Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: Malawians did not approach APM to run for presidency, he campaigned for it

I have always held the view that our President needs a presidential jet. We mandated him to run the affairs of the country and if he has to do it efficiently and effectively, he needs mobility to take him from one country to another as his job demands.

Mutharika: Attacked 'irresponsible' media

Mutharika: Attacked ‘irresponsible’ media

However, since the country doesn’t have resources at present to buy the jet, chartering is the best option. Am not an economist but I do not think this can change the economic situation of the country.

I do not regret for holding this noble and patriotic view because apart from torturing our leader as he can be held up to hours at an airport awaiting connections or experiencing flight delays, we expose him to insecurity. Let us love our leader.

However, I disagree with the President that he is helping Malawians by going outside to seek assistance yet we are ungrateful. He says he doesn’t need our money but he is doing it to help us. This is not true. He is doing his job which he asked from Malawians during campaign. He run up and down the country canvassing for votes, convincing us he would do a much better job than Chakwera and JB and we gave him the five year job subject to renewal in 2019 if he does a good job.

So he is not helping anyone because we did not approach him to run for presidency, he approached us to vote for him.

Next is the relationship between the media and him. This ‘war’ is unnecessary and senseless. No President in Malawi ever won this battle and no media either as an institution or individual ever won this battle. Our President found a very vibrant media when he was coming from the US to join politics and he will leave office of the President the very same vibrant media.

The more intimidation tactics you use to make them fear, the more organised they become and come much more stronger. They can easily shoot with just a mere pen and a powerful polItical figure can die, easily.

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A pitala mwalephera mukanakhala wanzeru ndi kufa kwa Bingu mukanaukana mpandowu koma poti munkasekelera kuti ndinu proffesor tiyenazo


Malawi has always had, a presidential jet since the time of Kamuzu Banda.


hear,hear-good writing papi, it’s like blaming a carpenter for doing a bad job yet not provided with necessary materials. Malawians should behave like Zimbabweans for being patriotic instead of being kabwiramaniac

Petulo wopanga sponsor thugs
Petulo wopanga sponsor thugs
I we walemba article iyi ndiwe opusa and kupusaa kwako koposa gogo wako pitala yo. I we ukuganiza ungamatiuze ife oti sitikudziwa mmene anapitila petulo ku state house kuti tizimukondaaa ng’ooooo uzimkonda wekha amene unapangana ndi satana ku kayika ameneyu pa u president. Chimunthu chanuchi chikutilemeraaa kodi kodi munachitenga kuti chipukupuku ichi chosadziwa kanthuuuu. Kodi chikamati sichifuna ndalama zathu chimkapangilanji campaign pampando uwu. Mwawonatu chakuchititsani manyazi chukhala ngati mudakachipempha ndipo sichikudziwa kuti mumkakachitengeranji. Ndiye please chitengeni sichidziwa kanthu chatitopetsa. I we mwachaje matemberero awa ndi ako ndi apa banja lako ndi pulezidenti wako ndi Mbumba yonse ya DPP yomwe inapangila… Read more »
George Kamanga
A mwachaje if truly I have done anything evil which has made millions of innocent Malawians to die in hospitals & homes because there are no essential drugs in health facilities to save their lives then God in His anger will punish me with any curse. Or if I supported the evil or illegitimate leaders Malawi has today definitely God will never leave me to go unpunished. My stand remain the same that APM is the illegitimate president and was ordained by the devil Satan himself. God never support anything acquired through evil ways. My point is conscience is clearly… Read more »
Captain Mediocrity

George Kamanga go read the EU report on the elections, written by what is the best example of an unbiased body. Then you should critically look at the figures with a statistician who can interpret the figures into a picture book that you would understand. Only after you hae the necessary information can you come here and attempt to curse others. THE LORD IS NOT A KILLER FOR HIRE MY FRIEND.


I haven’t yet heard that APM used drugs budget and chimanga budget for chattering a plane.
What is this nonsensical madness of mad cow all about?



Obviously, YOUR SIMPLE MIND is failing to grasp the IDEA that an election is such a complex undertaking that cannot be decided by one or two individuals. An election takes place within a legal framework. No individual can make decisions outside the LAW
Matembelero umakonda kulemba apawa timakubwezera wekha.


Personally despite my fierce dislike of dpp, I have always supported that the president should have a jet but at these times it should not be a top priority. It can be bought when our economy improves and we have some spare money. I also have no objection to his hiring of a jet for the same reasons that supporters have already articulated. My opposition to his UN trip was mainly about the large unnecessary entourage and hangers-on that cost us tax payers so dearly. A smaller cheaper jet would have been more preferable taking only the necessary delegation rather… Read more »
Gimme a breakkkk
“Since the country doesn’t have resources at present to buy the jet, chartering [sic] is the best option. Am [sic] not an economist but I do not think this can change the economic situation of the country. I do not regret for holding this noble and patriotic view…”[!!] Ladies and gentlemen , with all due respect, methinks the author is intellectually challenged. If he doesn’t have any understanding of the economy how can he possibly express such an audacious opinion? And how can he on his own judge his views as noble (my foot!) and patriotic? What wrong have we… Read more »

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