Nursing Council talks tough on uniform

The Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi has cautioned the Nursing and Midwifery fraternity that use of un prescribed uniform is disrespectful of the Ethical Code of Conduct of the Nursing and Midwifery profession and punishable by law.

Nurses in Malawi

Nurses in Malawi

The warning comes after observing that some Nurses and Midwives are failing to observe the stipulated dressing code and that certain employers or hospital owners do have their own uniforms without seeking an approval from the governing body.

The Council has since demanded that at all times the Nurses and Midwives should maintain standards of personal and professional conduct which reflect credit upon the professional image.

“This serves also as a reminder to all employers, hospital owners, that in accordance with the Nurses and Midwives council Act No 16 of 1985. Cap 36.02 Nurses and Midwives Council is the sole prescriber of Nurses and Midwives Uniform in Malawi as such no hospital should have its own uniform without the authorization of the Nurses and Midwives Council,” reads a statement signed by its Registrar.

The Registrar explains that the Council has standardized uniform to all Nurses and Midwives working in both private and public facilities to maintain uniformity among the Nursing and Midwifery personnel in the country.

According to the Registrar, the appeal to always up hold the dressing code is in best interest of their Nursing and Midwifery profession.

“The Council is hereby informing all Hospital Directors, District Health Officers, District Nursing and Midwifery Officers, Nursing and Midwifery Managers, Nurses and Midwives in all health facilities and training institutions to strictly observe the stipulated and approved new dressing code,” adds the Registrar.

According to the information made available by the Council; General Nurses in public, private or CHAM hospitals, have to put on a white top with navy blue boarder line in arms, collar and pockets plus a navy blue bottom (skirts or trousers) while Nurse Specialist beside public,private, CHAM (Mission) hospitals, it is a white top with navy blue boarder line and navy bottom (skirt or trousers).

Lectures and Tutors uniform is all navy blue bottom boarder line collar, arm and pockets whereas Chief Nursing Officer, Principal Nursing Officer or Matron the official dressing is all sky blue bottom top with boarder line arm and pockets.

The Council has mandated Community Health Nurses to be in all light green bottom top with boarder line collar, arm and pockets but Community Midwifery Assistant are supposed to be in dark green with white boarder lines, no badges or caps.

As for Epaulettes, Registered Nurse/Midwife is using white with green boarder line and green budge while Nursing/ Midwife Technician have been allowed to use white with maroon boarder line and maroon badge.

Sensitive that there are others who prefer dresses, the Council has said that all bedside Nurses it is white dress with navy blue boarder line while tutors is navy blue with white boarder line.

The Council has however cautioned that no dress should be a mixture of navy blue bottom and white top and that Skirts and Dresses should be below the knees and not provocative.

The Council has also stressed that official shoes is black, white or brown but flat shoe with no high heels.

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40 thoughts on “Nursing Council talks tough on uniform”

  1. OKAMBANJE says:

    dear writter are these nurses in Malawi or students nurse at kcn in their Lecture theatre?

  2. brutsha says:

    Sometimes it hinges on what sort of frame of mind one is viewing issues. I see in the comments that some say, Medical Council is smart. Really? In what sense? Doesn’t this demonstrate the point that the comment is coming from someone who delights in laissez-faire? You see, sometimes when one is a teacher and some students tend to call him a good teacher you don’t have to take the students’ point of view as wholesale truth. Such a teacher could be someone who smiles at mediocrity. Much as Nurses Council may have individual attitude problems, Medical is no good example.

  3. Najere Chitekwe says:

    Za ziii. A nurse, ndikufuna chamber! Tathamangani mpwedzedze wandigwira

  4. buddy says:

    ine pala naona nurse…

    1. Please!! says:

      Nkhuwona fwiti yabvala vituba!!!

  5. CollegeStudent says:

    Nursing is full of hatred from the steering bodies. I would never advise my relative to become a nurse…Nursing council is such a harsh for nothing body. Look at how smart Medical Council is?

  6. Mwalubazi says:

    Council people tatopa nanu instead of improving nursing education mukulimbana ndi. Zaziiiii-why Can’t U be going arrround and See the chachallenges Faced by nurrses

  7. matchonisa says:

    Azigogo a ku Nurses council ndi a choncho. Old age hence resistant to change.

  8. INU Lalirani says:

    The passage from the registrar is moody. It shows she was furious and her anger can be seen in the way she has made her directives! Is Something wrong up there? Were there some non- compliance? The passage looks like a harsh reaction to me.

  9. Tiyeni Konko says:

    Kodi tchitoyo ikuyenda sikuyenda? Ngati ikuyenda ndiye basi palibe nkhani. Osamalimbana ndi zopusa.Ena amavala uniform yotchena kwabasi basi bindikire mu office. Silly

  10. ineyo says:

    No comment!

  11. Umunthu says:

    Mwaiwala chimodzi. Your newly appoinbted Board is invalid. Ben Phiri has bloated it mpaka kuikamo mkazache. Inu mwalorera. KKKKKKKKKKKK

  12. Please bring back the miniskirts! I recall during my teenage years I used to enjoy going to the clinic even for a malaria check up coz I knew there would be some thighs on display. Occasionally there would be one of two flirty nurses. But now you only have angry nurses in trousers

  13. Sikono says:

    Why did you decide to change the old uniform and add naive blue, basi asiyeni azitchena. (Backfire)

  14. pansi says:

    No 15. Floodgate, Can I ask you to go to your Dictionary and revise your Definition/ description of ‘STANDARD QUALITY CARE’ – what this constitutes. I observe from your comment that you need to be informed adequately. Best wishes as you work on this assignment.

