Opposition demand gay laws review in Malawi Parliament

Leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera has criticised the state for dropping charges against two gays, saying suspension of homosexual laws should be approved by parliament.

Sam Mpasu: Malawi should not accept alien culture just because we are poor

Sam Mpasu: Malawi should not accept alien culture just because we are poor

Chakwera said this after minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu said the state has dropped homosexual charges against Cuthbert Kulemeka, 19 and Kelvin Gonani who were charged with an offence of having sex against the order of nature, a charge which attracted a maximum of 14 years imprisonment with hard laour. ”

This is a very serious issue which needed to be tabled in parliament. Government on ts own should not have suspended the laws,” Chakwera said on am interview with a local radio station on Monday.

Leader of New Labour Party Sam Mpasu said it was unfortunate that powerful rich nations find it easy to pressurise weak poor nations like Malawi on issues like homosexuality leaving out other powerful rich nations.

“They cannot do this to countries like Saudi Arabia who have tougher laws on sexuality than Malawi. Malawi is their easy prey,” said Mpasu .

U.S.-based Human Rights Watch and the American and German embassies in Malawi had condemned the mens’ arrest.

Mpasu said the government was in very difficult situation to appease conservative Malawians who are against homosexuality on one hand and appease the powerful donor countries who gives Malawi the much needed aid money.

Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu has said government has suspended anti-gay laws pending a vote on whether to revoke the legislation.
“We are responding to the concerns that people have had that we have breached our international obligation, so people complained, especially the international community,” said Tembenu.

According to political scientist Boniface Dulani of the University of Malawi, the moratorium on anti-gay laws, despite its compliance with international norms, comes at a political cost in a country where, polls indicate, disapproval of homosexuality is the norm.

“If you look at survey numbers, you see that up to 95 percent of Malawians disapprove of homosexuality,” said Dulani. “This decision … [can] cost the government some political support.”

The government tried to strike a balance Saturday releasing a statement saying is “committed” to reviewing the anti-homosexuality law but with “consultations with the people of Malawi.”

The public has resisted two previous attempts to change the homosexuality law.

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55 thoughts on “Opposition demand gay laws review in Malawi Parliament”

  1. zopusa says:

    Dzuka Malawi dzuka, stand up and say no to westerners

  2. zopusa says:

    My dear Malawians, its sad that most people don’t now that this behaviour is being encouraged as a propaganda to wipe out black race in the world, they know Africans have a tendency of copying what westerners do, they know African can be manipulated easy because of its poor status and muzungu can do anything for his interests, hence forcing you Africans slowly accepting this behaviour in the name of human rights. If they want to talk about human rights why so much racism in there counties? why can’t they open borders ? Why are they keeping people looking for better life in their immigration detantions?
    Come on africans, wake up. Its not human rights but propaganda to wipe out black people

  3. kusimbwa says:

    A malawi apa tikupindulapo chani? Thandizo akutimana komanso ndikutiuza kuti tidziphwanya malamulo athu so who is benefiting on this we want powerful president who will stand by the will of pple no matter what osati izi zomangozitembenuza momwe angafunirezi mind you 2019 is around the corne you will harvest what u a planting today ife tikukuonani kuti simukuchita zokomera amalawi omwe chuma chawo ndichomwe mukuendetsera boma ndi kutsata ya azungu omwe akukumanani thandizo Pitirizani

  4. william frazer harawa says:

    Dont waste time with Ant gay laws review it ll end up puting the nation into trouble with our donors jst live it as it is the gvnmnt released them n dropped charges not that the gvnmnt is happy wth that but to set up a friendly environment wth those who are much concerned

  5. Mccarthy says:

    This is bullshit!!

    1. loka says:

      totally bull shit should minoriies drive on the right side of the road ?

  6. ngongoliwa says:

    Wot d u expect from gay president. That’s marriage of convenience at state house,,,,,,,

  7. Normandy says:

    Is it just me or is it grotesque to see these primitive savages debating equality for human beings? Man, talk about backwards!! Guess that make sense because years ago they sold their own people…

  8. ngongoliwa says:


    1. ruth warren says:

      Anganyengane ndi chaponda ndani? Kunyasa kosekuja? Mcxiiiiii

  9. Kenkkk says:

    Yes indeed why don’t we hear these westerners condemn countries like Saudi Arabia and the whole of the Middle East and Asia as well. There anyone practicing sodomy if caught is put to death. Muslim countries are very strict, yet the westerners are very quiet. Is it because of their wealth and oil?

    I agree with laz, this need to be debated in parliament.

