Open defecation a major problem in Mzimba

Reports are rife that most households in Mzimba are still sqauting among the few trees and bushes and defecate in the open despite various interventions by government and stakeholders in hygiene and sanitation.

Open defecation is a major problem in Mzimba

Open defecation is a major problem in Mzimba

Recent statistics by Mzimba District Health Office show that only 15 per cent of the households have toilets in their homes while the rest practice open defecation.

Speaking during the open day conducted week-end by Word Alive Commission for Relief and Development (WACRAD) at Edingeni on hygiene and sanitation, District Environmental Health Officer (Mzimba South District Health Office), Chimwemwe Jera, said most people in the district do not see the importance of having latrines.

He said the situation is against the background of frequent sensitization and various interventions by both government and stakeholders on sanitation and hygiene.

According to Jera, the culture of drinking beer amongst the Ngoni men of the district also contributes to numerous households having no pit-latrines, saying men do not have time for construction of toilets.

“The issue of latrines is not impressive in Mzimba as the majority still practice open defecation and, I feel, there is need for quick behavioral change interventions and collaborative efforts by all stakeholders to curb the malpractice,” said Jera.

He said government is trying to empower the people to use locally available resources to construct pit-latrines.

Out of 2000 villages in the district, 230 have been reached with the initiative of toilet construction with local materials, which is hoped to change the current situation.

WACRAD Project Officer, Malani Nyirenda, said his organization is implementing the hygiene and sanitation programme at Edingeni, to improve health conditions and status of people in the area.

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64 thoughts on “Open defecation a major problem in Mzimba”

  1. bola asena amanyera madzi nanga atumbuka inu chimenechi ndi chani?

  2. Dusty says:

    It has been long ndinanyera patchire I need to try it once.Munthu kunyera pa ntchire is not a crime.

  3. Mwanywa says:

    Nonse onyeranu, onyoza za angoninu dziuli dzokhadzoka pamchera panu nonse. Osangowagulira ma legeni amenewo nkumuswa nawo pa mgulapo sangadzanyerenso patchire muwafunse kumwanza malire ndi mozambique ma toilet amapezeka pa xool pokha adasiya chifukwa cha ma legeni ndiponso wamujambulayu siuja amati akanyera nkutsuka uja? Si mmadzi umu kkk.



  5. arkmm says:

    mtumbuka tsopano

  6. Suzgo Banda says:

    Inu, let you not generalize the issue, I come from Mzimba and let you know that Mzimba is huge and the fact that there is a problem in one corner of Mzimba should not be generalized to the whole Mzimba. Secondly, the issue, of drinking cannot be a reason for communities to fail to build pit latrines. project iyi is new and I suppose you just want to drive your agenda but do it properly and not demonizing the whole Mzimba

  7. Dandire wa Dandire says:

    Mwaonatu ma tenant mumakaola Ku South ndi Central mmene akuwonongera dzina laku mpoto.They have brought their filthy culture of pooing everywhere and now r muddying the name of the smart northerners.The reporter has a score with northerners.Asiya mitundu yawo yanyau uko.Zikwangani za open defecation r all over by USAID in Malawi and why singling Mzimba only?Even the Old Town in Lilongwe city it doesn’t have toilets.Ku Market people r urinating and shitting everywhere while the toothless city council is watching.Munawonapo Gule aakunyera mu toilet?Stop talking shit of northerners.

  8. Health worker says:

    First we need not offend others. This problems is can be found in districts in all the four regions of the country or 3 what ever you want. The DHO in Mzimba and his DEHO should be commended for coming up with the baseline data and for openly acknowledge that problem. Then can then formulate and implement solution to improve health and dignity of the the people the serve. This is what all health workers aim to do.

    My advice to the DHO and his team, don’t make assumptions; if you want to know “WHY” the people do not construct toilets do qualitative studies. A lot of people drink and they have toilets.

    Changing behavior is slow process. Good luck with your efforts.

  9. Ngakha says:

    No doggy style kwa mtumbuka. Oh shit

  10. Ngakha says:

    Mzimba patchire, Nkhatabay ku nyanja. Koma akakupasani dzikolo la federation ndiye kukhala chani? Anthu a utchisi inu.

