It’s official! Malawi coach Mtawali sacked, Ramadahan installed as caretaker coach- FAM

Football Association of Malawi (Fam)  has announced that the employment contracts of the Malawi National football team’s coach, Ernest Mtawali and his assistant Nsanzurwimo Ramadhan, due to expire on 31 July will not be renewed.

Mtawali  (Left) is sacked while  his assistant Nswazirimo Ramadhan is installed care taker coach

Mtawali (Left) is sacked while his assistant Nswazirimo Ramadhan is installed care taker coach

FAM said in a statement issued on Thursday that the decision by the association’s executive committee has been made as a result of poor performance of the Flames over the past year.

It said Ramadahan, a Burundian tactician, will return as caretaker coach, however, to oversee Malawi’s match against Swaziland on 3 September in Blantyre.

The Football Association of Malawi said Ramadahan would take charge of the team for a month from 10 August so Malawi can complete their fixtures intheir failed campaign to qualify for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.

“Fam would like to thank the two coaches for the services they rendered to the nation in the past one year and wish them all the best in their future endeavors,” the statement issued by FAM CEO Suzgho Nyirenda and made available to Nyasa Times said.

Malawi media including Nyasa Times reported of a leaked report from Fam’s Technical and Youth sub-committee  that reveals that there were serious divisions in Mtawali’s technical panel.

The report has levelled serious accusations on Mtawali, saying he was selecting national team players without consulting his assistant Ramadhan or his fellow technical panel members.

The report also faulted Mtawali for employing wrong game tactics and alleged biased selection of players and failure to submit technical reports and review matches.

Ironically, the committee has also proposed to re-engage Ramadhan as a caretaker coach and will face the axe too, if the results are not convincing.

“There is not team-work among members of the technical panel. The Head Coach is on one side and the rest of the team on the other. It was very clear that the Head Coach works in isolation and there is no information sharing among the Technical Panel members,” says the report.

“The Head Coach does not involve, and ignores advice from the Assistant Coach, a development that has led to the Assistant Coach to simply attend the training sessions and being part of the team simply as an observer. This also extends to the Team Manager on administrative issues. It was noted that the Head Coach never consults or takes heed of advice from the Team Manager on administrative issues.”

It further stated that there was no professional relationship between Mtawali and Ramadhan and that the coach was too close to some players.

“This was very clear from the discussions and reports made available to the sub-committee. It was noted, for example, during the meeting that the Head Coach, he kept insisting that in future, Fam should not be imposing an Assistant Coach but that the Head Coach should be given an opportunity to choose his own backroom staff,” added the report.

“This was a very clear indication that he was not prepared to work with the Assistant Coach and this was very clear to see. It was also very clear from the Assistant Coach that there was no professional relationship between the two and that he had simply been reduced to a “ball-boy.”

Ironically, Ramadhan told the sub-committee that he was not given an opportunity to impart even 10 percent of his knowledge and experience to Mtawali.

“The subcommittee noted that there were efforts by the Technical Director to bring the two together, but there is clear lack of willingness on the part of the Head Coach to change,” the report stated.

The FAM technical sub-committee also recommended the appointment of an expatriate coach but the Malawi government stated it has no money for a foreign coach.


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Firing coaches is not a solution…if Malawi football has to be where it used to be long time ago, Walter Nyamilandu and his FAM MUST GO! They have failed Malawi football to develop which has greatly impacted on the Flames. Kinna Phiri, Young Chimodzi, Ernest Mtawali,Jack Chamangwana and some others are all good coaches. As long as Walter and his group are managing affairs at FAM, even with the best of the coaches in the world coaching Flames, we should forget about our national team performing well. These people are just enriching themselves and have absolutely nothing to do to… Read more »

Looking for another expatriate coach when one is still serving? Just close this poor business of football. I am happy to watch the Queens. You watch the queens playing, you see the stamina, eesh!

From the Kop

Good decision Fam. Nationality is not an issue in Football. That is why Nakamura from Japan is a ‘kingpin’ at Lali Lubani Road hahahahahaha!


Kinnah Phiri and Young Chimodzi should come back with Eddie Ng’onamo as the TD.


No need to fund the national football team please rather use the money for other important uses. . We need a five-year international football break to reorganise our football development

Chidyaudzu Phiri

Aaaaaaaa five years international footbal
l break? Can you reason properly with football in mind? My suggestion is as good as yours but we should have international friendly games that’s the only way we can build abetter national team. Staying idle can not help us.

The problem is not coaches, players, FAM etc. But the major problem is Malawi is generally a cursed nation seeing from the results and performance. In every area, we are not doing well. All we need to do is to sort out our relationship with God the Creator will in turn open our eyes to see direction we are going. Repentance in our wicked ways is a solution, otherwise we are wasting our time and resources as a result of these curses. Deliverance is a must. We have had expatriate coaches, local etc but it has never taken us anywhere.… Read more »

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