On proposals to split Mzimba into tuchoko-tuchoko districts

People who advocate splitting Mzimba into tuchoko-tuchoko (tiny) districts argue that because of its large size Mzimba has lagged behind in development. When we analyse development in its components we realise that these people are making misleading allegations. Development is realised through education, health, industry, physical infrastructure like roads and bridges.

Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa V

Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa V

Educationally, Mzimba has always been in the forefront. Education was introduced there by Scottish missionaries in the 1880s. By the beginning of the 20th Century, schools had covered the whole of Ngoniland. In 1988, the Ministry of Education took a census of primary schools in Malawi and issued a report that showed Mzimba had more primary schools than any other district.

What is the current educational situation in Mzimba? The government is building a higher education institution there called Mombera University. It is constructing a road from Jenda to Edingeni, Jenda is fast emerging as a rural growth centre. It has been announced that the government is to build an aerodrome near Ekwendeni to serve passengers to Mzuzu. If all this is not development, then what is?

What about industries? Viphya Plantation, widely known as Chikangawa Forest, has existed since the end of the 1940’S. We learn that a mining company is about to start operations at Kanyika in southern Mzimba. You will see from this that all parts of the district are being developed.

If the bigger a country get the less developed it will be, why is Zambia more developed than Malawi? Can they produce evidence that in Malawi all the smaller districts are better developed than the bigger districts of Kasungu, Lilongwe, Mzimba and Mangochi?

In all countries in the world, some districts are bigger than others. Why not in Malawi? I appeal to my fellow Mzongendaba not to listen to these people. What perhaps Mzimba deserves  is decentralization but not fragmentation. We survived in the past because we were united. We shall be destroyed in the future is we start quarrelling among ourselves.

The people of Britain will decide by a referendum whether Britain should exit from the European Union. On an issue like this, they felt that parliamentary majority was not enough. It has to be the majority of the population.

Similarly, the fragmentation of Mzimba cannot be a matter of councilors alone to decide. The matter should either be dropped or put to a referendum. Let the one million people of Mzimba decide whether they are now tired of their unity made possible by the existence of paramount chiefs.

The people of Mzimba as a whole must decide whether they believe in sharing wealth or in selfishness. As things are at present, if the councilors negotiate with the government that a portion of taxes on Chikangawa Forest should be directly handed to the M’mbelwa District Council, the fund will be available for use in any part of Mzimba. If the district is partitioned then Chikangawa revenue will be claimed exclusively by the district in which it will be. The same will be the case with the Kanyika Mine and Mombera University; they will be selfishly arrogated by the districts in which they will happen to be.

The history of partitioning in Blantyre District should give further warning. The district called Mwanza was part of Blantyre. Later, the people of Mwanza split further into Mwanza and Neno districts.

Once you break Mzimba into three districts, some people will demand further splitting. All the chiefs in Mzimba happily acknowledge the traditional leadership on M’mbelwa. In the new districts, they will start bickering as to who is the new Inkosi wa Makhosi until each chiefdom will demand a district of its own, saying ‘if Likoma can be a district, why not my chiefdom?’ Let us pay homage to M’mbelwa I and his prime minister Ng’onomo for bequeathing to us the previous gift of a district almost as big as Swaziland.-Source:NPL

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john phiri

Sorry guys kani nkhaniyi walemba ndi DD Phiri? I should have known before commenting. He should first of all work on Aggrey Memorial school in trade fair

john phiri

I come from Mzimba, Embangweni in particular. The problem we have is failure to hold our MPs accountable. People still elect members of parliaments blindly and cling to them even if they are not delivering.
Change of mentality is the only solution.

Thako Lambeta

DD Phiri asakupusitseni inu anthu aku Mzimba iyeyu kwawo ku Kamteteka anathawako pano ali ku Blantyre uku kumene kuli kotukuka. zimene akufuna ndizoti kukhalebe kosatukuka ku mzimbako ask him kuti sakufuna kukakhala kwawo chifukwa chiyani?

Daniel Baloyi

If what Inkosi ya makhosi is saying is true he should answer this std 1 Question: How many District hospitals are there in Mzimba and how many will be there in a split Mzimba? If this answered logically development will be shown to be in either Single Mzimba or the Split Mzimba?


some people ur crazy just by word split mzimba why spliting . Go kwa gogo and ask the history of mzimba panji mundayendele malawi some ku south you cant even know its a distric such machinga , chiradzulu,these old districs but still undeveloped if we can compare with jenda ,raiply,ekwendani just mention a few and cannot by much talking but its duty wene mzimba to turn our trading centre

levson longani

i understand why mbelwa refuse and he remain rich and richer bcz most of people in mzimba remain in Un civilised area and still fear mbelwa too much. …..my dear friend what do you benefit from mbelwa and what have he done to your district that you can’t split think twice


Take it or leave it, Mzimba will be divided soon or later, to carter for development. Kutukwana apa just shows how empty your head is.

okonda malawi

split mzimba please
msana wa mako walemba nkhaniyi mlomwe wachabe chabe fuck off
forest ndi chitukuko? mukupindula ndinu ndi chikangawa forsake….
mmbelwa mmbelwa chani ufumu ulibe ntchito let the mzimbaz speak for themselves


UFWITI wakwa gogo winu! u r jst carrying on bt tithana nanu the meaning of mzimba wil never bring bread to pple of kajembe in euthini, stupid idiots!!!!!! Lets vote! U r only power hungry, the 20th century kingdoms of central africa as large as they were went thru transformation and the majority r now developed centres where ur siblings go for greener pastures while agogo winu wakukhumba cha kuwaphalira zakuti kuchari chimzimba icho wachimbwi na vinyama vinyake vikubabilako, fosek vindele imwe ise tikukhumba chitukuko not ur nosense!!


The only question i can ask to you all imwe mwiza na proposal Do you know the meaning of Mzimba? Pala mukumanya meaning you can not divide Mzimba.

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