Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: Malawians did not approach APM to run for presidency, he campaigned for it

I have always held the view that our President needs a presidential jet. We mandated him to run the affairs of the country and if he has to do it efficiently and effectively, he needs mobility to take him from one country to another as his job demands.

Mutharika: Attacked 'irresponsible' media

Mutharika: Attacked ‘irresponsible’ media

However, since the country doesn’t have resources at present to buy the jet, chartering is the best option. Am not an economist but I do not think this can change the economic situation of the country.

I do not regret for holding this noble and patriotic view because apart from torturing our leader as he can be held up to hours at an airport awaiting connections or experiencing flight delays, we expose him to insecurity. Let us love our leader.

However, I disagree with the President that he is helping Malawians by going outside to seek assistance yet we are ungrateful. He says he doesn’t need our money but he is doing it to help us. This is not true. He is doing his job which he asked from Malawians during campaign. He run up and down the country canvassing for votes, convincing us he would do a much better job than Chakwera and JB and we gave him the five year job subject to renewal in 2019 if he does a good job.

So he is not helping anyone because we did not approach him to run for presidency, he approached us to vote for him.

Next is the relationship between the media and him. This ‘war’ is unnecessary and senseless. No President in Malawi ever won this battle and no media either as an institution or individual ever won this battle. Our President found a very vibrant media when he was coming from the US to join politics and he will leave office of the President the very same vibrant media.

The more intimidation tactics you use to make them fear, the more organised they become and come much more stronger. They can easily shoot with just a mere pen and a powerful polItical figure can die, easily.

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28 thoughts on “Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: Malawians did not approach APM to run for presidency, he campaigned for it”

  1. jamali says:

    A pitala mwalephera mukanakhala wanzeru ndi kufa kwa Bingu mukanaukana mpandowu koma poti munkasekelera kuti ndinu proffesor tiyenazo

  2. KARU UNITED says:

    Malawi has always had, a presidential jet since the time of Kamuzu Banda.

  3. dadi says:

    hear,hear-good writing papi, it’s like blaming a carpenter for doing a bad job yet not provided with necessary materials. Malawians should behave like Zimbabweans for being patriotic instead of being kabwiramaniac

  4. Petulo wopanga sponsor thugs says:

    I we walemba article iyi ndiwe opusa and kupusaa kwako koposa gogo wako pitala yo. I we ukuganiza ungamatiuze ife oti sitikudziwa mmene anapitila petulo ku state house kuti tizimukondaaa ng’ooooo uzimkonda wekha amene unapangana ndi satana ku kayika ameneyu pa u president. Chimunthu chanuchi chikutilemeraaa kodi kodi munachitenga kuti chipukupuku ichi chosadziwa kanthuuuu. Kodi chikamati sichifuna ndalama zathu chimkapangilanji campaign pampando uwu. Mwawonatu chakuchititsani manyazi chukhala ngati mudakachipempha ndipo sichikudziwa kuti mumkakachitengeranji. Ndiye please chitengeni sichidziwa kanthu chatitopetsa. I we mwachaje matemberero awa ndi ako ndi apa banja lako ndi pulezidenti wako ndi Mbumba yonse ya DPP yomwe inapangila upo a malawi kuti adzifa mzipatala chifukwa bing u adaba ma billion pitala ku NY anatenga 500,000,000.00 yekha kuchotsapo Gulule lokawomba mmanja lija. Ndipo no matter how you try to send the curses that are due to you back to Kaminga it shall never be matemberero wa ndi a I we ndi DPP anthu oyipaaaa

  5. George Kamanga says:

    A mwachaje if truly I have done anything evil which has made millions of innocent Malawians to die in hospitals & homes because there are no essential drugs in health facilities to save their lives then God in His anger will punish me with any curse. Or if I supported the evil or illegitimate leaders Malawi has today definitely God will never leave me to go unpunished.

    My stand remain the same that APM is the illegitimate president and was ordained by the devil Satan himself. God never support anything acquired through evil ways. My point is conscience is clearly that Maxon Mbendera, Kenyatta Nyirenda and some government officials played dirty games to help APM get the mantle.

    If the calamities which innocent Malawians are facing today I have supported in one way then God will not let me go free.

    Even during King Ahab days in Israel he committed slot of atrocities but he never accepted but he solely blamed Prophet Elijah. Elijah told him that it Ahab, his entire households & supporters who have caused Israelites to face deadly calamities but still Ahab refused to accept his evil actions. It is the same in Malawi that the evils of APM, his households & all his supporters in DPP including you Mwachaje have caused Malawians to face deadly calamities but still you are hardening your hearts as King Ahab or Pharaoh. I am not cursing APM, Mbendera, Kenyatta, and all DPP supporters but I am just telling you the reward which you will get for the death of many innocent souls in this land because of your evil actions upon this land (Isaiah 3:11-15).

