Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: Of K300m cars for Speaker and Opposition chief

I have listened, heard and read arguments and counterarguments on parliament’s decision to buy vehicles for the Speaker Richard Msowoya, leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera and the two deputy speakers.

Chakwera: Leader of opposition has got new car

Chakwera: Leader of opposition has got new car

Below is my personal opinion.

Everyone must know that parliament is a government within government, an equally important and influential arm of government at par with the executive on one hand and judiciary on the other. Therefore its leadership, which includes Msowoya and Chakwera, must be given necessary tools to run that important institution. One of the tools is the reliable mode of transport.

K300m for four vehicles is peanuts compared to the blowing of the same amount for the chartered presidential jets for just one trip. These vehicles will serve the servants of our democracy for over 10 years.

No one expects our parliamentary leaders to be using run down corollas as they move up and down bringing democracy to the people in Khuluvi, Nsanje or Bolero, Rumphi.

Just check what vehicles, their colleague, leader of the House Francis Katsaira and his deputy, who all belong to the executive government arm, are using.

Parliament is the centre of our democracy and our democracy leaders must be motivated. Compare to the vehicles used by the cabinet and other executive branch officials and the vehicles used by our esteemed judges to those that are at parliament.

Our staff at parliament is humble. It does not take an economist to know that K300m is too little to make an impact on our economy which is in ICU.

The purchase was done after all approvals from Goodall Gondwe, the public purse keeper were done. Am sure he critically evaluated the need for the vehicles, the merits and demerits on our economy before approving.

The process was also cleared at the Office of director of public procurement, am sure. After all, who said democracy is cheap. We should not think of buying them new vehicles when they are stuck in Chikangawa due to a break down.

That’s the cost of democracy, after all!

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71 thoughts on “Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: Of K300m cars for Speaker and Opposition chief”

  1. Mthondo says:

    Its a foolish idea to back things that are detrimental to the economy of this country. I work directly with the communities and if you are to see what situation we have in the communities on food shortage you can appreciate why many intelligent patriotic Malawians are crying against this extravagance. By these acts , its explicit Chakwera and Msowoya led MCP cant and will never be a solution like first thought. Its a shame that they cant even think when the change is needed. if they claim it was agreed long time ago..are you not talking about the Cashgate Era??..cant you cancel the deals for the national interest? for the poor who by now just drink water and sleep. Malawians lets all be very serious and stop joking over fellow poor Malawians needs. Presidential travel in many cases brings in direct help from the donor community to Poor Malawians but The Speaker and the Leader of Opposition is there to watchdog the government expenditure…is this behaviour one of them??? sad… ” i can call what the rude Msowoya and The Deceiptful Chakwera have done is a mistake of their politicak career”

  2. Malipeya says:


  3. Cash Gate says:

    nkhani zake zopanda nsinjiro, mumafuna kuti anthuwa aziyenda pansi.

  4. H,Chitumvi says:

    Ndale sizinthu zoti kukhala nkumati ndalankhula za nzeru ndine, kodi nkhani iyi siyachokera pa anthu 115,jet ndi ulendo umene akanapita ku INDiA abwana sichoncho eti? Kudzudzula ndikoyenela? Kodi a parliment ali ndi njira zopezera ndalama? Nanga ndalama agulira galimoto zachokera kuti? Nyumba ya malamuro imayendetse ndi zipani zotsutsa?Ndipo ndalama zoyendetsera amazitenga kuti? Mafunso alipo kwinaku apitirize ndi ena.Koma ndimangopempha kuti musabvule ukulu wanu ndikupeleka kwa anzanu pomwe nthawi yawo isanafike chitukuko choonetsa kuti ogwira ntchito za pamwamba asamayende galimoto zotchipa monga mudayamba, nduna ma ceo ndi ena ndi chanu pitilizana.

  5. Max Nsani says:

    This story of the K300m vehile purchases has been deliberately leaked by Jappie Mhango and the excutive apparently to embarrass the Speaker and the leader of opposition who are MCP leaders. But these purchases were authorised by governemnt and budgeted for by parliament. Yes I know the story is about halting these purchases, but all Police commisioners have been given toyota prados exactly like the ones purchased for chakwera and the two speakers, and these were bought a few months ago. There are 4 regional commisioners of Police and a couple more at Headquarters, plus two deputy IGs and they all have brand new prados, or guzzlers to borrow Jappie`s term. The Police are part of the executive.

