‘Of men of God, magicians and con artists’

They say ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’. The recent media attention on so called ‘prophets’ (‘pastors’, ‘apostles’ sometimes even ‘prophetesses’) has just proved that point accurately.

Prophet Penuel T Makes Female Church Members, Women To Strip Naked During Deliverance Prayer

Prophet Penuel T Makes Female Church Members, Women To Strip Naked During Deliverance Prayer

I’m always fascinated by these ‘men of God’ who claim to have a speed dial to the Almighty himself. They claim to have healing powers and the ability to convey messages directly from God.

The concept of miracle evangelism is not new at all. The movement has been around for decades. It was prevalent in America and Northern Europe in the 70s and 80s.

Remember Reverend Reinhard Bonnke? He ended up with depression after being exposed as a fraudster. As usual, in Africa we always play catch up; so now some of our own are cashing in.

I’m not a theologian or hope to be someday, but my basic understanding of the fundamentals of Christianity are compassion, obeying God’s commands and most importantly, proclaiming salvation in the afterlife. With these evangelists the message is twisted; it’s all about instant babies, instant wealth, and instant husbands/wives.

Their ability to perform so called ‘miracles’ has become the biggest drive; the more complex the miracle, the better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that Christians should live a life of poverty.

But these guys con people and accumulate extreme worth beyond imagination at the expense of the vulnerable.

I vividly remember a few years ago someone telling me that one evangelical church in Chimwankhunda could collect a few million Kwachas per Sunday service, not bad for a few hours work, eh? The question we should ask is: “If Isaiah or Jeremiah (even Jesus) was living in our generation, would they be driving a Bentley in a convoy of flashy cars? Would they be using private jets? Would they living in huge mansions? ”

‘Magic or Psychic Tricks?’

The recent scandals by one prophet are just the tip of the iceberg. Isn’t he the same ‘man of God’ who claimed that APM should contact him to receive a message from God? If he didn’t comply, he would lose the election?

When Mutharika refused, he switched his prophesy to JB as the potential winner. After the election, I remember watching a video on social media which he claimed was recorded before the election.

In the video, he claimed to have predicted a re –run of the general elections. Obviously this was after JB had just announced this and we all thought there would be a re-run.

As it turns out, there was no second election and APM was declared a winner (legitimately or not).

The point is, these are nothing but very simple magic/psychic tricks.

And then there is this iPad photo revelation , it was priceless.

Even more fascinating was the PR effort afterwards; he claimed that the video was tampered with. I’m sure even if this guy was caught on camera with another man’s wife in bed, he would have an excuse.

To be honest, I was expecting him to offer to repeat the miracle, instead he opted to perform a ‘walking on air miracle’ in a controlled environment of his choosing, his own house.

I have more respect for people like Darren Brown and Harry Houdini who clearly perform great miracles but are quick to point out that they only tricks, they don’t possess super powers.

If they really had divine powers why not just go to our hugely under resourced hospitals and perform these healing miracles on masses of people who really need them.

The SDA hospital in Blantyre would be the best place to start where one of their social media backers is supposedly critical condition, trying to evade prison!

‘The PR Machinery’

They use high profile names in politics, in the entertainment industry to endorse them on social media; it is an old PR strategy.

Followers are easily impressed by the flashy cars, jets and tramped up security. The list of such ‘men of God’ is growing every day.

They pounce on the emotionally frail, financially challenged or physically sick; desperate people searching for some sort of miracle answer to their suffering.

Ironically, when someone like me stands up to them, their response is always the same; “It’s the devil’s work”, really?


One wonders why these guys always move to more affluent areas when they start doing well. If their motive is to spread the word of God, why not move to Mwanza, Neno, Ntchis,i Malomo or some locality in Zambia?

Why not use some of that cash to help the poorest of our society? Their preferred destinations are always South Africa, Europe or America.

Obviously, these places are comfier and the followers pay more. They live in unimaginable comfort whilst the people who made them rich back home are toiling in poverty.

