Opposition MP declares all Malawi ministers ‘thieves’: Fabiano says Lunguzi was big thief

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya on Thursday had tough time controlling the House as Dedza east MP Juliana Lunguzi and Education,  Science and Technology minister Emmanuel Fabiano exchanged verbal tirades which went personal.

Juliana Lunguzi MP Dedza East : All cabinet ministers are thieves

Minister of Education Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano: Late Mac William Lunguzi was a big thief

This started after Lunguzi said all cabinet ministers were thieves.

This followed the government decision to stop debate on a report by a parliamentary inquiry on maizegate.

Lunguzi said there was need to investigate all the ministers after the former Agriculture minister George Chaponda was on Tuesday found with K166 million stashed in his residence.

However, this did not go down well with the cabinet ministers who asked Speaker to order Lunguzi withdraw the statement, to which the Dedza east MP obliged.

Nonetheless, Education minister Fabiano stood on a point of order and said the Dedza east legislator’s father, late Mac William Lunguzi, who was the Inspector General of police in the Malawi Congress Party one party state was a thief.

Fabiano said Lunguzi amassed a lot of wealth, to which the Dedza east MP enjoyed, through theft and crookedness.

Among other properties, Lunguzi owned Mulangeni Holiday Resort in Mangochi, a popular holiday resort in the 1990s.

The Dedza east MP said the government side in the House was in a crusade to demoralise her just because she speaks her mind.

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20 thoughts on “Opposition MP declares all Malawi ministers ‘thieves’: Fabiano says Lunguzi was big thief”

  1. Donors and other foreigners are laughing how Malawians handle government issues in parliament. This shows we are below knowledge of politics. All so called politicians in Malawi are not politicians but people who become politicians for their benefits. Most of them are retired and worked abroad then cone come to steal money from poor Malawians. As long as we allow them to come and steal when they retire we are going to see these stealing. They have nothing to loose but poor Malawians.

  2. Lawson says:

    The Late Lunguzi’s property should be investigated also

  3. MYAO says:

    so hea said ‘am a thief now, ‘ your Daddy was a Big thief’ kkkk

  4. chakwanuleka says:

    Fabiano is very very stupid. How dare you start castigating the young lady by mentioning her late father, someone who cannot defend himself. Are you busy stealing now because you know of so and so who stole from government coffers. This is very shameful and not expected to come from a minister.I am so disappointed with you.

  5. Mmihavani says:

    She is stupid. She should go and ask her father in the grave how he stole police resources meant for cottage and Mtakataka. He was even using police labour. He led the police that was killing opponents of Kamuzu. Your dad’s actions brought a curse on you that’s why no man wants to marry you.

  6. Kwa amene tinapitako mlangeni holiday resort tizapezenso mwayi wopita ku Malawi police cottage ku club Makokola we will see some similarities & resemblances in the materials used & some other features. Mwina titafufuza tipeza kuti ma project awiriwa zaka zawo zinali zofanana. Inu andale ofuna kupeza kudzera mu njira zolakwika musatitopetse with your foolish, useless talks. Mukayandikira chikwama you will forget all what you are saying & you will do the same. Tikukuonani inu ma DC,ma assembly officials, useless councillors, civilservants & bussinemen regardless of your political affiliations mukusandutsa LDF kukhala banki mkhonde kamaoneka ngati ndinu anzeru enafe opanda nzeru. Ma phwando mukuchitawa ndi ndalama za boma ifenso timawafuna dzikoli ndi lathu tonse pamodzi

  7. Kwa amene tinapitako ku mlangeni holiday resort muzapezenso mwayi okaona Malawi police cottage ku club Makokola you will find some similarities & resemblances in materials used in the two projects & other things. Mwinanso titafufuza nthawi za ma project amenewa titha kupeza kuti zikufanana. Inu ozisaka mnjira zolakwika tatopa nanu. Even panopa your talks are just useless chifukwa chikwawa Chikazakuyandikirani we will see you doing the same. Tikukuonani zomwe mu kuchita mukayandindikira chikwama cha ndalama regardless of your political affiliation. Ma DC,ma assembly officials & the useless councillors LDF yasanduka bank mkhonde kwa inu. Please musatipusitse nafenso maphwando a ndalama za boma mukuchitawa ifenso timawafuna. Tisamaoneke opanda nzeru pamene inu mukugwiritsa ntchito ndalama zakuba ku Boma

