On proposals to split Mzimba into tuchoko-tuchoko districts

People who advocate splitting Mzimba into tuchoko-tuchoko (tiny) districts argue that because of its large size Mzimba has lagged behind in development. When we analyse development in its components we realise that these people are making misleading allegations. Development is realised through education, health, industry, physical infrastructure like roads and bridges.

Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa V

Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa V

Educationally, Mzimba has always been in the forefront. Education was introduced there by Scottish missionaries in the 1880s. By the beginning of the 20th Century, schools had covered the whole of Ngoniland. In 1988, the Ministry of Education took a census of primary schools in Malawi and issued a report that showed Mzimba had more primary schools than any other district.

What is the current educational situation in Mzimba? The government is building a higher education institution there called Mombera University. It is constructing a road from Jenda to Edingeni, Jenda is fast emerging as a rural growth centre. It has been announced that the government is to build an aerodrome near Ekwendeni to serve passengers to Mzuzu. If all this is not development, then what is?

What about industries? Viphya Plantation, widely known as Chikangawa Forest, has existed since the end of the 1940’S. We learn that a mining company is about to start operations at Kanyika in southern Mzimba. You will see from this that all parts of the district are being developed.

If the bigger a country get the less developed it will be, why is Zambia more developed than Malawi? Can they produce evidence that in Malawi all the smaller districts are better developed than the bigger districts of Kasungu, Lilongwe, Mzimba and Mangochi?

In all countries in the world, some districts are bigger than others. Why not in Malawi? I appeal to my fellow Mzongendaba not to listen to these people. What perhaps Mzimba deserves  is decentralization but not fragmentation. We survived in the past because we were united. We shall be destroyed in the future is we start quarrelling among ourselves.

The people of Britain will decide by a referendum whether Britain should exit from the European Union. On an issue like this, they felt that parliamentary majority was not enough. It has to be the majority of the population.

Similarly, the fragmentation of Mzimba cannot be a matter of councilors alone to decide. The matter should either be dropped or put to a referendum. Let the one million people of Mzimba decide whether they are now tired of their unity made possible by the existence of paramount chiefs.

The people of Mzimba as a whole must decide whether they believe in sharing wealth or in selfishness. As things are at present, if the councilors negotiate with the government that a portion of taxes on Chikangawa Forest should be directly handed to the M’mbelwa District Council, the fund will be available for use in any part of Mzimba. If the district is partitioned then Chikangawa revenue will be claimed exclusively by the district in which it will be. The same will be the case with the Kanyika Mine and Mombera University; they will be selfishly arrogated by the districts in which they will happen to be.

The history of partitioning in Blantyre District should give further warning. The district called Mwanza was part of Blantyre. Later, the people of Mwanza split further into Mwanza and Neno districts.

Once you break Mzimba into three districts, some people will demand further splitting. All the chiefs in Mzimba happily acknowledge the traditional leadership on M’mbelwa. In the new districts, they will start bickering as to who is the new Inkosi wa Makhosi until each chiefdom will demand a district of its own, saying ‘if Likoma can be a district, why not my chiefdom?’ Let us pay homage to M’mbelwa I and his prime minister Ng’onomo for bequeathing to us the previous gift of a district almost as big as Swaziland.-Source:NPL

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35 thoughts on “On proposals to split Mzimba into tuchoko-tuchoko districts”

  1. john phiri says:

    Sorry guys kani nkhaniyi walemba ndi DD Phiri? I should have known before commenting. He should first of all work on Aggrey Memorial school in trade fair

  2. john phiri says:

    I come from Mzimba, Embangweni in particular. The problem we have is failure to hold our MPs accountable. People still elect members of parliaments blindly and cling to them even if they are not delivering.
    Change of mentality is the only solution.

  3. Thako Lambeta says:

    DD Phiri asakupusitseni inu anthu aku Mzimba iyeyu kwawo ku Kamteteka anathawako pano ali ku Blantyre uku kumene kuli kotukuka. zimene akufuna ndizoti kukhalebe kosatukuka ku mzimbako ask him kuti sakufuna kukakhala kwawo chifukwa chiyani?

  4. If what Inkosi ya makhosi is saying is true he should answer this std 1 Question: How many District hospitals are there in Mzimba and how many will be there in a split Mzimba? If this answered logically development will be shown to be in either Single Mzimba or the Split Mzimba?