Some people will say I’m just another jealousy hater. On the contrary, I take my hat off to these ‘men of God’ for conning masses in handing over their hard earned money.

I think it is an exceptional skill.

But I cannot help but feel sympathy for all those poor, childless or sick people who buy ‘anointed soap, water or oil’ just to get relief to their suffering.

I know that just by writing this piece I’m doing these guys a favour because it encourages the debate, inevitably raising their profiles even more.

Indeed, “there is no such a thing as bad publicity”

Bring it on.

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49 thoughts on “‘Of men of God, magicians and con artists’”

  1. Concerned citizen says:

    What i can say is that we are in the last days and most of the people we are sick. What do i mean when i say “we are sick”

    the thing is we all read bible, we all hear gospel about false prophets but we are spiritualy blinded by these so called prophets! Jesus christ could perfom miracles but with a ameaningful purpose, what purpose can we retrieve from someone walking in air and if u see the clip it is totally fake come on wake up Malawi. Observe the clip well u will actually notice some shadows coming along when the camera starts viewing shoes being moving as someone is hanging was tha walking or what.

    Mulungu atitsegule mmaso zambiri tikuzionazi ndi kukhukupilira aint royal

  2. precious says:

    honestly speaking ppl of my fader do u remember what de lord talled Joshua? he said Joshua let not dis word depart from ur mouth,meditate it day & night….. secret is in de bible. true prophet of God wil walk in God’s path. amen

  3. Winston msowoya says:

    Malawians,you have not yet learnt the lesson when Hastings Banda was portrayed as our Mesiah,Wamuyaya ( the immortal) just to mention a few titles bestowed on a fellow human being.In the twenty first century when others are inventing or discovering new ideas to enhance new qualities of life for today’s human beings and future generations ,what we are encountering to day is a typical fatuous blaspheme against our Almighty God to solicit for dirty money from poor citizens.I have lived in many parts of East and Western Europe and many other parts of the world,I have never met,live alone seeing a novel prophet running a so- called Ministry.The Prophets Malawians and South Africans are seeing are dubious and mendacious who are there to rob for their own interests.Malawians,please wake up this is 21st century.

  4. Anthony Kampala says:

    To the best of my knowledge Evangelist Rheinhard Bonke has never been diagnosed with depression and it is not on record anywhere that he was exposed to have been a fraudster which makes me wonder if any of the other info herein ypor article contains any truth!

  5. tunthu says:

    I agree with the Author, and these are signs of false prophets(witches), by addressing the person means they are initiating them. Just watch out guys a certain brave prophet has been revealing signs of false men of God and said at the beginning of this year that the Horse and the ride shall fall in 2015. False men of God shall be exposed. Believe it or not here in Malawi we have one new famous apostle in Blantyre kwa Kudya who takes his magic from Mozambique, one new famous prophet from Machinga who gets his magic from Mulanje (Hausi is the name of witch doctor), one famous young prophet from Mzuzu but has his headquarters in Lilongwe and has also branches in South Africa like in pretoria where his headquarters is, he has a very strong sangoma in south africa and he gives 10% of his collections to this sangoma. There is a prophetess in Blantyre who also goes to Mulanje . Now they are their pick, but the day of total exposure is coming.

  6. The Truth says:

    Son of Major 1 you make me laugh. I thot Eubert Angel was banned in his home country Zimbabwe because of him stealing a Bently in the name of God. When you say that Shepherd is rich, what do you really mean? Does he even own a house? He can’t own a house in South Africa because he is not yet a citizen thats why every month he has to travel outside SA to avoind excedding 30 days which can make him overstay. Even in Malawi, he doesn’t own a house, he is still renting from a top government official. His parents doesn’t even own a house. Why did he run away and settle in RSA, its because Malawians have known that he is fake. Bushiri can not spend a single day without sleeping with a lady apart from his wife because it is where his powers come from and the ladies he sleeps with are mostly from the so called his church. ECG is a place where demons are being bread of their leader Bushiri get his powers from the devil. He has fooled a lot of people by eating their money in the form of a seed promising that people will have a financial break through but what happens is the opposite. Look at Christopher Chiphwanya, he is failing to come back to Malawi after he has swindled a lot of money from his clients because of pleasing Bushiri. Those of you who follow him are definately spiritually blind.