    Prophet Jeremiah warned the evil leaders about the calamities which will befall them because of their evil upon innocent souls but they ill treated him in all forms but Prophet overcame all their evils plans but the evil leaders and their followers faced the curse of God. Mwachaje as long as you back evil don’t think you will go unpunished by God. Mwachaje Even the late bingu behaved the same way you, APM & DPP supporters are behaving but the end of bingu was short lived though he bowed to live up to 2014. Your APM has taken the same route of his evil late bingu.

    Read Jeremiah 28:7-9.

    My final words “No matter how long a lie id sustained but Truth will always prevail”. The battle belongs to the Almighty Gig in Christ Jesus name through the Power of the Holy Ghost. Amen

  6. Captain Mediocrity says:

    George Kamanga go read the EU report on the elections, written by what is the best example of an unbiased body. Then you should critically look at the figures with a statistician who can interpret the figures into a picture book that you would understand. Only after you hae the necessary information can you come here and attempt to curse others. THE LORD IS NOT A KILLER FOR HIRE MY FRIEND.

  7. Sapitwa says:

    I haven’t yet heard that APM used drugs budget and chimanga budget for chattering a plane.
    What is this nonsensical madness of mad cow all about?

  8. mwachaje says:


    Obviously, YOUR SIMPLE MIND is failing to grasp the IDEA that an election is such a complex undertaking that cannot be decided by one or two individuals. An election takes place within a legal framework. No individual can make decisions outside the LAW
    Matembelero umakonda kulemba apawa timakubwezera wekha.


  9. Kenkkk says:

    Personally despite my fierce dislike of dpp, I have always supported that the president should have a jet but at these times it should not be a top priority. It can be bought when our economy improves and we have some spare money. I also have no objection to his hiring of a jet for the same reasons that supporters have already articulated.

    My opposition to his UN trip was mainly about the large unnecessary entourage and hangers-on that cost us tax payers so dearly. A smaller cheaper jet would have been more preferable taking only the necessary delegation rather the large more costly jet which was hired to take the larger than necessary entourage.

  10. Gimme a breakkkk says:

    “Since the country doesn’t have resources at present to buy the jet, chartering [sic] is the best option. Am [sic] not an economist but I do not think this can change the economic situation of the country. I do not regret for holding this noble and patriotic view…”[!!] Ladies and gentlemen , with all due respect, methinks the author is intellectually challenged. If he doesn’t have any understanding of the economy how can he possibly express such an audacious opinion? And how can he on his own judge his views as noble (my foot!) and patriotic? What wrong have we done to deserve this kind of asinine stuff parading as an article?

  11. defender says:

    l was a clinical officer those yrs working with MOH at KK_DHO. we had a patient who was to b refered to KCH but there was no fuel. the patient died waiting. bythen the DHO went to a meeting in LL by office landclauser.some argued `this DHO has no hat how can he drain all fuel 4 stupid meeting & leave nothing for patient` this DHO must go!! this argument make some sanse & unquestionable sanse to emotinal minds. however DHO office has separate funding, patient & other programs their allocations as wel.DHO’ trip had nothing to do with pt’s fate, difficut to understand how things operate, especially wen u r emotional. wen DHO came back, he came with extra fuel from gov & other resources; drugs, cleaning materials,including a vehicle,to add to little fleet,from partners after he advocated. guess wat! pple praised partners & gov 4 helping,only one thanked the DHO. president is spending wivn office funding,we nid pple out there to help us, kusadziwa nkufakomwe, but ignolance has remedy unlike negative atitude

  12. Pete Nyandoro says:

    Anyone with a MSCE should not be allowed to go into journalism.What a shame a journalist failing to ask the president a question in clear and grammatical English and what kind of story is he going to write? I am not surprised he must be a MIJ graduate and MIJ should set new criteria for admitting journalism students, without a degree no chance for admission. Go to Zambia, let alone Tanzania and see the quality of journalism that they have there. These days security guards are becoming journalists – shame on you.

  13. Tq of Ztown says:

    how i hate this Dpp and its APM….and all these time I have taken Zodiak as the best statiion until last yr during elections..God damage dpp

  14. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Those of us who have a deeper understanding of African leaders are not alarmed at the turn of events in our beautiful Malawi. The insatiable love for Power and Comfort is the main driving force. Every African leader dangles beautiful carrots decorated with liberation messages during campaigns which are usually discarded even before the honeymoon is over. Malawians were given leaders who campaigned on transformative platform. But how long are they to wait before they enjoy the fruits of transformation? Patience seems to be wearing thin as the bitter economic spell is hitting the nation harder than ever before. It is more of survival of the fittest while those in Authority call for sacrifices from citizens while none is shown by them. Things seem to be falling apart. God save our land.

  15. Kandapako says:

    Mtondoli Jonazi at 12 and Sikusinja at 3 you have both said it all. With proper planning there is no need to stay at airports for 10 hrs. Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Addis Ababa just to name a few have several direct flights per day to New York. If you, at some point in your presidency, waited for 10 hrs to catch a plane then you must have very incompetent staff. Some airlines would even stop over to pick you and your entourage in first class even at Lilongwe Airport. Mr. President dont assume that we are all ignorant fools.

