Open letter to Malawi Minister of Education: Pay teachers!

Dear Hon. Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano,

I write this open letter to your Hon. Education Minister with heavy heart and it borders on what I suspect to be a spar between quality education and incompetent administrators in the education sector.

Honourable Minister, it is undeniable fact that all countries that have registered tremendous improvements in the sphere of economy have an educated citizenry because education has proved to be the only greatest known civilizing force since antiquity. Thus, education needs to be handled without kid gloves.

Honourable minister, I have been prompted to drop this letter to bring to your attention the callous ordeal newly recruited teachers are always subjected to by a team of incompetent and heartless employees –you inclusive- in the ministry of education. We have been witnessing newly recruited teachers working for six months or so without salaries. It is interesting—very interesting— to see that despite passing through these tribulations, the teachers always selflessly render their service in their respective duty stations.

Honourable minister, it is sad to see the well trained teachers–Diploma and Degree holders- being reduced to beggars living on unplanned loans from the people in their communities. It is disheartened and I’m seriously aggrieved because these teachers suffer not because they are lazy or that they are jobless but because the ministry of education is full of dunderheads and selfish individuals. How do we then expect teachers to produce good results in the government schools?

It’s sad that when these frustrated teachers go to education ministry offices, they just meet arrogant busy-bodies who respond without remorse. Some officials reach an extent of yelling at these teachers:mukufuna ndikupatseni ndalama za mthumba mwanga!? All these outbursts are poured on the innocent souls who claim what is due to them. Shame!

So how do these teachers teach our future leaders with smiles when their hearts are filled with grief, contempt and regret for joining this career? How can they even concentrate in class and gather momentum when their minds wander on what to eat and where to get money for landlords? I think the answers to these questions lie in your office.

Honourable minister, it is a pathetic experience and surprisingly, most of the times, you seem not to be concerned when such situations crop up. Your silence on such burning issues leaves some of us speculating that you don’t deserve to take the driving seat of this very important ministry. If you can have a microscopic view at this issue, you will notice that this torture of newly recruited teachers pose a great threat to education standards in the country. These fresh teachers are made to believe that teaching is a bad career which brings misery on their lives instead of bringing joy.

I would, therefore, ask you honourable to come back to your senses and reclaim your lost integrity. What the public is aware of, is that you are the number one decision maker in the ministry and if there is any slip-up, a blame must be heaped on you.

Yours Truly,

Chiipira Wachaje


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34 thoughts on “Open letter to Malawi Minister of Education: Pay teachers!”

  1. ela says:

    what a lovely letter

  2. Alfred Julio. says:

    Ofcourse my leavegrants of 2013 to 2014 they have not given me here. The only problem is that how to reach necessary autholities is what is a problem. But if they can hear this,they should do something otherwise they are nt motivating me here at Neno.


    MULUNGU akungokuyang’anani mukamatitenga ngati zitsiru.azayankha pokulangani mosamva chisoni.

    1. bruce munthali says:

      Sure. All these are a result of corruption.

  4. ninkuuzeni says:

    nanu ma tichala mulibe mzeru,poti xul inakukanikani munati muthawire ku teaching,fufuzani amphuzitsi alero onse ma course ena or scheme imene imawakanika,neiba wanga form wabwereza ka 4 kukanika kupeza certificate.mubibidwa muona ..ana athu mungopanga nawo zibwezi kumanamiza zankutu.angawathandize kukatula ma concern kwa DEM

  5. Khalika says:

    Too bad


  7. Blessings says:

    Aphunzitsi eni ake ndi opusa akati strike head amaopseza ati kukana kuononga pension ena amati ndidabwera ndekha,kusagwirizana u wil find akangowaopseza kapena kuwanamiza amalembetsa mayeso koma wagona ndi njala,ayambe okha mphavu mwa phuzitsi.

