‘Off the wall of’ Patseni Mauka: First Lady takes nepotism to Malawi Revenue Authority

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Sam Zuze, a relation of the First Lady has been appointed as Finance Director at Malawi Revenue Authority through a simple instruction from the ‘Prime Minister’.

First Lady Getrude Mutharika

First Lady Getrude Mutharika

My take: Having qualifications and experience is ok. Being given a position on a silver platter is wrong!

Being given a position even after failing interviews is fraud.

Leaving people who are better qualified and passed the interviews with flying colours is stranger than fiction.

Giving someone a position because he has a relation in State House is nepotism. It’s what we are fighting against.

We demand transparency in recruitment of people in all government departments. We will not relent. We will not quit. We want change in this country and change will come no matter what anybody call us. We are young. We have energy and we feel our energy must be utilised in transforming Malawi. Aluta continua!

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30 thoughts on “‘Off the wall of’ Patseni Mauka: First Lady takes nepotism to Malawi Revenue Authority”

  1. nkhawazatha says:

    My Chinese neighbour ate my dog. Should I inform the police?

  2. Kennedy nali says:

    In my perspective we need group like al-shabab or isis to destroy these anoying Leaders because if there is good governance non of these would happen. There are capable educated people all over the country but corruption and nepotism hold them and the country from developping. Bingu started well later these widows my gosh! Look at peter he is a died man walking yet the south salute and ululute for him, yes its usual they want money from him not knowing they are kiling the childrens future. One day is one day miracle will happen in our peaceful nation.

  3. Denis Kachoka says:


  4. Mnngulu says:

    This talk of public sector reform is rubbish and humiliating effort by Government. They are not interested in Malawi improving and prospering but themselves. Citizen action or arrest is needed whenever we have such things. Office yake yili kuti amene akudziwa atiudze. Anthu ku Thyolo, Chiradzul Mulanje, Blantyre ali achile lero. Tinthana nayo basi. Zatinyatsa!

  5. Chakwera says:

    Koma kumenekoooo. Ma reforms sangatheke ku Malawi. A Chikaoneka ndi a Nkhoma mumayesa ndinu madolo. Zilibe merit izi. Michael Nevin has already said kuti in Malawi zimatengera who knows who.

  6. Kuvala kwa a 1st lady kumeneko?No wonder Kasaila ali dovu chuchuchu!

  7. sindi says:

    In all this, bravo to Thom Mpinganjira, former Board Chair of MRA, who stood by conscious and refused to sign his appointment letter because his appointpoint was not on merit. You dont pick the least perfomer during the interviews for an important job like Director of Finance for a tax collecting body. That is being childish. Ofcourse this cost Thom Mpinganjira his Chairmanship, but does he care?

    Ralph Kamoto, a renowened accountant, also almost lost his job as CEO of MRA for refusing to author a letter of Zuzes appointment as he was the least performer during the interviews. He wanted to pick some one on merit just like Mpinganjira. It had to take Mpinganjira to warn him on his impending sacking that he ( Kamoto) reluctantly instructed a director of HR at MRA to write the letter of appointment to the least perfomer of the four interviewees. At the time, there was a caucas to sack Kamoto for refusung to write the appointment letter and replace him with Rosa Mbilizi that Thom Mpinganjira warned Kamoto to just write the letter and avoid being sacked.

    If he stole from Nedbank, what will stop him from stealing from MRA for Getrude’s BEAM? Gentlemen, our taxes are at risk. I dont envy working for MRA. Which accounting does he know that the other successful accountants at MRA do not know? Accounting for revenues is not as simple as debit and credit.

    Shame on DPP, Getrude and Ben Phiri. My condolences to entire MRA especially Finance Division. Simply dont give him support. Let him earn his salary by working and not relying on staff from finance division. You mean all cricial non tax technical postions at MRA like Admin, Procurement, Finance etc should be filled like this? Kamoto take care. MRA ikagwa as it is slowly doing, people will associate the downfall with you. Mxxxx!!!!!!!!!

  8. grem naidze says:

    yes u r right my friend.this country is full of corruption.work is available only to those who r related to the authorities.