  16. Mwethu says:

    Frankly speaking who would want to kill this man? Even if he walks without any security detail I don’t think anyone would recognize him as a Head of State, the man does not have charisma or character to attract any attention. He must be grateful that he has been known merely because Malawians have put him where history for him had not written. Even as a Prof in USA, how many Malawians knew about APM? Yet we knew of Thandeka, Likambale, Rubadiri, Mapanje, etc, and why haven’t we heard from his former university maybe his fellow profs praising him? There are so many question marks on him. Even the kids have stayed far far from him, and he says I was a millionaire. Media press take out the first photos of this man when he had just been appointed as minister and see the type of suits and shoes he was wearing if they were shouting to us millionaire walking there!!! He couldn’t even afford a decent house in Malawi

  17. Mtondoli Jonazi says:

    This is of bull*** I would not have expected from Kashoti. There is no way one can get stuck at the airport for hours if proper prior planning is done – unless you choose to. I just think that being president, one has top notch PAs and necessary people on the ground to handle such things. They must just do their jobs properly instead of silly excuses for spending goverment money!

    We live in an inter-connected global village. And if one has to travel to countries that matter this is not an issue. At OR Tambo, for example, 3 – 4 (up to 7 in peak times) flights take off or land every minute, both global and domestic! I am morel likely to catch a direct flight to anywhere in the world in an hour from OR Tambo than I would be able to hitch a ride standing on the lakeshore roadside in any direction!

    Don’t be fooling us. Malawi does not need a presidential jet. We cannot afford one. We cannot afford to charter one either. Either fly commercial or stay home. Better still, why not send a PS to do the job? Kugomela kukwera ndege????

  18. George Kamanga says:

    APM you will not rest even if MCP ,& the so called CSO stops shouting at you & your fellow dogs in DPP.

    The spirits of the dead in the graves will haunt you more than these groups you point your dirty fingers at. The sick in hospitals and homes will yell the more. The women who die at the point of delivery in homes because there is no transport (ambulance) to take them to health facilities for safer delivery will also haunt you the worse. The worst haunt is from the babies who die before they taste life outside their mother’s womb because of your evil hands.

    Mbendera, Kenyatta & Chilima you are also to face all these haunts.

  19. Charombanthu says:

    Tell them! – Auze! – Yowoya!

  20. AKIJA says:

    Tiyeni nayoni

  21. Mzee says:

    We dont all listen to Zodiak pse. Zodiak cant put anyone in office. We vote according to regions so we dont need Zodiak. If Zodiak was good they could have known that votes were being manipulated but because they were part of thieving they kept quite. Rigging doesnt need a useless station like Zodiak. If Zodiak thought by keeping quite about righing they would get something then adyapo. APM come 2019 will emerge victorious as long as Mbendera and Kalonga are at MEC.

  22. Mbiri says:

    As a concerned citizen, I disagree with the journalists’ view that the president of an impoverished country like Malawi needs a jet. Please don’t exaggerate the relevance of its sovereignty and there’s nothing wrong with him waiting for hours to connect flights. Ifeyo we wait while using our hard-earned money, what more with him who uses our money? This is what we as a country can afford, let him take it or leave it, period! You have rightly pointed out that we didn’t impose the presidency on anyone, on the contrary, he campaigned for the job, even went further to rig the ballot to become president. The president has rightly advised civil servants to leave if they can’t take the little remuneration, why should it be different for him? About your battle with him, thanani nokha, but don’t abuse your pens. By the way, have noticed that the quality of journalists is dwindling by the day. Your peers are failing to write let alone speak English. Kulephera kufunsa president mafunso omveka bwino…..mwaonjeza

  23. Malawiyano says:

    A P M is heading the little Malawi because of the noise Zodiak made by announcing factious fingers to stupid poor Malawians and well arranged with Malawi Electrol Commission . This time APM wants to fool some stupid foolish Malawians so that they should think that APM and Zodiak are big enemies and yet when it comes to the day of voting in 2019 they will exchange hands with clearn billions .

    You go to Zodiak offices you will find that they own a good fleet of cars than before , this is a rigging plan APM is making in advance paving way for AMP , an early bird catching a warm. The noise which they are making is fake

  24. Truck says:


  25. LOMOLA says:



  26. sikusinja says:

    If the president ever spent 10 hours at an airport then he shud blame his handlers because that’s impossible. Everyone who travels knows you can. E in the US flying commercial within 24 hours. There is a direct flight from Johannesburg to New York. Why did he charter a plane to Dubai? Why cudnt the charter take him to Johannesburg just in time for the flight to New York. Why Dubai. And in the press conference he asked how do we think he shud go to India. Can I challenge all travel agents to please publish the fastest way to India using a commercial flight.

  27. neba says:

    Zodiak helped PM become our president. Now, what has happened between the assumed bedfellows? Raw deal or a tavtician is putting up a façade, a make-believe impression?

  28. Journo says:

    Well said Dickson nobody fights the media nanji mwaputa zodiak, the whole country listens to zodiak and they will continue reporting negatively about Apm govt everyday i fear for u, ure going down Apm next time dont do it again

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