  8. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    mwatikola inu aphuzisi zanu izo osayamba busines bwanji or kusiya ntchito? Munalembera nokha osauza azanu kuti zinatuluka pano ndi zimenezo kkkk! Ine busines basi

  9. Chimbofwa says:

    Ine ndikuwona ngati nkofunika kukhazikisa lamulo loletsa kutsekula ma private schools chifukwa mabwanawa salabada za vuto la mphunzitsi wa boma poti ana awo onse ali ku private schools ndipo akuphunzira moyenerera. Tsono izi zimangokhuza ife amphawi poti sitingakwanitse kutumiza mwana wathu ku private school.

  10. Sam bah says:

    Aphunzitsi akugwira ntchito ngati ng’ombe ya pangolo ie mpaka pano ma LG mboma la chikwawa sanapere kwa aphunzitsi ukati ufunse a PEA nawonso umva ndi kuchotsa mzone yanga ino ufuna kusokoneza oti modzi izii waziona ku nchalo zone. Funso nkumati, kodi ntchito tidzigwirira mantha tisafunse? Tidziopa ngati tikugwira Pa Estate ya fodya mwaonjeza mukatero maphunziro koma umatha kujomba uli mkalasi. Tisintheeee!

  11. zoona says:

    worse still teachers who upgraded are being denied their desrved promotions. Imagine how an underpaid teacher can work..and yet the likes of Fabiano are always talking about proffessional development SHame

  12. Jozza says:

    Wina adati Dziko lili m’manja mwa agalu. Kaya amatathauzanji. I just think he meant scenarios like that is low paying,less incentive, no fringe benefits; less if any work shops for allowances and u don’t pay such pipo. Mumaganiza chani za anzanu mukamakhala m’ma office anuwo. Vry shameful.

  13. Jimbo says:

    When a teacher receives his/her appointment from the Ministry of Education a contract is entered into: the teacher has the duty and responsibility to teach and the Ministry has the duty and responsibility to pay them a monthly salary. In the current situation the Ministry is in breach of its contract with the teachers in question. Is it any wonder Malawi is the poorest country in the world when the government neglects its teachers. Those teachers who are unpaid along with their pupils and their (the pupils’) parents should picket the local education office and demand action. This situation is a disgrace and is an outright injustice on the part of the Ministry of Education. All unpaid teachers in Lilongwe should picket outside the Ministry of Education and demand a response from the Minister.

  14. achewa says:

    i strongly agree with wachanje ,teachers are suffering silently in their working places despite the good job they are doing.the fact that teachers are many does not warranty that they shouldnt be paid .suprisingly when there is a trip for a minister there is always money but for a teacher who is doing the realy work out there,no money.the whole ministry is failing to pay mk20000 per month for ADL(AM NOT SURE HOW YOU CALL THEM)but you expect them to be decent yet they are not paid,you expect them to buy book,files,materials for exams yet when you are passing national budget ,you do budget for these things

  15. achewa says:

    i strongly agree with wachanje. whether teachers are many than any other ministry that is not an excuse for not paying them.that is the money you budgeted when passing the national budget.and suprisingly if there is a trip for a minister ,there is always money but no money for the people who are doing the real job out there. for an example ,the ministry is failing to pay mk20000 per month as allowances for teachers doing ADL(NOT SURE HOW YOU CALL IT)how do you expect them look decent when they dont have money to buy soap, how do you expect them to have file which expect them to use ,to buy materials for practical exams when they are not paid their allowances but you are always making noise on TV.

  16. Kondwani Macheza says:

    Mr Fabiano, dont forget that to reach that point where you are now seating on that office its because of these teachers please you have to do something and your quick help will be highly appreciated.

  17. anthony says:

    I also strongly against these ministers as they are so dam fuck when bringing develeopment to the citizens. I can’t bellieve what the guy with heart felt narrated above. Its really challenging to teachers to work without putting the food on their table. I continually critise voters also to be wise for a change. I therefore remind u the minister to tackle the grief of these desparate teachers with immediate effect. I hope my comment will sound for a change. Angry Lion is watching

  18. Charombanthu says:

    Six months without pay?? How do you expect them to survive in such conditions? Our priorities as a nation are all upside down, no wonder our education standards have gone down drastically. If these teachers are not getting their salaries as claimed by the writer, why is the minister getting his salary and driving a government Mercedes Benz? It should start from the minister all the way down to the teacher if government does not have money. We cannot have a situation where the minister or his PS or all the capital hill idiots is getting paid every month while the teachers go unpaid for over six months! Shame on you Honourable Minister! Is it because your children go to expensive private schools and you don’t give a rat’s ass about our children who go to government schools? You deserve a chop – you have to go.