  9. Chimani. Game says:

    Tiyeninazo.mbuziza.dpp zopandamanondinzeru

  10. Givens Gamaliel says:

    Malawi hates competition and no wonder we have substandard things in every circle.To get a job these days you need to be connected to somebody despite having proper qualifications.There is alot of corruption in Malawi.Probably you should be interviewed by azungu who will never care about somebody where he is coming from,related to who but picks somebody on merit.Its a shame for this country being led by this incompetent crooked govt of Dpp.

  11. Vyanje says:

    VATgate in the making.

  12. Vyanje says:

    Cashgate in the making.

  13. Alufeyo says:

    Nambewe its Ben Phiri who ordered MRA to give Zuze the job. Actually Ben Phiri is the president and APM the Deputy. Ben Phiri has an advantage over many people in DPP because he personally handpicked George Mkondiwa as Chief Secretary. Unfortunately Willi Samute the best and credible person in OPC was bewiched by Mkondiwa. Mkondiwa has also bewitched Chinthu Phiri so that he should be given a contract after his retirement.

  14. Kafire says:

    Koma Amayi inu mwagwetsa NAC lero anthu akuvhotsedwa ntchito chifukwa cha BEAM yanu. Lero mukufuna mugwetse MRA nanga Zuze yo si errand boy wanu. We have our eyes wide open and very soon dzikoli muzalithawa ngati mayi nzanu. Zuze anayamba wakhalapo accountant?

  15. ujeni says:

    Koma Gogo Getrude Mutharika trying very hard to milk Malawi. mavota vota we voted in Mafias.

  16. Alex Likoswe says:

    Off the Wall is good. Please continue

  17. mgwantha says:

    Atumbuka ali ndi boma lawo osadandaula republic of nyika

  18. Mbewa ndi nchira says:

    mimba mbaa! Mkazi Ngwaladi.

  19. Sapitwa says:

    Did you know that passing an interview is no guarantee that you are the right candidate for the job?
    Did you know that an interview constitute only 5% of knowing the attributes of the candidate?
    Did you know that some people may have the required qualifications and experience yet fail yo deliver?
    These are the reasons you may hire someone you have known over the years as a deliverer. You just head hunt them whether they are your former boss, your uncle as long as they such unquestionable qualities to give you what you want. However the interview process is always applied as a prerequisite.

  20. nambewe says:

    Is it not the same Sam Zuze who brought controversy at Central Medical Stores Trust whom Feston Kaupa used in order for his contract to be renewed. Now who is using him at MRA and to get what???? No wonder our country has indeed gone to the dogs

  21. kenkkk says:

    As long as he is not a spy and doesn’t interfere with tax payments of his relatives,ben, their affiliated friends and their organizations or businesses.There should be no tax evasion and avoidance by friends.

    Mra be careful with your records or information.

  22. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Thats the spirit Malawi needs to stop corruption and nepotism that is sending this counntry to.a bottomless pit


    no connection with atumbuka apa,

  24. Sekulu says:

    It is ‘the handwriting on the wall.’ Malawi is collapsing and will not recover.


  26. Mkondiwa says:

    Ameneyo sikuti wabwera kuzagwira ntchito ayi. Tamutumiza with a special purpose kuzaba ndalama zopititsa ku BEAM. Ntchito imeneyo sangaikwanitse muzichita kumugwilira. Pitani mukafunse ku Central Medical stores.

  27. Chendawaka says:

    Business as usual.

  28. P. M says:

    Kodi nanga atumbukawa akunangogailana mipandowa ndi nzeru zomwe alije koma wakwithu wakwithu mutinawo bwanji? Zimatinyasatu ife zimenezi

  29. tuvitwana says:

    Tinakuzani ife AWA SIANTHU. JUST SEE HOW SHE LOOKS …Gogo koma Afuna awoneke nsikana kkkkkkk

  30. Dr White says:

    Is this the Sam Zuze who stole from Nedbank and got fired? Koma MRA are you really serious? You want to trust our tax money with a thief?

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