Of APM’s talk to Malawians through MBC: Go for HEQs in Parliament

Last week the tax-payer funded MBC Television launched a new programme called “Talk to the President” intended for President Peter Mutharika to answer boiling questions on several issues of national concern once a month. -Malawians should see this empty gesture of APM to talk to Malawians for what it is—an empty PR stunt to yield propaganda.Loose cannon

MBC is a mouth piece of the governing party and now its DPP. It is staffed with people in management low in qualification but high in DPP sycophancy from its CEO, my good friend Aubrey Sumbuleta down to the cleaner—their veins flow with DPP blue blood.

‘Talk to the President’ will not be credible on MBC. The questions to APM will be scrutinized and sifted through and only those that sing praises for the President will be allowed to go through

Besides the program is pre-recorded so it will be heavily edited to present a false image with a view to cheat Malawians and paint false picture that we are in safe hands and we have a captain on the deck.

If its media interviews, the Head of State can do better to get live interview on Capital FM Straght Talk, Zodiak’s Tiuzeni Zoona, Nation newspaper interview, Malawi News ‘Hard Talk’ and even Nyasa Times one-on-one and get genuine probing questions.

All Malawians whether DPP or otherwise are facing an uphill battle just to survive. The economy has tanked, the kwacha is galloping northwards and goods and services are increasingly becoming beyond the reach of the majority of the population

Security has disappeared and people are being killed in broad daylight for their cars and money.

These are some of the real issues that Malawians would want to engage their President through a medium that they can trust and MBC is not because it specializes in sycophancy.

The framers of our Constitution envisaged the need for a president to talk to Malawians who happen to be his or her employers. That is why it provided that he meets their representatives and answer questions in Parliament.

Every president since 1994 has played clever and has refused to appear before the people’s representatives. If my memory serves me right only Bakili Muluzi appeared early on in his presidency in 1995 and the rest have played hide and seek with Malawians.

It is regrettable that our leaders have constantly refused to come to Parliament for His Excellency’s question time (HEQs) from MPs when it is in the laws of the land that they should answer questions from people’s representatives.

If APM wants to do it then let him do it through to Parliament and not through a radio station that he controls by virtue of being President.

He should man up and face Parliament in holds barred atmosphere and face the Kamlepo Kalua’s grilling on Mapwevupwevu and the Lazarous Chakwera’s on ‘baby sitting’. Otherwise Malawians are not prepared to be cheated.

Mutharika emulate the example of South African president Jacob Zuma who face his Parliament knowing fully well that he is going to meet the unpredictable Julius Malema and his band of leftists who will throw decorum out of the window just to make a point.

That is being man enough. Cowardice should not be tolerated

Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” –John F. Kennedy

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35 thoughts on “Of APM’s talk to Malawians through MBC: Go for HEQs in Parliament”

  1. PasChal says:

    This man why fearing to face parliament shame waste of tax money

  2. umziya says:

    Unfortunately his mouth is mouthful of the unknown. Whatever he speaks we cant properly listen. Don’t waste your time Mr President

  3. mphande says:


  4. Malawiyano says:

    Come on Peter, why are you fearing to go to Pariament to face the opposition members of Pariament ?

    The whole Malawi as a nation is very much aware that we are being lured by failure and a dunderhead , god forbid , can this man talk any sense the way I see him.

  5. prince says:

    Ndale pa Malawi.eish kuputsitsana

  6. Suraj says:

    My thoughts exactly

  7. Let it rain says:


  8. only says:

    am a 100% northerner and mcp supporter, a nyasatimes, musiyeniko mxanu apeze mtendele, kumangonyoza everything hhhhh chimene inakulakwirani dpp muzanena

  9. Jelbin mk says:

    Very well written article thumbs up ????, people lost trust in MBC that they don’t even take seriously whatever is being aired there. Everything is deemed as a propaganda of which in true sense it is except adverts which unfortunately are also not aired if are from opposition parties, they tell you we have no space for your advert. I one day thought and have an intention of getting an injunction one day restraining MBC from airing its programs if it doesn’t serve all political party alike and to the interest of tax payers who do directly fu d the institution despite their political affiliation, as it happens in others countries such as South Africa’s SABC which covers even malema’s, DA’s and all other opposition parties’ functions without fear or favour or prejudice. Therefore it is my strong belief that MBC’s conduct is against the will of the public and the public’s interest and right to information in its original form not censored information as is the case with MBC.

  10. CHIPAPWICHE says:

    Let the program start, we observe then condemn if it doesn’t address peoples expectations rather than, condemn before it is on air

  11. tafatatha says:

    I would wholistically agree with this article. the challenge faced by alot of Malawians is lack of platform to void our grievances.Our leader has turned into a mere robot who tells passers to go or stop without really knowing what befalls on them down stream. I regret to say attaining higher education is not a justification for good leadership as manifested by this so called President. He seems to be extremely myopic while pretending to know where the country is heading to. we need pipo who can articulate well our future not this false president who enjoys his ill days at the expense of malawians. People are troubled in the villages and offices are in great trouble and we dont need spectacles to see this. The leader was supozd to see this and devise measures to avert the calamity. however due to lack of wisdom he has resorted to paint himself and his fake government that they are driving this country to success which cannot be attained at this pace. we are really heading for untold hell unless some saving power come suddenly.

