Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti… bring to book 7 rotten ministers

Malawians will never stand up and speak in unison against bad leadership even though it is obvious the country is losing direction. Our leaders know this weakness and take us for granted.

Let the ministers implicated be investigated

Let the ministers implicated be investigated

We had some Malawians who sided with the colonial masters when others wanted independence and freedom. We had Malawians who said they were with Kamuzu nga nga nga even when he butchered his own people to purge dissent.

We had some Malawians who stood by Bakili even though it was obvious much of Malawi was being eaten up by corruption, we had Malawians who said till death doth us part with Bingu even though he became increasingly intolerant and brutally killed 20 innocent protesters and the Robert Chasowa.

We had some Malawians who clapped hands for Amai Joyce Banda even in the wake of the K30 billion public money loot and she seemed clueless on how to run the government.

I am therefore not surprised that some Malawians will be with APM in his quest to surpress the truth on the seven cabinet ministers allegedly connected to the K236 billion cashgate.

Let the law take its course.

The senseless theories that the names are not there or no one knows where the names are is as senseless as the looting of the money itself. Let us move on as Malawians. We are tired of being labelled thieves and crooks wherever we go all over the world.

When you identify yourself as Malawian, the first question is cashgate. This is the time to prove our innocence by putting the politicians in the court dock and let the law take its course otherwise, the way things are, even donors and our sympathisers think someone is shielding these cabinet ministers.

If Bakili, a former president who ruled Malawi for 10 good years, the first president in multiparty democracy can face the law and he is still facing corruption charges in the courts, what is so special about these seven cabinet ministers that their names should just disappear in thin air?

If Kamuzu, the person who took the powerful whites head on and “broke the stupid federation” of Rhodesia and Nyasaland faced the law, what is so special about these seven cabinet ministers? Let us love our Malawi, let us learn to stand up together to seek justice from our leaders.

Let us not be hopeless and live in despair, as a nation, as people, we have the power to dictate to our leaders the right direction our country needs to take.

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Is Dickson Kashoti the only person with facebook in Malawi? I read this column is meant to share opinion from social media. But it’s only off the wall of Kashoti! However, I agree with what he is saying. Goodall Gondwe clearly embarrassed in his responses on BBC. It shows no political will and the government is not interested. APM even refers to it as ‘the so-called 577…’ . After 2013 cashgate audit report was out, names of individuals and companies were read out ngati akulengeza mayeso by one Gerald Viola. I wonder where is he now and whether it has… Read more »

Honourable Kalua just take the matter to Constitutional Court. The ruling party has taken the voters for granted. Let me tell you, where ever the president sits with his buddies, its, “kkkkkkk, fools”


Why can’t the opposition parties take the ruling party to Constitutional court to have this resolved?


Just replace 7 fat cows with 7 thin ones

You Malawians always exaggerate isdues. MK30 billion cant earn you the label a nation of thieves. Theft is in every country in this world. Enron did not happen in Malawi. Barring Bank of UK was not sunk by Malawi. Am a Nigerian who once lived in Malawi i find the donors very dishonest by punishing MW and giving aid to Kenya and Nigeria. Are you aware that when cashgate ($30million) happened in MW Tanzanian civil servants stole $121 million? The problem is that IFMIS is prone to abuse and its obvious that where systems are not foolproof human beings will… Read more »

There are no foolproof systems and it is not a problem of systems! It is a human problem and a human vice!

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