  11. Bristol says:

    The problem here is that health personnel and the writer are just emotional. You have used one example of Edingeni and generalized to the entire Mzimba District. I would have expected that they have done research in the entire Mzimba and this is the trend. The reason for not constructing latrines is poor. You mean people who drink cannot build pit latrines, really?

  12. Chamba says:

    Some of you commenting here must remember that Mzimba was once ruled by Shaka Zulu. Most inhibantants of Mzimba are Zulus and follow Zulu culture. There is a difference between Zuluns or Ngonis as they are known Malawi with Tumbukas. So people must not confuse the ruling elite of Mzimba and the Tumbukas who came from the north. The Ngonis are of similar background like those in Thyolo and Ntcheu.

    Just as an aside point, it is surprising that the Zulus never became the ruling elite in Malawi given their political influence and dominance in the 18th century. They were miraculously overtaken by the Chewas.

    1. Ngakha says:

      Ukunama ndinu a ubve baaasi.

    2. The Swartkops Guru says:

      Shaka Zulu never ruled Mzimba… at no time. Please check your history.

  13. Nacgate says:

    Tikanyela, tinyamula kukapereka ku Blantyre Water Board.

  14. Tchaka Nyerani says:

    Atumbuka woyee! woyee!!!
    Nyerani ndithu mukayamba kudwala muzitukwana anzanu a ku South. Mtundu wotembeleredwa uwu. Blood seccession and fedelism!

  15. Mpofu says:

    I write to appreciate the observation made by all the stakeholders on the concerned issue. However, there are a lot of issues to be considered before making such conclusion. Am from Edingeni, very proud of my home area and have through all necessary village experiences. Therefore, to claim that our communities are failing to build toilets because men are busy drinking beer, I found it very unfortunate and an insult to our respected society. What should be understood in community development is that development is a gradual process and you do not force or impose. It is a question of timing of the necessity and cultural aspects. I would urge all the stakeholders to be making consultative efforts to understand the particular communities rather than assuming. We are very proud of our Edingeni community.

  16. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:

    Matakongati themba chonchikikikiikikiki asirikali aku mpoto kunyera ndi zipolopolo

  17. pika says:


  18. blessing joseph says:

    kungoyesetsa kutha

  19. henz says:

    I wonder you shout tumbuka’s but tingapange kafukufu aushisi ndinu anthu akumwela.mumagona ndimbuzi mukanyumba komata.ndiponso mumabwela kumupoto kuza pephesa chakudya.even kuwolendo kuno mumankhala munkhunkhu anthu 12 kumadyera nyemba zamuchinthini.

  20. titani says:

    Akuipitsa Mzimba ndi ma tenant ndi amacheka amene timakawawola cha uku uku….ku ujeni


  22. Concerned Citizen says:

    Osamangonamizira ma northerners, I once saw a large fact, two! Somewhere around Ntcheu/Balaka on my way to BT…and it read: “IFE ANTHU A MDERA LINO LA ##### TASIYA KUNYERA KUTCHIRE!” Ma bungwe akulu akulu ndithu atapangapo kanthu! kikikiki!

  23. nyama says:

    nde abwenubwenu amenewo

  24. Fathara says:


  25. kayakaya says:

    tileken nkhankhalo kithu kkkkkkk dats why there r bushes mwaona kuti imwe mathengele mulije kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  26. Mercy Gogoda says:

    Typical of Nyika republic. Agaru amenewa ndi amene ationongera mizinda yathu. They are the first ones in everything, kudzikweza, cashgate, Kunya poyera-yera, kudzimva, kuipa nkhope, kuda ngati makala a ku chikangawa – ikanakhala mbewu ndikanangoti iwotcheni, koma poti ndi anthu (dzisiyeni dzikulire limodzi tidzaziona pokolora). Mtundu womvesa chisoni zedi.