  12. Edwin Mwalwen says:


  13. CHONCHOBE says:

    Ngati president Munthalika ndi dolo let him have LIVE QUESTIONS from the public and talk to the masses through live progrmme not this stupid Mgeme Kaliliani’s recorded programme zopusa. This is a propaganda. Ngat mwalephera pezani programme ina yopusitsira (a Malawi) anthu osati zimenzo! Nanunso a Mgene akukupusitsanso nawe udzaziona in 5yrs to come udyeretu. Ask Sumbuleta, a well educated man is now doing chikolopa thing ndiye inu ndi ka diploma kanu mukapita nako kuti ngat ophunzira akuthana ndi chikolopa? CHECK MAN!

  14. Mwethu says:

    APM has fear of facing MPs, some of whom never even saw the corridors of a university and yet him he was a lecturer on constitutional law and used to face fresh law minds in the making, but he now looks like someone who was just picked from some village!!!

  15. WAKWATABU says:

    zotinamiza ife ayi,bwanji simudamvele kukakumana ndi ma members of parliament?zamkutu

  16. Charombanthu says:

    I agree with the Loose Canon here 100%. I am a keen follower of the South African Parliament where Jacob Zuma is grilled by the EFF and DA (the Malema’s) and even congratulated on issues that he has scored points. In the interest of democracy, let our president man up and face our representatives in the chamber for at least an hour to answer questions that the citizenry have or at least face Brian Banda on the Times TV to take some of these questions.

  17. Tapona Beza says:

    well said Thom but can he do that? am not sure this puppet of a president is being remote controlled by those that feels are helping him whilst destroying the country. SHAME ON YOU APM

  18. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Ngati President akufuna kuyankha mafunso azikayankhira ku Parliament kumeneko ndiye angakumane ndimafunso ochokera dziko lonse lino osati masanje omapangirana mafunso muchitawo. Mafunso onse mudafunsana aja adakupatsa ndi iye yemwe uja.

  19. Honala says:

    Stupid MBC who are you fooling

  20. The real ujeni says:

    Peter Mutharika would be dogs dinner for Kamlepo Kalua, Kamlepo would simply smash him apart he knows it.

  21. Xeenoph says:

    Waste of time on MBCTV. Zoona ndi zakuti aMalawi ndifetu paja opusa timangovomereza zili zonse. Shaaa!!!! Malawi ndi ziko lovesa chisoni. Zinthu zikuonongeka timangokhala pheeee!!! Duuuu!!!! Cheteeeee!!!! Koma!!!!! Tiyenazoni

  22. Thumbs up man this is what we all want and would like to see it happening through parliament and not that useless radio station full of kalongonda eaters. that’s well told Mr APM. Talk to us through parliament and not otherwise.

  23. Ethiopian justice says:

    Typical cowardice just there to hoodwink Malawians. The method used could suit if it was 1914 not now

  24. Tamanda Sauka says:

    Okay ndangodutsamo mvuuuuuu. Ndithamangire Ku vephi yanga one. Thanks AHL for a job

  25. mwanacheeeee says:

    Infact,Thom U R becoming Raphael. Peter is more useless than bingu. He really doesn’t know and critique which direction to go. We are doomed for a disaster here in Malawi.plz keep it up for reminding this dude.

  26. Mapiri says:

    I agree with you Thom. APM shud face parliament. It’s a constitutition issue. Why is running away? Yet this is a professor of law. People stopped listening to MBC a long time ago. MPs shud summon him to parliament. If he refuses, he shud be impeached.

  27. I hardly knew that DPP under Peter z the worst government ever til couple dayz ago when l noticed its unbearable fruits which include everlasting power blackouts,eeeeeeish,l regret the day l casted my precious vote 4 this notoriuos government.

  28. namatikitiki says:

    Agreed let the President have a really press conference and not this stunt with Mgeme Kalilani.

  29. Anyoni says:

    I felt the same way first time I watched the show on MBC, the question are not favorable to the president and the DDP government, we should have an independent live talking show were viewers are able to call and talk to the president rather than have letters than sing and him

  30. we are tired .where are the CHRR now its the right time .achoke tatopa ndi nkhaza zanu APM

  31. Aliyawo says:

    Excellent presentation.. Just wish the MPs were representatives of the people so they could ask in the interests of their constituents. But alas!! Most of them forget to serve the people when elected. They are busy promoting party agendas in parliament. They are more of party servants than peoples’ servants.

  32. sikusinja says:

    It’s a shame that this president has a bunch of advisors and this is what they come up with. Maybe in the spirit of being fair this program should rotate among the top four or five media outlets with no interference from govt. MBC can just air the show to ensure wider coverage.

  33. Anadimba says:

    Mwawauza man

  34. Atupere Muluzi says:

    Peter is the stupitest president of all generation, the dulluest president the whole world & the most ignorant president on this planet.

  35. Dwambazi says:

    2019 vote wisely

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