Omar faction demands UDF convention

United Democratic Front (UDF) Central Regional officials backing expelled vice president Iqbal Omar  on Thursday, took turns in calling upon UDF National Executive committee (NEC) to hold early elections in order to solve challenges which have emanated within the party.

UDF members backing Omar addressing news conference

UDF members backing Omar addressing news conference

Addressing a news conference at UDF Central Region headquarters, UDF senior members from Dedza, Lilongwe, Salima and Dowa, said accused the party president Atupele Muluzi for his decision of firing Iq’s Omar from the party.

Alex Waziri said the only way to resolve the differences is to call for a party national conference.

“We are calling NEC to hold a convention, we should elect new leaders who can lead the party towards the rightful direction,” said Waziri.

Waziri said during the convention “We will start afresh since Atupele has let us down,” Said Waziri.

Taking his turn UDF Governor for Salima Godfrey Katiwo praised former president Bakili Muluzi for taking care of the party during his time of leadership.

“We are asking Atupele to borrow a leaf from the former chair who had a passion and love for the party,” said Katiwo.

During the news conference, Omar’s Personal Assistant Ben Phiri (not related to State House’s aide) denied reports that Atupele gave Omar K23 million for campaigning during 2014 campaign.

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21 thoughts on “Omar faction demands UDF convention”

  1. choka phiri says:

    Atupele will be used just like his Father. Does he think Peter likes him? Peter knows he can not use technology in 2019 tog rig votes. So he nedsatt someone he wants runningmate that is Atupele. All the UDFVOTESRS will be counted as DDP and If DDP wins Atupele will be given VP position and Peter Does not need Chilima. Muntharika steal everything use People. Who has not ben used of Muntharikas? Bakili was used JB now Chilima. But Chilima is not Bakili or JB. There is VP syndrom in Malawi. Once president wins They throuw their VPS. It started with Bakili Bing and JB. It will happen with Peter and Chilima. Malawians are suffering to day because of Bakili. His son is as stupid as his Father. UDF is finished. So sad young People Who dont knows that MCP is the original and real party in Malawi. Others Come from the same party. That is why there is NO change in their governance and corruption. Development was during MCP. Th its MCP Who bult what UDF DDP PP is sittning on. The Who LL was built by MCP. Area 10. 12 3 etc. Hospital universitet good education good healthy sector agriculture. Malawi dead when Kamuzu dead.

  2. musah says:

    Mbava ngati ka atupele kanga mupasta chani omar mthandizi osati waiwala kuti anapasta baisi ndi chingamba achawa anzake ndalama zimenezo omar amagwirista zake osati ngati atupele zopadtidwa ndi mbabva bakili muluzi

  3. Ben says:

    MCP Lero zakalekale tinathananayo kale . Atupele will rule Malawi mark my word

  4. tvendort says:

    Koma yes ma band angogawana zida pa Malawi

  5. MCHEMO says:


  6. Bright Mkosi says:

    Kodi udf ilipobe kkkkk omar tamangopangani ma bizinezi basi zidatha ngati makatani zija

  7. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are suffering now because of UDF

  8. Chigawaneni says:

    I’ve known Mr Omar since the birth of UDF. He is one of the true, veteran members of this party and deserves respect. Where was Atupele in 1993? Convention should be held, we want to do away with this little boy “ung’ono ung’ono.”

  9. Atupele open ur eyes en see the strength of ur party nw! Walk out of the arm pit of DPP . There is nothing good this government ua associated with; doing to us!! Musakonde ndalama kondani anthu!! That is if ua stl having an idea of ruling this country!!

  10. nyasa reporter says:

    Jus 12yrs outside government chipani kuthelatu? Quite amazing

  11. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Lyk dad lyk son. UDF has fallen apart!

  12. Dyabulosi says:

    Kodi amwenye tamangopangani busines basi mwatani kodi?

  13. padoko says:

    Stop talking about UDF in Malawi. This party was deleted a longtime ago on the list of parties in Malawi. Chinatha kalekale so please, stop fooling people that you still exist

  14. Che Katundu says:

    Atupele mukumufunayo wavala T shirt ya DPP,pangani zanu

  15. Prophet Bashiri says:

    UDF – United Destructive Fools

  16. Nyoni phiri says:

    Olympus wangwa, join me. Mulangeni muwalo as we wil be taking MCP to 2019 bomaaa

  17. ngongoliwa says:

    That’s the prblm of political parties based on family. Bakili, atupele, bingu, apm, callista etc.

  18. Golosale ikamatha timaikamo Ana kuti ikatha tiziti amadya ma sweet…… Ndichifukwa a Chair ataona kuti chipani chatha anamusiira Atupele kuti tiziti wachimaliza ndi Atupele ndi u bebe wake kkkkkkkkkkkk midyomba yose…..jannat fildhaius…jannat naheem…..jannat Dar es salaam…….

  19. tsetsefly says:

    Makani awa. Next year we will have no thing called UDF. I call upon all development cautious members who are still support this makani party to join the mighty MCP, the only party that has the welfare of Malawians at heart. Zina za blue izi ndi akuba.

  20. Mwamuna sakalamba says:

    Nanunso ndinu wopepera kwambiri ndimayesa decision yojoina DPP anamuuza ndi a bambo ake omwewo poopa kuimbidwa milandu. Ndiye mukamati Atupele should emulate his father in caring the party, what do you mean? Kwere nikuyowoya mwangali lunda. Une kusimonga.Ukwii!!
    This UDF party is a pinnacle of politics without ideology.

  21. Babylon has fallen down.

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