  8. myoyo Mwanga says:

    If you live in glass house! Your daddy benefited 200% from Government Funds and you have the temerity of calling others thieves. go to hell. Use of Police cars, resources etc, plus you all getting educated in the UK including all your siblings. Ukuti chain, when schools were closed by Kamuzu, you and your brothers were flown to the UK and USA to study at some universities. We saw and know that so mlandu sumawola mphwanga we know and the laborers that toiled at your daddy’s properties are alive and can testify. All in all I don’t condone thieves and never but you little gal you got all you have through your daddy’s abuse of Government resources!

    1. U Malawians we are not going backwards we want to deal with issues of now not if Kamuzu. So u are telling us we have to Digg the graves? Chooende muntu akakaba zalero musamatenge za kale. Development is not about past but going forward.

  9. Tpash says:

    Mbava zokha zokha kudzudzulana koma pa Malawi…..

  10. ade says:


  11. Talktime Siri says:

    Inspector general Lunguzi did not still from Malawi government; however he was getting huge commissions from his role in aiding Renamo buying arms and ammunition for Mozambique war. All Renamo weaponry, cash, banking were facilitated by the then Police Chief Lunguzi with the blessing of JZU Tembo, RBM Perekamoyo and the MYP boss. Remember former Army Commander was briefly locked in Sanjika cold room to discipline him as military intelligence was trying to thwart the arms smuggling. If commission of enquiry is established on Malawi involvement with Renamo, JZU, Ambasoder Brig Ngwenya, Rtd Major General Kazeya, Mlotha of MYP should be invited to provide testimony

  12. pixy says:

    Iwe Fabiano what connection is there between the issue Hon MP raise and yours?You’re educated but not civilised.

  13. Uselless dpp, you dont say we are stealing because so and so was stealing! We booted out old mcp because of such mistakes and they paid a heavy price so talking nonsense in defence of the devil walking dpp is clueless. I sometimes wonder WHY FABIANO ACTS AS IF HE IS NOT AN INTELLECTUAL? WHY HE USUALLY BEHAVE LIKE AN IMMATURE PERSON? And for blind dpp followers we are talking of what is happening now, we said enough with old mcp because we wanted change but this dpp is further destroying Malawi. Dpp is a walking devil that needs total destruction, stealing everywhere, killing critics. Takhala tikunena kuti dpp never learnt anything in Bingus death and it has to face consequences.

  14. Alinafe Phiri says:

    Ooooh anthuwa akubvomera kuti amaba koma adaonera ena,zolakwa z8wiri sizikozana

  15. mtchona says:

    Can the investigation include the late Lunguzi’s mulangeni Holiday Resort. Utukwanitsa a atate ako ndi amako.

  16. Banda says:

    The worth that Lunguzi’s father accumulated massive – Mulangeni, houses in Blnatyre, Lilongwe etc. and sending his children to study abroad. Probably the honorable MCP MP should explain how she studied aborad. Kunena kwa ndithendithe nanthambwe anadzitengera. Let ACB investigations be concluded before people say too much.

    1. M Sizini says:

      Jeremiah 31:29-30 New International Version

      29 In those days people will no longer say,

      ‘The parents have eaten sour grapes,
      and the children’s teeth are set on edge.’

      30 Instead, everyone will die for their own sin; whoever eats sour grapes—their own teeth will be set on edge.

    2. Mpesa says:

      The late Lunguzi had at one time about 3 hundred properties (houses) in Lilongwe alone.

      1. Tione says:

        Hon Fabiano, You should be ashamed for uttering such stupid sentiments. There is a saying which says: “Educate a fool, he will become more foolish. A clever man will become more clever.” Fabiano, you are an educted fool. Hon Lunguzi is talking about the present living ministers not the dead because the dead know nothing. You claim huge allowances & receive large salaries but you spend them on trival things. Many ministers have no homes of their own as they don’t invest in something. Edward Bwanali, for example, had no house & when he died, his funeral was conducted at a borrowed teacher’s house in Mwanza. Your sentiments tell that you are indeed thieves because someone is stealing & that gives you leave to steal as well. It shows you left Chanco to get rich quick. How sad!

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