  19. JOE says:

    Dziko ili uuuu lowawa zedi kwa aphunzitsi just imagine wina sanalandire salary ya mwezi wa april.Teachers are busy helping government in killing #education

  20. Big man says:

    The way Fabiano is handling this issue is exactly the same way his boss; the president was handling the Academic freedom issue when he was heading the ministery.When will teachers start enjoying the sweet of their sweat? Public reform is indeed nothing but stupid politics.

  21. mbani says:

    Paying the price u assisted them in rigging

  22. brutsha says:

    I remember some years back during graduation in the Great Hall prof. Rubadiri finished his moving speech by these words, ” If we think education is too expensive then let’s try ignorance. This was the time when the ministry of education particularly the university was completely neglected. We could close school without any idea when we would open. Teachers in Malawi are already lowly paid. But, as if that is not traumatic enough the meager salaries are delayed if not not received at all. This to me is a basic thing which doesn’t need rocket science for a solution.My question is, day in day out, week in week out, month in month out, year in year out. What is the job description of the minister, the PS, the directors if sorting out teachers plight remains unnecessarily elusive? We may blindly think this problem is not ours simply because we are not teachers or we send our children to private schools but one thing that is true and vexes some of us with a nationalistic mind is that the effects of poor quality education boomerang to the nation. Treat teachers well please. I am a health personnel but I feel for teachers in Malawi.

  23. Mashamase says:

    Basi aphuzinsi mbongo yawo 2days pa chibuku, pamene Fabiano a kunjoya tax payers , aganizilene a teacher

  24. Charter says:

    I’m not sure lecturers felt very comfortable at chanco where he was principal, or UNIMA where he was vice chancellor. Not even sure if his chemistry students loved their experience!

  25. Mike says:

    Amwene Ministry yotsogozedwa ndi anthu opanda chifundo.Bola kulima mbatata kwathu amwene!

  26. Fabiano ndimlomwetu. Alomwe satha kulamulira or atakhala ophunzira bwanji. Anyapapi achabechabe mbava akulu. Nyasi zenizeni za ulamuliro. Maphunziro aloweratu pansi komatu anali mphuunzitsi, think tipitiliza ija yoti apange resign ija angadzzauone moyo kuphweka. No ministry can achieve its core objectives Without education. Teachers deserve ahigh salary than any other civil servant in Malawi, take it or leave it they deserve housing, they deserve a good teaching and learning invironment, they deserve scholarships to upgrade their qualifications. Zamkutukutu aphunzitsi ambiri alindimadiploma n kuchanco boma kumangotulutsa dzimacourse dzoti anthu akaphunzira sadzapanganazo zinthu zanzeru. President akapanda kukuchtsa pampando ife timuchotsa iyeyo come voting ndithu zikanyanya Will ask God atichotsere chipsinjo pakati pathu. Ndatha ine Mthutumba

  27. Mbewe. says:

    Katapila awapha aphuzitsi, ndalama yakenso yochepatso. Koma phuzitsi sazatuka basi katapila

  28. Tateyo says:

    Let’s just mount a massive strike.Akadzakonza mavutowa tidzabweleranso kuntchito.Otherwise we will cry until Jesus comes.

  29. makito says:

    If he has eyes (ears) he has heard!

  30. mulungu akuona says:

    Thats it mr.dats very true.such pipo ndiomwe akfunika

  31. Ulaha Observer says:

    Truth wil set u free.U r a star

  32. kabila boza kabuka says:

    Unfortunately, “somethings will never change”. 2pac Shakur 1972 – 1997.

  33. kaligo says:


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