  5. kwakokhwako says:

    some people ur crazy just by word split mzimba why spliting . Go kwa gogo and ask the history of mzimba panji mundayendele malawi some ku south you cant even know its a distric such machinga , chiradzulu,these old districs but still undeveloped if we can compare with jenda ,raiply,ekwendani just mention a few and cannot by much talking but its duty wene mzimba to turn our trading centre

  6. levson longani says:

    i understand why mbelwa refuse and he remain rich and richer bcz most of people in mzimba remain in Un civilised area and still fear mbelwa too much. …..my dear friend what do you benefit from mbelwa and what have he done to your district that you can’t split think twice

  7. citizen says:

    Take it or leave it, Mzimba will be divided soon or later, to carter for development. Kutukwana apa just shows how empty your head is.

  8. split mzimba please
    msana wa mako walemba nkhaniyi mlomwe wachabe chabe fuck off
    forest ndi chitukuko? mukupindula ndinu ndi chikangawa forsake….
    mmbelwa mmbelwa chani ufumu ulibe ntchito let the mzimbaz speak for themselves

  9. SIR JOHN CHAULA says:

    UFWITI wakwa gogo winu! u r jst carrying on bt tithana nanu the meaning of mzimba wil never bring bread to pple of kajembe in euthini, stupid idiots!!!!!! Lets vote! U r only power hungry, the 20th century kingdoms of central africa as large as they were went thru transformation and the majority r now developed centres where ur siblings go for greener pastures while agogo winu wakukhumba cha kuwaphalira zakuti kuchari chimzimba icho wachimbwi na vinyama vinyake vikubabilako, fosek vindele imwe ise tikukhumba chitukuko not ur nosense!!

  10. nyirenda says:

    The only question i can ask to you all imwe mwiza na proposal Do you know the meaning of Mzimba? Pala mukumanya meaning you can not divide Mzimba.

  11. Kambavi says:

    Mzimba has to be split as soon as posible. otherwise you are not serious

  12. Kambavi says:

    Places like Euthini , Mabalachanda, Kapando, Mzambazi, Bulala, Madede, kambanga, Mzalangwe, kafukule, mtende, there is no any development at all.

    We cant be suffering because of Mbelwa Yayi. Be civilised wina Mzimba its high time open your eyes this Chief Kuphangila chilichose.

  13. chakhulika says:

    you are all bunch of fools….you dnt know whts realy on the ground..we ar the ones playing football and you ar just camera men.. if you hav been in every part of MZIMBA you will agree with me that development is sited on one side. where is chikanga,mombela university(unbuilt), and every good development is cited along th M1 road..we talk of enukweni ekwendeni mzuzu and mzimba… Have you ever been to Endindeni bulala madede kafukule mbalachanda euthini mpherembe kazuni elunyeni luzi kasasire chima luhomero kavula and kamwe? I hop just b seeing how undeveloped and big this area is you will stop critising these concilors.. mzimba has to be split.. i come from one of th biggest constituency in malawi (mzimba north). even for rh past 10 yearz development is always one sided coz its very big…do yur research makola

  14. Mswazi says:

    Matongo yinu mose imwe mukhumba kugawa Umzimba minyero yinu stupid selfish homo sapiens!

  15. wewe says:

    ISE CHA!!!!!!!!

  16. Wayethe Ngoni says:

    I like and love DD Phiri, he is a good researcher, writer and as he has most of the times proclaimed adores ngoni history despite the fact that he is not a ngoni, his surname testifies to that.

    But wait, where is DD Phiri residing? The guy resides full time in Blantyre enjoying all the benefits development comes with; running water, electricity, health facilities, chain shops services, tarmac roads, phones etc. He is only found at Mzimba as the so called Inkhosi ‘advosor’ on special occasions when and where beef, sausages and champaign are served in electrified air conditioned rooms and houses..

    There Is nothing Phiri can write and say because he dose not have the same feeling and is not exposed to same harsh conditions as the people of Mabulabo (Musitimale), Luhomelo, Kanjuchi, Mzoma, Kabuwa etc who have been denied development for so long for the sake of maintaining the ‘ngoni kingdom’ which never was. Ask Phiri which was this kingdom the British did not colonize? Is it the Mzimba we know today or the then Mabiri which was a tiny piece land at the corner sandwiched by the West Nyasa district which shared borders with Northern Rhodesia now Zambia?

    The guy is educated but he talks as if the Government should have two different sets of policies; one for Malawi and the other for Mzimba only. What a dreadful wishful thinking for a man like him.