    Jappie cannot talk of fuel guzzlers and the executive trying to live on little resources, when there are over 20 fuel guzzlers that follow his boss all over the place whenever he travels. This is all an attempt to deflect attention from the 115 UN holiday makers that went with him to New York, you irresponsible people! Fix this country and stop shifting blame for the mess in this country please

  6. John says:



  7. nkhakamila says:

    malawian politians shares the same behaviours.when they are out of government they are white horses and just let them in,you will see their true colors.dont fool us here…there will be no malawian politian who can leave a cheap life for the sake of the poor.the president will continue chartering jets and the ministers will continue changing posh cars as shirts and the the leaders of opposition and speaker of parliament will continue opting for very expensive cars on expense of malawians.we sold the jet and now we should consider selling these posh cars and buy them toyota passos.

  8. vx says:

    Amalawi 26 million duty free Prado for 5 years ndiyo mukuti achakwera alakwatsi polandila galimoti logula boma sindikuonapo khani really we are poor …sitonse timagula Ku be forward

  9. golo says:

    Apa Mr Kashoti you have missed the point. This is luxurioius living tit for tat by Mr Msowoya. There is no justification even if the sun should cease to rise from the east

  10. kabwira amati muthalika should resign,DPP gov silikuganizira mavuto omwe amalawi akukumananawo, akuti muthalika azikwera matora kuti akhale chitsanzo povutikira limodzi ndi athu akumudzife. eeesh! mpaka muthalika waopa kupita ku INDIA zoona!!!!! amalawi mwaona? kabwira wakukupusitsani, tsopani apa aziti chani?, matama polakhula lero timvetu chakwera kuti apange resign. kumati MCP ndi yankho la malawi!.. MCP ikumatitenga amalawi ngati zitsiru eti? choncho DPP ikawina mkumati akuberani..inu zitsiru kwabasi, mwayaluka kwabasi. ndikusauka kwa MCP muzipangira kampeni magalimotowo eti? simunati! muyaluka mapeto

  11. dziko says:

    Nanga wakumudzi mupatsa chiyani? anthu kuli njala inu kuma gula zimagalimoto zodula ,pali nzeru?

  12. Zondi says:

    They say two wrongs do not make one right. In thr same vein I don’t think what could be construed as rightfully right, should be used as a basis for a repeated action. Kashoti is short in thinking in this article.

  13. Chenda says:

    Come on Dr Lazarous Chakwere now you have got reliable transport assist with the democratic running of the Government in the name of God.
    MCP to work hand in hand with DDP

  14. Akatswiri says:

    Amenewo ndi a Dickson,nanga enanu mukui bwanji?

  15. dadi says:

    inu a Dickson you are lost here, Some expenses brings income whilst others are just overheads like the Speaker and Chakweras.There are no any suitable words to describe this type of this kuzikonda even Tembo was better off than this village idiot and his so called cousin Msowoya

  16. Dikisan says:

    Jala Pamlomo
    Chakwera, Msowoya etc sanatenge ndalama zawo kukagulira galimoto. Amene wapereka ndalamazo ndiye woyenera kukwenyedwa ngati mukuona kuti akuononga chuma cha boma. Mind you anthuwo munalemba ntchito. Mufuna kuti akafune afisi ku Tcheu kuti aziyendelapo. Zibwana eeti. Jala pamlomo!

  17. Hamu says:

    This car belongs to government not MCP, and Chakwera was just given to use it.

  18. FootSoldier says:

    I am certain this MCP guy would make the same argument for the executives perceived extravagance!

  19. Noma basi says:

    Kashoti, leader of house Francis Katsaira is one of humble guys in the govt. We have seen him at Capital Hill using a Toyota Double cabin Hilux coming to office.
    No wonder engineers are free minded but pastors, eshiiiiii

  20. Mfumu yachewa kumphoto says:

    Mbava zokhazokha basi izii inu dpp ndi mcp ndi amodzi

  21. alfred says:

    the vehicles were bought in 2004
    and you are bringing the issue now just to delete un trip scandle.go to hell

  22. Tcheya says:

    The writer’s mind is very short, no wonder his name is Kashoti.How do you say K300m is peanuts?Here in Malawi?At the moment when public hospitals have no drugs?Come back to your senses!!!

  23. Mbwerera za Nzeru says:

    Fellows, tell me. How is the vehicle procurement process at parliament? What’s the prices band? Who approves what? Cause I feel there may be a secret war here, with us being used as drones which answer to command as per how they have been programmed. Who knows the whole procurement process? Cause a lot of people may be at fault here.

