Opposition cry foul on DPP victory in Karonga: ‘Mistakes on results sheet were deliberate’

Controversy erupted on Tuesday night in Karonga the northern border part of Malawi during the unofficial announcement of local by-election results of Nkhwawa ward at the tally centre where some members of Malawi Congress party (MCP) and Peoples Party (PP) suspected the results to have been doctored as the results sheet had some anomalies.

Tembo explaining to parties

Tembo explaining to parties

The two parties were wondering why Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) officers who were at the polling centres brought the result forms with invalid contents such as signatories of some monitors.

According to the MCP district chairperson Emmanuel Khoma, MEC presiding Officers were not serious in filling the results form, claiming that the mistakes which have occurred are deliberate.

“It cannot be possible that the electoral body officials are coming here at the tally centre presenting the results without some valid information such as monitors signatures, no number of people who have casted their votes even the ballot papers they received at their poling centre as recommended,“ lamented Khoma.

“What does this imply to us as party officials? We can only conclude that MEC was not prepared in conducting this election or maybe they are just here to blindfold us that people have voted while they already have the winner in their mind, above all the MEC officials are coming here without any party monitors,” he added.

Concurring with Khoma, PP District Director of Elections Shambon Mchizi confronted the presiding Officers that they were threatening some monitors not be active in doing their work.

“I visited some of the polling centres monitors where complaining that they are being threatened by some officials hence most they were not involved in confirming the results,” said Mchizi.

Responding to the parties concerns the MEC commissioner Nancy Tembo apologized for the mistakes but described them as minor.

“Indeed our officials of Nkhwawa and Chankholombe polling centres forget to complete filling the result forms with some necessary information but what I can tell you is that those mistakes are minor ones a,” said Tembo.

Tembo blamed the party Officials for selecting monitors which were ignorant on most of the electoral process.

However, when results were announced indicating that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate Bydon Msiska had polled 1378 votes followed by PP candidate Langford Kanyimbo with 1107, AFORD 587, MCP 446, UDF 23 and Independent with 45 votes all parties left the premises only DPP members were present missing other members to sign the results as witnesses.

Nkhwawa ward had 11076 people who were expected to cast votes, but only 3616 turned up while 37 were null and void presenting 32.62949 percent of the electoral process.

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22 thoughts on “Opposition cry foul on DPP victory in Karonga: ‘Mistakes on results sheet were deliberate’”

  1. nthambo wamakaye says:

    mwe,vyopilika chidunga kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  2. Boy says:

    Ohh my goodness, you see, what is wrong with these political parties including some decayed comments from us as observers!! When shall we learn to accept defeat?? when Malawi??? This is shameful and I see no reason why some of you are pointing fingers at MEC. This is not a problem for MEC, even if it is? Out of all the by-elections, which ones have come out with complaints. I see that MEC has done a very commendable job even the past general elections, they too did very well, that is how I graded them. Now, if you decide to go hunting whilst you are salivating, believe me, you will not catch anything. The same with the by-elections, enanu mukupita dovu lilikuno, that is why whenever u lose, you always transfer the blame to someone,, instead of making self evaluation and them redesign yr strategies so that next time u do better. Nawonso a MCP, how can u complain when yr votes are just too far away from the first and second positions.

  3. mphwache wa bingu says:

    I know MCP is embarrassed with DPP winning in Karonga wherei it’s VP is coming from. This was the same with the past elections and will be like that come 2019.

  4. Chembwiye says:

    palibe waberedwa ma voti apa. ngati ndikusafuna kuvomereza.

  5. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Ngakhale baka amalephera. Litmus paper ndi Mzuzu. Wach out!! Mawa tizamva zonse zimene nza ???? Kkkkkkkk.

  6. Jang'ala says:

    Zilirani otsutsanu. Kodi Dpp ikawina basi ndikubera koma Mcp, PP kapena Aford ndye oyenera amenewa. Kodi zatheka bwanji ku Mzuzu kuwina a Opposition osatokota zobera zanuzo! Ayi mukuonjeza!

  7. mwanikwiyiska says:

    anthu a ku Karonga mwatikhumudwitsa ! kodi mwaona ku Thyolo avotera chipani china? ma northerners mukati mupuse chonde changamukani. tamaonani pa tv kuli chitukuko kumeneko? college ili kumeneko mungafanizile ya ku phalombe kapena thyolo? Livingstonia Synod do ur homework. as for MCP please strategize chonde ife 2019 tikufuna a Chakwela osati okupha anthu ayi.

  8. Pa easy says:

    Politics imakusintha munthu. You sell your soul to the devil. Politics

  9. Joyce Mmbava Yayikulu says:

    Zitsiru za anthu , zingatheke bwanji kubera chisankho cha khansala cha dera limodzi. Mwana opanda zeru ndiopanda zeru basi ,sangakhoze mayenso

  10. ma hope a stella gwengweya says:

    so what are you going to do about it?

  11. zeleza says:

    mbenera still chairperson of mec , where is his friend zodiac in these election.

  12. Analyst says:

    So you say MEC is still incapable to conduct even a fair election for councillors with less than 4,000 votes!!! this is pathetic. Talking of such irregularities in this small and easy to manage election shows how inefficient MEC has been all this time. The much touted public reforms should have started at MEC. Don’t be surprised with the voter apathy. People have lost trust in MEC and this just worsens the problem

  13. Beast Msonda says:

    Hehehehehe crying babies again. Nyasatimes please tell us in details about the results of each and every candidate and ward. Wina ayaluka kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  14. clement says:

    Zitsiru za anthu otsusa. Dpp ikawina ndiye yabela koma inu ndi oyenera kuwina? Mulungu amadana ndikuziyeneretsa muli osayenera chifukwa iye amakonda aliyense. Mudzakhalira kulira mpaka 2070 woye ife a dpp tikukulamulirani.

  15. chipie says:

    Sizodabwitsa a DPP kuti abela. That is a trial step in readiness for 2019. Spare a room 4disappointments in the next election to avoid suidal attempts when the same happens to happen.

  16. Mhesha says:

    MCP, MCP, MCP…how many times have I called you Nyau pipo???
    When will you stop crying over elections results???…We told you that you are clueless dunderheads and you can’t make any meaningful progress in elections!!! See now…

    1. ma hope a stella gwengweya says:

      your mother is the clueless dunderhead

  17. The real ujeni says:

    Africa, no, Malawi will never cease to amaze, the thinking and logic of doing things is still animalistic.

  18. freeman says:

    yawo ija ayambanso

  19. BBC says:

    Thank you Mr. Tembo for confirming that there were some irregularities. Now what do we do next? Shall we accept the results of this ward? Please don’t say the problem was minor as this was a deliberate action from your officials.

  20. Nabetha says:

    According to Dausi’s dictionary..this is obligopogitic, heavistipical, hempophobitic and hansipal.Meaning that the allegations are false, unfounded,confusing and childish.Sizodabwisa a DPP kubera ndiye kudya kwawo.

  21. CHIGAMBA says:



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