  27. Alhomwe Woye!!! says:

    This is a general problem in Malawi. Just go to ndirande, behind the main market. What you see is not something you think takes place in town. Nanga Kumudzi kwa Mwandama bwa? Boma layesesa kuwamangira zimbuzi. Ku Zambia(Ndirande) anthu(not atumbuka) amanyera m’maplastick bags ndikuwaponya padenga la neba usiku. Just go there and see you will find dogs feasting on a shop right bag. You may think it is eating the remains of french flies from Shoprite. Therefore the author should not have singled out Mzimba alone. Go to Blantyre market. People defecate and urinate openly along Mudi river. The same happens everywhere. That picture above is staged and taken from under Zalewa Bridge. Check it.

  28. wise J says:

    we also need similar research in other districts! kkkkk

  29. Hoza John says:

    Chokani inga imwe. Uzerapo layikhaya kuseweza Ngoni. Isindo. Ise makuni ghachachali ghanandi. Mbewa iwe.

  30. Emdhlagudeni says:

    Wow! you can clearly see from the comments that north haters have a field day here. You will have to pray hard that this reporter does not bring a similar story from the other divide. Anything negative that comes from the north, you quickly seize it for an opportunity to scoff, scorn and pour and vent your hate on the north. I am a northerner and i have travelled almost to all the corners of the other regions where you like to portray north as dead and uncivilized BUT this is not the picture and impression i have got. You are equally miserable if not more miserable than the north. The issue of open defecation is not a new thing in Malawi is very common across the country. KEEP ON MOUNTING YOUR HATE! SHAME!.

    1. Ngakha says:

      So how come others think north is not developed? Ur now talking. Ziulureni. U r now saying those claiming that north is not developed say so out of malice. Anthu oyipa kwambiri kupatula iweyo.

  31. SILIYA says:


  32. SILIYA says:



  33. mbwenu says:

    Mwana. Tumbuka kunyera mwachisawawa ndi zomwe amaziwa

    Anthu a uchisi!

    Mtundu umeneyu a malawi ife ndiye tadukanawo basi.

  34. mlekeni says:

    Yes, Ngonis are bush people,live in the bush, dress up with bushes, drink in the bush, fuck in the bush, are dirty, sleep with cattle, think like ng*ombe and are silly people who poses big.

  35. Djomba says:

    This article has successfully triggered a very important discussion. What do I get? Most people in Mzimba fefecate in the open. Looking at the tone on the article this may mean more than 50%. Again the reason is that people.always drink beer. They have no time to build toilets. Can the NGO concerned shed more light please?

  36. thiwi says:

    Apa tidzangothiranapo machaka. Anthu enanu simulankhula bwino. Nkhaniyi ikukhudzana bwanji ndi mtundu wa anthu.

  37. Jose' says:

    Hey look at the pix, the complexion is one of a real Tumbuka. Musamawanamizire angoni. KKKKKKk

  38. Jose' says:

    15% have latrines? What percentage actually use the latrines? So a whooping 85% amanyera pamene afikapo? Koma tingadye nsima kumeneku? Ntchentche bwanji? M’malo momalimbikira kuti ndinu ophunzira, kumadzamanga nyumba ku SOuth and Central, why can you not use your education to educate your kinsmen, you Batumbuka and Bangoni?

    UBVE wa mtondowodooka! Nyansi za Mkunkhunidza.

  39. mmihavani says:

    Typical of northerners. No matter how educated he/she becomes, they are always dirty and backward. They cant brush teeth, angasambe maka amaonekabe otuwa. Ndalama phwii nthumba koma dressing ngati vendor.

  40. Nkhombokombo says:

    Your staticts could right or wrong mr reporter. With the sparsity of villages in the Ngoniland you may have missed the count of some of the latrines. Don’t point at Ngonis or Tumbukas only, poverty in Malawi is spread through, and when say poverty we don’t only mean lacking moneys and the like but also mindset and ignorance. Don’t be a mr clean amongst the dirty mr malawi!