  7. Christian says:

    the author of this article has a point but because some people are deep into prophetic witchcraft they cant see truth in its simplicity by the author.
    Just simple questions;
    1. Why is it that every false prophet is using a medium (towel, water, sticker, oil etc) rather than the word of God?
    2. In paganism, they believe tht their supreme leader is their only mediator and u cant point out wrong things done by them. why?
    3. Is it the same tap water or some other water?

    The only difference between YESU MATIKI and these FALSE PROPHETS is this;

    YESU MATIKI operated in diabolical ignorance and he was too poor for people to believe him….he was not attractive.

    ama FALSE PROPHETS are operating in diabolical knowledge and they are wealthy and are attractive to people….people are believing them.

  8. good advisor says:

    For the bible says in Mark chapt 13 vs 6 to 28 Jesus clearly states what will happen in the last days. It is our duty to ask God to reveal to us who are the true prophets to follow lest we may be mislead by these people and end up in hell.

  9. Feston Selemani says:

    Zonsezi ndi zachabe. Asiyeni azilemera moto wozawatentha uli busy kupanga warm up

  10. Tesco says:

    Read the Bible full of truth.

  11. Inu a malawi says:

    I wonder a malawi who works on talkng bad of others.Pliz sir or madam or who ever wrote this nasty things can u tell us jst one man of God that u know who z a true man of God with all qualities u wnt us all to follow.Who z like Jesus,isaiah or jeremiah .so i cn follow also.Do u really knw wat ur saying??If u wnt popularity find another way nt by critising other.If God wnt pastors who hv no money.Why did jesus choose judas iscariote as money keeper.Think twice man.

    1. Prison Warden says:

      Even from your grammatical errors I can tell that you are a very dull man. Why do you feel the need to “follow” a “true man of God”? Follow Jesus galu iwe! Where in the Bible does it say that you should follow any man? ZOPUSA BASI!


  13. Exposed says:

    You who r hurt with publication… U r kissing the point y not these so called prophets go directly to the hospitals and perform the miracles where r needed more. And Jesus never asked anything in exchange to perform a miracle.. He only asked for a change of heart.. To be true always… If they r fake.. They r fake and there is nothing wrong to point out the wrong in it. Remember wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it and truth is truth even if no one is practicing it… It seams all those that follow these fake prophets do not even want to hear anything against their prophets… Above all they r not God but simply human beings

  14. Malawiboy says:

    I wish I had said that. I would have liked it on Facebook, but I don’t do Facebook. I work in the entertainment industry and I recognise good marketing when I see it. Madonna, Beyonce, Bushiri, are all masters of marketing. Their adoring public? masters of self deception. Shame really. Malawi is a beautiful country, being ravaged by its government and preyed on by these so called prophets. It deserves better.

  15. who are you to judge let God judge them as he is the only judge you hypocrites stop criticizing the men of God i beleive they are the prophets of God

  16. This is one of the most useless articles I have ever read. Who said Christian leadership is for the poor? God says ” gold and silver are mine”. Why should His children be poor ? If your bishop or reverend is poor , he has a problem , Because God is not poor . Forget about Isaiah or Jeremiah , they are not my models anyway. Men of God of today , prophets Bushiri, Eubert Angel, David Oyedepo and many more own aircrafts , they are multi millionaires in US dollars not kwachas!
    Poverty mentality will arrest you and condemn you to remain poor ! How does a poor pastor preach about prosperity ? It’s just not possible !
    My super rich prophet Bushiri preaches , first salvation , administers deliverance and then opens your eyes to the glories of the kingdom. Money is Not an issue in our church, because the founder, Major 1, is rich and we learn from him! The next time I buy a car , it will be a Bentley ! And this is exactly what I will do! You may go for a pretty kabaza, I have no problem, it’s your choice. I shall respect it . Respect our rich prophets just as you respect your humble pastors!
    Say I RECEIVE!!!!