    Those who have gone to Neno Boma will testify to this; since it was declared a Boma, there is now BWB running water, electricity a District Hosp, a stadium, Banks etc. Is this not the development people want which Phiri can not appreciate. Look at Chitipa which was part of Karonga, Ntchisi which was part of Nkhota Kota. Rumphi which took portions from Mzimba and Nkhata Bay. All this is testimony to what people of Mzimba are crying for. But unfortunately Phiri chooses to deliberately close his eyes and ears save his and his henchmen egos by using the people in Mzimba.

    Wake up people of Mzimba. Its your choice and decision. This is not time to talk about kingdoms; you not under British but Malawi. Za ma kingdom zinatha ndi ma colonialists.

  17. Tim says:

    Please lets go by the present situation.Mzimba needs to be divided at all cost, even if it means into chiefdoms it doesnot matter.Honestly speaking distances within Mzimba are too long to travel more especially when people are sick.We should not concentrate only on schools,please.Also look at other socio-economic factors.

  18. Tengu says:

    Amangwetu, lets create new regions, one of which should be Mzimba, and have some specialization in terms of key economic developments in each of the regions. Mzimba district could become a new Region (the Northern Ngoniland Region) , with Headquarters at Edingeni. Then make all the Chiefs (TAs) in the present Mzimba District to become districts of the Mzimba Region (Northern Ngoniland Region).

    Similarly, make (1) the Lhomweland a Region with districts of Thyolo, Mulanje, Phalombe and Chiradzulo (2) the Lower Shire a Region with districts comprising the TA is the present day Nsanje and Chikhwawa districts. Then split the Central Region into two regions (1) Central Lakeshore Region comprising Nkhotakota, Salima and Dedza lakeshore (Mtakataka and Chipoka) and (2) Central Plains comprising Mchinji, Kasungu, Dowa, and Lilongwe. Dedza Hills, Mwanza, Neno and Ntchewu should be another Region (southern Ngoniland Region). Finally create a region out of Mangochi, Balaka, Machinga (Southern Lakeshore Region).

    This way, people will feel more together while district development will be given a new urgency. The proposed new Southern Lakeshore Region is potentially very rich and could be opened up for migration of people from over populated districts like Mulanje, Chiradzulo, Thyolo, and Lilongwe Rural. Similarly, the proposed new Central Lakeshore Region could ne a model for integrated development in agriculture, green energy, integrated transportation and could also serve as an immigration centre for young people active in agro-based industry. Jointly, the two new Lakeshore Regions and the remnants of the Northern Region (NB, RU, KA, CP and LA) could be the tourism enclaves.

  19. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Move with the times or you will be left behind. Just because Mzimba was privileged to have more mission schools constructed within its boundaries then, does not mean the situation has been the same to date. Reduction of Mbelwa’s powers is not an excuse for the district not to be divided, neither is dividing the Ngoni people. A Ngoni does not cease being a Ngoni just because he or she is at Bwengo not Edingeni, or is in Rumphi not Mzimba. Look at Lhomwes. They are in Mulanje, Phalombe, Thyolo, Chiradzulu and Zomba. They are all united as Lhomwes regardless of where they are coming from. Fears of dividing the Ngoni people are therefore unfounded. Mbelwa can have authority over all the Ngoni people in the districts created by the split. After all Chieftaincy has outlived its relevance in modern times. It will do us a hell lot of good to do away with the system. Chiefs have now become puppets of the ruling parties under the excuse of serving the government of the day forgetting they serve people with diverse political inclination. They will always support what the party in government does regardless of the negative effect on their subjects. These are the same chiefs that allowed themselves to be paraded on MBC TV in support of the flag change notwithstanding contrary majority views.

    Someone commented that despite Phalombe, Likoma and Neno being made separate districts, there is no development. Does he honestly think the government would have constructed or planned to construct a hospital, the size of a district hospital in Phalombe or Neno had they been not separated? Some things that are overlooked because of being part of a district that have them become very clear when separated. We have always known that Neno had no good road but the need has become prominent with its separation from Mwanza. People always said there is a good road to Mwanza and Neno being part of Mwanza by extrapolation there is a good road to Neno.

  20. Jongwe says:

    Mlomwe@ 4. DDPhiri is a pure Ngoni of Mzimba. Go to KwaZulu Natal in South Africa you will find them plenty plus.

  21. Jongwe says:

    Mlomwe @4. You are silly. Is Lilongwe City not in Lilongwe district? Is Blantyre city not in Blantyr district? What do yoiu want to say?

  22. johnM says:

    D.D. Phiri should be told that Chikangawa forest is in Nkhata Bay district, not in Mzimba. The trading centre Chikangawa is in Mzimba but most of the forest is in Mzimba

  23. Kango Herbert says:

    You can’t split the Body & Mzimba shouldn’t be splited at all. …………. .
    The author above has clearly narrated & I support his observations.

