Open the Malawi colleges, Mr. Chancellor: Muckraking Extra

Spare a thought for students in the University of Malawi who were supposed to graduate in 2014 but they are still in college courtesy of the 2011 ‘academic freedom’ impasse. Such students are spending a fifth year in college on their four-year degree programme.

Chanco campus

Chanco campus

With this latest university impasse such students will add another year to their five years of being on campus. What justice is that?

Look, during the good old days, university education was virtually free. But going to college these days literally cost an arm and a leg. Students are paying for food and accommodation.

At Chancellor College, for example, Malawi Housing Corporation flats cost K18,000 per student/per month. In the nearby township of Chikanda, an average room costs around K10,000. The students pay for these rooms regardless of whether the college is open or not.

Add to that the fact that some of the students are adults who have gone back to school to upgrade their qualifications. Some of them are primary school teachers, policemen et cetera. This means they took leave of absence from their places of work.

Surely these frequent and prolonged closures are not doing them any justice. Some may even lose their jobs or degrees if you get my drift.

We are lucky we have a forty-year veteran university don as our president. Surely the Chancellor of the University of Malawi, Prof. Peter Arthur Mutharika, understands the folly of reading for a four-year programme in six years.

Let us solve these frequent closures and elongation of semesters once and for all. They are making the University of Malawi look ugly. No wonder we do not appear anywhere among the Top 50 universities in Africa, that is a shame for a country that has produced some of the continent’s most illustrious sons and daughters too numerous for the Muckraker to list.

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32 thoughts on “Open the Malawi colleges, Mr. Chancellor: Muckraking Extra”

  1. Robson Chimtengo says:

    Amalawife we are to blame for this is our own problem. Nkhani za maufulu (human rights) sitinazilandire bwino. Chilichonse boma lingachite timatsogoza human rights, timati boma likutiphwanyira ufulu. Ndiye mmene tinangoyamba democracy in 1993 (referendum), attitude ya ana a sukulu ngakhale nku primary komwe inasithiratu, mphunzitsi salemekezedwanso. Ndiye ufuluwu sitikuwugwiritsa bwino kuti utipindulire mmalo mwake ukutionongera zinthu, zotsatira zina nzimenezi.Nchifuka chake anthufe mwina tikuti nthawi ya MCP inali bwino chifukwa boma limene lija limatsatira malamulo kwambiri. Panopa nzomvetsa chisoni kuti zinthu zambiri pa Malawi pano zaonongeka chifukwa sitikukhala adindo abwino powonetsetsa kuti ufulu umene aliyense ali nawo augwiritse bwino kuti asaphwanye ufulu wa ena. Zikomo

  2. Kingpin says:

    The problem is that we r living in a country driven by selfishness n greed. Nobody seems to care.

  3. Clement mphasa says:

    This frequent closure is delaying University education as a result Malawi won’t improve its education standards

  4. tell me says:

    Thats why some of us we are studying abroa… Expensive but worth every penny

  5. willard Thipa says:

    The munthalikas are the best but you don’t understand them

  6. Du says:

    You have exacly researched your writing on problems faced by malawian students! Our colleges nowadays are new version of old Spartan camps.

  7. Kika Kanawe says:

    Should we forget about Academic Freedom saga when the chancellor was the minister of education then?The closure of the universities is what our leader studied to enhance his administration.If he is failing to run the affairs of few old colleges what will happen community colleges will be added?It will be chaos.

  8. datruth says:

    Zaulere ndi choncho baba anyada ali kukaphuka, phwezi, new era expensive school lero akuti ana aanthu osauka kukakamira yotchipa aziona ifeso ma student a HIv sitilora kulowa nkalasa mpakana mzimayi wamutu ngati thako lake kabira apepese

  9. John Telford says:

    REMEMBER this all governmnet try to cut back on education by all different methods because an ignorant uneducated or poorly educated population is much easier to fool

  10. Does the name “Mutharika” mean University Education is forbidden?

  11. amunabawa says:

    pliz don’t forget that the mutharikas always problems in promoting quality education

  12. jay Biz says:

    6yrs for a degree of 4yrs rly pathetic

  13. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    We have a dull chancellor. One who seems not to have been to a varsity. SHAME!!!

  14. Aaron says:

    Cry my beloved country, news making at its tops

  15. mwana mwanalume says:

    god is good

  16. Goliati says:

    Kodi mukudabwa chani, mwayiwala kuti DPP imatseka ma collage? Mukhito sapepesa! Lero nkumawaika pampando

  17. shop says:

    Fact, our president became president because a brother was a president of Malawi. Fact, our president has no leadership….

  18. Politics Kills Unima. By the victim.

  19. Cashgate1 says:

    You think Peter can resolve this issue. I doubt. The problem Malawians have is we forget easily. I thought it was same Peter not very long ago who failed to resolve educational problems when he was in that Ministry? Guess what amidst of those problems he went for holiday. So what do you expect from him, another holiday probably.

  20. kd says:

    komanso olo anawo aphunzile ku Malawi kuno, ma company kulibe ife tinadzadza adikile 2035 tipange kaye pension ….. musova – hahahahaha!

  21. Angozo says:

    APM did not stop anybody to continue with studies but it is greedy people.

  22. Wozinyanyala says:

    These Munthalika gays no nothing about Malawi. do you expect them to run things ….they are idiots. I personally dont understand how you call him Proffesor. ..pusi wa minthi

  23. Rymbo says:

    A degree of 4 yrs earned in 9 years ! Kungozionöngera chuma nokha.. How much do you spend on a single soul yearly? Xo instead of nurturing accountants and auditors to end cashgate your busy delayng the students so that u get yo pockets full ! Malawi gvt think twice and restrategiz the way you are running the higher education

  24. Malindima says:

    Democracy at its worst! Sometimes if miss Kamuzu’s time because much as we felt oppressed, our standard of education was high and that everything in Malawi was done procedurally with discipline. Indeed the 4 cornerstones: Loyalty, Discipline, Obedience and Unity made us a very mature nation. The actions coming from the misunderstood and misinterpreted word of Democracy have ruined this country. Raphael, blame it on the pioneers of multiparty democracy for they mislead the people and worse the students who should have understood better!

    1. aDeaconsss says:

      I miss Kamuzu too, cry my beloved Kamuzu. We learnt from the best.

  25. dadaboma says:

    “We’re lucky to have ..a university don as our president”?. Are you sure Mr Muckracker? Where is the luck with all that Malawi is as a result of this president of your? I want to spare you the word “bulshit” because you seldom lose your senses except in this article.

  26. Madududu says:

    We are 50. Remember?

  27. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I agree with Tenthani. Why is the DPP govt allowing the university to frequently close? That is why some of us maintain that so far Peter Mutharika’s DPP Govt performance in the past 7months is very dismal.

  28. Benson Njiwa says:

    Wake up our president,do something

  29. yonayona says:

    So what?
    Mwayiwala kuti ma ufulu awuchitsilu amene timaphunzitsidwa ndikuwuzidwa masiku anowa is a main contributing factor!
    Kalelo zimayenda bwino chifukwa uchitsiluwu mukutiwuza wamaufuluwu kunalibe!
    Shame on you!!

  30. Atuganire says:

    Our varsities perpetually closed, scholarships are through the back door…what to do now? Mr & Mrs. President please help us we are your national children we begooooo! We are brilliant but someone somewhere is limiting us. S.o.S!

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