  17. Bololo says:

    Since people want to believe and follow blindly let them be conned to their last dime. I am sure only then will they realise that they chose earthly well being ahead of growth in the spirit and letting GOD fill their lives with abundant blessings.

  18. watson Tandwe says:

    masiku otsiliza kudzauka aneneri ambiri onyenga choncho nkofunika kukhala ndimzimu wachidziwitso otha kuzindikira nchito za satana pakuti naye amatha kudzionetsa ngati ngelo wakuunika ndiye abale chenjelani

  19. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Judge not and you shall not be Judged. Jesus said ‘ are they doing that in My Name? Let them be. That was said when some people were questioning, as some of us are doing now, the God’s gift on some of these annointed men of God who were at that time performing miracles as our today’s prophets are doing. The gift of choice is in each one of us.

  20. PasChal says:

    Only the truth will set us free, is this the truth of God???? Or the lies of Satan l wander what Jesus Christ think of us human in this time. We are so blind to see the light of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  21. helbert says:

    believe jesus and his prophets.

  22. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Amen brother, teach them

  23. liberal citizen says:

    This madness shall continue unless we face the hard fact that all gods are imaginary. Yes Allah, Yahweh, the God of the new testament, Budha, Mbona, Chisumphi, Osiris, Khrisna…

  24. jambo chidziwisano says:

    yes, even to meet them it becames so difficult as if they are not the one we were fasting and pray with as previous years. So bad the blessing of God are not for sell.

  25. JETU BOY says:

    hahaha nde malawi yo ameneyo timayendela mwambi oti wankachitsi

  26. BRAJOE says:

    End of the world.

  27. Tchaka says:

    It is well with my soul

  28. botomani says:

    Most of these men of God are witch doctors. The question people should be asking themselves is, where are witch doctors nowadays? In 70s up 80s we used to have famous witch doctor but now they are putting on suits as men of God with an aim of cashing in on gullible masses especially the women who are mentally weak

  29. Sam says:

    These so called prophets are taking advantage of uninformed people with little knowledge on how things work in this world. Prophets tell their followers to eat grass like cows, eat snakes, rape women, heal the crippled today, tomorrow returned to the wheal chair again all these in name of God . Think about all the prophets who famed 5 years ago and ask their where about? We don’t know if their are alive or not, some of them are just ordinary people now , the likes of pastor Zondo here in South Africa, pastor Chris , snake pastor, TB Joshua and many names. Two days ago social media was top trending with news that pastor turned into snake in Kwitwe Zambia. If one would search on youtube the name “Bushiri” two names comes up Shepherd and Shammah Bushiri . What makes me wonder is that both are Prophets with huge followers , one born in Malawi and based in SA and the other born In Zambia and ministers there. I am still looking for the answers if all these are from God

  30. Tiferanji Phiri says:

    Let God judje for himself.L

  31. The real ujeni says:

    This is hypocrisy, we have almost over thee quarters of Malawians who visit witchdoctors for medicine, some even have tattoos’ from witchdoctors, talk about selling yourself to the devil, we have Nyau tradition, people call them vilombo, or animals, some in form of dragons and even sleep at grave yard, that is demonic. Three quarters of Malawi is under demonic control, why not talk about these facts. This article is misleading and labelling every man and woman of God as being false.

  32. Michael says:

    Your article is fantastic and very true. Please keep fighting the evil people. They prey on the weakest of us

  33. reasonable man says:

    remember you cannot use your carnal knowledge to judge spiritual matters. it does does not matter where they live or are you telling me All these popular men of God should leave cities and go to villages like kameme in chitipa. what kind of reasoning is this?.if you know they are fake don’t follow them simple ,but I sense you are a great follower as you took or good time writing or article n posting it for everyone to read. isn’t this publicity, of course the only difference is u r not paid for this good work.