    1. Floodgate says:

      If you are very educated then you should have been able to understand my point. From your response I can tell that you are an educated fool.

  15. Momwemo says:

    Oh!!! Well written chizungu!!!

  16. Chinyani says:

    The only profession without democrancy is nursing and midwife (malawi chapter). I think we need an NGO to protect the rights of nurses how can the whole council issue a statement on dressing code is it due to underfunding or what! This generation ndi yaung’ono ung’ono DindaDinda basi asakufuna apange resign.

  17. Ngozo says:

    This is nosence..wat z the problem ma private hospitalz kuvala their own uniforms?mwakula pangani retire ana alowepo..

  18. man chiko says:

    this is right. even in football,rugby, netball,police,courts etc there is a dress code. even in uk,usa etc nurses have specific unfms,no rights here.

  19. tonde says:

    To me, whether they attend to me naked, I will be interested in their care and support and not the uniform they will be putting on.

  20. opportunist says:

    Useless council, full of backward women nothing to show up. What u know is to oppresse those who are under ur organization. U fail to speak for ur subjects

  21. Koma to ma Nurse tina tikumavala mototetsana mbolo. Ine ndinazikodzerapo umuna ndikukatsatira ka Nurse kena pambuyo.

  22. mkatolika wa kale says:

    tivala zimenezi mukatigulira. Dollar imenei ukagulenso jersey man. Tibaatchenabe nyambwita kaye

  23. Floodgate says:

    Really???? Why don’t we talk about The SUBSTANDARD QUALITY of NURSING CARE in these health facilities than worry whether the uniform is according to the standards set by Nursing Council. I could care less if they came to work naked but provided quality nursing care. I think the Nursing Council’s priorities are misplaced.

  24. Fathi Alshehaab says:

    This ud inffingemdnt kf dress code rights..if sn organization if group choses ifs ok .afterall they fund themsekves.
    look at our police unifirms khakhi palibe badge with numbrrs palibe.odamawopsezananso ayo.its the servive brains that the public lookd gor. bwanji doctifs savala tir ir white ckat all the ti.e treating kr viditing patients.

  25. Moya says:

    Times are changing and most nurses are very young, their dressing trend is totally different from those at nurses council who most of them may be over due for retirement, its a clash of generations. Retire and let the young generation take over and define the modern nurses dressing code that suits the modern current style and trends.

  26. Benson Chirwa says:

    I don’t understand this. In other countries you can tell this nurse works for such hospital because of the colour of uniform. What is wrong with us here? Tinazolowera kuponderezana. Infact you may be targeting a particular hospital. Pajatu leadership ya amayi ndi choncho. Hopeless.

  27. mpimpa says:

    za ziiii shame on so called registrar. Holding big position yet u can’t solve problems but bringing problems.

  28. hash says:

    Damn u pussies .#uniform my ass.

  29. brutsha says:

    Based on some comments on the article, it becomes clear that some nurse/midwives practitioners finished the program and of course now are deep into their professional working lives but with little knowledge on the functions of the Council. In the first place, it has to be born in mind, with or without favour, that the Council is a regulatory body in other words it is a professional arm of government charged with regulatory mandate over the nursing and Midwifery profession in Malawi. And that is the reason why it is one of the parastatal organizations in the council with its identification code; 42 SC .Council is NOT a professional association(union) in it’s make up. Issues of old CHAM salaries or otherwise, are in sensible definition, employer- employee related. If anything, professional associations (union) in this regard; NONM and AMAMI are by constitutional nature, better placed and more competent to get involved in these issues. In fact, that is the very basic terms of reference which explains the existence of these professional association. It could happen that, perhaps, due to laziness or willingly not wanting to read or by mistake in the continuum of professionalization, some practitioners are not conversant with the Nurse and Midwives Act No 16 of 1995 which unequivocally outlines the functions of the council. Please know your profession. It is never too late.

  30. Dusty says:

    None of my business.Ife timdzampenya kaya muzivala yofila izo nizanu kapena yakuda ife tilije nazo kanthu mwina umvalako kuntunda uku yayi ife pheee,zikuthelani nokha.

  31. pastor says:

    Zoonetsa ndi kudinda ma pant ndi zimene muna signila.aliyense aziziwa kuti nurse uyo wavala pant obooka kapena wa mtundu wakuti .palibe zodandaula apa.zausilu basi.

  32. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    Nurses council doesn’t get involved in emoluments of any employee. Its is regulatory body. If some of guys are receiving old salaries, that’s the issue of you and your employer. Ubuli bwanji kodi? If you want to be SRN then go back to school. Period.

  33. MJ boy says:

    A council ofoyila inu,the anomally u have found is uniform only?are u aware that some unproffessional nurses who failed exams or not registered are working in remote health centres busy promoting maternal deaths but you are just watching,mainly in CHAM (zamanyazi chitanipo kanthu)

  34. upile says:

    Some nurses are nor presentable true. We admire u guys plse dress properly

  35. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    Dressing code komano zochita declare ku maNMT akhale ma SRN Mwaziponderabe? Uchiphazi umenewu sutithandixwatu.

  36. Wishy says:

    Why can’t u address the concerns of nurses other than talikng on petty issues ike this? CHAM nurses are still getting old salaries and u are not talking anything but kumakamba za uniform? Kupusatu uku! Why are u not concerned with the problms of nurses?

  37. chimangafisi dollar says:

    Seriously my late mum was a nurse all thru her lifetime. but I ve never seen such dirty uniforms of our present nurses ( min skirts, tight – Kudinda ma pants kind of uniforms).

    I salute the nurses council, be serious b4 it gets out of hand.

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