  24. ANDYMTAMBO says:


  25. Concerned Malawian says:

    It seems that nobody cares for this country.The opposition too seems to be equally useless.They are also not going together with Malawians in this economic quagmire.So in Africa for people to work effectively they need the most expensive fuel guzzling machines?Kagame refuted this idea of using very expensive cars for his cabinet to work effectively.I think MCP is also losing plot little by little.We thought Chakwera and his friend Msiwoya will help Malawi,but we have started being skeptical.You can use a 20 million kwacha car instead of the 75 million one and it will still get you to wherever you are going.Those cars you are using for celebrities who have earned those moneys and not dipping your dirty hands in the public coffers.I use my modest Passo to my working place and I’ve never missed a day at my working place.So why do you need a heavy fuel guzzler to go to working place?No wonder you are allocating each other gallons and gallons of fuel every month on the expense of the struggling tax payers.Malawi doesn’t have caring politicians.They are all equally useless.

  26. dalitso says:

    Achita bwino chifukwa, akapanda kugula ndalamazo aziba or akapangira mwambo wa Angulu.

  27. mbwangida says:

    Mbuzi za anthu inu eti, do you mean chakwela bought those vehicles without the sleeping government knowing and approving? No wonder the government takes malawians for a ride, do you really understand how procurement in government is done? Amalawi tulo, cant you realise that atola nkhani amene alemba nkhaniyi mu malawi news ndiotumidwa and alibe ndi integrity yomwe even mpang’ono pomwe. Shame on you atolankhani who are selliing your proffession for money. That story was not proffessionaly written not balanced and its clear the aim was to create an impression that the opposition too is spending just as the dpp government is doing however does the writer believe the opposition can spend through parliament without the executive knowing. We have seen the executive refusing to buy leader of opposition cars clearly indicating that government is not ready as it does not have funds. Chinavuta ndichani doing the same here? By the way when did this purchase happen? Malawi news ndinu ochitisamanyazi this was not wealth a front page story and please stop selling malawi for the cash they give you, let your conscience haunt you

  28. The Analyst says:

    Am not done with you Kashoti

    Does one have to be good at maths to reason that K75mn is no small sum for a single car? And is this the right time to do this – when the IMFs programme is already off-track and the country is running a very huge budget deficit? Which sane donor would even want to think of the name Malawi, with this extravagance? Kashoti, you are pathetic.

    Imagine how many souls could Chakwera have bewitched to MCP had he just said “no” to the proposal (he knew about it) and cite the current economic hardship as the reason and advertise his “no” or “delay” to the public on Zodiak, nyasatimes or Kabwira’s mouth?

    And Chakwera is not a wise politician!

    An opportunity presenting itself to him but couldn’t see it! Very unfortunate!

    And you come to tell us “democracy is not cheap.” Do you even understand the meaning? Coz it’s been applied out of context! People shall exercise the right to periodically elect leaders, who are expected to be accountable. Nobody shall ever say there is no money for holding elections, for they have to find it willy-nilly however much. That’s the meaning tu! Not zomwe mukamba apazi iai. Why are people proud of their ignorance?

    Whats your name again you say? Dickson Kashoti? And if we twist it a little? Short dick, ryt? You indeed are!

  29. DOBO says:

    You are very right Mr Kashoti for 5 reason. 1. These people are entitled to have such vehicles within the limits. 2. The Government Chief Whip is having more expensive vehicle than that of two. 3. The positions of leader of opposition and speaker is almost equivalent to ministerial position interm of benefits.4. The vehicles were bought following all necessary procedures as no audit quary is attached 5. The original story was political and bias as it only tell us about two vehicles but not of the other side. The aim is to divert people’s minds so that blind DPP supporters should find something to argue.Unfortunately the DPP supporters are shallow minded and they can not separate facts from nonsense , To them facts are nonsense and nonsense are facts. So, don’t be surprised if they tukwana you. They are what they.

  30. pundit says:

    Well said

  31. johnstone chimphentheka says:

    I am told the vehicles were bought in July 2014. Why is the executive raising this issue now and not then. were they budgeted for? Was that budget approved? My view is the executive wants to deflect attention from the UN trip issue to Parliament! Only people who can’t see and perceive will buy this trick! The truth is we are tired. We are suffering and we need action that will help Malawi move out of this economic mess!