  41. Thomas says:

    Pls beside me am Tumbuka but I hav toilet

    1. ruth warren says:

      Kuteta yaye iwe ndiye onyera pa tala iwe kkkkkk

  42. Shaba says:

    Kumeneku siku Mzimba . Ine Ndayenda kwambiri kulibe malo omangidwa ngati awa. Nkhani mwina ndiyowona chifukwa Kwathu nkhalango ikupezekabe sono palibe . Uyu akubiba kuseli kwa chomanga icho osati ku tchire. Munthu uyu anajambula kwina kwake. Munamupempha kuti tikukujambula? If not, munamulakwira ndicho chifukwa mwabisa dzina la olemba

  43. Simie says:

    The Tumbukas n Ngunis men use to graze cattle, hunting n women go to fetch fire wood so they don’t need toilets because they spend more time in the bush than @ home….me as mtumbuka I see this news as an embarrassing to my culture pls Nyasa time write something serious!! Chithuzi chimecho ayela kukhala mlomwe ameyo, waMunthalika by surname!!!!!!!

  44. Zangazanga Ncqube says:

    15%??? That is not true by any measure.

  45. Muzga Wacharo says:

    Sono pala tose timphemerenge mu chimbuzi mukuti wa Bingiza walyenge vichi?

  46. Walani says:

    Kikikikikiki cmnt resv

  47. Bonzing Master says:

    Kunyera nkunyera bola gusto igwemo basi, manyowa osadetsa nkhawa. Azaumoyo akuletsa chimbudzi kukhala pafupi ndiye amalola wina kuika toilet mnyumba momwemo kitchen. Umve waukulu kuposa kunyera kutchire

  48. Mamaye says:

    Galu weniweni,tawonani thako picture’yonso munakayitembenuza kuti tione kutsogoloko

  49. Clueless leadership says:

    Muauze a mai Getu kuti beautify chani chani ikachite beautify kumeneko osati LL yokhayi. Ndalama mwaomba ku NAC ndi mma Ministries onse a boma zigwire ntchito.

  50. America says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk thast tumbuka ndmakuziwani ndye muti mufuna muzilamulire nokha kkkkkkkkkk koma likhala dziko chiyani?? anthu asankho ngati inu and mumaganiza ngati nkhumba.

  51. Zanga Phee says:

    mind u not all northeners are tumbuka’s we have ngoni,tonga,khonde e.t.c if u think all northeners are tumbukas thats fyn bt it simply means all southeners are lomwes in which i know most of u will not b happy to be associated with this tribe full of ambursh robbers,nacgate,cashgate aka 92billion,nepotism,tribalism e.t.c

    1. Nyapapi says:

      Whatever! Ndinube atumbuka basi! Continue kunyera patchire kwanuko poti abale anu atonga amanyera mmadzi!

      Koma plizi yambani kuseta ndi tissue olo nyuzi, miyala ndi dzisononkho mumasetera zija inde dzimakala bwino pankolokolo Koma zimasiya nsete!

      Guys! Avoid yakumbuyo with akazi achitumbuka at all cost!

  52. A pure Ngoni can not shit @ an open space lyk this inu ndi a Tumbuka osati a Ngoni.

  53. bratusha says:

    The face and complexion typical of Tumbuka of the new Chikulamayembe of Chilongozi Gondwe. Gonapamuhanya

  54. Koma a2mbuka aku Mzimba sadzatheka kkkkkk

  55. Anonabani says:

    Komabe tisadandaule, manyi ndi manyowa abwino.

  56. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    What’s the problem with these ngonis ?Look at this old man who cannot pick a hoe and dig hole to bury his mkontho infested masese poo?You just know in guzzling gallons and gallons of home brewed masese beer but you cant have the energy to build a pit latrine and waiting from this cashgate infested govt to build a simple pit latrine for you lazy bums.Warriors who cannot build a simple pit latrine.Im becoming suspicious if you are descendants of Tshaka.
    Stop drinking that stinky masese stuff for some few days and dig some latrines for yourselves.Dont live the like bushmens of the Gods must be crazy film.Mukupulika Imwe????

  57. Nyasa says:

    Tumbuka culture.

  58. Anonabani says:

    Unampezerera bwanji akunyera chonchi. Osadzijambulatu wekha apa ayi.

  59. angoni says:

    Hahahahaha……… In musandiseketse. Ndiye amakabiba kuti? Koma Maboma enawa pilizi nthuni. Ndiye amapukutira masamba? Eishhhhh

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