Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: Is Mutharika fit to continue as Malawi President?

I very much doubt that our President, His Excellency Professor Peter Mutharika lives in Malawi. Sometimes I have a sense that he is still in the US and sometimes I have a feeling that he is in Pluto.

President Mutharika

President Mutharika

As a leader and Chancellor of our prestigious University of Malawi, I expected him to break his silence and say something about the impasse on university fee hike

As a leader, he should not be pushed by college student union leaders who have sought an audience with him on Thursday. We, in the Fees Must Fall campaign sympathisers, are not against the raising of the fees per se but the timing is very bad, inconsiderate and smacks of selfishness on our few elite.

The cost of life in Malawi has drastically gone up, the economy is at its worst since Malawi was created, our leaders seem not to know what to do, instead they keep on slapping us with one tax after another. The party cadets controlled at Kamuzu Palace seem to enjoy to terrorise those with dessenting views.

Yet most of them were not there on that chilly mid month June 14 referendum day, either they were too small to vote or were in exile, when we voted for this democracy in 1993. They have now taken Mutharika as their god. They would do anything to appease and please their stomachs. This meeting of the student union leaders and the president is useless and senseless.

The students should go ahead with their non violent cause. There is a disconnect between the president and his people. If he was considerate, the president, as the Chancellor of the University of Malawi, would have advised the university to raise the fees gradually not at one go as they have done it in these harsh economic conditions.
It is a fact that most of Malawians are in abject poverty, very few of us have the luxury of disposable income.

Fees Must Fall indeed until the economy improves!

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This president is useless his days bare numbered.

be humane

what is missing in these writtings is objectivity and exclusion of emotional conclusions. You talk much of the people instead of their principles and ideologies or approaches which makes your writings lack objectivity and assumed as written out of personal anger. The things is most of you writers are victims of DPP administration of booting and firing which compromises your objectivity. Mukumalemba za abwana anu amene anakuchotsani ntchito imene mumapanga nayo matama so you are writing out of anger in the process missing most of the good points you raise in your articles


There is nothing like mabwana ochotsa ntchito. Kashoti was never in government. The thing is with this clueless govt moyo wanyanya kuwawa except for the elite few like you who are eating freebies out of the sweat of all of us. Govt without direction

Mr Kashoti, You are still talking about the 1993 Referendum? Which govt produced needed fruits since 1994? Why did we not re-elect the first multiparty govt in 2009 if things were ok during its rule? Why are you referring the activities of this govt to the 1993 referendum? It is irrelevant! The problem with you biased writers you fail to give alternatives when you criticize current leadership. The same with all opposition politicians. All are vocal in their criticism but no one is saying something which the govt should do as an alternative to solve a particular problem. How can… Read more »

Iwe ndiye galu wamunthu. So there is something positive you are able to see out of this govt? So you can even vote for them? Koma anthu ena adabadwa ngati manyi ndithu. Always kununkha, just because you are eating our taxes nkumatumbwa? May the Almighty hit you and your earthly gods hard, now

Like you, Dickson Kashoti, I am very much against the increase in fees. The powers to be at U of M seem to have lost a sense of proportionality: our disposable incomes do not square with the proposed fee schedules at all. The plan should be scrapped; and put off for another day. And when that day comes, the schedule should be reasonable. Most of the President’s advisers, and DPP heavy weights, grew up in villages (and there is no rich village in this country), so they all know what we are complaining about. Don’t tell me they have lost… Read more »

The selfish Malawians who orchestrated for this stranger to be president of Malawi did the whole country a disservice. He’s indeed out of touch! Only reacts to things being shown on CNN and BBC. Most likely now he’s busy watching the US elections. Zonse zaima kaye until November!


Mutharika is the most clueless President Malawi has ever had. I do not know why we Malawi deserve this man to be our president. He is not fit even to be a village head.

Dr Mbilixi

Days for Mr Ibu are really numbered.


This president can use our taxes for hiring a jet to go and collect a worthless certificate from Addis Ababa, yet he imposes huge increases on students, most of whose education would be of great value to Malawi!

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