‘Off the wall of’ Ken Ndanga: Malawi must sort its governance before legal hemp

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The problem we have with our economy is not because we have not legalised Chamba or what others call Marijuana, it is our inability to adhere to governance.

Ndanga:  Poverty by choice

Ndanga: Poverty by choice

The day we become serious about governance our economy will stabilise and eventually grow.

How do you account for the proceeds of Chamba if you don’t value governance? The root cause of our problems in whatever form is lack of adherence to governance.

The late Edward Chitsulo would say ’tisadyekanepo galu apa’. I rest my case. Poverty by choice!

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15 thoughts on “‘Off the wall of’ Ken Ndanga: Malawi must sort its governance before legal hemp”

  1. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Ken Ndanga needs to ask himself if UDF is promoting good governance by weakening the opposition when they joined the govt bench in parliament. What UDF did is weakening good governance.

  2. Chilungamo says:

    But who is government according to you Ndanga because if we are to be serious to talk about chamba growing to enahance economy it’s to make cash available that even if you loot a common man will produce something hence you quill not be able to dry the coffers in the end few people will be thieves but most Malawians will work and benefit through employment set up through the industry in fortunately to us govt is the rulling party and the president makes the decisions regardless of wise descending views one good example is what you Ken Ndanga and udf infact it’s ironic that you can stand here and comment when you are part of the destructive machinery. Sorry Malawi in the hands of dogs

  3. MASO A GULU says:






  4. king solomon says:

    What about if we can try again these white guys to rule us? Maybe we can register tremendous changes as far as proper governance is concerned i rest my comment.

  5. chaiwone wawo says:

    That’s exactly the point. Imagine if all the billions that have been poured into Malawi by development partners, all the locally generated income was put to good use. Would Malawi still serve as an example of poor countries? the political leadership in Malawi is evil and rotten. Not just the ruling politicians. I believe at present any party that comes into power will be the same. Its sad we do not wish our nation well. I hate our political leaders.

  6. Mtumiki Woyamba says:

    Bwana Ndanga, what exactly is the connection between legalizing weed and sorting out governance issues? So because people abuse resources then we shouldn’t push for hemp legalization?

    Tisiye kupanga zinthu zokuti zikhoza kutukula dziko chifukwa anthu a ndale mumawononga? Unami were baba!

  7. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

    I have a question for Nyasatimes editors: How often will this “off the wall” column appear? Is it daily, weekly, bi-weekly or its just going to be erratic as long as youve picked up something interesting? My opinion is that probably you come up with a specific day of the week and you select a piece that is really striking. From the day you launched this column, my observation is that only the very first one written by Simango Charles to do with banking services was really top notch. The rest have been average to say the least. My point is, if you take time to monitor facebook posts in a week, there will one particular and outstanding piece which readers like us will enjoy and learn something from it. Not just one or two paragraphs that seem not to have a specific crux or central point without even supporting illustrations to back up the argument.

  8. Alufeyo says:

    Even if you root out corruption and plug in all leakages Malawi shall never develop somply because we dont produce enough goods of value to export. Only tobacco brings “something”. There is no manufacturing only retailing imported goods. I studied in Ondia where there is real corruption but the Indian economy is vibrant and India has advanved in technology to the extent that they manufacture cars and many more things for export. The artigance of Treasury and Goodall Gondwe in coming up with the budget is a liability to this country. In addition we need a real Leader in this country one who can inspire the country.

  9. Tembusha says:

    Government is not the source of your poverty you idiots! What is government anyway, isnt it pipo?

    It greed of a few individuals entrusted with running affairs of the country that mess up things. And the root cause of this is our inability to take them to task.

    Akagwidwa akuba we simply transfer them. Akachotsedwa they go to specialist judge-shopping lawyers who agree before the commencement of the case on how much they get and what percentage will go to the judge, to the lawyer, to a govt official and the remainder to the thieving employee?

    It is ironic that the issue of governance is being brought out by a top UDF official. If we can go back and pinpoint the origins of corruption and bad governance we will stop at the doorstep of UDF!

  10. Tithatonse says:

    Will the value of chamba remain high if it is grown freely?

  11. captain says:

    Malawi is a small country where one person can make it stable and that’s a president. Paul kagame single handedly has managed to change the mindset of Rwandans. The quality of leadership can quick start the mindset of most Malawians, problems with most of us is we follow the leader. Just give enough independence to graft fighting bodies its one way to jump start our economy.

  12. Karo gaii says:

    Ligalise the production but not smoking.And find a market for export

  13. Viva says:

    In fact our chronic poverty will be a marvel in 50 years to come. People will travel from all over the world to see the remaining poor country in the world!

  14. Solicitors says:




  15. puludzu says:

    Coincidentally this is exactly what I came to conclude today. Governance is the root cause of all our socio-economic problems and under development. Aliyense amayendera yake and you don’t expect such a nation to development. All our assumed roles and responsibilities are just sheep skins. Inside we do it our way as long as we are able to feed our families. Aliyense payekhapayekha

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