    Speakers and Leader of oppositions also be driven in good vehicle as the way leader of government and his deputy do donot be jelousy you in DPP party.

  33. Jane Kaphulira says:

    sad! Sad! Now I understand why Mother Malawi cannot develop. Too many hand clappers. You mean there are Malawians who are willing to defend the stupidity of using four wheel drive ( 4x 4 ) vehicles on tarmac roads in a country where hospitals depend on drug , food, ?

  34. Malingaliro says:

    I hardly believe this article is by Kashoti. If it is,chonena ndilibe. The problem of supporting people and not ideologies. Just like Jessie,Chakwera is an angel to Kashoti. It doesn’t matter what he does! How can an estimeed writer write this nosense? Just because it’s MCP or Chakwera zili bwino? Uchitsiru bwako,Kashoti. See how people are suffering and you think MK300m wouldn’t make a difference. Wopenga iwe,eti!!

  35. Uncle pheee says:

    Wanzeru akuwona kuti nkhani yama galimoto yatuluka, ngakhale ndiyapakanthawi as away of normalising anomaries done by petulo to say opposition should not talk the evil that petulo did. Mmmm shame to stupid hand clappers. nkhanga zawona. kkkkkkkkkk yambani yina, iyiyi yatulukiridwa.

  36. Hansou says:

    Here we have an idiotic imbecile in the name of Diction Kashoti!!

    1) our politicians appetite for lavish and luxurious vehicles is extreme beyond the means of our economy. Besides they want a new model everything vehicle manufacturers release another top of the range model.

    So 10years is a joke, if you mean it then you don’t live in Malawi

    2) why make so much fuss about 300mil blown by president on his trip to UN and justify that blown by parliament at one go?

    3) even a million kwacha would make so much of a difference at our public hospitals where I assume you Mr Idiot Dickson are not well apprised of the desperation there for basics such as panado, gloves, cleaning fluids….

    In conclusion, FUCK YOU DICKSON!!!!

  37. mwana mutharika says:

    It’s a useless argument coming from an equally useless journalist.

  38. gata says:

    this just shows that Chakwera is no different from all these selfish politicians. atakhala president angabe koopsa ameneyu. nanu inu a Kashoti, mudziganiza bwino.

  39. Bwana APM ndawalangiza kuti nkhani imeneyi amuuze nduna ya zofalitsa nkhani kuti asamale ndipo akuchoka pa kufalitsa nkhani ndipo akusanduka WOYIPITSA NKHANI. Asaikoke nkhaniyi poti ifeyo a DPP tawononga ndalama zambiri moti yomwe tagulila galimoto Chakwela,Msowoya,Chiwaya ndi Chilenje ndi dontho chabe . A bwana avomelezanso kuti ndizoona nawonso afunika mayendedwe abwino. Komanso pogula galimotozi anatsatila ndondomeko zonse ndipo bwana APM anapitili kuti sakufuna kuti anve ngwe ngwe ngwe!!!!

  40. Concerned citizen says:

    I am now convinced beyond reasonable doubt the we have a serious leadership void in the country. We cannot afford this extravagance demonstrated by all our leaders. It is a shame, and a terrible waste of money that MK300m can be spent on four cars.

    Why so much waste in our country. There should be a freeze on the purchase of any 4×4 for any government agency. No one is concentrating on development. It is all about personal benefit.

  41. komko says:

    Kashoti wakamba zanzeru. Akuononga ndalama ndi DPP. One minister has four cars. Prado,Benz,fortuner landcruser

  42. Telling the Truth says:

    No one said that Peter Mutharika should walk to India or America. What Malawians are against is hiring of expensive jets for Mutharika and taking of large delegations. He should use commercial airlines. As for vehicles for parliament I see nothing wrong. These vehicles are for parliament, a branch of govt with the same status as the executive and judiciary. Those claiming that these vehicles are for MCP are displaying gross ignorance. The speaker and leader of opposition are part of govt. New vehicles were bought for the president and ministers. I see nothing wrong to buy vehicles for the speaker and leader of opposition.

  43. mtima wa nyani says:


  44. The Analyst says:

    “It is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open up your mouth and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln/Mark Twain

    Tsono iwe Kashoti or whatever your wives call you! Are you of sound mind?

