One crazy law: Muckraking on Malawi Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Bill

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignoranceGeorge Bernard Shaw

 Let us leave the dreary politics aside this week and discuss some matters of the heart.

You see, folks, the Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Bill – which has just been assented to by President Peter Mutharika – introduces various new concepts in the law relating to family relationships. Some of them do not make sense at all.

The advocates of the bill – now law courtesy of the President’s magic signature – used the marriage age as a tool to persuade, read force, MPs – to pass it. These people, feminists for that is who they are, also used the same minimum age of marriage as a tool to shame the President into assenting to it.

But has the minimum age of marriage been raised or reduced by this new law?

The new law repeals, amongst others, the Marriage Act of 1902 which on the aspect of the marriage the Registrar of Marriages is prevented from issuing a certificate of marriage until he has been satisfied by an affidavit that each of the parties to the intended marriage (not being a widower or widow) is 21 years old, or that if he or she is under that age, the consent by parents or guardians has been obtained in writing.

The new law states in Section 14 that, “subject to Section 22 of the Constitution, two persons of the opposite sex who are both not below the age of 18, and are of sound mind, may enter into marriage with each other.”

Save for the fact that underage marriages would be declared null and void, there is no further penalty if minors marry contrary to the dictates of the new law.

The Constitution does not put any sanction on underage marriages. What the Constitution does is to demand from the State to actively discourage marriages between persons where either of them is under the age of 15. No doubt the law cannot fight underage marriages. It is acknowledged that laws are there to solve social, political, religious and economic problems. But there are some social issues which the law would be ill-equipped to deal with. Such issues can best be resolved using social means and the age of marriage is just one of them.

The law would only put aspirations on what the minimum age of marriages should be. The measures that the State should put in place include providing the vulnerable members of the community with all the amenities of life including decent education facilities which would keep children in schools.

The new law, in Section 13, introduces the concept of “marriage by repute and permanent co-habitation”, a concept which customary law and statutory law did not recognise although the Constitution just mentions it. Persons of the opposite sex who have never undergone any process of celebration of marriage can be said to be married if they live together for a period exceeding five years.

The new law has also brought changes the manner in which a spouse would acquire interest in a property acquired in the course of the marriage. Under the old law the mere fact of marriage did not entitle a spouse to acquire interest in property acquired by one of the spouses in the course of the marriage relationship. Under the old law, for example, when one spouse does the odd jobs about construction of a house which plainly belongs to the other – the ‘do-it-yourself’ things – he or she does not thereby become entitled to an interest in it. The spouse needed to show direct or indirect contribution towards the acquisition of the house.

The new law does not require showing direct or indirect contribution towards the acquisition of the property. What this means is that any property acquired by any of the spouses becomes, under the new law, joint property. A spouse would not dispose of any of their property whether by sale, will or gift without the consent of their spouses. In effect the new law effectively nullifies the need to make Wills.

Some sections of the new law are outright funny, if not crazy. For example, Section 92 of the Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Bill provides for the right of a spouse to apply for permanent maintenance even in divorce. How crazy is that!

It gets funnier when minors make each other pregnant. The new law, in Section 96(2), requires the parents or guardian of the male minor to maintain the pregnancy and to pay for or reimburse the attendance costs of delivery.

Curiously, the new law does not provide for any corresponding responsibility on the parents of the female minor! Is this a case of guilt by association?

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37 thoughts on “One crazy law: Muckraking on Malawi Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Bill”

  1. amama kanthu ako (permanent maintanance even in divorce)add this clause please (permanent fucking even in divorce. #2015parliamentarymadness.

  2. happy nyirenda says:

    zopusa! mwatopa nzeru zayamba kutha eti.

  3. alarmson says:

    stupidity reigns again in the stupid government

  4. Jah Vier says:

    One man for one woman, you will be saved from this confusing law……….be faithful to your spouses basi……otherwise mulimana dzuwa likuwala!

  5. Chamvuwu1 says:

    Baboons in Parliament don’t even read bills before passing them into law…’s a sad development. Some even sleep during debate……why should a president of sound mind consent to such nonsense………..we will be building houses in our relatives names and in utter secrecy…….. tikumana kunseu komweko

  6. Chigude says:

    Mahule asangalale, madolo ogwila ntchito azidandaula. Sings of the end of times, Ambuye bwelani muzaononge dzikoli ndikuzakhazikisa Ufumu wanu.

  7. Future Watcher says:

    People of God! When such things happen, do not be surprised. Its signs of times. Now marriages will be a confusion. It is devil now targeting families and that’s the end. Those with prophetic eyes like mine can understand what I mean. If families are confused with more of the powers surrendered to Women, would there be peace? Behold!!! Its time to repent and pray hard for our Nation. Mind you, the devil is working right within us.. He touches every angle. He knows what can lead to what, to achieve his aim..Open your eyes,

  8. Vimbuza Masekese says:

    Zoona mkazi woti akukweredwa ndi munthu wina azibwera kwa ine kudzatenga ya Shubaba?

