OG Plastics K6m robbery surviving cop promoted from Constable to Sup-Inspector

The police officer who was wounded by criminals in a K6 million armed robbery at OG Plastics shops in Limbe, Blantyre on Saturday, has been promoted to a senior rank.

Manjolo:   Promoted

Manjolo: Phiri is promoted

Constable Jailos Phiri was wounded in a gunfire exchange with criminals who shot dead another police officer, Sub-Inspector Yohane Mabutawo during the multimillion Kwacha heist.

National Police Public Relations Officer, Rhoda Manjolo confirmed to Nyasa Times that Constable Phiri, who managed to kill one of the criminals during the gunfire, has been promoted to the rank of Sub-Inspector.

Constable Phiri shot dead hardcore criminal Ben Harawa who was among the criminals that staged the robbery.

“It is true Constable Phiri has been promoted; he is now Sub-Inspector(Number 2992),” confirmed Manjolo.

The two officers were on private duty with OG plastics personnel collecting money within Limbe when they encountered the armed criminals who also injured an OG Plastics accounts officer, Muhammad Sami- currently admitted at Seventh Day Adventist hospital.

Manjolo said OG Plastics hired the two police officers from B Division Company to collect money from the company’s shops in Limbe.

“After finishing collecting the money, the crew started off heading to their head office at Maselema. When they entered into the compound, a Nissan Tiida which was following them also got into the compound.

“One criminal suspect jumped from the Tiida car carrying a bottle of acid. The suspect reached to the car carrying the money and poured the acid into the face of Inspector Mabutao. Later Constable Phiri sensed danger and fired gunshots that killed the suspect on the spot,” explained Manjolo.

According to Manjolo, this action forced other suspects, who are still at large, to jump out of the car and picked the gun which was in the possession of the deceased suspect and fired at the crew that was in the OG plastic’s vehicle. This, she said, resulted in the death of Mabutao.

Constable Phiri and Sami were also wounded in the legs.

The vehicle used by the criminals was later dumped close to Katimba CCAP Church in Limbe.

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31 thoughts on “OG Plastics K6m robbery surviving cop promoted from Constable to Sup-Inspector”

  1. namalira wamkulu says:

    Very bad

  2. without so called an employ where does ones prefomance be appraised?its part of life

  3. sibweni says:

    Mmmmmm where is our malemu bingu and mr mukhito who did away with security issues atleast perfectly but che kachama amene ali anzawo a uladi mussah zikuwavuta pamodzi ndi munthu wankulu.kodi atumbuka muziba kwathu kuno,muzikaba ku vipya country kwanuko za chamba eti shatapo!

  4. i miss kamuzu banda and john tembo says:

    bit naive of the police and og plastics if you ask me. cash in transit should always be done by professionals (g4s) who have armoured vehicles with no window access and are trained to recognize suspicious vehicles that may be following them. this was a murder just waiting to happen.

    we sometimes overlook the extreme danger of transporting money in the name of cost cutting. pepani a namfedwa onse but please tizipangako avoid zithuzi where we can.

  5. Truelly says:

    Putting the Officer at risk. This Mbava was a family member. Despite his behaviour, Amati chitsilru chili ndi mwini. Wisdom please.

  6. WIN.B says:

    ur telling us to mek proper comments when u have not commented properly as well!!!

  7. Amandy says:

    Koma…lets promote anthuwa motsata lamulo osadikira kuwombeledwa kaye let dat promotion rotate to everyone….who deserves xo!! Ena akhalitsa kma no promotion with pains….pa nchito

  8. Is this Manjolo a female or male officer? the face looks masculine, please Nyasatimes give us a detailed picture of the down anatomy!!

  9. Nabanda says:

    That why bible says: amayika njira popanda njira. Kodi akadapanda kuwomberedwa akapromotedwa? China chimabwera ngati chiphinjo koma uli m’dalitso.

  10. Mbuya says:

    Ben Harawa mbava yotchena………kodi asena amabanso eti?

  11. miss k says:

    I feel we have exposed the hero. let’s follow the precedence of Osama do we know who killed him? it’s for security reasons but again we cant be questioning all these I am not an officer. for sure the officer will be protected so as to rule out the issue of revenge. congrats on the promotion.

  12. miss k says:

    let’s not reveal the names of the heroes…. Do we know the names of the heroes who killed Osama? ?? no ! those guys were promoted but it’s for their security that those names will never be revealed. I personally think our officer is in danger for being exposed.


    Congratulations r in order Mr Phiri on ur promotion! May you continue saving our beloved country Malawi with pride and excellency!! God bless Malawi!!!

  14. Mbuya says:

    Wat about Guta ve actor?

  15. Kaligondo says:

    Nanga wakufayo no promotion?

  16. Akulisinga says:

    Sub inspector killed ….constable. promoted to sub inspector you have just retained the nominal roll.Wamwalira. ndi constable pa pay roll. by. the way a criminal armed with a bottle of acid? tikhale serious when on duty of that nature osamangoganiza ZA ma allowance dziko la penga ili RIP officer

  17. cid says:

    Well done Inspector General. Demote that police officer who was promoted by implicating three innocent young men from Lilongwe that they stole at Jehovah’s Witness yet it was an inside job using a Zambian armed robber who has connections with two Zambian Nationals working at Jehovah’s Witness office, find out mwana wanu ndangodutsamo. We were also on duty when we shot dead an armed robber at Bwalo la Njovu but we were not promoted what criteria do use!

  18. Blessings Kaweru says:

    I suggest that police who are dealing with money transportation should be putting on bullet proof

  19. advisory committee says:

    But promotions should not wait for these type of events promote officers rwgularly please

  20. thoko vinthenga says:

    Pls make the proper coments

  21. Ndanena says:

    Promote the deceased az well

  22. h says:

    Would also please announce names of policemen to shot dead 20 people in July 2011!

    1. nkhedu says:

      & be promoted as well.

  23. orila says:

    Promoted for killing a human God will punish u

  24. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Nyasatimes wake up please!! By revealing the details of the police officer you are actually putting his life in real danger because the criminals who ran away might come back to revenge one day!!

  25. c ngoleka says:

    probably the deceased has been promoted to heaven. while the injured has been promoted on earth.

  26. Kanyimbi says:

    It shows that the deceased was somehow careless. The car was following them, the robber carried a bottle of acid, followed them into the OG compound. Please policemen always be alert.

  27. jona pwele says:

    The deceased fallen hero

  28. phodo says:

    what about the relatives of the deceased?

  29. PM says:

    The dead one can be promoted posthumously also, and relatives will get the benefits

  30. opportunist says:

    What about the deceased ?

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