    We can be stupid; but let us not celebrate our stupidity, let alone in public! How can you open up your mouth and insult the nation by eulogising the impaired decision made by or for Chakwera and his friends in crime, to live flamboyantly yet the economy is bleeding? All because someone else is also doing the same? Is it not the same Chakwera who barked at govt for being insensitive to the current economic quagmire? I have news for you . . .

    “Whats wrong is wrong even if everyone else is doing it. Whats right is right even if no one is doing it.” – St Augustine

    If we want to be a state house press officer in the future, there are many ways of doing it. But clapping hands to impaired decisions is not one of them. And am sorry!

  45. kumangoni says:


  46. kennedy says:

    Thats it no more issues to debate in august house, is the economy stable? Are we serious about saving the poor? If I was chawera I would not accept these luxurious cars till the economy is back where it should be. it has now been proved that these people are all golddiggers like peter and yet they act as billionaires, shame malawi shame.

  47. kumangoni says:

    Ambwaba ka short we didn’t asked them to be our leaders, they volunteered themselves to hold those position.So do not change the tune with us, Those are not working with the media company.

  48. dalitso says:

    Achita bwino chifukwa, apanda kugula ndalamazo aziba or akapangira mwambo wa Angulu.

  49. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    Government has laid procedures on buying asserts. Why is the speaker been condemned for the cars purchased?Was it a trap. Why has MBC taken up the issue by lining up speakers to condemn the speaker,is that not cheap politics. Who should have controlled the issue, was it not the minister of finance? Ve serious guys

  50. mwachaje says:

    I beg your pardon, Mr Kashoti!!!what double standards are these? You cannot pick and choose who is entitled to Govt money and who is not. This is biasness and lack of objectivity by a so called journalist.

    What moral HIGH ground does such an institution have to say no to demands of other institutions such as The Judiciary, Civil service or the recent proposal of MEC?

  51. George phiri says:

    Kashoti you are khuluva, sochimpula. You are very stupid and unreasonable. You would have done better by keeping quite than scribble this nonses. Before these people ascend to power they always have cars to drive going round villages campaigning, moving from Nsanje to Chitipa in very poschy cars. Dickson, the bottom line is that economy has nose dived, we are in an emergency, where we need to look at priorities critically. What I can see is that you are very myopic. If you sum up what Peter spent on his trip to America, what Bowler spent and now this stupid expenditure you are already close to a billion kwacha. Thats enough money to buy medicine in hospitals. If you have nothing to write about please shut up and go to sleep. Ngati inu mwadya nsima sindiye kuti tonse tadya. Alipo awo agona ndi njala kusowa k5.

  52. nachisale says:

    CSOs can you organise demonstrations against Speaker Msowoya and MCP president Chakwera. You should make similar noise you made over Mutharika UN trip.

  53. Dzuka Malawi says:

    Thumbs up Kashoti. Parliament is a very important arm of government. It needs to be attended to just as the Executive. Above all, the money has been used for its intended purpose, unlike zija anapanga pitala kutenga a Mai Makuta, Mai Chimbalanga, amfumu a Kabudula komanso mbatama zina kupita nazo Ku UN General Assembly. Shupiti!!!!

    Chakwera hasn’t bought the vehicles. The DPP government has bought the vehicles for another arm of government; The Parliament. All procedures were followed and Chakwera doesn’t sign any government cheques. Goodall Gondwe has signed. Inuyo ndinu ndani, agalu achabechabe.

  54. Kenkkk says:

    Well done, excellent Kashoti. Stupid dpp thugs. Please compare the president and his cabinet’s vehicle entitlement with that of speaker, his deputies and leader of opposition. Compare also the type of vehicles both sides are using. Then start talking sense. And don’t forget the MPs vehicles entitlement as well.

    Please don’t hide your exposed dpp thieving and abuse of tax payers money by stirring up a hornet’s nest. Mulibe manyazi inu.

  55. Shire highlands says:

    Chakwera kusendeka kwa mbolo ndi mmutu momwe.

  56. Mangochi says:

    Nganganga pambuyo pa MCP and our iron lady Jessie

  57. Mangochi says:


  58. Achimidzimidzi says:


    Our president can hire a jet at reasonable or budgeted figure but taking his cousins to UNAG is hireliours.

    4 prados for four years = one jet trip for the president.