    1. tiziona a prostitute drafted this law passed by zitsiru aserted by mad lawyer cum president who cant interprete it.

  9. concerned says:

    I partly don’t support it. what about step families? if you say a woman should get everything acquired even if she does not contribute to acquiring it, wouldn’t the woman’s step children suffer?

  10. @fact says:

    These so called new marriage laws doesnt make sense to me at all. What about if the man was once married and divorced bfr these so called new laws and has children frm his previous wife and in his mind he is building an empire for his kids from the previous marriage knowing its hard for them to acquire any property if he passes on cos all property will be with his new wife which will inturn insurbodinate the husbands kids from the previous marriage and favour hers even though the passed on man was not the father!!! can some one ellaborate please !! Whats the use of a will now !! can someone explain gosh these women will reap what they didnt sow!!!

  11. chivwati says:

    kungosiya kukwatira basi kapena kukwatirana amuna okhaokha basi

  12. Happy says:

    Ambuye is there. My sister is married to a womanizer but this law is in her favour. Thank you Mr President! My sister has civil marriage certificate, ccap marriage certificate and customary married.
    So will happily go to court for ma hule a chi fake fashion designers and butishians they will be mu prizoni for 5 years. Designing outfits for prisoners. Munya muona!

  13. vicky says:

    Kodi malamulo okomela azibambo adzapezeka? Zikudabwitsatu kuti zomwe mwagwirizanazo zilimbikitsa kuti akaz azikulabe mtima cholinga azipita atalemera.

  14. Madala says:

    I support this law as a man, there are a lot of women and children who are in dire poverty because their husbands and fathers left them. U don’t have to be a feminist to support it but a person with sound mind.

  15. Ndazionadi says:

    Think twince b4 you reap, this will increase death rate for men

  16. soko says:

    no real men partiicipatd in the passing of this law

  17. Donyisto says:

    Hahahahaha, mudiye kumango koka ma khebroz akukakamirani nkudzalanda chuma chonse. This babaric law will help kuti anthu musamangoti apa mwakwata apanso kukwata. Koma nanga a mitala awaganizira motani ndiye?

  18. Dr. butros-butros gurlie says:

    The president has only assented the law if u want to blame,blame our mps for allowing it to pass…

  19. Kamkhwezule Kakang'ono says:

    This law will indeed debase the sanctity of marriage. Women will naturally eye the wealth of the family. No denying that majority of bread winners are men. Feminists want to exact vengeance on men for their failures in marriage life.

  20. chiphwanya says:

    we shall see,however,if this biased law will change the authority men were given by the Creator.I wonder how a man can agree to pass a law that oppresses men.Men fighting against men

  21. Madududu says:

    Works of the selfish

  22. edda mwalweni says:

    Korma apa ndiye kubetsatu

  23. Tiko says:

    I agree with u. This law was made by feminists to reap off men. Parents will now have little interests in helping their children to be educated enough or help in business. All wills are null and void now.

  24. john says:

    This law will commercialise marriage and women will be marrying rich men to get can someone who has not contributed towards the property become a joint owner?

  25. angoni says:

    My goof friend Ralph. I already told you that this kahuna brother is so clueless. Remember the bills passed when he was trusted to interpret and implement our constitution by his brother. We are a total shame ourselves for voting this guy for the big office

  26. Thanduxolo says:

    Cholinga chachikulu cha lamulo limeneli nkulanga amuna. Ndatero in Thanduxolo-lover of peace.

  27. Still_A_Mess says:

    Regarding property, it is only fair to share it if things go wrong. Again in my village this is not the issue – there have been very few divorces in my lifetime. The real issue is what happens at death. Not sure how the new Law helps stop the uncles from collecting the widow’s radio and other belongings.

  28. Still_A_Mess says:

    The main problem in my village is not early marriage but children having children together. The girl gives up school but the boy remains unaffected or even disappears. I have personally been trying to put these girls back in school, but some come back pregnant again sadly. The new Law is a help but more needs to be done. In some of the cases I am dealing with, these girls do not consider themselves victims at all.

  29. mboma says:

    now is the time for prostitutes to make crazy money, no need to marry these creatures, after all they are just their to milk men, very lazy, most of them in malawi are what we call goalkeepers waiting to reap where they did not sow, but with this bill, it means that marriege is going to an end, we will just sleep with them on part time basis, mukalamba osakwatila ndithu, azimayinu pano muyisova ndithu!!!!!!

  30. mlomwe2 says:


  31. brutsha says:

    What else would you expect when such laws are crafted and bulldozed by feminists who seem to hate men yet they can still maintain the name of the man who they divorced. Sheer madness!

  32. Bwampini wa APM says:

    This is total madness!! Revisit the law please because things go south

  33. human says:

    I think muzingopanga analyse ena mutharika, chenji golo ndi anzawo

  34. Paul Vida says:

    This is what happen when the president, advisors, ministers and members of parliment are stupid.

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