OG Matches dupes Malawians with ‘Moto kuti buu’ promo, CAMA says ‘serious crime’

Malawi’s OG Matches could get into legal trouble for duping Malawians with a competition in which grand winner was to drive away a Nissan 1 tonner.

Kapito: Report them to Lottery Board

Kapito: Report them to Lottery Board

Between November and December 2013 OG Matches flew adverts for its Moto Kuti Buu competition in The Nation newspaper and on MBC Radio 2 FM every Tuesdays with Frank Kandu as host.

The grand draw was to be on December 16, 2014 but three months later there is graveyard silence from the organisers.

One of the participants, Juma Basikolo, 23, of Malawi’s capital Lilongwe said he was “bitter with the conduct of the organizers.”

Other prizes that were expected to be dished away included 300 bicycles and 100 cellphones.

Apparently, Nyasa Times sourced, OG Matches did not conduct the draw on the scheduled date because they were “still unsure of the prices for bicycles and cellphones.”

For the reason, they postponed the grand draw to December 31, 2014.

“When 31 [December] came there was still nothing. They gave the same reasons and pushed the grand draw to a later date: 18th January 2015,” explained Basikolo, “but there too nothing happened.”

The circumstances triggered participants to start wondering whether the Malawi National Lottery Board (MNLB) was aware of the competition.

According to (MNLB) rules and regulations the rules and regulation “if, after an Entry has become a Valid Entry, the Facilities fail, or are damaged or destroyed or if the Official Record is damaged or destroyed, or there is no Complete Draw at the conclusion of any given draw due to personal, electrical or mechanical failure or for whatever reasons, the Operator’s liability (if any) to Participants is to refund the Investment regardless of how the failure, damage or destruction was caused.”

But according to Nyasa Times investigations, no one has won either a bike or a cellphone from the yearlong promotion.

Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) executive director John Kapito said OG Matches committed a serious offence.

“They [OG Matches] are supposed to honour their commitments,” he said, “and if they don’t they are liable to legal implication.”

Kapito encouraged the participants to take up the issue with the Malawi National Lottery Board.

The rules of MNLB are governed by the laws of the Republic of Malawi, and each participant shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Republic of Malawi.

Malawians, most of who survive on less than a dollar a day, have a history of participating in various lotteries.

Just last month, estate owner Harry Assima won the latest model of Nissan Qashqai for emerging winner in the Africa Cup of Nations Goal of the Tournament Competition. He correctly voted for Ghana’s Christian Atsu’s goal as Goal of the Tournament beating 16 000 other entrants

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19 thoughts on “OG Matches dupes Malawians with ‘Moto kuti buu’ promo, CAMA says ‘serious crime’”

  1. Munthu wa Nkulu Kwambiri says:

    1. u r hav destroyed the reputation of yo company. matches anu sitizagulanso

    2. matches anu okanikanso kuyaka, u cant compete with Leopard

    3 wanya nayo mphwanga mmwenye. ukukhala kuno mwachisomo ukutiberanso? uvutika udziwanso sitikusiya nyani iwe.

  2. Cydrick Mgunda says:

    Musade mmwenye zangovuta basi.

  3. Jane says:

    Multinationals are forced to but prizes even before the competition starts….nde izi zatha bwa

  4. Mlosimailosi says:

    A Hanif Osman u MP Mumafuna uja mumaufunila kuti muzitiber podziwa kuti boma likutetezani.Mwenye ndi Mwenye basi sayenera kuyendetsa dziko ku Africa.Come 2019 more Indians are strategising to stand as MPs.We will discover one day that 75% of our MPs are Indians.

  5. Bokhobokho says:

    Amwenye akutibera dzuwa likuswa mtengo. Wina ndi uja anaba kumtsekera bank amulola wabwera watsegulanso atibere zenizeni. Ziko wanu, ndalama wathu!

  6. john rambo says:

    Why are u fighti amwenye when TNM pasavute charges 11.11% but lies in adverts that u pay 10% more.a malawi is this (10/90)100 to me it 11.111111% over a million kwacha that’s alot of money.u request 100 credit they give u 90 and u pay back 100 which is 10 more but u got 90 units miss informing and duping malawians

  7. arthur bingu says:

    Amwenye don’t take advantage,zoyambana ife ayi,dziko lathu ndi lamtendere thus y lingolemerabe mboni ndi Peter

  8. Alfred says:

    taking us for granted .

  9. George Lihoma. says:

    Amalawi ndife ansanje+nkhanza+kuponderezana tokhatokha. Nkhani imeneyi anakakhala kampani imapangitsa mpikisanowo ndi ya wachlokolo (m’Malawi wachikuda),ooh atamangidwa kalekale and atayalutsidwa. Koma poti ndianzathu achimwenye,aaah muona kutha kwake ngati moto wankhuni zaziwisi. Even MACRA is got powers to bring them to court,why going forward then backwards. Hahahahaha!

  10. madzola says:


    1. Jonsom Phiri says:

      Lilongwe CITY MALL SHOPPINGS competition without closing date just to mislead consumers. Displaying a Nissan Note to cheat customers. Tell us when you are closing.Daylight roberry.CAMA find out

  11. Patriot says:

    Amwenye MXIEEUUUW

  12. mzamba wamkulu says:

    a khothi nkhaniyo

  13. Ana amuna a mphongo says:

    Cama and rotery board needs to come in to help poor malawian as you know most of us we are ileterate we can participate in a competition but know nothing there after. Even if we win and never given the prize we dont know what to do, let alone undrawn comptetetion like this. Please help. Mr. Kapito you have done better before do it. Take Rotery board to task they know something

  14. edda mwalweni says:

    What a shame on you?

  15. MBACHI says:


  16. Kamale says:

    While appreciating the substance in his arguments, several questions come to my mind; firstly is the platform used. i guess if he has pressing issues, the president of Malawi, unlike him, has an adress both physical and postal through which he could make his worries known?
    Secondly the reforms cannot be done overnight, possibly your ideas could an input to process as it is incremental in nature. trashing the process all and sundry is a stand taken by a hopeless person. past failures cannot deter our hope nor efforts
    Thirdly, you have been out of the country since 2012, it seems anything about Malawi is not your concern by now; you did not attend your borther’s funeral, you did not attend your boss’s funeral, you did not vote in the country, i bet you are not a registered voter, what else do you want??

  17. xtra says:

    During the 2014 World Cup, MBC-TV was also advertising competition on Game Predictions and that prizes included a Nissan Tiida. We were told to send our predictions to was it 5353 or 53453 and each sms cost K50. One could spend over K500 daily sending these messages. When the cup was in semi finals, the messages could no longer be sent to this number. No announcement was made on the discontinuation of the competition nor the reasons. Up to now, we have heard nothing from these crooked brutes. Lottery Board, please do something if you can read this. I lost over K7000 in this and I could sue MBC-TV if our courts were vibrant enough

  18. nana says:

    Shame a grand draw of a car n bikes for buying match stix?

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