable

  10. The Chewas are failing to manage just only water resources. What more running a country? under any condition the Chewa will never be set free from Malawi when we will be freeing the Nyikalanders.

  11. godobaman says:

    sono chikwangwanicho mukutanthauza kuti ndi anthu omwe akunyeranyera ?kapena ndichipatala chimenecho rubish

  12. Achimidzimidzi says:

    When govt says stop careless cutting down of trees, you think it is a joke.
    Now you accusing CRWB for not doing a good job.

    Experience is a good teacher, you will learn more lessons in due course!!!

  13. Che Tepeka says:

    What pains more is that every month we get bills. I personally went to ask them to remove there meter but up to now they havent done so meaning another bill is on the way. This is day light robbery. Do you think we are rich enough to be paying you on the service we are not using? MUSIYE KUBA otherwise we are going to sue you mwina zikamveka since the magistrates are also suffering silently with us

  14. Shepherrd says:

    Who can be sued for abusing human rights in such instance? Someone somewhere is responsible for this either through poor management, greed or corrupt. They should be held accountable for any fatality. Something is seriously wrong in our system.

  15. wawa says:

    Tikufuna tione chipatalacho not chikwangwani. Sad development though

    1. Redeemed says:

      You are so funny.

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