    If you got big family no need of dividing your childrens but either find means on how you gonna feed them………….!!!!!!!

  24. Mungawa says:

    Wena we Zulu, Libhubesi le Mangisi, Ndabesitha mhlopekazi, Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa we Shishano, uMbelwa uwaphemba um’buso eMzimba, siyakubonga kakhuli Nkosi yethu, siyakudumisa Nkosi, Bayethe!!!! Bayethe!!!!!

  25. NGONI says:


  26. Nkhombokombo says:

    We must not give personalised attacks on DD Phiri. He is just like you who is giving his views on the the splitting of the District. It may sound absurd to some of you but to others it is sound and proper. The oldman is just putting forward his views. Looking at development trend in Malawi, it does not really by the small size of a District. Likoma for instance what significant development can you notice there? The
    area could have been the most attractive tourist destination! But alas, what is there? Mzimba is a historical District. It is the only District in Malawi which has a District Authority run by a Chief, the M’mbelwa District Council, it is the only District which has all its chiefs from one Tribe and under Paramount Chief. Mzimba is the only District which has more than one referal hispitals namely, Central Hispital, Mzuzu, Mzimba District Hispital and several other Health Centres. The splitting the Dustrict will never bring any other change apart from creating more tribal divisions. Let the District stand alone as it is. There has been no cry from the owners, so let it be!!

  27. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Mbanjani balendo aba soon. Biza mumuzi mbwenu bayambu kukhumba kugaba muzi wabenecho pakati. Kagabeni muzi winu uko mwafuma.
    Muzimba in muzi wabene ulekeni nthena. Benecho ni sangweni yabo kkkk eeeeee Muzimba pambeli Mumbelwa baayeethii inkosi!!!

  28. Zina lane says:

    I have been following you DD Phiri in your contributions but on this one I will not be behind you. What has the Jenda Edingeni road to do with the people of Kambavi. What has the MOMBERA or WHATEVER UNIVERSITY to do with the people of Katete (if you know where Katete is in Euthin side). As for me ad my homeboys will support the splitting of Mzimba. Inkosi will remain Inkosi no question. a DD Phiri write other things not this one!!!!

  29. Malawian says:

    DD Phiri is more than right, old or not. Wokalamba mmaganizo ndinso opanda nzeru ndi iweyo number 1. Just be quiet, imbwa.

  30. Peter says:

    For the first ever, I agree with DD Phiri’s views. His arguments are sound. Ignore his advice at your own peril, people of Mzimba

  31. Jongwe says:

    I agree. Development has nothing to do the size of a district. It is all about political will. Tell me, what development is in Neno, Phalombe or Likoma? Or Dedza or Ntcheu?
    Let me Mzima be as it is. After all, it is a unique district whose district council is known by its founding father, Mmbelwa.Mind you, Mzuzu is also part of Mzimba.
    Again, in any country, you will always have the biggest district and the smallest district. The councillors who want Mzimba to be broken into small districts do understand the issues of development. Size of the country or district have nothing to do with development. Rwanda is a small country, but doing better than Malawi because Paul Kagame has turned things around. That’s what we need in Malawi not stealing money.
    A good number of countries in Europe are smaller than Malawi. E.g. Belgium, Lexburg, Switzerland. But there are well developed.
    The biggest problem we have in Malawi is that we never had good leaders. Kamuzu neglected the north, so are other leaders who have been stealing billions meant for development.
    It is very easy to turn things around if you have good leaders.

  32. mlomwe says:

    Mr. DD phiri. am sure u were/are one of the captives of the Ngoni. This is why u defend the Ngoni. where in the world do we have a city within the district? We know for sure that the demarcation of the district will,if at all it is possible, make the so called Inkosi ya makosi’s authority reduced. We must not fear that. Mzimba is big for nothing. Even if we look at the road networks at the boma is a pity. I,for one, support this view that the district be demarcated. We must not fear Mbelwa’s power will be reduced. After the Ngoni are owning non some territories which were previously under Tumbuka-Nkhamanga Kingdom.

  33. Mtchona says:

    That’s the point no division at all.

  34. Zweli says:

    But I don’t think one district hospital can serve the whole of Mzimba. And that’s why it is called Mzimba South District Hospital, meaning that there need for Mzimba North District Hospital. And hence the need to split the district – one district cannot two district hospitals.

  35. Blessed Banda says:

    Kukalamba uku Tsopano a DD Phiri.

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