  34. nyakaji says:

    Leave men of God alone nobody forces you to go to them,you are free to believe in them or not .You have called them alot of names and God is watching,If they are fake prophets it means they are also true prophets. This habit of calling men of God all sorts of names one day you will see your life skyrocketting to the worst you have never seen before and you will start to look for the same men of God whom you call them names,enough is enough pls.God will not leave His throne and come to earth God uses the same people you call all sorts of names.Be careful brother

  35. Original Northerner says:

    It takes a God Fearing Leader (PRESIDENT)to ban these Circuses from exploiting the poor. Ghana banned SCOAN its country.

  36. manda says:

    why attacking Ralph Kasanbara?

  37. ANDYMTAMBO says:


  38. Titus scot says:

    Onse omwe sawerenga mau a Mulungu ndi omwe amatengeka ndi zinthu ngati izi. You don’t go looking for miracles. If you do, you defeat the whole definition of chozizwa. Chozizwa chimabwera pomwe anthu asakuyembekezera koma lero anthu akunka nafunafuna chozizwa. Anthu masiku ano safuna kuphunzira, kugwira ntchito molimbika and yet akudikirira miracles kuti apeze chuma. Azimayi ndiye anyanyira ndi these do called “MoG”. They have coined all sorts of names and they waste a lot of time patronising these MoG instead of carrying out work to uplift their livelihoods. Poor Malawians. Salvation should never be equated to good living on earth

  39. Mtumbuka woyera says:

    The article is true in every sense. Most of these are conmen and my wife who has never had a baby has been conned oveer and over ena ofuna kugona naye. She left her church but now she is coming back to her original church

  40. Samantha says:

    Poverty and illiteracy at its best. Amalawi umbuli too much we’re lagging far much behind. Kuchititsa manyazi kwake kumangopusitsidwa zilizonse ndi mbavazi, mukhala chomcho.

  41. austin bread says:

    Poor people are victims of their leaders spiritually and politically

  42. chefourpence says:

    I like the emigration part! Even our ordinary pastors do that. They refuse transfers to impoverished areas. Don’t the poor have souls worth saving? And why the ‘consultation fees?’ i understand with John Chi it was MK50 000! Beats the mind!

  43. Dalitso says:

    Well explained article and good one for food for thoughts.

  44. true believer says:

    Well brother you are free to express your opinion as regards to spiritual matters . The bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. .Some of these things are better judged by God himself we cant know where they are coming from but one thing that I know for sure is that Jesus said ‘ If you believe you shall do greater things than these’. So I encourage you to work out on your salvation for everybody shall be accountable for his or her works on the judgment day. We cannot rule out the fact that some of these prophets use power from the Devil but how can we know unless the spirit of discernment from God is with us. Some are really Men of God and are serving lives powered by God himself. So its up to us to realize our stand in spiritual realm but that can be possible if we serve God in truth and in spirit.

  45. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Thank you Mr Pali M’gona for an enlightening article. But you know what, society is so daft and will brand you another jealous hater as you have rightly put it in your article. You see, some mortals surrender to the assertion that , “it’s not up to them to judge” What a high grade feeble mind. They forget that God blessed man with wisdom and intelligence to make good judgment. But like you have rightly pointed out, the con men and women masquerading as Men/women of God with trade name of prophet or prophetess have a special skill to identify social loopholes to exploit. They know that society has working class young men and women desperately looking for partners, rich couples with fertility problems and looking for babies, rich people with incurable diseases and looking for healing. That’s where they cast their net. No wonder their field of play are towns and cities because that is the sure reservoir of the category of people mentioned. But the good thing is that those who read the bible will not be easily deceived. “Owerenga kalata khala ozindikira”

  46. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Komanso azimayi amakakata kutengeka abale. May be it’s because of the typical high levels of hormones they have which men don’t have. Nanga ndi zinthu izi? Aaah! Koma abale.

  47. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    I leave it in the hands of God to judge. For me I believe in prayer to God and they assist me in strengthening that I have no problem with that. My major issue is ‘SALVATION’. I will not be opposing anybody, why bother if you do not believe? Jesus will always show the truth.

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