  10. Anti Orange says:

    Malawi signed the UN Declaration of Human Rights and as such is expected to act accordingly. You cannot sign up to a convention / international law then pick out the bits that suit you. I would love to be able to omit the bits of Road Traffic law about driving fast and using my phone. But we are all human and all expect similar rights.
    Also whose god is it anyway? Where is Malawi’s culture from 200 years ago?
    Religion is just a fantasy written by those who seek t prosper by its adoption by the weak. What a fantastic idea to have a god created in the image of man (not woman you notice), also is seems that he is seen as a white man as well in most of the pictures I have seen. Also give the story tellers 10% of your income. Yet Black Africans all over the continent have signed up to these foreign storeys.

  11. mp says:

    count my vote out of dpp. This z suicide for dpp. Mark my word!

    1. ruth warren says:

      Mark my words chani a malawi opusa azamuvoteraso opanda manoyo

  12. kondwani chiswe says:

    Boniface Dulani is dreaming when he says 95 per cent of Malawians are against homosexuality. His statement would have made sense if it reflected results of a referendum not an imaginery survey. If he does not have anything reasonable to say, its better to remain quiet

  13. killing them & Stonning those supporting this nonses is the best option ever

  14. khembo says:

    That’s bullshit

  15. Mzozo kununkha says:

    No means disagreeing and a No will re main No even after twenty years……….

  16. Equal Rights says:

    Bravo government for the moratorium. We are all Malawians. The people who were arrested for doing no harm to anyone are also Malawians. The last time I checked they were not white. Government did well to release them and the sky has not fallen. Malawi is full of homophobic hypocrites. They despise foreign countries yet if given a chance they will take the next plane to go to South Africa, USA, Great Britain etc where gay rights are protected. The same white man brought you the Bible and you accepted the hypothetical white Jesus. Now you think you know the Bible better that the white man who brought it to you to be brainwashed. Now you are totally brainwashed and you want to stone your fellow countrymen simply because they are gay!? Amadya pakhomo pamanu? Let he who has no sin throw the first stone!

  17. Will says:

    No homosexuallity here

  18. Mulakho says:

    Consultations on this issue should be based on a rational assessment of the existing laws on homosexuality and the human rights guaranteed by the constitution. If the laws are not consistent with the constitution they must be repealed. Government should weigh the arguments, pro and cons and should avoid being swayed by the views of the majority. In matters such as these, concerning minority’s rights, it doesn’t make sense to simply count number of people pro and against. It makes sense to weigh the arguments. Government was voted by the majority in order to make decisions on behalf of all of us. It is time the Government should show its mettle by making the right decisions no matter how unpopular it may be.

  19. zofuna says:

    lets not sodomise malawi

  20. BMW says:

    Show us the photos of these two mathanyula men

  21. Will says:

    Unfornately we are the ones to bow down to demands from the spoon that feeds us. They have rated us as the poorest, they control our economy and principles of governing our nation. They are the ones to tell us practise democracy, practise homosexuallity, let your women lay with with dogs as they are doing in their countries, let your girl children play games naked in the universities as it is happening at oxford and cambridge every thought which we have declared rubbish and un cultural in malawi they turn it as good and make us like it. INDEED POVERTY IS A CURSE!

  22. kunta says:

    So the opposition has found a weak spot to exploit for their own advantage we’ll see when your time comes… Chili kwa mzako nkumati chigwire nyanga!

  23. why me says:

    No review to dirty,stupidity,shameful,idoitic and sinful deeds

  24. wake says:

    zitsiru inu zikwatanani pathakopo koma namalenga anapanga kuti pazitulukira manyi koma pakuti chitsiru chilibe nzeru

  25. exporere says:


  26. adviser says:

    The Eastern region of Malawi mwangokhala phwiii on gay issues? This is the time to team up with the North in demanding Federal System of government.Under the federal system, people of the eastern region will be able to impose the SHARIA law in their region there by stopping this gay nonsense from infiltrating into their territory.Eastern region say NO to gayism.Demand federalism and stop gayism

  27. cn says:

    Poverty is a biggest disease.

  28. zimkambani says:

    I still stand our sovereignty as a state is at stake and we can no longer trust that our laws still stand. This is a call for anarchy which can be avoided. Malawi we have the resources why not make a move by design to walk to freedom and God will be with us as opposed to walk into slavery and without God. Time is now Malawi Kwacha and indeed kucha

  29. ANTI-GAY says:

    Why are we worried about international community? Who is international community? Mpasu is right, these stupid gay issues can not be pushed on rich countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia. Forget those ones, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal etc told these people point blank no. Uhuru Kenyatta told Obama in the face a huge. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem is not with int. community but our leaders. They spent many years outside such that they see nothing wrong. 2019 AVOID MUNTHARIKA

  30. mphwache wa bingu says:

    This is the main reason we did not vote for a pastor. Your thinking Chakwera is very narrow and very basic. Malawi could have been pushed back to the 15th century if made a mistake to elect you for president.

