Odillo, Msonthi get new posts: Malawi govt confirms

Government has confirmed that it indeed has re-hired fired Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Commander, General Henry Odillo, and his former deputy, General John Msonthi as they given positions in separate parastatal organisations.

 John Msonth: Re-hired

John Msonth: Re-hired

Odillo is now working as deputy manager for Airport Development Limited (ADL) while Msonthi is deputy manager for National Oil Company.

Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa confirmed the “redeployment”.

Despite being fired from the army, the two were still getting their pay  and benefits such as fuel, airtime and health insurance while at home as government still honoured their contracts.

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42 thoughts on “Odillo, Msonthi get new posts: Malawi govt confirms”

  1. Bwantasa Gomdwe says:

    That’s being too moral mr president but the positions given to the two battle men are irrelevant to their qualifications. Business mgt is not like

  2. Munthu Wanzeru says:

    deputy manager ndekuti chani kkkk….i have never heard of that position in those organisations

  3. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Stuypid Malawians. How co you really expect top notch soldiers work as deputy managers at some nondescript parastatals? Where were they trainers in business management? No wonder we will remain the poorest country in SADC. These two should have been rehired into the army, or at worst leave them and earn their salary from home, but sirely taking them as deputy managers is really insulting them.

  4. lilian says:

    ena angolandira ndalama but are just home waiting to be posted.its unfair. post or fire muwapase zawo

  5. Mlauzi says:

    I like these patriotic soldiers

  6. jupiter says:

    eeeee….kunyozana kwinakuuuuu

  7. Sharktus Nangwale says:

    Msonthi is cunning….He’s dangerous; Malawians better be afraid of this gentleman…

  8. Fight says:

    Congratulations John.I like you because you were once avery good football player. Cool but you knew what you were going..

  9. Sekulu says:

    Peter is scared and afraid that Msonthi will release the GAY photos from USA. Mathanyula wayiwona gemütlichkeit kuti yavuta but let me silence the general.

  10. Masoapatali says:

    No wonder we shall remain a poor nation forever. These guys are at the center of cashgate and someone rehires them. They have experience in stealing from govt purse and you now hire their expertise. shame

  11. Lt. Ka....H says:

    If you messed up with Odilo and msonthi your time in office would have been very short and you would have made head lines.These two guys are intelligent and we like them .

  12. joncho says:

    Was odillo and msonti not mentioned in cash gate. Why are they being given other positions. Rather pay them to sit on their arses that giving them other employment. Watch them start pulling illegal deals at those parastatals. Then Malawians continue to suffer. Yambani ku ma panga za nzeru a pitala ndi anthu anu. A Che saulosi si anadyanawo za cashgate ndi a odillo ndi a msontiwo?

  13. Mr.Bambo says:

    Koma ku ADL ndiye kwaphwekatu kungakhala redeployment company?

  14. Phiri alland says:

    Paying two people on the same post? Its waste of tax payers’ money. Please president make research b4 u react.

  15. Nkhombokombo says:

    Whatever languages these people use, fired, retired or dismissed the final message comes out to be “redeployment”. What is the meaning of all this? Do we have to appease the people you have fired? Chimene mkuopa apa ndichani? Don’t confuse us with your funny logical poems, we seem to be tiring with them!

  16. Che mkwepele says:

    Iwe minister of information usanamize amalawi. There’s a lot of civils mBoma mu omwe ntchito zao zinatha pa 20 May paja. Up now, no new posts given to them. I have the whole list. Ukunamiza yani galu.

  17. Is that reform? haha haha Malawian we are still far.

  18. Tamandani Pondani says:

    Anthu akumagollandila maudindo osapanga apply mmmm

  19. brajoe says:

    Even mphwiyo is getting half pay until proven guilty

  20. kd says:

    nsothi such a young soldier …. anthu andale atitha sure

  21. nyayo says:

    Kenyan style. Good news

  22. ife says:

    Mr president, do you think of graduates in our country? there is no point of deploying retired officers yet there is a high unemployed youth who can be trained and fill all those gaps where do you think these Malawians will work with their degrees?
    this is not republic of Mutharika or Odillo or Mkhito this is Malawi and am sure it belongs to all Malawians. I guess Mr president to rethink of ordinary Malawians who are suffering also.

  23. These guys were given these posts way back in November 2014. The government is running away from compensation. The two army can still sue under constructive dismissal. The whole army general reduced to deputy general manager? Consult your lawyers please though the employment act doesn’t apply to army personnel. They can use the Public Service Act.

  24. sikusinja says:

    So are these the most qualified guys for those posts. Dont these job have skill sets required. What are the job descriptions and requirements for these positions.

  25. Chenicheni Nchiti says:

    Seriously? You mean a whole Army Commander to a Deputy Manager at ADL?? What is all this?

  26. nyanja says:

    Someone pliz tell me what jobs were given to the three Brigadiers? I have just been reliably informed that one of them was a High Commissioner but what about the other two?

  27. mary says:

    A General @ national oil comp and adl what a fuck?

  28. moniredada says:

    Nanga amene munawachotsa aja pa nkhani ya Treason aja mungowasiya siya? Pakuti inunso amene munali pa Treason nthawi ya Abiti Mtila ija nonse munapatsana ntchito! Musaipe mtima choncho!

  29. kanamwali says:

    zilibwino pamenepo

  30. kadamanja says:

    Wina akuwopa apa!, Msilikali kukakhala oil manager zikumveka? Boma ilo, bola munakamupatsa u security.


  32. Dick says:


  33. phodogoma says:

    Apatsidwa kuti maudindo kuti aulure cashgate imene amapanga ndi JB. Ziliko ndiye amayi kuthawa mulandu usanayambe. Kulemekezeka konseko amayi mufuna mudzabwere kumalawi paintapo eti.Ladies are cowards, why being at large mama.

  34. Koma malawi sazatheka, anthu okhudzidwa ndi cashgate kumawapatsaso maudindo onona.

  35. Minister of Information says:

    Boma la Peter Muthalika silinachosepo munthu ntchito koma kupanga redeploy. Onse achina Bizwick were redeployed koma kukula mtima anakana koma amalandira salary. Kungoti a Malawi ambiri kusazisata amene amkachosa anthu mma udindo anali Wamandasi

    1. Honourable says:

      So what is the benefit to Malawi? My tax to people who are at home? Shame in you as well

    2. Jelbin mk says:

      Iwe stupid minister of information do you pay tax? Coz u were supposed to be concerned by the way our government wastes resources just imagine with our already thin economy government still pays foe services that are not rendered to the government as is the case with some civil servants who were sent on indefinite leaves who are getting their full salaries while at the same time government pays the newly hired office bear. This only happens in Malawi and it seems like we are living in another world. Our government up to date still pays millions of kwachas witnesses in the infamous Chilumpha treason case of which we all know wad just factious.

  36. godobaman says:

    hahahahah muzafa ngati ana aboma inu mwamva

  37. Nyapapi says:

    Watsala mwana osalakwa Mphwiyo,nayenso mpatseni tchito ina.

  38. Kwangwagwa says:

    Anthu a mwawi, kulandira ndalama ali kunyumba chigonere pa mpando wandakhuta kale. Dziko ili.

  39. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    Appeasement policy kuopa instigating mutiny in the army.

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