  59. kateleka says:

    I think most of us commenting on this article dont know how government procurement procédure works. Who starts the process??, who aproves?? Dead and blind You are

  60. Ndikutelo says:

    Ndipo ndizoona kashoti a DPP alibe choti amukolele Chakwela ndipo akuyesetsa kuchita china chiri chonse kuti amuipitsile mbili . Galimoto zomwe akuyendela a DPP ndi nduna ndi za pamwamba kwambiri koma akufuna Chakwela adziyendela phapha kuti adzimunyoza. Komanso ndikunva kuti galimotozo zinagulidwa chaka chatha ndie pano awona kuti zinthu zikuwakanika ndie ati asinthe maganizo a anthu,sizitheka a DPP mwaononga pafupifupi 1bilion kutenga omuimbila mmanja Muthalika ku America pamene galimoto mukunenazi zikhalapobe ndipo inunso a DPP mudzayendela muli ku opposition.

  61. jumbe says:

    For your information Andrew the speakers of parliament are not nonentities we are indeed in the democratic state malawi is not a banana Republic let’s give a credit to where it is due

  62. Ma says:

    Foolish Dickson Kashoti and your leaders of opposition. Who told you 2 wrongs can correct each other? If government in waiting is so extra vagant, what will happen once in power? Government is deliberately biying these vehicles in order to shut up Chakwera. He has np power now to blame government for extravagant spending as he’s in the same boat!

    I have no respect for Chakwera now! All are there for their own comfort and enrichment.

    You mean mk75m one car? For what? And mk300m you say cant do anything in our economy? Kashoti are you such a fool? Imagine if this cash was used to buy cars fo dpp? Who was going to be forefront condemning? Chakwera and kabwira….Malawi tulo

  63. myao says:

    Why did Brian Bowler proceed with the Lexxus ourchase without govt fuming?

  64. KALULU says:

    Who told you to buy those cars for them? This is a bribe you thought they won’t oppose once you give them those machine, kiss my assignment we need a new MALAWI now! We are sick and tired of your stupidity, trust me ISIS brothers will join us if you won’t bring change NOW! I swear

  65. Mbiri says:

    Your reasoning is foolishness of the highest order Dickson Kashoti! Can you not see that the use of such expensive cars in the midst of poverty is absurd. This is more so because the country cannot afford this. Its people with such stupid reasoning that are destroying this country. When you are poor and cannot afford a decent car you are handicapping, when you get to high offices you want to compensate yourselves for missed opportunities and start living in opulence at the expense of our taxes. This is dangerous and oftentimes leads to public anger which then sparks unrest. It’s not just Parliament that has to stop this stupidity, it’s everyone who is using tax payers money which can be used for better things including oxygen concentrators that we will all use. If you like Prados so much, buy them using your money and Noone will complain. Nanunso a Chakwera mukulolela uchitsiruwu? By the way, what car do you Kashoti drive for you to be condoning such madness? Am sure ndi chiphapha! Wise up, tonse timafuna zabwino.

  66. Wadiyusufu mchinji says:

    Oky. But let me to inform Dr. Chakwera that Ambulances are not on the roads of Malawi due to empty fuel tanks. Therefore we are depending on you to remind you friend(Peter) to consider it. It will be better to provide good health services than coorpons, instead we are going to use chickens and goats dropings to add in our gardens but heading remains from the hospital is over deadbody.

  67. drogba says:

    kodituu zimaphweka zikakhala kwa Mzako. u say chakwera can’t be going into the villages teaching people democracy in corollas, isn’t it?? afterall it is within Malawi and could be ok. But you the same people, together with your chakwera and her big mouth Kabwira wants the state president to be walking to America, or at least be boarding a bus, are we serious?? no matter how poor a country could be, there are some costs we can’t run away from. lets not just be making noise just because our friends have done it. Humans tend to be alarmed when they see their own sin in others.


    ONLY COST ????

  69. Nyero says:

    No wonder dzina lawi ndi a kashoti. Very short in the head and stupid.

  70. chakwanuleka says:

    The fact of the matter is that most arguments and accusations we come across are too shallow to be appreciated. As well articulated in this article, does the whole procurement begin and end with parliament alone? Was this expenditure with budget or outside budget? If its within budget, does government have a say on the resource allocations or everything is left with parliament to do as they wish? so you see what i mean when i say those blaming Msowoya have very small minds not worth appreciating

  71. Andrew Fatch says:

    So u expect the president of Malawi to be walking to India or any other summit yet the nonenty to be bought cars.Why didn’t they refuse to wait until rhe economy is ok? Chilikwanzako chigwile nyanga.Opposition ………….

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