  31. Wapamtima says:

    Malawi is not God fearing country. If Peter say yes to azungu is not fearing them but following what Malawi is in. If Peter’s answer is no and achotseso ma hule ma resthouse ndi ma mbala. Tchimo ndi tchimo. palibe lalikulu kapena laling’ono.

  32. mbwiyache says:


  33. The Analyst says:

    . . . For the opposition to speak in condemnation of govt’s suspension of the gays laws, is what some of us have been waiting for; for a very long time.
    . . . However, serious as the issue is; we never expected that Chakwera would just speak or criticise, just in passing, and just at some interview at some radio station, just after being asked by some little-known journalist. A serious issue needs to be handled in a serious, mature, systematic and coordinated manner.
    . . . As such, we expected and still expect the opposition to hold a press conference (on this serious issue not just on non-issues as they always do); and strongly condemn the act and govt’s decision to suspend the laws and to rush to court and obtain an injunction stopping government from upholding the suspension.
    . . . Otherwise just talking and criticising as you have done, Sir; is not gonna help us. The executive just cant surpass parliament and suspend laws willy-nilly. You need to act and act more and with speed!

  34. John says:


  35. advisory committee says:

    Americans do not have a moral ground to push malawians to legalize gay marriages most of its states do not allow this. It should put it’s house in order after all there is no international law that legalizes same marriages these western countries can’t push rich Asian states like saudi arabia singapore etc

  36. ROYAL ONE says:

    Eeeeh ! GUYS , YHU CANT STOP THIS NDIPO MUSAVUTIKE KUMAWALANGA GOD WILL JUDGE THEM . ZINALEMBEDWA KU ROMANS CHAPTER ONE . The best way is just to let them do . Don’t even bother kuwazenga mulandu. Zikuyenera kuchitika as the bible ikunenenera baba

  37. amos maseko says:

    Malawi government should desire itself weather to please God or western countries with their useless laws.if malawi wants to be blessed country say NO!!!! to homosexuality.let Donors go to hell with their useless money.God bless malawi.

  38. amos maseko says:

    Malawi government should deside itself weather to please God or western countries which trying to push their useless will to our country.

  39. Mlomwe says:

    We are still in colonial,so why we still do what these donors command?.I don’t think if our rubbish president is really a fearing man of God,i don’t.And why is he quiet is he ready to speak for the poor?or he is controlled by donor’s remote control?

  40. LIZULU says:


  41. chammadzi says:

    The UN has got their norms that they follow. They don’t allow polygamy (marrying more than one wife). We as Malawians we also don’t allow homosexiality. Period.

  42. Kamwendo says:

    I watched a clip of a white lady being fucked by a dog. That’s typical of whites next time they will tell you to follow suit and tell if you don’t do it we will cease donations.

  43. ZZ Junior says:

    why do we even care about these so called donors? what do they donate? 40% against our own 60% and now we are 100%. To hell with these so called donors we can do without them. Andale siyani kuba kondani Malawi. you will be surprised that to find out that we can do better without their aid.

  44. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    oChakwera and MCP cannot score political points this way, on this issue.
    The government has, effectively, neutralized it for now anyway. The issue is now somewhere in the back of the far store room; to be commented on only and only when necessary. It’s a political master stoke – the way the government has handled it. Way to go!

  45. Ine says:

    We would rather remain poor in the sight of stupid donors than be against the Almighty God

  46. John duma says:

    what is this…who put u in powèr ist the donnores or us ppl? whachout soon our God will respond to that evil u ‘ve ccomited. we don’t need gay culture ln mamalawi wy can just leave us alone…

  47. YAKI says:

    Dr Chakwera as person who knows the Bible quite well these things were already written and this is coming to pass so that judgement should come. you can not stop this it has to come so that the word of God is proven true.
    Malawi can not be singled out it has to be rotten to the core and judgement should come. Preachers preach the word so that people repent and be saved from judgement

  48. Ntchisi girl says:

    Fyaa kwa!!! back to their homeland with homosexual! Malawi is God fearing Nation !!!! Mulowelelepo ambuye inuuu……… Singing

  49. Kanyimbi says:

    So the government, after comparing its citizens and the donors it has concluded that Malawians have been found wanting and found short of wealth, and the donors are more important than those who contribute over 60% of the national budget (now contributing 100% of the budget)?

    1. He says:

      A very weak government indeed. A pushover.

  50. Milward Malidadi says:

    A household that is divided is always easy prey. Hon Chakwera, you should have sided with the Govt on this one as we find a lasting solution to this disease. Govt’s position is only meant to protect the nation from the evil one who is bent to exercise his economic muscle to suffocate us until we cow to their evil agendas. By the way, the moratorium is not a new devt. It has been there for quite a while.

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